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World Industry News

(12/11/2018) US importing more oil from Canada than from all of OPEC this year

(12/10/2018) Libya's El Feel & Sharara oilfields shutdown by protests

(12/7/2018) OPEC & friends agree to output cut of 1.2 million b/d

(12/4/2018) Alberta sets 8.7% oil production cut due to excess inventory

(12/3/2018) Qatar quitting OPEC next month

(11/28/2018) China has resumed purchasing oil from Iran

(11/25/2018) South Africa to invest $1 billion in South Sudan oil sector

(11/14/2018) IEA predicts 45% demand growth for natural gas to benefit Australia

(11/12/2018) OPEC & Non-OPEC advise oil supply may exceed demand in 2019

(11/11/2018) Saudis are circulating a proposal to cut oil production a million b/d

(11/11/2018) China proposes ban on non-region companies drilling in South China Sea

(11/2/2018) US Trump administration reimposes Iran sanctions, exempts 8 countries

(10/31/2018) Russia and UAE set to partner Niger in oil & gas

(10/29/2018) 3 killed, 1 missing in bomb attack in Baluchistan, Pakistan

(10/28/2018) Misuse of $3.8 billion in Petrocaribe funds alleged in Haiti

(10/25/2018) Khashoggi murder sanctions not expected to cut oil supply

(10/21/2018) Gran Tierra pipeline in Colombia bombed by armed saboteurs

(10/17/2018) Collaboration unlocking US Permian Basin potential

(10/12/2018) Back to work in US Gulf after Hurricane Michael

(10/2/2018) New US, Mexico & Canada pact to boost trilateral oil & gas trade

(9/23/2018) Russia regains world record output at 11.29-11.36 million b/d

(9/19/2018) Sierra Leone & Equatorial Guinea to cooperate in exploration

(9/18/2018) US shale oil output to reach 7.6 million b/d in October

(9/16/2018) China oil production up for 1st time in 3 years in August

(9/12/2018) US surpasses Russia as world's largest oil producer

(9/11/2018) California blocking further offshore drilling in federal waters

(9/10/2018) Northern Iraq Kirkuk pipeline sabotaged by Daesh militants

(9/10/2018) Libya's National Oil Corporation Tripoli headquarters attacked

(9/4/2018) Tropical Storm Gordon shuts down 2 Anadarko US Gulf platforms

(9/3/2018) Protests hit Iraq's Basra Oil's giant Nahr Bin Omar Field

(8/13/2018) Caspian littoral nations agree on division of oil & gas resources

(8/12/2018) Syria claims gas output now 3/4th its pre-civil war production

(8/12/2018) IEA says US sanctions on Iran very challenging for global supply

(8/8/2018) China makes it tit-for-tat tariffs: 25% on another $16 billion in US imports

(8/7/2018) Protesters blocking Iraq's West Qurna 1 and 2 Fields

(8/6/2018) EU protecting European companies affected by US sanctions on Iran

(8/6/2018) Total's UK North Sea platforms hit by 24-hour strike

(8/5/2018) Sinopec suspends US crude imports in China-US trade war

(8/3/2018) China to retaliate against Trump tariffs with tariff on US LNG

(7/26/2018) Saudis rerouting 4.8 million b/d from Red Sea due to Yemeni rebel attacks

(7/23/2018) Spate of oil workers' strikes threatened by unions

(7/20/2018) Norway's oil workers' strike ends with mediated solution

(7/17/2018) Russia ready to boost oil output if shortages strike global markets

(7/15/2018) Isis' Daesh forces seize Syria's Saijan oilfield

(7/15/2018) Iran assures India it of oil supply despite looming sanctions

(7/15/2018) Two of 4 engineers kidnapped from Libya's Sharara Field freed

(7/13/2018) API calls Trump steel tariff misguided & bad for US economy

(7/12/2018) Libyan oil exports handed over to Tripoli government

(7/12/2018) Atlantic Canada platform evacuations ahead of Hurricane Chris

(7/10/2018) Hundreds of offshore workers off Norway walk out on strike

(7/10/2018) Trump Administration rejects 1st request to waive tariff on OCTG

(7/6/2018) Russia back above 11 million b/d in June

(7/3/2018) Mexico's president-elect supports oil & gas block license auctions

(7/2/2018) Two more Libyan export ports closed, oil output at standstill (update)

(7/1/2018) Kuwait to raise oil output by 85,000 b/d energy minister

(6/29/2018) Industry united in opposition to Trump steel & aluminum tariffs

(6/28/2018) 2018 Global Gas Report: 90% of consumption growth to 2040 in cities

(6/25/2018) Congo Brazzaville becomes latest member of OPEC

(6/24/2018) Libya's NOC says exports from Es Sider & Ras Lanuf normal in a week

(6/24/2018) New OPEC & non-OPEC output agreement for 2019

(6/22/2018) OPEC agrees to increase output almost 1 million b/d

(6/17/2018) Russia & Saudi Arabia to ask OPEC to up output by 1.5 million b/d

(6/15/2018) Libya's export ports Es Sider & Ras Lanuf shut down by attack

(6/8/2018) Sudan & South Sudan agree to repair oil infrastructure

(6/7/2018) Venezuela frees Chevron employees arrested in April

(6/6/2018) Pirates attack Vroon support vessel in Red Sea off Yemen

(5/29/2018) Yemen Oil headquarters bombed by Saudi forces

(5/18/2018) China warns Rosneft & Petrovietnam on South China Sea drilling

(5/18/2018) Shell declares force majeure at Bonny terminal in Nigeria

(5/17/2018) New measures to back UK shale gas exploration & development

(5/16/2018) Global oil demand to lessen as price approaches $80/bbl

(5/6/2018) New Zealand bans offshore oil & gas exploration

(5/6/2018) Zambia & Angola agree to exploration & infrastructure cooperation

(4/30/2018) Last Iraqi well set ablaze by Isis has been extinguished

(4/24/2018) Saudi Arabia repels Yemen Houthi missiles targeting Aramco facilities

(4/22/2018) Participants in 1.8 million b/d supply cut disagree on duration

(4/17/2018) ONGC files arbitration claim against Sudan

(4/13/2018) "Mission accomplished" according to IEA in balancing global oil stocks

(3/23/2018) Repsol ordered to suspend Red Emperor Project off Vietnam

(3/13/2018) Trump sacks Tillerson as Secretary of State

(3/1/2018) API attacks Trump tariff policy as detrimental to oil & gas industry

(2/26/2018) Russia pledges to restore Syria's oil and gas infrastructure

(2/26/2018) PNG LNG Hides plant & Kutubu Facilities shut-in due to earthquake

(2/26/2018) Security issues shutdown Libya's giant El-Feel oilfield

(2/13/2018) Eni moving drillship to Morocco after Turkish blockade of Cyprus drillsite (update)

(2/13/2018) Turkish warships halt Eni drillship offshore Cyprus

(2/6/2018) US crude output to surpass 11 million b/d before yearend

(1/25/2018) California suing Trump Administration for repeal of fracking rules

(1/22/2018) Gunmen kidnap 5 Sahara Energy employees in Nigeria's Delta state

(1/21/2018) Venezuela oil output lowest since mid-1980s

(1/14/2018) Oil worker kidnapped by Colombia's ELN rebels

(1/14/2018) New York City sues oil majors for contributing to climate change

(1/9/2018) Iraqi Parliament calls for Kurd operator to quit Kirkuk region

(1/8/2018) Tanker collision in stormy South China Sea leaves 32 missing

(1/6/2018) Norwegian court approves plans for Arctic exploration

(12/15/2017) New quality specifications for WTI at Cushing delivery hub

(12/13/2017) World Bank to end financing upstream projects in 2019

(12/11/2017) 2018 outlook for US natural gas bullish short term, bearish long term

(11/30/2017) Russia, OPEC & non-cartel oil producers extend output cuts

(11/5/2017) Nigerian militants again threaten oil & gas companies

(11/2/2017) Protesters shutdown 40,000 b/d from Wintershall fields in Libya

(10/28/2017) Saudi support for oil production cut reaffirmed

(10/15/2017) Kurd forces block Iraqi access to main Kirkuk oilfields & airbase

(10/5/2017) Tropical Storm Nate takes aim at US Central Gulf of Mexico

(10/4/2017) Scotland bans fracking to meet climate change goals

(10/2/2017) Isis torching oilwells in occupied Iraq west of Kirkuk

(9/24/2017) Nigerian youth protest shuts down Agip wellsite

(9/23/2017) Law of Sea determination doesn't affect Ghana's TEN Fields

(9/21/2017) Quebec publishes new draft hydrocarbons regulations

(9/7/2017) UK OGA puts potential oil recovery at 900 million bbl

(9/6/2017) Libya's Sharara Field ramping back up production (update)

(9/3/2017) Two more Libyan oilfields shutdown due to armed militants

(9/3/2017) Australia & Timor Leste fix maritime boundary in Timor Sea

(9/1/2017) IEA sees no need to release stocks as a result of Harvey

(8/31/2017) Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey impact summary (update)

(8/29/2017) Trump imposes sanctions on Venezuela & PDVSA

(8/29/2017) Two more Libyan oilfields shutdown due to armed militants

(8/27/2017) Hurricane Harvey shuts-in 25% of US Gulf oil & gas production (update)

(8/25/2017) Hurricane Harvey shuts in 10% of US Gulf oil production (update)

(8/24/2017) Hurricane Harvey shuts in US Gulf platforms & rigs, spurs evacuations

(8/21/2017) Border dispute between Ghana & Cote d'Ivoire halts drilling

(8/15/2017) Repsol withdraws drillship from contested area offshore Vietnam

(8/14/2017) Output at Libya's largest oilfield drops 30% due to violence

(8/11/2017) Protestors shut down Shell oil flow station & gas plant in Nigeria

(8/10/2017) Russian Far East burgeoning oil & gas sector - Ministry of Energy

(8/8/2017) Majors pulling expats out of Venezuela due to political violence

(8/7/2017) US Interior Department rescinds oil & gas valuation rule

(8/2/2017) Shell warned not to resume oil exploration in Nigeria's Ogoniland

(8/1/2017) Japan lodges protest of Chinese operations in East China Sea

(7/26/2017) NNPC exploration team kidnapped in Nigeria's Borno state

(7/26/2017) US crude oil inventories fell 7.2 million bbl last week

(7/25/2017) China agrees to joint projects with Philippines in disputed South China Sea

(7/24/2017) Oil producers agree to stay the course in output cuts

(7/23/2017) Assad forces retake 40 oilwells from Isis in Syria's Raqqa Province

(7/20/2017) ExxonMobil fined for violation of US sanctions on Russia

(7/19/2017) North Dakota governor challenges state oil and gas industry

(7/18/2017) Alaska ending cash reimbursements on new discoveries

(7/16/2017) Russian air strikes & Syrian army rout Isis from Raqqa oilfields

(7/16/2017) Turkey warns against southern Cyprus offshore drilling

(7/14/2017) Shell declares force majeure on Bonny Light again

(7/14/2017) US DOE seeks streamlined US-Mexico cross-border infrastructure

(7/6/2017) Assad troops said recapturing Homs oilfields from Isis

(6/29/2017) Libyan oil production approaching 1 million b/d

(6/27/2017) Rosneft struck by massive cyberattack

(6/25/2017) US petroleum demand highest in 10 years last month - API

(6/16/2017) Norwegian Shelf has 77 discoveries awaiting development

(6/16/2017) UK Continental Shelf oil & gas production efficiency higher again

(6/15/2017) China's crude oil output in May lowest on record

(6/14/2017) Qatar output not impacted by break with Arab Gulf states

(6/6/2017) Qatar-to-UAE gas shipment so far uninterrupted by severed ties

(6/5/2017) Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt & Bahrain cut relations with Qatar

(5/26/2017) Equatorial Guinea becomes OPEC's 14th member

(5/25/2017) OPEC & non-OPEC producers extend output cut 9 months

(5/15/2017) Saudi Arabia & Russia agree to extend output cuts to March 2018

(5/11/2017) Trump reversal of Obama limit on leaks & flaring fails in Senate

(5/10/2017) Army ordered to protect Southern Tunisia's oil & gas facilities

(5/3/2017) OGA UK outlines pluses & minuses of Brexit

(4/30/2017) Global oil discoveries and new projects fell to historic lows in 2016

(4/28/2017) Trump executive order aimed at overturning Obama offshore bans

(4/14/2017) Iran oil production to reach 4 million b/d in one year

(4/12/2017) EIA & OPEC oil demand & consumption forecasts increase

(4/12/2017) US Gulf of Mexico output setting new high records

(3/20/2017) South Sudan rebels kidnap 4 oil workers, 8 famine relief workers

(3/16/2017) EU rejects ban on oil & gas exploration in Arctic

(3/12/2017) EIA Outlook puts oil consumption at 99.74 million b/d in 2018

(3/12/2017) Russia to cut oil output 1.42 million bbl this month

(3/3/2017) Libya's Es Sider & Ras Lanuf oil export terminals seized

(2/23/2017) Brazil cutting local content requirements in half

(2/23/2017) Higher US drilling boosting US crude oil production

(2/20/2017) Lake Tanganyika states to cooperate in oil exploration

(2/14/2017) Bomb halts Colombia's Cano-Limon Covenas pipeline

(2/14/2017) US EIA expects most of US oil production to 2040 to be tight oil

(2/13/2017) Militants responsible for loss of 70% of NPDC oil production

(2/10/2017) Five ISIS-sabotaged oilwells still burning near Mosul

(2/8/2017) Odessa court seizes 4 Chornomornaftogas drilling rigs taken by Russia

(2/5/2017) Next 4 years to see $120 billion in deepwater expenditures

(2/1/2017) EIA forecasts shale oil to drive US output through 2018

(1/30/2017) IEA expecting oil demand to continue rising

(1/30/2017) Oil industry personnel hit by Trump's Muslim travel ban

(1/29/2017) South Sudan targeting 290,000 b/d this fiscal year

(1/24/2017) World's energy leaders gathering inn Houston in March

(1/24/2017) US DOE selling 8 million bbl oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve

(1/24/2017) Equatorial Guinea applies for membership in OPEC

(1/19/2017) IEA sees big growth in US shale oil output in 2017

(1/19/2017) US, Mexico & Cuba to divvy up Gulf of Mexico doughnut hole

(1/3/2017) Oil prices soar on 1st trading day of the year

(1/2/2017) Libya boosts output by 85,000 b/d from 600,000 b/d last month

(1/2/2017) Gas futures soared 62% in 2016, expected to go higher

(12/30/2016) US shale drillers to up E&P spending in 2017 by 30%

(12/28/2016) Kurd Iraq not reducing output to meet Iraq OPEC deal production cuts

(12/26/2016) Sudan & South Sudan extend financial relationship

(12/20/2016) Obama imposes permanent ban on Arctic & Atlantic Seaboard drilling

(12/20/2016) Libyan oil guards preventing restart of 2 largest oilfields

(12/13/2016) Obama executive order bans drilling in northern Bering Sea

(12/11/2016) Quebec National Assembly passes exploration promotion bill

(12/11/2016) OPEC & non-OPEC oil producers pledge lower output in 2017

(12/4/2016) Argentine oil workers to strike tomorrow in Neuquen Basin

(11/30/2016) Saudi Arabia agrees to cut output 500,000 b/d to 10.06 million b/d

(11/30/2016) OPEC cutting crude output for 1st time since 2008

(11/28/2016) Oil demand growth depends on OPEC deal - Societe Generale

(11/27/2016) Six PGNiG Geofizyka Krakaw workers kidnapped in Pakistan

(11/27/2016) Libya's NOC nixes part in OPEC production reduction schemes

(11/20/2016) US BIS lifts ban, allowing 24 companies to export condensate

(11/17/2016) IEA sees renewables & natural gas gaining on oil over 25 years

(11/15/2016) Oil & Gas UK reports steady rise in North Sea decommissioning

(11/9/2016) Nigeria's Forcados feed pipeline bombed

(11/9/2016) Trump victory in US election sends shudders across markets

(11/8/2016) Pirates shift from hijacking to kidnapping over past 3 years

(11/7/2016) OPEC hikes output to another record at 33.54 million b/d

(11/7/2016) ISIS in retreat torches 19 oilfields near Mosul

(11/4/2016) OGCI pegs $1 billion to speed development of low emissions technologies

(11/1/2016) Onshore oilfield services spending to rise 10 a year to 2020

(10/30/2016) DR Congo talking to Tanzania about oil exports through Tanga

(10/26/2016) Avengers attack Chevron pipeline in Nigeria's Niger Delta

(10/23/2016) Iran supports OPEC efforts to stabilize world oil markets - Rouhani

(10/19/2016) Southern North Sea Rejuvenation SIG launched

(10/16/2016) Another pipeline bombing in Niger Delta

(10/13/2016) Japan protests China drilling for gas at East China Sea median line

(10/11/2016) Oil service workers end 3-week strike in Norway

(10/11/2016) Crude price plunge cost OPEC $1 trillion in revenues

(10/10/2016) Saudi Arabia's al-Falih cautions OPEC should not tighten oil supply too much

(10/7/2016) Accord to counter climate change wins majority approval

(10/6/2016) New energy sector scenarios find demand to peak prior to 2030

(10/6/2016) Onshore oilfield services spending improving over next 4 years

(10/5/2016) ELN rebels bomb Colombia's Cano-Limon Covenas Pipeline

(10/4/2016) Oil & gas industry favors Clinton in campaign donations

(10/3/2016) US, Mexico, & Cuba talking Gulf of Mexico Doughnut Hole sovereignty

(10/2/2016) US oil demand falls, production down to 8.69 million b/d in July

(9/30/2016) Two Petro Energy EP engineers fatally shot on Sudan's Keyi Field

(9/30/2016) Russia rejects oil production reduction agreed by OPEC

(9/29/2016) Second Nigeria pipeline sabotage this month by NDGJM

(9/28/2016) OPEC agrees to cut oil output 1st time since 2008

(9/27/2016) Douglas-Westwood sees 1st decline in onshore oil production since 2009

(9/27/2016) Arbitration of Timor Leste & Australia marine boundary begins

(9/25/2016) Avengers bomb Bonny export line in Nigeria's Rivers state

(9/25/2016) Kenya suspends exploration in area disputed with Somalia

(9/19/2016) More sabotage of Nigerian pipelines, kidnapped oil workers released

(9/19/2016) Somalia call for redrawing maritime boundary with Kenya goes to The Hague

(9/19/2016) Iran ready to support stabilization of oil markets & improve prices

(9/18/2016) Iran nearing pre-sanctions oil export level

(9/11/2016) Fierce fighting erupts at 3 of Libya's main oil ports

(9/11/2016) Argentina ready to negotiate joint exploration of Falkland waters with UK

(9/5/2016) Saudi Arabia & Russia agree to cooperate to stabilize oil market

(9/4/2016) US Gulf production resuming after partial shutdown due to storm

(9/1/2016) MMO to see steady growth over next 4 years

(8/31/2016) Survey of analysts has EIA showing 43 bcf build in natural gas stocks

(8/31/2016) Offshore Australia non-citizen workers now need visas

(8/30/2016) Shell & BP shutdown production at US Gulf fields ahead of storm (update)

(8/30/2016) Anadarko joins others in evacuating non-essentials in US Gulf (update)

(8/28/2016) BHP & Shell join BP in evacuating eastern US Gulf ahead of storm (update)

(8/26/2016) Tropical storms surge toward US Gulf, some evacuations underway

(8/26/2016) Yemen Houthi rebels fire missiles at Saudi Aramco facilities

(8/25/2016) Russia on target for record oil production this year

(8/19/2016) Iraq resumes exporting oil via KRG pipeline through Turkey

(8/17/2016) Energy-related CO2 emissions from natural gas surpass coal

(8/14/2016) Venezuela set to try again to convince oil producers to boost prices

(8/14/2016) Vietnam gives ONGC go-ahead to explore South China Sea block

(8/12/2016) Siem Offshore PSV rescues 296 refugees adrift in Mediterranean

(8/11/2016) IEA advises slower oil demand growth in 2017

(8/8/2016) Japan protests radar on Chinese platform in East China Sea

(8/3/2016) Unite & RMT strike expands tomorrow to other Shell North Sea platforms (update)

(8/2/2016) Nigeria resumes paying militants to curb oil infrastructure attacks

(8/1/2016) Another Shell pipeline in Niger Delta bombed by militants

(7/31/2016) Kurd Peshmerga forces expel ISIS from Kirkuk Bai Hassan Field

(7/29/2016) Libya's reopening 4 ports to boost crude exports

(7/28/2016) Stripper wells accounted for 11% of US gas output in 2015

(7/26/2016) Some 400 North Sea workers on strike over pay cuts

(7/25/2016) Avengers bomb NNPC gasline in Nigeria's Akwa Ibom state

(7/20/2016) Ukraine accuses Russia of violating International maritime law

(7/20/2016) Brexit investment uncertainty producing UK North Sea field shutdowns

(7/19/2016) Libya's Sarir oilfield shut-in due to protests at Hariga terminal

(7/18/2016) Wood Group UK North Sea workers set 24-hr strike

(7/17/2016) ExxonMobil warned not to repair bombed pipelines or terminal

(7/17/2016) New security vessels to protect Nigerian Agip offshore operations

(7/14/2016) Militants bomb NNPC pipeline in Nigeria's Ogun state

(7/14/2016) UK DECC being abolished, functions spread to other departments

(7/13/2016) Wood Group's Unite & RMT union employees vote to strike

(7/13/2016) Nigeria's Pengassan oil workers union calls off strike

(7/12/2016) Arbitration tribunal rules China violating Philippine South China Sea rights

(7/11/2016) OPEC output near 8-year high in June at 32.73 million b/d

(7/10/2016) Shell lifts force majeure on Bonny Light exports

(7/8/2016) Final rules for US Arctic drilling safety & environment

(7/6/2016) ELN bombs Colombia's Cano Limon pipeline 17th time this year

(7/6/2016) 42 bcf likely injection last week into US domestic gas stocks

(7/4/2016) United States now has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia

(7/3/2016) Two killed in Niger Delta attack on Eni crewboat

(7/3/2016) World oil supply & demand in balance in 2017 - Moniz

(7/3/2016) Offshore Norway oil workers' wage demands met

(6/27/2016) IHS sees Canada oil sands output growth through 2025

(6/24/2016) Oil & Gas UK calls for minimize uncertainty following EU exit vote

(6/22/2016) Norwegian rig workers strike averted by settlement (update)

(6/19/2016) Three Norwegian oil workers unions set to strike Wednesday

(6/19/2016) US petroleum demand up in May - API Report

(6/16/2016) Avengers blow up NNPC pipeline Nigeria's Akwa Ibom state

(6/14/2016) Avengers threaten to sink tankers off Niger Delta

(6/13/2016) EIA forecasts US shale oil output down again in July

(6/10/2016) NPDC pipeline bombed last night, another Eni pipeline this morning

(6/8/2016) Cenovus & CNR evacuate Alberta projects ahead of new fires

(6/8/2016) Niger Delta Avengers strike another Chevron well

(6/6/2016) Syrian oil production falls from pre-civil war level by 380,000 b/d

(6/3/2016) More Niger Delta oil facilities bombed by Avengers

(6/2/2016) OPEC fails to set a new output ceiling for members

(6/1/2016) Avengers destroy 2 key Chevron oil wells in Niger Delta

(5/30/2016) US to carry out & finance shale oil & gas study in Pakistan

(5/29/2016) Avengers strike again - NNPC pipeline bombed in Warri, Nigeria

(5/27/2016) South Sudan Paloich oilfields hub for ivory trafficking

(5/27/2016) Ecopetrol suspends drilling after attack in Colombia's Meta Province

(5/26/2016) Militants shutdown Chevron's Escravos export terminal in Nigeria

(5/23/2016) Second Eni-operated pipeline bombed in Nigeria

(5/22/2016) Libya's 2 NOCs agree to join efforts in resuming exports

(5/22/2016) Alberta wildfires limited by rain and opposing winds (update)

(5/18/2016) US shale oil production set for 8th consecutive monthly drop

(5/17/2016) Japan's METI sees oil & gas investment dropping 40%

(5/16/2016) Crude prices approaching $50/bbl on market move to deficit

(5/15/2016) Another Chevron Nigeria facility attacked in Niger Delta

(5/11/2016) Alberta oil sands operators slowly restarting production (update)

(5/9/2016) Shell said evacuating Bonga Field workers due to militant threat

(5/8/2016) Saudi oil minister sacked in government reorganization

(5/8/2016) Alberta wildfires shut-in some million b/d in production (update)

(5/6/2016) Standoff between east & west factions in Libya puts oil output at risk

(5/6/2016) Iran may join OPEC members in freeze in 2 months

(5/6/2016) Two wells on Kurd Iraq Khabbaz Field bombed

(5/5/2016) ISIS captures central Syria Shaer gasfield again

(5/5/2016) Chevron platform off Nigeria destroyed by militants

(5/5/2016) Massive wildfire shuts in near 16% of Canada's crude capacity (update)

(5/1/2016) Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Iraq revving up oil production

(5/1/2016) Ecopetrol shuts in sabotaged Cano-Limon Covenas Pipeline

(4/26/2016) Ferrostaal engineer kidnapped in Libya

(4/25/2016) Saudi Arabia initiating economic reforms to reduce dependence on oil

(4/24/2016) Iran supports oil output freeze - but not by Iran

(4/22/2016) Kuwait strike over, crude output almost at capacity (update)

(4/22/2016) Pirates kidnap crewmen from supply vessel offshore Nigeria

(4/21/2016) Analysts say US natural gas stocks saw small 2 bcf build last week

(4/18/2016) Italians reject moratorium on offshore drilling

(4/18/2016) ISIS revenues down 30% to $56 million per month

(4/18/2016) Doha freeze talks fail to find agreement

(4/17/2016) US crude flowing to Europe after export ban lifted

(4/17/2016) Saudi Arabia & Russia agree at Doha to oil output freeze (update)

(4/15/2016) Online scams bilking oilworkers of cash & personal data

(4/15/2016) Gabon applying to return to OPEC membership

(4/14/2016) Wood Mackenzie not optimistic about Doha output freeze meeting (analysis)

(4/14/2016) US Interior sets final offshore well control regulations

(4/12/2016) Eastern Libya oilfields evacuated fearing ISIS attack

(4/10/2016) Kazakhstan to join exploration for oil along Cuban coast

(4/7/2016) Vietnam demands China remove rig from disputed waters

(4/3/2016) 12 countries to talk oil production freeze in Doha

(4/3/2016) Russia's March oil output reaches highest in 30 years

(4/3/2016) Mexico's proven reserves fell by 21.3% in 2015

(3/29/2016) UN Law of the Sea expert commission rules Falklands in Argentine waters

(3/28/2016) Trump would consider halt to US buying Mideast oil

(3/28/2016) Half of US oil output produced by fracking - EIA

(3/27/2016) Bourbon crewmen kidnapped off Nigeria released (update)

(3/22/2016) Kurdistan pays Gulf Keystone, DNO & Genel $28.4 million

(3/18/2016) BP & Statoil withdrawing from Algeria's In Salah & In Amenas (update)

(3/18/2016) Algeria's In Salah gasfield hit by mortar fire

(3/17/2016) OPEC & non-OPEC producers to meet in Doha, Qatar 17 April

(3/16/2016) Iraqi forces uniting to push Isis fighters away from Kirkuk

(3/16/2016) UK Chancellor abolishes Petroleum Revenue Tax

(3/14/2016) Iran agrees to freeze production after reaching 4 million b/d

(3/13/2016) US working rigs plunge to 70-year low

(3/13/2016) IEA reports oil glut decreasing but OPEC gains worrisome

(3/6/2016) Iraq to pay $2 billion in arrears to international oil companies

(3/4/2016) Two hostages released, two killed in Libya

(3/1/2016) Oil prices have bottomed out, expected to rise rest of year - IEA

(2/28/2016) Venezuela's Ramirez calls for oil output cut after freeze

(2/25/2016) Crewmen kidnapped from Bourbon Liberty 251 off Nigeria

(2/23/2016) Kurdistan halts flow of export oil to Ceyhan, Turkey port

(2/19/2016) US EIA predicts US Gulf to reach record oil output in 2017

(2/18/2016) Kurdistan's PKK refusing to allow pipeline to carry Kurd gas to Turkey

(2/18/2016) Guerillas sabotage Ecopetrol's Transandino oil pipeline

(2/17/2016) Shell declares force majeure on Nigeria's Forcados oil spill

(2/15/2016) Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, & Venezuela to freeze oil output

(2/15/2016) Iran ups oil output by 400,000 b/d

(2/10/2016) OPEC acknowledges global crude supply glut greater than thought

(2/7/2016) Venezuela & Saudi oil ministers meet without supply resolution

(2/7/2016) Russia losses due to oil prices & sanctions at $600 billion

(2/3/2016) Peru to lower royalty payments to help companies survive price crisis

(1/31/2016) Nigeria Agip pipeline bombed at Nigeria's Kpongbokiri Brass Island

(1/31/2016) Iraq will abide by an OPEC decision to cut production

(1/29/2016) Alberta's new royalty framework keeps current rates

(1/26/2016) OPEC Secretary-General calls for non-cartel producers to cut output

(1/25/2016) Japan oil demand down, imports lowest since 1988

(1/24/2016) New Croatian government calls for moratorium on Adriatic drilling

(1/20/2016) Vietnam accuses China of new drilling in disputed waters

(1/17/2016) Western nuclear sanctions on Iran lifted

(1/17/2016) Yemen pipelines sabotage triggers huge fire

(1/15/2016) Pipeline from Libya's Tibisti & Bayda Fields to Ras Lanuf bombed

(1/6/2016) UK trade union calls for no delay in offshore decommissioning

(1/4/2016) Petrol militia repels ISIS attack on Libya's Sidra oil port

(1/4/2016) Cushing crude stocks at all-time high last week

(12/27/2015) OPEC predicts oil price to reach $70/bbl by 2020

(12/27/2015) Russia claims bombing reducing ISIS oil truck convoys

(12/24/2015) First export cargo of US crude to sail from Houston

(12/20/2015) Obama signs law lifting US oil export ban (update)

(12/20/2015) Russia surpasses Saudi Arabia in October oil production

(12/18/2015) US Congress passes bill to end 40-year oil export ban

(12/14/2015) Oil & Gas UK supports COP21 goal of transition to low carbon future

(12/13/2015) Dodd-Frank law on foreign government payments ordered fast-tracked

(12/13/2015) US SEC disallowing reserves undeveloped after 5 years

(12/13/2015) Greece, Egypt, & Cyprus to fast-track aquatory delineation

(12/9/2015) Both Brent & WTI crude futures fall below $40/bbl

(12/6/2015) Western coalition continues air strikes against ISIS oil production (update)

(12/4/2015) OPEC still at status quo with no production cut

(12/3/2015) British bomb ISIS-controlled Omar oil field in Syria

(11/27/2015) India to lead global energy demand in next 25 years

(11/25/2015) Russia to boost gas production 40% by 2035

(11/22/2015) Iran calls for OPEC to cut total oil production to daily quota

(11/22/2015) Saudi oil minister says crude production needs to increase

(11/17/2015) OPEC output in October slightly less at 31.08 million b/d

(11/11/2015) Estimated injection of 49-53 bcf in US natural gas stocks last week

(11/10/2015) Assad regime bombs Syria's al-Izba oilfield

(11/10/2015) Global shift from BRIC era to shale era, says Yergin

(11/6/2015) Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline

(11/3/2015) Newfoundland & Labrador sets new offshore oil royalty regime

(11/3/2015) Petrobras hit by labor strike in protest of selloffs

(10/18/2015) Russia remains unwilling to reduce its oil production

(10/16/2015) CEOs of 10 largest oil & gas companies set climate change action

(10/13/2015) Global oil demand growth to slow in 2016 - IEA

(10/13/2015) Bentek puts US gas output in September at 72.3 bcf/d

(10/5/2015) Libya's oil production falls to 300,000 b/d

(10/1/2015) Signal pays $20 million & apologizes to settle labor trafficking case

(9/30/2015) Four African countries pledge part of oil tax revenues to fight hunger

(9/24/2015) Climate change pressure causing $2.6 trillion in fossil fuel divestment

(9/22/2015) Pemex losing $3 million a day to illegal pipeline taps in Mexico

(9/21/2015) China oil demand to reach 4.31 billion bbl within 5 years

(9/20/2015) Clinton opposes lifting oil export ban without concessions

(9/11/2015) IEA predicting biggest drop in US oil output since 1992

(9/9/2015) Kurd Regional Government starts payments in exporting IOCs

(9/8/2015) Platts finds OPEC crude output slightly less in August

(9/7/2015) ISIS has seized Syria's last major oilfield, Jazal

(9/7/2015) UK OGA puts this year's laid off North Sea oil & gas workers at 5,500

(9/7/2015) BC First Nation wins challenge to Nexen shale gas fraccing

(9/6/2015) Venezuela calls for urgent OPEC summit to help stabilize oil prices

(9/4/2015) Peruvian Amazon Indians halt oilwells & seize airport

(8/31/2015) Car bomb explodes in Tripoli at Mellitah headquarters

(8/31/2015) Oil prices keep climbing - up more than 5% today

(8/31/2015) US oil & gas hurricane risk lessened by shale output

(8/28/2015) KRG allocates revenue from oil sales to pay IOCs

(8/28/2015) Oil prices soar on biggest 1-day gain in 6 years

(8/23/2015) UAE military raid in Yemen frees kidnapped UK oil worker

(8/23/2015) API reports US demand up 2.2% in July

(8/21/2015) North Dakota Bakken producing wells at all-time high

(8/20/2015) US shale may replace Saudi Arabia as world's swing producer

(8/19/2015) Leading US Democratic Presidential candidates oppose Arctic drilling

(8/16/2015) Uganda-Kenya oil pipeline route set, oil to flow in 2022

(8/12/2015) Multiple pipelines to US Cushing storage hub shutdown

(8/12/2015) IEA sees global oil demand up 1/6 million b/d this year

(8/12/2015) CGG Ardiseis worker said killed by Islamic State in Egypt (update)

(8/9/2015) Turkey to deploy horseback patrols & thermal cameras on key pipelines

(8/9/2015) Libya oil output now nearly 400,000 b/d

(8/9/2015) Sakhalin's Yuzhno-Kirinskoye Field added to US sanctions

(8/7/2015) Moody's lowers price expectations for Brent and WTI

(8/7/2015) Russia back on top again as largest crude producer

(8/6/2015) Croatian employee of CGG's Ardiseis unit kidnapped in Egypt

(8/4/2015) Militants bomb Turkish link in South Caucasus Pipeline

(8/3/2015) Kurdistan to share revenues from direct oil sales with IOCs

(8/3/2015) UK North Sea 1st production increase in 15 years

(8/3/2015) Second Iraq North Oil Company official assassinated

(8/2/2015) OPEC has no plans to cut crude production

(7/28/2015) Iran-to-Turkey gas pipeline sabotaged

(7/26/2015) Iran planning $185 billion in oil & gas projects by 2020

(7/26/2015) Floating LNG to see investment of $58.3 billion in 6 years

(7/24/2015) Japan and China once again at loggerheads over East China Sea

(7/23/2015) World Bank puts crude oil at $57/bbl in 2015, $61/bbl in 2016

(7/22/2015) Federal judge rejects Alaska's ANWR exploration position

(7/20/2015) Four workers at Libya's Mellitah Oil & Gas kidnapped

(7/15/2015) China prepping for oil industry reform shuffles major company leaders

(7/15/2015) Shell lifts force majeure on Nigeria's Forcados crude

(7/14/2015) Iran nuclear agreement reached, oil sanctions to be slowly lifted

(7/12/2015) IEA sees slower oil demand growth next year

(7/12/2015) API calls for US to lift ban on crude oil exports

(7/10/2015) Libya security guards not allowing loading at Ras Lanuf

(7/10/2015) New UK Energy Bill introduced establishing oil & gas regulator OGA

(7/9/2015) Trump would destroy Iraqi oilfields to defeat Islamic State

(7/9/2015) FARC calls another unilateral ceasefire in Colombia

(7/3/2015) China oil demand up 8.2% over a year ago

(6/29/2015) Crude stocks at 2-year high at European hub

(6/28/2015) Iraq North Oil Company ops chief assassinated

(6/26/2015) Scottish government expecting North Sea output upturn

(6/26/2015) CNOOC rig in disputed South China Sea area

(6/24/2015) Peru & Bolivia looking into Bolivian gas exports via Peru

(6/24/2015) Syria military & allied militia rout Islamic State from Jazal Field

(6/19/2015) Russia postponing Arctic offshore drilling to 2016 or later

(6/18/2015) Texas world's top natural gas producer at 18.81 bcf/d

(6/17/2015) EU majors ignore sanctions on Russia to share in its key projects

(6/15/2015) BP says US bypassed Saudi Arabia as largest oil producer in 2014

(6/15/2015) Shell evacuating US Gulf platforms ahead of potential hurricane

(6/11/2015) Low oil prices force 2/3rd of North Sea operators to cancel projects

(6/7/2015) Millions of bbl of speculatively stored crude coming on market

(6/7/2015) Colombia's FARC guerillas bomb Putumayo wells & pipelines

(6/5/2015) No surprises: OPEC votes to keep overproducing at 30 million b/d+

(6/5/2015) IEA expecting slower gas demand over next 5 years

(6/5/2015) US natural gas stocks rise to 2.233 Tcf on large build

(6/4/2015) Iran oil output could increase a million b/d with sanctions lifted

(6/2/2015) Mellitah Oil & Gas manager kidnapped in Libya

(6/1/2015) Oil & gas majors call for carbon pricing

(5/28/2015) Queen Elizabeth opens UK Parliament with energy security assurance

(5/28/2015) USGS reports on US hydraulic frac sands reserves

(5/26/2015) Goldman Sachs predicting boost in US shale oil output

(5/25/2015) Norwegian oil workers wage negotiations fail, go to arbitration

(5/25/2015) US minority party senators call to halt in Alaska offshore drilling

(5/19/2015) Rebels closing in on South Sudan Paloch Field

(5/17/2015) ISIL seizes Syrian oilfield near Palmyra world heritage site

(5/7/2015) US gas production hit high of 73.7 bcf/d at end of April

(4/29/2015) Libyan security workers protest shuts down fields

(4/26/2015) ASEAN call for China to halt South China Sea land reclamation unsupported

(4/26/2015) No new drilling in Ghana-Cote d'Ivoire disputed waters

(4/22/2015) EIA predicts lower US shale oil output in May

(4/22/2015) Statoil CEO says standardization the key to coping with low oil prices

(4/21/2015) "Industry in survival mode" - ConocoPhillips CEO

(4/20/2015) Bakken & Eagle Ford shale oil output up 1% in March

(4/16/2015) IEA ups global oil demand forecast for this year

(4/15/2015) Technavio forecasts huge Asia-Pacific fraccing market by 2019

(4/15/2015) EIA forecasts US as net gas exporter by 2017

(4/14/2015) Bourbon crewmen kidnapped offshore Nigeria

(4/12/2015) Global subsea hardware spend put at $145 billion now to 2019

(4/7/2015) US world's largest producer of petroleum & natural gas hydrocarbons

(4/7/2015) ONS Norway cancelled due to market situation

(4/6/2015) Cano Limon pipeline bombing shuts down 80,000 b/d oil flow

(4/5/2015) Recognized Libyan government to open UAE account for oil exports

(4/5/2015) China releases US geologist imprisoned for spying

(4/3/2015) Montenegro protests Croatia Adriatic exploration

(4/2/2015) Framework deal struck in Iran-West nuclear talks

(3/31/2015) US 2014 oil production growth largest in 100 years

(3/29/2015) New Brunswick bans fraccing for year to allow study

(3/27/2015) UK North Sea trade unions ready to strike

(3/20/2015) UK's OGA to have powers to support UK oil & gas industry recovery

(3/18/2015) Shale oil output flat at Bakken & Eagle Ford in February

(3/18/2015) UK North Sea oil & gas taxes cut

(3/17/2015) $81 billion to be spent for floating production by 2019

(3/16/2015) Cushing, Oklahoma hub verging on operational capacity

(3/15/2015) North Dakota sees drop in oil production till June

(3/15/2015) Category 3 Cyclone Olwyn left Western Australia unscathed

(3/11/2015) US EIA raises domestic 2015 oil production forecast

(3/10/2015) Aramco sees $1 trillion in projects cancelled or delayed

(3/8/2015) Eight killed, 9 missing in attack on Libya's Al-Ghani oilfield

(3/5/2015) Libya declares force majeure on 11 oilfields

(3/5/2015) Islamic state torches Ajeel oilfield near Tikrit, Iraq

(3/4/2015) US crude oil storage capacity utilization now up to 60%

(3/1/2015) Russia ready to give China greater stake in oil & gas fields

(2/26/2015) Dissention in OPEC over allowing oil price to fall

(2/26/2015) Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago to jointly develop border gas

(2/25/2015) Floating production spend up 73% in 2015-19 at $81 billion

(2/24/2015) BP Energy Outlook sees 37% hike in energy demand by 2035

(2/22/2015) Libya's oil port at Zueitina resumes oil exports

(2/22/2015) Former Egypt oil minister acquitted for Israeli gas deal

(2/20/2015) EIA says volume of US stored natural gas above 5-year average

(2/18/2015) US shale oil output little changed by drop in rig count

(2/12/2015) Houthi takeover of Yemen threatens its oil industry

(2/8/2015) Last oil export port in Libya shutdown

(2/5/2015) 13 killed in attack on Libya's al-Mabrouk Field (update)

(2/4/2015) Libya's al-Mabrouk Field seized by gunmen last night

(2/3/2015) IHS report points to possible halt in US oil production midyear

(2/2/2015) Iraq's Khabbaz Field severely damaged in ISIS attack

(2/1/2015) Kurds force Islamic State from Kirkuk's Khabbaz Field

(2/1/2015) Aberdeen summit to address North Sea industry crisis

(1/29/2015) Amazon indigenous protestors block Pluspetro field

(1/29/2015) Oil price collapse impacts LNG, spurs transaction activity

(1/26/2015) South Sudan rebels deny torching Unity oilfields

(1/25/2015) Demand growing but US crude stocks at 84-year high

(1/25/2015) API estimates 4th quarter US well completions up 75%

(1/23/2015) No change in Saudi oil policy following King Abdullah's death

(1/23/2015) OPEC & oil companies clash at Davos over oil price collapse

(1/21/2015) Oman oil minister calls OPEC output policy "bad politics"

(1/19/2015) Oil company operations suspended in Yemen amid protests

(1/19/2015) Iraq surpasses 4 million b/d crude output for 1st time

(1/18/2015) EIA predicts US crude output up 300,000 b/d by May

(1/16/2015) Indonesia eliminates land tax on oil & gas exploration

(1/15/2015) Global E&P to remain at high level through 2018

(1/8/2015) Amazon tribesmen seize Petrobell oilfield in Ecuador

(1/8/2015) Low crude prices to cause 17-35% cut in 2015 E&P spending

(1/8/2015) Texas Permian Basin production limited by freeze-offs

(1/5/2015) Venezuela pressing for cut in OPEC output

(1/5/2015) Obama Administration ends 40-year ban on US oil exports

(12/14/2014) Air strikes & surface battles as rival factions vie for Libya's oil ports

(12/12/2014) Russia's 2015 oil output put at 10.56-10.60 million b/d

(12/10/2014) OPEC expecting lower demand for its oil in 2015

(12/10/2014) EIA sees slower US oil output but highest volume in 2015

(12/7/2014) $150 billion in 2015 oil & gas projects to be shelved

(12/2/2014) Baghdad settles oil dispute with Kurdistan Region

(12/1/2014) ISIS-aligned Egyptian militant group claims killed Apache employee

(11/30/2014) Russia not cutting oil output after OPEC doesn't

(11/27/2014) OPEC not cutting production despite dropping oil prices

(11/17/2014) Two injured in Spanish Navy ramming of Greenpeace protest vessel

(11/16/2014) IEA predicting tight oil markets to follow current glut

(11/16/2014) Egypt-to-Jordan gas pipeline bombed again

(11/13/2014) EIA posits increasing US oil production through 2015

(11/11/2014) Norway's gas output down due to Gjoa & Skarv outages

(11/10/2014) Libya's El Feel Field shutdown due to lack of power

(11/9/2014) Libya's Hariga oil export terminal shut-in by protesting guards

(11/7/2014) Syrian forces recapture Islamic State-held gasfield

(11/5/2014) Libya's El Sharara Field seized by armed gang

(11/3/2014) Islamic State seizes another key Syrian gasfield

(11/2/2014) Russian oil production stable despite sanctions

(10/29/2014) Pitched battle underway for Syria's Sha'ar gasfield

(10/27/2014) Three more incidents of piracy in Niger Delta & creeks

(10/26/2014) Proponents of US oil exports form industry lobby

(10/26/2014) Yemen's export pipeline fixed and flowing again

(10/19/2014) Airstrikes in Iraq & Syria cut Islamic State oil production (update)

(10/15/2014) Separatists seeking restored South Yemen call for end to oil exports

(10/14/2014) IEA cuts forecast of global oil demand to 92.4 million b/d

(10/12/2014) Venezuela calls for OPEC meeting to stop falling oil prices

(10/10/2014) Turkey protests Cyprus offshore gas exploration

(10/10/2014) US natural gas output up 9th straight month at 69.1 bcf/d

(10/10/2014) Venezuela to pay $1.6 billion to ExxonMobil for expropriated assets

(9/28/2014) Mexican drug cartels stole 7.5 million bbl oil from Pemex

(9/26/2014) Syrian oilfields hit by air strikes against Islamic State

(9/25/2014) US government in landmark $554 million settlement with Navajo Nation

(9/21/2014) Nigeria oil workers call off national strike

(9/18/2014) Oil & gas issues if Scotland referendum results in "Yes" vote

(9/15/2014) Chevron platform off Nigeria occupied by 100s of angry youth

(9/14/2014) US ups Russia sanctions to 5 oil & gas companies, Sberbank & Rostec (update)

(9/12/2014) New EU sanctions a major hit for Russian state oil firms (update)

(9/11/2014) BP opposes Scottish independence

(9/10/2014) China sending troops for UN South Sudan peacekeeping

(9/9/2014) New EU sanctions on Russian oil industry to start in days (update)

(9/8/2014) New sanctions on Rosneft, Transneft & Gazprom Neft

(9/8/2014) Yemen tribesmen attack main oil export pipeline

(9/2/2014) First attack on Saudi oil & gas facilities in 8 years

(9/1/2014) BG joint JIP for safer subsea wellhead

(8/31/2014) Somalia suing Kenya over Indian Ocean boundary & oil

(8/28/2014) Islamic State torches northern Iraq wells in retreat from Kurds (update)

(8/28/2014) Ebola strikes in Nigeria's Port Harcourt oil hub

(8/22/2014) OMV joins exodus from Kurdistan as Islamic State advances (update)

(8/20/2014) Hamas claims 2 rockets fired at Noa platform offshore Israel

(8/18/2014) Two Chinese survey vessels said seen in Philippine waters

(8/14/2014) Total cutting workers in Kurdistan to essentials (update)

(8/13/2014) Islamic State now controlling 7 Iraqi oilfields

(8/12/2014) US EIA predicts 2015 US oil production to be highest in 43 years

(8/12/2014) Norway joining in EU sanctions against Russia (update)

(8/11/2014) Hess, TAQA, Genel, Oryx shutting down & evacuating KRG ops

(8/3/2014) Islamic State seizes Iraq's Mosul Dam & Ain Zalah oilfield

(7/31/2014) Russia hit with 2nd penalty for Yukos seizure: $2.5 billion (update)

(7/30/2014) EU & US impose new sanctions on Russia's oil sector

(7/28/2014) Russia fined $50 billion for Yukos expropriation

(7/27/2014) Yemen oil flowing again to export terminal

(7/27/2014) Maltese employee of seismic firm kidnapped by Libya rebels

(7/22/2014) Mexican Senate passes energy reform laws to Congress

(7/18/2014) Shell employees on Malaysian Airlines flight downed over Ukraine

(7/17/2014) ISIS kills at least 90 in seizure of Syria's Sha'ar gasfield

(7/14/2014) US ups Russian sanctions to include Rosneft and Novatek (update)

(7/14/2014) Yemen's main oil export pipeline bombed again

(7/13/2014) Libya's eastern oil port Brega shutdown by protesters again (update)

(7/11/2014) Kurd Peshmerga forces seize Kirkuk & Bai Hassan Fields

(7/9/2014) Bangladesh wins disputed Bengal Bay aquatory claimed by India

(7/6/2014) United States now world's largest oil producer

(7/3/2014) ISIS seizes control of Syria's largest oilfield al-Omar (update)

(7/1/2014) Rebels agree to reopen Libya's Es Sider & Ras Lanuf terminals (update)

(7/1/2014) Texas & North Dakota now provide nearly half US crude production

(7/1/2014) Scotland harbors 80.3 Tcf shale gas, 6 billion bbl shale oil - BGS

(6/30/2014) Domestic Nigerian companies win $34.1 million in 1st quarter contracts

(6/29/2014) Colombia's ELN rebels bomb Cano Limon pipeline again

(6/25/2014) OPEC asserts no oil supply shortage due to Iraq crisis

(6/22/2014) Eastern Libya's Hariga oil port reopened & loading tanker (update)

(6/19/2014) China sends another rig to disputed Paracel Islands area

(6/17/2014) CNPC evacuating workers from Iraqi oilfields

(6/15/2014) New subsea research initiative launched

(6/11/2014) OPEC stays with its official production ceiling

(6/11/2014) ISIS takeover of Mosul extended to Baiji oil hub & refinery

(6/10/2014) US EIA Short Term Energy Outlook optimistic

(6/10/2014) China takes South China Sea drilling dispute with Vietnam to UN (update)

(6/8/2014) Colombia's Cano Limon pipeline sabotaged again

(6/8/2014) Libya oil exports may end next week

(6/5/2014) Obama suspends Iran oil sanctions for 6 months

(6/5/2014) Queen Elizabeth calls for UK offshore operators to pay for regulator

(6/1/2014) Iraq threatens legal action against buyer of oil from Kurd pipeline

(6/1/2014) Yemen's Maarib oil export pipeline back onstream (update)

(5/27/2014) Ukraine demands payment for gas seized with Crimea

(5/25/2014) Sudan to help restore rebellion-damaged South Sudan fields

(5/25/2014) Egypt's Al-Arish gas pipeline bombed twice

(5/25/2014) Kurd Iraq exporting oil via Ceyhan, Turkey

(5/18/2014) Shell lifts force majeure declaration on Nigeria's Forcados exports

(5/15/2014) Multiphase flow-induced vibration JIP launched

(5/12/2014) Libya NOC says western oilfields to reopen today

(5/8/2014) Eastern Libya rebels vow to keep 2 export terminals shutdown

(5/7/2014) Again Yemen's main oil export pipeline bombed

(5/5/2014) Vietnam demands China halt drilling near Paracel Islands

(5/4/2014) Shell joins North Sea JIP for CO2-EOR Project

(4/29/2014) Indigenous protestors occupy Peru's largest field

(4/28/2014) Ukraine sanctions on Russia hit petroleum industry

(4/27/2014) Companies quitting Russia due to Ukraine can't return - Donskoy

(4/22/2014) Libya output at 220,000 b/d with key fields still shut-in (update)

(4/21/2014) Chinese engineers abducted from Sudan oilfield

(4/18/2014) Sabotage makes Iraq's Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline unusable

(4/18/2014) Key Iraq export pipeline kept shut-in by militants

(4/15/2014) South Sudan rebels seize Unity state oil hub

(4/14/2014) Zawiya joins Al-Hariga in open Libya export terminals (update)

(4/8/2014) Australia oil & gas companies need to collaborate

(4/7/2014) Ukraine filing $10.8 billion Crimea claim against Russia

(4/7/2014) Libya's eastern oil terminals opening

(4/1/2014) JIP established for assessment of steel wire ropes for subsea lifting

(3/31/2014) Scuba-diving Nigeria militants sabotage Forcados subsea pipeline

(3/23/2014) Yemen tribesmen once again sabotage key export pipeline

(3/23/2014) Libyan military & rebels fight over oil ports in Ajdabiya

(3/19/2014) ITF & Tullow in JIP for well integrity via efficiency & safety

(3/18/2014) Crimean Parliament votes to nationalize oil & gas companies

(3/13/2014) US achieves highest oil production since 1989

(3/11/2014) North Korean tanker breaks Libyan blockade & sails away (update)

(3/10/2014) Libyan forces seize North Korea tanker at Es Sider port (update)

(3/9/2014) Libya authorizes force to halt North Korea tanker

(3/7/2014) Boko Haram rebels thwart NNPC Chad Basin exploration

(3/2/2014) China adds oil & gas E&P equipment to duty-free list

(2/25/2014) Sonangol quits Iraq, Eni threatens to but staying for now

(2/23/2014) North Sea oil & gas development depends on keeping Scotland in UK

(2/23/2014) South Sudan fighting leaves only Upper Nile producing oil

(2/23/2014) Libya's El Sharara Field shutdown by violence & protesters

(2/11/2014) Egypt-Jordan pipeline bombed again in Sinai

(2/10/2014) Baluchi rebels bomb 3 pipelines in Pakistan

(2/9/2014) Yemen tribesmen kill 6 pipeline repair crewmen

(2/6/2014) Morocco pledges to comply with UN rule off Western Sahara

(2/4/2014) Turkey expels seismic vessel from disputed Mediterranean waters

(2/3/2014) Once again Yemen's Ras Isa oil pipeline sabotaged

(2/2/2014) Eastern Libya oil flow & export depend on Tripoli meeting demands

(1/31/2014) Deepwater spending to soar 130% in 2014-18 to $260 billion

(1/19/2014) Iraq threatens Turkey for unauthorized KRG oil exports

(1/12/2014) DNO told to leave Yemen by militant tribal group

(1/6/2014) Rebels bomb 2 major Syria gas pipelines

(12/15/2013) Libya's eastern oil exporting ports to stay closed (update)

(12/13/2013) 18 workers laying Iraq-Iran Pipeline killed in militant attack

(12/12/2013) Mexican Congress approves foreign investment in oil industry

(12/10/2013) Canada laying claim to North Pole

(12/2/2013) Oil companies & contractors unsure of impact of Scottish independence

(12/1/2013) Libyan army calls for end to oilfields & ports occupation

(12/1/2013) Yemen tribesmen sabotage Maarib-Ras Isa Pipeline in Yemen

(11/29/2013) Argentina threatens jail and $1.5 billion in fines for "illegal" Falkland exploration

(11/24/2013) Rebels capture al-Omar Field in eastern Syria

(11/19/2013) Gazprom Neft next to suspend southern Iraq operations

(11/17/2013) Operators may suspend NE India exploration due to extortion

(11/12/2013) Schlumberger's Rumaila North field camp in Iraq attacked

(11/12/2013) Eastern Libya separatists set up Cyrenaica Oil Company

(11/10/2013) Iran wooing Western oil & gas companies to come back

(11/5/2013) Guatemala withdraws from Petrocaribe oil alliance

(11/4/2013) KNOC pipeline in Yemen's Shabwa Province sabotaged

(11/3/2013) Iraq's main export pipeline bombing forces production shutdown

(11/3/2013) Two Superior Energy snubbing rigs seized in Venezuela

(10/27/2013) Berber militants shut Eni Libya pipelines at Mellitah Port

(10/23/2013) Russia charging Greenpeace activists with hooliganism, not piracy (update)

(10/20/2013) Colombia rebels release seized oil workers in Arauca

(10/17/2013) US fiscal crisis over for now but due to return in January

(10/13/2013) US Senate passes Mexico-US maritime boundary oil & gas treaty

(10/13/2013) US EIA closed due to lapse in appropriations

(10/11/2013) US government shutdown impacting oil and gas development

(10/7/2013) Colombia's Cano Limon-Covenas pipeline hit by 3 bombs

(10/7/2013) US Gulf operators return to work after Tropical Storm Karen

(10/6/2013) US to surpass Russia & Saudi Arabia as world's top petroleum producer

(10/3/2013) Oil companies in US Gulf preparing for Tropical Storm Karen (update)

(10/1/2013) Berber protestors shutdown Libya's Wafa Field

(10/1/2013) Russia establishes new tax breaks to tempt explorers

(9/30/2013) US government shutdown to trigger oil industry disruptions & delays

(9/22/2013) US crude production at 25-year monthly high in August

(9/17/2013) Pemex evacuates 3 offshore platforms ahead of Hurricane Ingrid

(9/16/2013) Libya restarts key western oilfield El Sharara

(9/15/2013) Egypt offers rapid payment of debt to oil companies for increased E&P

(9/15/2013) Yemen's primary oil export pipeline bombed again

(9/13/2013) WoodMac says 1.4 trillion boe undeveloped reserves worldwide

(9/4/2013) Eni lifts force majeure on Nigeria's Brass River output

(9/1/2013) China oil & gas exploration this year to reach $13 billion

(9/1/2013) World subsea vessel market to expand 54% by 2017

(8/27/2013) Saudi Arabia offers Russia oil deal to drop support of Syria Assad regime

(8/27/2013) Libya output plunges to less than 200,000 b/d on pipeline shutdown

(8/26/2013) Pir Koh gasfield pipeline bombed in Baluchistan's Dera Bugti area

(8/25/2013) Argentina bans 4 UK oil companies for 20 years

(8/21/2013) New KRG export pipeline nearing completion to Turkey

(8/16/2013) Iraq's Kirkut-Ceyhan export pipeline bombed again

(8/16/2013) BP joins Marathon in evacuating ahead of potential hurricane (update)

(8/15/2013) Marathon begins US Gulf evacuations ahead of possible hurricane

(8/15/2013) Cameroon takes control of disputed Bakassi Peninsula

(8/15/2013) Shell shuts Egypt offices after military crackdown kills more than 500

(8/13/2013) China to surpass USA as world's largest oil importer

(8/13/2013) Mexico president proposes opening oil industry to foreign investment

(8/11/2013) Militants kill 5 in attack on Yemen's Balhaf LNG Terminal,

(8/11/2013) Non-member output cutting OPEC output & demand

(8/9/2013) KRG denies exporting crude oil to Asia via Iran (update)

(8/7/2013) Kurdistan trucking produced oil to Iranian port for export

(8/6/2013) US EIA sees US gas output up 1% but less than expected for year

(8/6/2013) Seven charged with bribery involving Polish shale gas licenses

(8/5/2013) Worker strikes costing Libya more than half normal production

(8/4/2013) Tribesmen bomb Yemen's main oil export pipeline

(8/4/2013) Colombia-Nicaragua Caribbean aquatory dispute heats up again

(8/4/2013) Another Iraqi pipeline sabotaged by insurgents

(7/28/2013) Bombed Kirkuk export pipeline shutdown again

(7/21/2013) Somali oil concessions still in dispute

(7/21/2013) South Sudan shutting down all production by month's end

(7/18/2013) Syrian rebels & Kurds battle in Syria's Rumeilan oilfield

(7/14/2013) US DOE spells out energy sector climate change vulnerabilities

(7/9/2013) EIA providing National Hurricane Center realtime data

(7/8/2013) Colombia's Cano Limon-Covenas pipeline bombed again

(7/7/2013) Egypt-to-Jordan pipeline sabotaged 1st time this year

(7/7/2013) BP & BG withdrawing their non-essential expatriates from Egypt

(6/30/2013) OPEC output hit by disruptions in Libya and Nigeria

(6/28/2013) Deepwater drilling to reach $114 billion in decade

(6/17/2013) Libya's Abu Attifel Field shutdown by protesting workers

(6/16/2013) Yemen pipeline bombed again 1 day after repaired

(6/13/2013) US crude output could reach 10 million b/d by 2040

(6/13/2013) Sudan oil pipeline bombed in disputed Abyei area

(6/12/2013) Medco Energi contractor kidnapped in Aceh, Indonesia

(6/10/2013) Sudan cancels pacts with South Sudan, shuts down export pipeline

(6/10/2013) EIA puts world shale oil at 345 billion bbl, shale gas at 7.299 Qcf

(6/10/2013) Bombs defused on Iraq's Bai Hassan Field

(6/5/2013) Saboteurs again strike Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline

(5/31/2013) Assad's Syrian oil output drops to 20,000 b/d

(5/20/2013) Libya's Mellitah gas complex attacked again by rebels

(5/19/2013) Two killed in rebel attack on CNPC Myanmar pipeline

(4/30/2013) Nine Nigerian oil workers kidnapped at gunpoint in Bayelsa

(4/30/2013) Once again Yemen oil pipeline sabotaged, flow halted

(4/25/2013) Iraq's Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline bombed again

(4/11/2013) New DNV JIP aims to reduce jacking failure

(4/5/2013) Norway trade union Industri Energi strike set for next week

(4/2/2013) Iraq's Akkas gasfield attacked, 3 workers killed, 2 kidnapped

(4/1/2013) Rebels torch oilwells in Syria's Deir al-Zor

(3/31/2013) 160 dead in clash between South Sudan & Junglai rebels

(3/31/2013) UK Business Secretary says North Sea oil in Scottish waters

(3/31/2013) Worker protests at Libya field ended by oil minister

(3/27/2013) Turkey cuts ties with Eni over Cyprus gas concessions

(3/26/2013) Iraqi oil exports through Turkey halted by bombing

(3/24/2013) Shell & Eni suspend Nigeria operations due to oil theft

(3/12/2013) Sudan & South Sudan to resume oil production

(3/10/2013) Venezuelan oil operations & policies unchanged after Chavez

(3/7/2013) ExxonMobil exec kidnapped & released in Egyptian Sinai

(3/7/2013) Pirates seize sailors from Agip-contracted AHT off Nigeria

(3/6/2013) Saboteurs bomb Yemen's Marib pipeline again

(3/4/2013) Libyan army restores order at Mellitah oil complex near Tripoli

(3/4/2013) Obama names nuclear scientist as choice for Secretary of Energy

(2/26/2013) Workers evacuated, platforms shutdown ahead of Cyclone Rusty

(2/14/2013) Syria's oil center taken by anti-government forces

(2/12/2013) FARC bombings shutdown 2 Colombia pipelines

(2/8/2013) Yemen's key oil export pipeline bombed again

(2/7/2013) Canada & USA to cooperate in Arctic drilling policy

(2/5/2013) Three killed in attack on Sterling barge in Nigeria

(2/5/2013) Gas ignition caused Pemex headquarters explosion (update)

(2/1/2013) Pemex headquarters explosion deaths up to 32, with 121 injured (update)

(2/1/2013) Pemex headquarters explosion kills 25, injures 100

(1/31/2013) Three Gran Tierra contractors kidnapped in Colombia

(1/31/2013) Statoil's Algeria country manager confirmed killed at In Amenas (update)

(1/28/2013) Algeria pipeline attacked, 2 killed & 7 injured

(1/27/2013) Yemen shuts down sabotaged main oil pipeline

(1/27/2013) Fourth missing Statoil worker at In Amenas found dead (update)

(1/25/2013) Statoil confirms deaths of 3 missing employees at In Amenas (update)

(1/23/2013) Philippines wants UN tribunal to arbitrate feud with China

(1/22/2013) FARC bombs 2 southern Colombia oil pipelines

(1/21/2013) BP executive killed in Algerian terrorist attack (update)

(1/20/2013) Explosion halts oil flow in pipeline from Iraq to Turkey

(1/20/2013) Yemen oil pipeline bombed again & now shutdown

(1/20/2013) Death toll at In Amenas now at least 80 (update)

(1/19/2013) Siege ends - terrorists execute In Amenas hostages (update)

(1/18/2013) IEA says political risk dominates much of energy market

(1/18/2013) In Amenas not over yet - some 60 foreign hostages still held (update)

(1/17/2013) Statoil & BP evacuating 2 Algerian gas facilities (update)

(1/17/2013) 34 hostages, 14 militants said killed at BP Algeria gasfield (update)

(1/16/2013) Terrorists kill 2, abduct 40 at BP's In Amenas Field in Algeria

(1/11/2013) Colombia's Cano Limon pipeline sabotaged again

(1/11/2013) Four AHTS officers kidnapped off Nigeria released

(1/10/2013) Another bombing halts Yemen export pipeline

(1/10/2013) Dangerous category 3-4 cyclone targeting Western Australia

(1/9/2013) EIA predicts highest US oil production in history this year

(12/12/2012) Shale oil sending US oil production to a 20 year high - EIA

(12/4/2012) PetroVietnam claims Chinese fishing boats sabotaged seismic shoot

(12/3/2012) Rousseff vetos royalties bill clauses cutting oil states revenues

(12/2/2012) Syrian rebels oust Assad troops from Omar oilfield

(11/23/2012) Kidnapped Sinochem workers captive 17 months released

(11/23/2012) Syrian rebels take control of major oil producing region

(11/14/2012) BPMigas being dismantled, all oil & gas contract to be honored

(11/12/2012) Two more pipeline bombings in Yemen

(11/11/2012) US oil production nears 20-year high

(11/8/2012) Another pipeline explosion in Yemen halts further crude output

(11/6/2012) Major Syrian pipeline sabotaged near Homs

(11/4/2012) Syrian rebels seize Al-Ward oilfield near Iraqi border

(11/1/2012) Yemen LNG export pipeline bombed again

(11/1/2012) Bourbon crewmen kidnapped off Nigeria released

(10/30/2012) Marcellus Shale play to be hit by Hurricane Sandy winds (update)

(10/29/2012) Zanzibar wins right to manage its oil & gas reserves

(10/29/2012) Hurricane Sandy shuts down New York Mercantile Exchange

(10/28/2012) JOGMEC to provide gas E&P training for Mozambique

(10/25/2012) Nigeria tots up costs of oil & gas mismanagement & corruption

(10/25/2012) Trinidad jackup boarded by Venezuela's Guardia Nacional

(10/23/2012) Force majeure declared in Nigeria by Shell & Total

(10/22/2012) Syrian rebels bomb 2 oil & gas pipelines

(10/19/2012) Norway providing $8.5 million to aid South Sudan oil development

(10/18/2012) South Sudan calls for operators to resume production

(10/17/2012) Bourbon AHTS service vessel crew kidnapped off Nigeria

(10/10/2012) Cyber attack aimed at Iranian offshore operations foiled

(10/8/2012) North American shale gas resources put at 3.3 Qcf

(10/8/2012) UK DECC may lift shale gas exploration ban

(10/1/2012) Fire shuts down Shell's Bomu-Bonny pipeline in Nigeria

(9/27/2012) Sudan & South Sudan set to sign accord today

(9/26/2012) Yemen LNG gas supply pipeline bombed again

(9/23/2012) Cautious optimism on Sudan-South Sudan accord today

(9/17/2012) Foreign companies to be paid cost of oil export from KRG

(9/10/2012) Nigerian oil thieves kill 3 of NNPC's engineering crew

(9/9/2012) European Union increased sanctions on Iran proposed

(9/7/2012) UK Chancellor's Office to support older oil & gas fields

(9/3/2012) Offshore workers return to US Gulf operations (update)

(9/3/2012) Norwegian oil drilling workers strike averted

(8/30/2012) BC Horn River Basin earthquake study clears fraccing

(8/28/2012) No major damage to US Gulf platforms & rigs (update)

(8/28/2012) 41 rigs & 346 platforms evacuated ahead of Hurricane Isaac

(8/26/2012) Isaac turns toward center of US Gulf oilpatch

(8/26/2012) 27 kidnapped Sinopec workers in Nigeria rescued

(8/24/2012) Apache, BP & Shell start Isaac evacuations

(8/23/2012) Kidnapped Sea Trucks oil workers released (update)

(8/10/2012) OPEC sees sore economy slowing oil demand

(8/8/2012) Low US injections reflect high gas inventories

(8/8/2012) Hurricane Ernesto to skirt Mexico's southern Gulf coast

(8/6/2012) Saboteurs strike Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline again

(8/5/2012) Russia to swap fuel for Syrian crude oil

(8/5/2012) Sudan & South Sudan strike a deal

(8/5/2012) Sea Trucks service vessels attacked off Nigeria

(8/1/2012) Tanzania calls for Malawi to halt Lake Malawi licensing

(7/29/2012) One drowned, 2 missing after Nigeria pirate attack

(7/26/2012) UK launches major tax relief for large shallow water gasfields

(7/23/2012) South Sudan offers to waive Sudan debt, up pipeline pay

(7/22/2012) Iraq oil export pipeline shutdown by saboteurs

(7/19/2012) Subsea hardware market is recovering

(7/9/2012) Norwegian government halts strike, imposes arbitration (update)

(7/9/2012) Shutdown looms if no last-minute strike resolution (update)

(7/8/2012) Somalia lodging objection to Kenya block awards

(7/5/2012) Rebel oilfield attack kills 5, injures 3 in Colombia

(7/3/2012) Bill drafted in Iran Parliament to block Hormuz Strait

(7/2/2012) Turkmenistan taking Azerbaijan to court over Caspian oilfield

(7/2/2012) Colorado wildfire threatening Piceance gasfields

(7/1/2012) EU embargo on Iranian oil in effect today

(7/1/2012) Mubarak's oil minister Fahmi sentenced to 15 years

(6/25/2012) TS Debby turns east but shuts in 23% of US Gulf production (update)

(6/24/2012) US Gulf's LOOP halts offloading ahead of Debby

(6/24/2012) 700 offshore Norway oil workers go on strike

(6/24/2012) Storm suspends 8% of US Gulf production

(6/21/2012) Yemen sends in the army to protect gas pipeline

(6/14/2012) No surprises: OPEC holding to present 30 million b/d

(6/14/2012) Myanmar opposition leader calls for MOGE boycott

(6/11/2012) US oil production highest in 14 years

(6/11/2012) 12 rigs off Norway to be shutdown by strike (update)

(6/10/2012) Sabotage strikes northern Iraq oilfield & pipelines

(6/8/2012) Talks underway to halt Norway offshore rig workers strike

(6/3/2012) Striking Omani oil workers go back to work

(6/1/2012) Norwegian security strike to hit North Sea offshore flights

(5/30/2012) Former BP CEO Browne calls for end to gay discrimination

(5/30/2012) Bombs rend pipelines in Syria & Turkey

(5/28/2012) Police found guilty in fatal attack on striking oil workers

(5/21/2012) G8 puts IEA on standby to release emergency oil stockpiles

(5/20/2012) Gas prices recovering, rise to 3-1/2-month high

(5/17/2012) Ancient Babylon ruins being traversed by pipeline

(5/15/2012) EU filing WTO trade suit against Argentina

(5/14/2012) Yemen gas pipeline bombed again

(5/6/2012) US Interior's draft fraccing rules released

(5/3/2012) 2012 upstream spending to reach record $1.23 trillion

(5/1/2012) Another Yemen Hadramout attack kills Total worker

(5/1/2012) Standards & practices recommended for Appalachian Shale

(4/30/2012) Ex-Libya PM & NOC Chair Shokri Ghanem was found dead

(4/27/2012) Yemen's Shabwa export pipeline bombed again

(4/24/2012) Former BP engineer charged with destroying evidence

(4/23/2012) Egypt cancels Mubarak gas deal with Israel

(4/20/2012) South Sudan troops to withdraw from Heglig oilfield (update)

(4/16/2012) Heglig Field "reduced to rubble" by Sudan bombing says South Sudan (update)

(4/15/2012) Peru rescues kidnapped Camisea field workers (update)

(4/15/2012) Spain protests Argentina takeover of YPF (update)

(4/13/2012) Obama orders shale drilling & frac oversight

(4/13/2012) MEND strikes Eni Agip Niger Delta field

(4/13/2012) Iran cuts off oil to Spain & Germany

(4/11/2012) South Sudan seizes Heglig Field, Sudan vows recapture (update)

(4/10/2012) Sudan & South Sudan in skirmishes over oilfields (update)

(4/10/2012) Peru's Shining Path rebels kidnap gasfield workers

(4/9/2012) Egypt-to-Israel pipeline sabotaged for 14th time

(4/5/2012) Iran cuts oil exports to Greece

(4/5/2012) Kirkuk-Ceyhan oil export pipeline bombed, oil flow halted

(4/1/2012) Yemen gas pipeline to Total LNG plant bombed

(4/1/2012) Baghdad agrees to pay companies operating in Kurd region

(3/30/2012) Obama okays added oil sanctions against Iran

(3/28/2012) Anti-gas project off Peru leaves one dead, 17 injured

(3/27/2012) Sudan & South Sudan fighting erupts over border oilfields

(3/21/2012) UK Chancellor proposes "huge boost for North Sea investment"

(3/21/2012) Japan & 10 EU nations exempt from Iran sanctions

(3/20/2012) Foreign security contractors banned from Iraq fields

(3/18/2012) Iraq looking for alternates to Hormuz Strait for oil exports

(3/15/2012) Argentina threatens legal action over Falklands oil

(3/14/2012) Bangladesh wins Bengal Bay border dispute with Myanmar

(3/14/2012) Cyclone Lua shuts in 1/4th of Australia's oil production

(3/12/2012) Oilfield copper theft attempts leaves 2 dead, 1 injured

(3/9/2012) Police break up demonstration at Nigeria oilfield

(3/8/2012) Syria oil minister defects to join anti-Assad revolt

(3/6/2012) Egypt-to-Israel gas pipeline bombed again

(3/5/2012) Another Syria oil pipeline sabotaged

(3/2/2012) Tanker loading oil in Venezuela found carrying drugs

(3/2/2012) Saudi pipeline fire didn't happen - Saudi officials

(3/2/2012) Oil workers seized at Colombia pipeline project

(3/1/2012) Bombing attack from the air strikes South Sudan oilfields

(2/29/2012) Iran accepting gold instead of dollars for oil

(2/22/2012) Colombia's Cano Limon pipeline bombed again

(2/20/2012) US and Mexico agree to Gulf of Mexico collaboration

(2/19/2012) Iran cuts off crude exports to UK & France

(2/14/2012) Madagascar & Mozambique Channel hit by Cyclone Giovanna

(2/12/2012) South Sudan signs new pipeline deal with Djibouti

(2/5/2012) Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel bombed a 12th time

(2/5/2012) Eni Agip Nigeria Brass River pipeline sabotaged

(1/31/2012) Third Syrian pipeline this week goes up in flames

(1/30/2012) Two pipelines sabotaged in Syria Saturday & today

(1/29/2012) South Sudan stops oil production & export (update)

(1/27/2012) Cyclone Iggy shuts down Western Australia fields

(1/26/2012) OGP launches Arctic spill joint industry program

(1/25/2012) South Sudan & Kenya agree to $4 billion pipeline project

(1/23/2012) South Sudan starts oil production shutdown (update)

(1/23/2012) EU imposes oil embargo against Iran

(1/22/2012) Cano Limon pipeline bombed again in Colombia

(1/20/2012) South Sudan threatens oil production shutdown over "looting"

(1/19/2012) UK North Sea drilling at 8-year low last year

(1/15/2012) Iran warns Arab producers not to replace embargoed oil

(1/12/2012) Nigeria oil workers union threats complete shutdown

(1/12/2012) Africa & Americas to garner most investment in 2012-16

(1/12/2012) Gunmen attack Sonangol facility in northern Iraq

(1/11/2012) Cyclone Heidi bearing down on NW Australia fields

(1/10/2012) Attack shuts down Hunt oilfield in Yemen

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