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World Industry News

(12/14/2011) OPEC raises output ceiling to 30 million b/d

(12/13/2011) IEA lowers global oil demand forecast

(12/12/2011) US permitting investment in South Sudan oil sector

(12/12/2011) Cyber attacks on oil industry serious & increasing

(12/11/2011) OPEC hits highest output in 3 years

(12/8/2011) Syrian rebels bomb oil pipeline near Homs

(12/6/2011) World Petroleum Congress told demand reason for optimism

(12/4/2011) Kidnapped Edison Chouest crewmen released in Nigeria

(12/2/2011) EU imposes new sanctions on Syria

(11/27/2011) Statoil cutting production, crews ahead of Norwegian Sea storm

(11/25/2011) Eighth bombing of Gasco Egypt-to-Israel pipeline

(11/24/2011) Three killed at TransAtlantic's Selmo Field in Turkey

(11/18/2011) Chevron supply vessel off Nigeria in armed attacked

(11/13/2011) IEA warns of unsustainable energy future

(11/10/2011) Norwegian Shelf activity high & rising but area openings essential

(11/10/2011) Arctic operations not as challenging as thought

(11/10/2011) Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel & Jordan bombed again

(11/9/2011) OPEC to double spare capacity to 8 million b/d in 4 years

(11/9/2011) Shell Niger Delta oil pipeline sabotaged again

(11/2/2011) British study says fraccing likely triggered earthquakes

(11/1/2011) Obama Administration extends disrupted US Gulf drilling leases

(10/30/2011) Decades' worst flooding hits Thailand's producing oilfields

(10/27/2011) Cote d'Ivoire asks oil companies not to drill its aquatory from Ghana

(10/20/2011) Qadaffi death last impediment to restoring Libyan oil flow

(10/17/2011) Tidewater AHST attacked off Nigeria, shipmaster kidnapped

(10/16/2011) Malta proposes joint exploration of Ionian Sea with Italy

(10/12/2011) China to tax oil & gas production at 5-10%

(10/11/2011) OPEC cuts forecast for global oil demand

(10/10/2011) Libyan oil production passes 400,000 b/d

(10/9/2011) OPEC set for Saudi-Iran production standoff

(10/9/2011) Explosions hit Rumaila oil pipeline in southern Iraq

(10/7/2011) Yemen's key export pipeline bombed for 6th time this year

(10/5/2011) Qadaffi militia has left Libya's largest oilfield in ruin

(10/5/2011) Canada bars new investment in Syrian oil sector

(10/5/2011) Unconventional gas development to grow rapidly by 2020

(10/4/2011) Two CNPC oil workers shot in Sudan

(10/4/2011) Pirates attack Petrobras drillship offshore Tanzania

(10/2/2011) Ecopetrol contract worker & union organizer assassinated

(9/30/2011) Gunmen attack Mobil Producing Nigeria supply boat

(9/25/2011) Thailand & Cambodia talking again about OCA

(9/25/2011) OPEC to maintain output if Libya production insufficient

(9/23/2011) EU lifts sanctions on Libya National Oil Corporation

(9/23/2011) Greek & Turkish Cyprus to share all discovered oil

(9/20/2011) OPEC recognizes Libya's National Transitional Council

(9/19/2011) Energy use to soar 53% by 2035, China & India accounting for half

(9/16/2011) Hurricane Maria bearing down on Newfoundland waters

(9/12/2011) OPEC cuts oil production & demand forecast

(9/12/2011) Agoco resumes oil production at Libya's Sarir Field

(9/8/2011) Protestors block access to Petrominerales' Colombia fields

(9/8/2011) DNV says era of cheap oil coming to an end

(9/4/2011) US & Mexico talking trans-boundary oil agreement

(9/4/2011) Tropical Storm Lee now onshore leaving no offshore damage (update)

(9/2/2011) At least 5 foreign oil companies back in Libya

(9/2/2011) Tropical Storm Lee shuts in US Gulf production (update)

(9/2/2011) EU Council bans Syrian oil imports

(9/1/2011) US Gulf operators moving crews to shore ahead of storm (update)

(8/31/2011) US Gulf operators preparing for storm passage

(8/30/2011) Libya's Es-Sider oil export terminal hit by Qadaffi rocket

(8/25/2011) Libya's National Transitional Council to honor oil contracts

(8/23/2011) Oilfield riot leaves 2 dead, more injured in Indonesia

(8/22/2011) Shell shuts down Nigeria's Adibawa oil facility

(8/21/2011) Protesters block access to Colombia's Rubiales Field

(8/18/2011) US & EU ban business with Syrian government

(8/18/2011) Libya oil town Zawiya falls to rebels (update)

(8/18/2011) Strong recovery in subsea vessel demand expected

(8/15/2011) South Sudan says Khartoum extorting oil funds

(8/12/2011) Another pipeline bombing halts Iran gas to Turkey

(8/9/2011) Israel deploys drones over disputed Mediterranean fields

(8/7/2011) Australia urged to prepare military defense of Antractica

(8/5/2011) Another oil pipeline explosion in Iran

(8/3/2011) Roadside bomb kills GeoEnergy worker, injures six

(7/31/2011) Philippine separatists call for halt in Mindanao exploration

(7/31/2011) Sinai gas pipeline from Egypt to Israel bombed again

(7/29/2011) Saboteurs blow up Syrian oil pipeline

(7/29/2011) Evacuations in Western US Gulf ahead of storm (update)

(7/27/2011) UK recognizes Libya's National Transitional Council

(7/27/2011) Potential hurricane forming in SW Gulf of Mexico

(7/25/2011) Norway Petroleum Ministry relocates & opens despite damages & injuries (update)

(7/22/2011) Huge explosion hits Norway's Oil Ministry

(7/21/2011) Four OGDC officials killed in Pakistan Jaffarabad bombing

(7/21/2011) IEA won't release further strategic reserves - for now

(7/20/2011) OPEC crowns Venezeula as site of world's largest oil reserves

(7/19/2011) Libyan rebels takeover key Brega oil center

(7/15/2011) Major Eastern Syria gas pipeline damaged in fire

(7/12/2011) Egypt's Gasco pipeline to Israel bombed again

(7/10/2011) Israel draws disputed sea boundary with Lebanon

(7/6/2011) UK ups North Sea RFES supplement to 10%

(7/4/2011) Libya's NTC will honor Qadaffi regime oil contracts

(7/4/2011) Sting cancels Kazakh concert to support striking oil workers

(7/4/2011) Saboteurs shutdown Egypt's Gasco pipeline to Israel

(6/30/2011) South Sudan asks for sanctions to be lifted

(6/29/2011) Libya's rebel Transitional Council reviewing all oil contracts

(6/27/2011) OPEC tells IEA to "stop immediately" the 60 million bbl release

(6/23/2011) IEA releasing 60 million bbl oil to offset Libya supply loss

(6/22/2011) Sudan gives South Sudan ultimatum on oil revenues

(6/19/2011) IEA invites Russia & other producers to join

(6/16/2011) Arctic, Brazil & West Africa to lead global drilling

(6/16/2011) IEA predicting high oil prices to reverse economic recovery

(6/14/2011) Shell declares force majeure due to pipeline sabotage

(6/13/2011) BOEMRE to use multiple-person inspection teams offshore

(6/10/2011) Colombia guerillas kidnap Sinochem oil workers

(6/10/2011) Northern Sudan bombs South Sudan oil-producing state

(6/8/2011) Russia & Norway divvy up the Barents Sea

(6/8/2011) OPEC holds to production status quo

(6/6/2011) Iraq's Zubair oilfield burning after saboteur bomb attack

(6/3/2011) BOEMRE issues guidance for hurricane effects reporting

(6/1/2011) Shell & SGC workers in Nigeria abducted at gunpoint

(5/29/2011) Chinese patrol boats disrupt Vietnam seismic shoot

(5/27/2011) 30 North Dakota oilwells shut-in by Missouri River flooding

(5/27/2011) Penn West & Exall assessing wildfire damages (update)

(5/24/2011) Iceland volcano grounding North Sea copter flights

(5/19/2011) Alberta wildfires shut-in more than 100,000 b/d (update)

(5/19/2011) Denmark preparing to claim North Pole seabed

(5/17/2011) Alberta's Horizon Oil Sands evacuated in face of forest fires (update)

(5/16/2011) Northern Alberta forest fires threaten oilfields, force evacuations

(5/15/2011) Qadaffi sold 300,000-400,000 b/d Libyan oil for personal gain - Mayuf

(5/12/2011) Polar nations agree to cooperate in Arctic search & rescue

(5/2/2011) No eastern Libya oil exports until fields secured - Agoco

(4/27/2011) US lifts sanctions on trade with Libyan rebels

(4/27/2011) World War II mine found near Forties pipeline

(4/27/2011) Second pipeline sabotage shuts Egypt gasflow to Israel, Jordan

(4/26/2011) No immediate windfall tax on new output in Venezuela - Ramirez

(4/25/2011) Libyan rebel-held Messla & Sarir Fields damaged in fighting

(4/25/2011) Venezuela hikes oil windfall tax to 80-95%

(4/24/2011) Egypt to revise all gas export contracts

(4/24/2011) Expelled north Sudan oil workers to return to Unity fields

(4/20/2011) CGES forecast sees $140/bbl oil by yearend

(4/18/2011) Tanzania military to provide security for offshore exploration

(4/14/2011) EU sanctions in force against 11 Libyan oil companies

(4/8/2011) Iran mum on cause of 3 pipeline explosions today

(4/7/2011) NATO denies Qadaffi claim it bombed Sarir oilfield

(4/6/2011) Saudi ex-oil minister Yamani sees prices up to $300/bbl

(4/5/2011) Libyan rebels to commence oil exports from Marsa el-Hariga

(4/4/2011) Eni in cooperation talks with National Libyan Council

(4/3/2011) Pipeline repairs restore Venezuela-Colombia oil & gas exports

(4/3/2011) New Israel law may double royalties & taxes on discoveries

(4/1/2011) Libya rebel ask for oil export sanction exemption

(3/30/2011) Libya's NOC threatens to sue companies contracting with rebels

(3/30/2011) UK tax hike has oil companies reviewing investment prospects

(3/28/2011) Norway welcomes Barents Sea boundary ratification

(3/27/2011) Libyan rebels retake coastal oil towns Brega & Ras Lanuf (update)

(3/27/2011) Egypt-Jordan gas pipeline attempted sabotage fails

(3/24/2011) China warns off Philippine drilling in South China Sea

(3/23/2011) Rebel Libyan National Council to honor foreign oil contracts (update)

(3/23/2011) 14 Libya NOC units added to sanction list

(3/17/2011) Libya's National Oil Company head counters Qadaffi on contracts (update)

(3/15/2011) Oil pipeline sabotaged in eastern Yemen's Marib Province

(3/15/2011) PDO workers in Oman strike for higher wages

(3/15/2011) Pariah Qadaffi bans Western oil companies from Libya (update)

(3/11/2011) National Libyan Council pledges respect of oil contracts

(3/9/2011) Qadaffi bombs Es Sider oil terminal, Ras Lanuf storage tanks (update)

(3/8/2011) Stocks & spare capacity ensure market stability - Al-Naimi

(3/8/2011) Kidnapped Colombian oil workers freed

(3/3/2011) Qadaffi bombing rebel-held Libyan oil export hubs (update)

(2/28/2011) Eastern Libya's 17 February Coalition controlling oil flow (update)

(2/28/2011) Colombia's Cano Limon-Covenas pipeline bombed

(2/27/2011) British Special Forces rescue 150 oil workers from Libyan desert (update)

(2/25/2011) Saudis set to tap spare capacity to compensate for Libya

(2/25/2011) Libyan rebels hold all eastern oilfields, terminals & refineries (update)

(2/23/2011) 300 oilfield workers stranded in Libyan desert

(2/23/2011) Qadaffi orders security forces to sabotage oilfields (update)

(2/22/2011) Eastern Libya Al Zuwayya tribe threatens oil cutoff (update)

(2/21/2011) It's Libya now: oil & service companies evacuating staffs (update)

(2/20/2011) Saboteurs bomb unused Iraq pipeline near Baghdad

(2/20/2011) Anti-government protests strike Libyan oilfield

(2/17/2011) Tropical Cyclones Carlos & Dianne sweeping Australia

(2/15/2011) Mexican drug cartel threatens to attack gas drillers

(2/15/2011) Soco operations attacked in DRC, one person kidnapped

(2/11/2011) Saboteurs bomb up to 3 pipelines in central Iran

(2/11/2011) Mubarak resignation signals return of Egypt oil & gas operations (update)

(2/10/2011) Hackers hit 5 multinational oil companies

(2/9/2011) OPEC output highest in 2 years in January

(2/9/2011) WikiLeaks divulged diplomatic cable claims Saudi reserves overstated

(2/8/2011) Bombings halt flow in Colombia's Transandino export pipeline

(2/6/2011) Bombed Egyptian gas pipeline shuts flow to Jordan & Israel

(2/4/2011) Baluchi rebels attack Pakistan gasfield

(2/2/2011) Arctic weather in Texas shuts in 600 million cf/d

(1/31/2011) Oil companies halt drilling, evacuating nonessentials from Egypt (update)

(1/30/2011) Oil companies react to Egyptian revolt against Mubarak rule

(1/27/2011) Wood Mac predicting 2011 major upstream M&A activity

(1/25/2011) Tropical storm off Western Australia threatens oil operations

(1/23/2011) Iraq central government to pay Kurdistan operators

(1/20/2011) MOL workers killed & kidnapped in Pakistan

(1/20/2011) Wood Mac report shows increased UK expenditure in 2011

(1/18/2011) World oil demand at record 87.7 million b/d - IEA

(1/16/2011) Rebels bomb pipeline & gaswell in Baluchistan

(1/16/2011) UK Shelf drilling drops 9% but farm-ins are up

(1/13/2011) EIA predicting oil prices to average $93/bbl in 2011

(1/13/2011) US drilling activity in 2010 higher but below 2008

(1/13/2011) Norway expecting hike in Shelf investment

(1/12/2011) Cyclone Vince targeting Western Australia oil & gas area

(1/11/2011) UK doubles North Sea oil & gas facilities inspections

(1/10/2011) Queensland floods suspend CBM drilling in Surat Basin

(12/16/2010) WikiLeaks fingers BP for prior blowout, Chevron for Iran negotiations

(12/16/2010) EIA estimates US recoverable shale gas at 827 Tcf

(12/15/2010) Barclays sees E&P spending in 2011 up by 11%

(12/13/2010) US Ocean Energy Bureau issues guidance to deepwater drilling

(12/6/2010) OPEC had drop in average output in November

(12/1/2010) Nigeria to seek arrest of former US Vice President Cheney

(11/30/2010) New York extends hydraulic fraccing moratorium

(11/19/2010) Weatherford manager kidnapped & killed in Mexico

(11/19/2010) Oil & Gas UK objects to limiting non-EU workers in industry

(11/18/2010) Niger Delta hostages freed in military raids (update)

(11/16/2010) MEND admits attack on ExxonMobil platform, kidnapping of 7 workers (update)

(11/15/2010) Another armed attack off Nigeria - this time ExxonMobil

(11/11/2010) IEA & OPEC both see demand increasing until 2035

(11/10/2010) BP shutting down UK North Sea Rhum Field due to sanctions (update)

(11/10/2010) Grant given to study impact of cyclones on offshore installations

(11/8/2010) Armed gunmen attack Afren rig & kidnap 5 crewmen

(11/4/2010) Noble, Pride, & Panalpina settle US SEC bribery suits

(10/26/2010) EU sanctions may shut-in UK Rhum Field

(10/20/2010) Western Energy Alliance sues US Bureau of Land Management

(10/13/2010) Quebec & Newfoundland standoff over Old Harry

(10/13/2010) OPEC cuts expected 2010 demand due to non-OPEC output

(10/13/2010) IEA ups world oil demand forecast

(10/12/2010) US Obama Administration lifts deepwater drilling moratorium

(10/8/2010) Study finds year's cost of US Gulf shallow water slowdown $4.3 billion

(10/7/2010) European Union Energy Commission to call for drilling ban

(10/6/2010) French oil engineer shot & killed at OMV headquarters in Yemen

(10/4/2010) Threat to Iraq oil industry posed by Islamic militants

(10/4/2010) Worldwide upstream investment down 23% but reserves up 3%

(10/4/2010) Gabon set to limit foreign oil workers to 10% of employees

(10/1/2010) US Interior Dept issues new rules for drilling safety

(10/1/2010) Shell, Statoil, Total, & Eni quitting Iran due to sanctions

(9/29/2010) July US oil demand at highest in nearly 2 years - EIA

(9/28/2010) US BOEM director sees slow return of US Gulf deepwater drilling

(9/27/2010) Deepwater drilling ban likely to end before it expires

(9/27/2010) Unions threaten of oil & gas operations throughout Nigeria

(9/24/2010) EU enviro ministers reject NE Atlantic drilling ban

(9/23/2010) Arctic nations exhorted to work together to exploit Arctic oil & gas

(9/22/2010) Rebels raid Addax platform off Nigeria, kidnap supply boat crewmen

(9/21/2010) Six African states aided in control of oil & gas resources

(9/17/2010) Hurricane Karl scours Pemex platforms (update)

(9/15/2010) Norway and Russia end dispute & set maritime boundary

(9/15/2010) US Interior Dept ordering 3,500 US Gulf wells to be plugged

(9/15/2010) Tropical Storm Karl targeting Mexico's Bay of Campeche

(9/13/2010) Dispute over East China Sea islets heats up again

(9/13/2010) Available investment key to meeting accelerating energy demand growth

(9/10/2010) Alaska suing US federal government for perceived moratorium

(9/7/2010) Brazil extends sovereignty to cover its continental shelf

(9/2/2010) Hurricane Earl shuts down EnCana's offshore Nova Scotia drilling

(9/1/2010) Court denies government request to throw out moratorium challenge

(9/1/2010) China's Pinghu Field evacuated ahead of Typhoon Kompasu

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