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Special Features

(1/14/2019) Anti-corrosion coating tested on 2 North Sea platforms

(7/8/2018) Oil & gas industry supports NAFTA

(8/2/2017) IEA predicts rise in gas demand over next five years

(6/25/2017) Fact-checking President Trump's energy policy claims

(4/12/2017) US Gulf of Mexico output setting new high records

(2/3/2017) Total's Argos oil & gas industry robot finalists

(9/19/2016) Online scams bilking oilworkers of cash & personal data

(4/28/2016) Offshore platforms can survive sea ice

(12/5/2015) Oil & gas wastewater disposal wells linked to earthquakes

(8/8/2015) Repsol testing drones in range of oil & gas operations

(6/18/2015) Study finds Utica Shale size comparable to Marcellus Shale

(6/11/2015) US EPA finds fraccing no threat to drinking water

(4/25/2015) More than 100,000 jobs lost in oil industry layoffs

(1/16/2015) Mergers & Acquisitions up in 2014 - IHS

(10/22/2014) Johan Sverdrup: The making of a giant

(9/7/2014) Deepwater frac vs high bottomhole pressures

(4/27/2014) Robots to take on oilfield tasks over next decade

(2/1/2014) UK North Sea fields 2013 startups at 44% increase

(11/18/2013) Ecological impact of US Gulf oil platform decommissioning

(8/4/2013) Cybersecurity - more than just a good firewall

(4/17/2013) Foreign investors pump $26 billion into US shale & tight gas

(10/7/2012) $30 billion going to US deepwater exploration by 2030

(8/15/2012) Composite frac plugs cut time & costs

(6/18/2012) Marked increase in floating production to 2015

(1/30/2012) OAPEC pumping $430 billion into production

(9/7/2011) North Sea project investments at $178 billion

(7/13/2011) 750 Tcf in recoverable shale gas in USA

(5/21/2011) Arctic subsea development JIP launched

(4/24/2011) Coast Guard offshore rig safety recommendations

(2/13/2011) Canadian oil sands producers cut CO2 emissions

(12/4/2010) HIV, TB & malaria management & prevention in the oil & gas industry

(7/3/2010) Floating production installations surging through 2014

(2/17/2010) Tapping Darvaza gas in Turkmenistan's Karakum Desert

(12/15/2009) Coral relocated to develop Aramco's Safaniya Field

(7/31/2009) Asia-Pacific decommissioning growing rapidly

(5/11/2009) Texas oil and gas recovery likely next year

(4/18/2009) Low oil prices putting supply growth at risk

(1/31/2009) Outlook for energy to 2030

(12/7/2008) Oil price, credit crunch & the offshore industry

(9/26/2008) Ghawar's Magnificent Five

(6/4/2008) Hurricane disruptions of US Gulf output modest

(5/5/2008) Norway rig bottleneck limiting discoveries

(5/5/2008) Major oil moving into green alternatives

(3/2/2008) Petrobras' Tupi discovery & its possible E&P impact

(1/21/2008) World oil production decline at 4.5% - not 8%

(11/3/2007) 900 AUVs needed in coming decade

(9/1/2007) Satellite study pinpoints gas flaring violators

(7/16/2007) US Gulf deepwater ops study shows oil is up, gas down

(4/30/2007) Offshore spending to rise to $275 billion in 4 years

(3/25/2007) Shallow gas blowouts on Norwegian shelf

(2/17/2007) Record high oil & gas project costs expected

(1/26/2007) East Java mudflow may continue months, possibly years

(10/22/2006) A case for corrosion-proof polymer concrete pipelines

(9/14/2006) Challenge to find a trillion bbl of oil

(6/25/2006) Evolving global oil & gas industry security threats

(5/8/2006) Annual offshore spend forecast $247 billion by 2010

(4/14/2006) $75 billion decommissioning market on horizon

(3/29/2006) Upstream M&A transactions reach $160 billion

(1/15/2006) Offshore drilling spending forecast 2006-10

(12/9/2005) World oil production to increase 25% in 10 years

(9/12/2005) Ormen Lange templates break depth record

(6/3/2005) Oil & gas employment falls for 20th year

(4/21/2005) Oil & gas employment falls for 20th year

(3/14/2005) Laser research could improve oil exploration

(1/31/2005) Avoiding pitfalls in deepwater & frontier development

(1/9/2005) Oil & gas industry contributions to tsunami relief

(12/13/2004) Downhole camera inspection on UK Banff Field

(11/16/2004) New film about life on North Sea oilrig

(10/26/2004) Corruption rampant in oil producing countries

(9/27/2004) Record cashflow creates tough choices

(8/10/2004) 50% chance of $50 oil in 50 days - CERA

(8/5/2004) NPD produced water reinjection project

(5/25/2004) Floating production market set to grow 67%

(5/18/2004) Major oil price increases ahead

(4/16/2004) Remote mobile data revolution in the field

(3/20/2004) Hot Ice

(2/5/2004) Stolt salvages submerged Total US Gulf platform

(1/11/2004) UK DTI Promote program attracting new operators

(12/10/2003) Business Espionage

(11/10/2003) Permian Basin study shows opex up 34%

(10/13/2003) IT project puts millions back into Alberta's petroleum industry

(8/31/2003) 2003 World's Top 50 Oil & Gas Personalities

(6/30/2003) Outlook for floating production systems

(6/10/2003) BP Review: world oil supply more diverse

(5/28/2003) Issues & challenges in malaria control: ExxonMobil's structured response

(5/5/2003) World Floating Production Report 2003-2007

(3/12/2003) US IRS offering amnesty to offshore tax evaders (exclusive)

(2/17/2003) The digital oilfield of the future

(2/5/2003) World's first undulating wellbore

(1/3/2003) Saudi Aramco commences land, sea, & air geophysical survey

(12/17/2002) Proteins to clean up the downhole petroleum process

(12/2/2002) Venezuela's Mariscal Sucre Project begins

(11/14/2002) UKOOA survey shows challenges ahead for UK offshore

(10/28/2002) Preventing offshore oil & gas worker stress

(9/21/2002) Burgos Basin opening critical test of Mexico's energy strategy

(9/4/2002) ABS classifying five FPSOs for offshore Brazil

(8/19/2002) Shell extends life of Brunei's Ampa-Fairley Fields 30 years

(7/7/2002) Southeast Asian nations to build $7 billion regional gas pipeline

(6/13/2002) Exclusive Interview with Ram Naik, Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas of India

(5/13/2002) BG Egypt's West Delta Deep subsea development

(4/29/2002) Russia's top oil companies expanding internationally

(4/15/2002) The African gas grid: an intra-continental network being laid

(3/25/2002) Timor Sea oil treaty forestalled

(3/9/2002) Native Alaskans promoting Kotzebue prospects

(2/13/2002) Exclusive Interview with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, CEO Yukos

(2/6/2002) Oil company survival: who's at risk?

(1/25/2002) Amazon Basin indigenous peoples oppose oil industry

(1/13/2002) Will the Enron debacle bushwhack Washington?

(12/27/2001) Nigeria: your cheating heart

(12/11/2001) Global Oil Trends 2002: New technologies key to upstream success

(11/24/2001) Service companies: 2002 budgets down, exploration up

(11/12/2001) Oil for the poor

(10/30/2001) 18th World Energy Congress uninspired

(10/16/2001) Maureen to be recycled

(9/22/2001) Angola deepwater developments blooming

(9/8/2001) Ice studies key to polar E&P

(8/22/2001) Shell's floating LNG plant

(8/9/2001) Canada's Athabasca oil sands development

(8/1/2001) 1st offshore crew accommodation guide

(7/30/2001) ASPs Changing E&P from top to bottom

(7/20/2001) BLM changes may skirt congressional opposition to drilling on US federal lands

(7/9/2001) Terra Nova FPSO nearing finish line

(6/27/2001) 20% of untapped US oil & gas on Indian reservations

(6/27/2001) Bolivian gas may halt California blackouts

(6/21/2001) Chad pipeline finally financed

(6/18/2001) Decommissioning Maureen

(6/9/2001) NPC addresses cyber threats to oil & gas industries

(6/8/2001) Blair wins PM office again

(5/30/2001) Malampaya nearing completion

(5/24/2001) Whale friendly seismic?

(5/14/2001) World's 5th largest oil company is Petoro

(5/12/2001) Ziff Energy's North American Gas Survey

(5/12/2001) Libya tops Robertson New Ventures Survey again

(5/1/2001) Halliburton & IIC reveal robotic technology at OTC

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