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Technical Reports

(2/21/2018) Oil & gas companies facing climate change challenge - IEA

(1/13/2018) New approach to subsea installation & systems management

(2/9/2018) First rigless-deployed ESP system

(12/3/2017) Offshore subsea LiDAR systems upgraded

(4/16/2017) 4 billion bbl oil & 304 Tcf gas in US Gulf Coast Haynesville & Bossier

(2/12/2017) First rigless-deployed ESP system

(9/13/2016) Fracked wells provide 2/3 of US gas production

(11/8/2015) New safer & cheaper rigless drilling method

(8/23/2015) Mapping while drilling reveals 100-ft reservoir radius

(3/23/2015) NOV SoftSpeed mitigating torsional vibration

(5/23/2014) Foam to maximize enhanced oil recovery

(5/21/2014) LoSal EOR for better pore-scale displacement & recovery

(9/22/2013) Seabed samples & seep studies increase G&G confidence

(7/13/2013) New insight into gas hydrates in US Gulf of Mexico

(8/15/2012) Deterministic seismic inversion of Malay Basin field

(5/8/2012) Simulating the physical challenges of unconventional wells

(12/21/2012) Shooting seismic under the Arctic ice

(11/11/2011) Innovative 3D visualization bump mapping reveals gas

(8/1/2011) Turret & swivel stack at heart of Asgard A FPSO

(5/21/2011) ITF Drilling "undrillable" wells with managed pressure drilling

(2/13/2011) ITF evaluating tech proposals for HPHT production

(11/19/2010) CGGVeritas adds to reverse time migration toolbox

(8/15/2010) Ice Class seismic acquisition in the Arctic

(4/18/2010) New technology boosting TNK-BP Uvat output

(1/31/2010) Giga-cell reservoir simulation technology introduced

(10/12/2009) Creating the first shrink-fit riser flanges

(8/8/2009) Overcoming Brazil's pre-salt challenges

(5/31/2009) Landmark US Gulf gas hydrate drilling expedition

(11/18/2008) Undulating wells as alternative to horizontals

(11/14/2008) Industry's 1st slim hole LWD NMR tool

(8/1/2008) Future exploration technology for improved results

(4/14/2008) World's longest producing well drilled from offshore platform

(3/2/2008) Improving recovery with subsea facility

(9/17/2007) Developing Extreme Reservoir Contact wells

(7/16/2007) Air injection for enhanced oil recovery

(6/16/2007) Single vibrator land seismic acquisition

(2/20/2007) Alaska North Slope gas hydrate test well

(1/13/2007) New microhole coiled tubing drilling technology

(9/17/2006) Managed pressure drilling

(6/25/2006) Ocean bottom seismic surface multiple attenuation

(3/26/2006) Ocean formation model aids deepwater exploration

(1/30/2006) High pressure/high temperature borehole stability

(12/9/2005) No more oil migration guesswork with fluid analysis

(10/10/2005) High prices & high tech to make shale oil competitive

(7/28/2005) Tomography cuts depth migration velocity modeling cycle time

(6/26/2005) Long distance deepwater gathering systems

(5/14/2005) Heavy oil research may enliven Alaska North Slope

(4/15/2005) New PDC technology reduces hard-rock cost per ft

(2/7/2005) MPBTs boost oil & lower water in Angolan wells

(12/17/2004) Deep ocean seafloor imaging

(11/16/2004) Realtime gas formation discovered

(9/2/2004) Decommissioning Schwedeneck-See

(6/7/2004) 4D revealing Oseberg Field

(3/15/2004) Composite drillable drive shoe used in 12-well platform dual-use piles

(2/1/2004) Lithology and Fluid Prediction

(12/6/2003) ESP runs continuously for more than ten years

(10/21/2003) Maximizing production with low molecular-weight frac fluid

(9/10/2003) Wellsite biostratigraphy

(7/21/2003) Optimum seismic survey design

(6/8/2003) Smart dust: Accenture's new pinpoint-size sensors

(5/8/2003) Novel electric submersible pump technology

(4/10/2003) Completion technology IQ

(3/17/2003) Additive technology & innovation for zonal isolation in deepwater

(1/27/2003) Realtime downhole pressure & tension data with wired composite tubing

(1/7/2003) Shell & Alpha Thames testing seabed processing unit

(12/4/2002) New membrane efficient, water-based drilling fluids for cost-effective borehole instability

(10/30/2002) High-resolution images from 4C horizontal well VSP data

(10/4/2002) New technology transforms oil & gas drillpipe into high-speed data tool

(9/15/2002) Stabberless casing handling flexible & safe

(8/12/2002) New viscoelastic diverting acid improving output from carbonate reservoirs

(7/5/2002) Addressing a geological challenge with the optimal geophysical technology - an MC3D case study from the Norwegian Sea

(6/10/2002) New viscoelastic fluid technology enables fracturing without internal breakers

(5/13/2002) Journey to the center of the earth - via SET technology

(4/20/2002) Seismic for reservoir characterization

(3/18/2002) A new generation deepwater development driller

(2/18/2002) Monopole & crossed dipole drillpipe-conveyed acoustic logging

(1/31/2002) Subsea logging with electromagnetic waves

(1/20/2002) Multi-component seismic technology gains momentum

(12/10/2001) First coiled-tubing-conveyed perf jobs in offshore horizontal well

(11/15/2001) Full tensor gravity gradiometry

(11/1/2001) HT/HP perfing on Franklin-Elgin Fields

(10/19/2001) Subsea mudlift drilling enables offshore drilling at any depth

(10/9/2001) Multizone perf-isolate-stimulate system

(9/5/2001) Intelligent Wells

(8/15/2001) New technology for sand control by Alice Ølberg Bore, Statoil

(7/25/2001) The application of new and emerging software for realtime information management

(7/9/2001) Cutting edge technology: laser drilling

(6/11/2001) Polymer system control of unwanted water production

(6/8/2001) Dual gradient drilling defies ultradeep challenge

(5/12/2001) Mitigating vortex-induced vibrations

(5/11/2001) Subsea gas dehydration system in development

(5/8/2001) Cutting out pigging saves $3M for gas line in Norway

(5/4/2001) Exhaustive study saves millions on North Sea platform

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