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OGI Newsfeed & Content Services

Oil and Gas International Content Services

Custom Newsfeed and Content Feeds for Upstream Petroleum Industry Corporate & Organization Websites & Intranets

Add Value to Your Site with Oil & Gas Industry News

A newsfeed direct from the headlines of Oil and Gas International and customized to meet your company's or organization's exact website requirements for relevant, real-time news and information whether one topic or 20.

Reliable News & Information Media
Oil and Gas International is an online magazine devoted entirely to providing quality, relevant news, information, and analysis for and about the upstream petroleum industry. OGI produces in-depth news and information that is 90% original, researched and written by its own staff of seasoned, worldwide petroleum journalists based on going-to-the-source research and news gathering. As a consequence, OGI is generally recognized in the upstream petroleum industry as the premier source of objective news and information.

OGI Newsfeed Service
By providing custom content from Oil and Gas International's daily news and information offerings, our newswire and content feeds for company and organization websites and intranets as well as other websites covering the upstream petroleum industry, give your customers, partners, members, and/or employees exactly the information they need whenever they need it.

Let us provide this quality, reliable newsfeed for your website. Oil and Gas International offers two options that can be tailored to specific needs: Basic Industry Newswire:
A customized basic feed of news and information from Oil and Gas International's daily news and information offerings from the following OGI departments:
  • World Industry News - General news of worldwide interest
  • Licensing & Concessions - License & concession offerings & awards
  • Exploration & Discoveries - Worldwide exploratory activities & discoveries
  • Drilling & Completion - Drilling & downhole completion activities
  • Development & Production - Oil & gas field development & production
  • Geosciences - Geology and geophysics news
  • Daily Oil & Gas Prices - Latest crude oil & Henry Hub gas price changes
Premium Industry News & Information
Providing quality news coverage and important industry information, Premium Industry News & Information includes 100-percent of our Basic Industry Newsfeed service as well as premium content feature articles and analysis from Oil and Gas International's following departments:
  • Special Features - Runs the gamut of E&P interests
  • Technical Reports - Leading edge technology analysis & reports
  • Regional Spotlights - Update on areas of major petroleum activity
  • Company News - Significant mergers, acquisitions, contracts
  • Health Safety Environment - Latest HSE news and development
  • World E&P Statistics - Weekly, monthly, and quarterly stats
  • Hot Spots - Twice monthly review of worldwide risk areas
Unique Newsfeed & Features
The Newsfeed provided by Oil and Gas International is not spidered or machine-generated from keywords. Every article is selected by the Newsfeed editor to assure relevance and provide significant news and information about and for the worldwide upstream petroleum industry.

News and content include both bylined and non-bylined articles as well as all graphics, photographs, maps, and other forms of illustration employed in the original article.

Updated whenever events dictate, the Newsfeed never includes the same article from different sources, but single articles that may be updated as information changes or becomes more available. And you determine the number of each type of news you want displayed.

The Newsfeed feed can be co-branded, if desired, identifying it as your own, and you select the text size, font, weight, and color to blend in and be a graphic part of your site. Only at the bottom of the frame or at another agreed upon location, will our role be identified with "Newsfeed content provided by OilandGasInternational.com."

Cost of Newsfeed Service
Oil and Gas International will be happy to provide you with fixed monthly costs for its quality news and information service on your website. You choose the level and let us know what you would like.
    Basic Industry News: All seven basic OGI departments are sourced.
    Premium Industry News & Information: All seven optional OGI departments are sourced in addition to the basic seven departments.
    Custom News & Information: Any combination of news and features can be accommodated at a custom rate, based on the number of departments sourced.
Substitutions of basic and premium departments are acceptable. Any combination of news and features can be accommodated at the custom rate.

Contact us for more information:
Oil and Gas International
PO Box 710046
Houston, TX 77071
Tel: 1 713 541 0330, Fax: 1 713 541 0550
Email: newsfeed@oilandgasinternational.com

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