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About Oil and Gas International

OGI, Oil and Gas International, is the world's leading online source of upstream petroleum industry news, information, and analysis. It provides industry news updates several times a day and incisive feature articles written by seasoned petroleum journalists around the world and a team of experts across the globe whose insight and technical expertise are exclusive to OGI.

OGI doesn't just reproduce press releases and call it news, it delivers the news you can use sometimes minutes after it happens so you stay ahead of the game and can make the kind of informed decisions that matter in today's dynamic petroleum industry.

Not only is OGI a source for timely industry news, but it is the number one website in the world for in-depth analysis of both leading edge technology and world petroleum plays. Only OGI gives you genuinely useful editorial coverage of the world of petroleum exploration and production.

Contact Information:
Oil and Gas International
Phone: 713 271-3319
Email: dgeorge@oilandgasinternational.com

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