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Regional Spotlight

(1/14/2019) New Oklahoma land rush in Greater Anadarko Basin

(6/26/2018) US Permian Basin oil output to double by 2023

(12/17/2017) Offshore discoveries putting Guyana on oil map

(7/27/2016) Middle East instability to persist in 2017

(4/26/2016) US public onshore producers lost $67 billion in 2015

(7/26/2015) Alaska North Slope & Arctic waters E&P ramping up

(3/23/2015) Texas shale oil production suffering but still strong

(10/28/2014) North Sea promise & shale influenced Scottish vote

(7/10/2014) Iran ready for international operators' return

(2/22/2014) South Australia banking on conventional oil & shale gas

(8/25/2013) Mexico making headway in ultra-deepwater exploration

(4/17/2013) World has 5 trillion bbl shale oil, 862 Tcf shale gas

(12/3/2012) East Africa to challenge Qatar & Australia as LNG producer

(8/15/2012) Venezuela targets 4.8 million b/d in '13

(5/24/2012) China looking to offshore, Xinjiang, & unconventionals

(2/16/2012) Warming Arctic irresistible to major operators

(9/3/2011) New participants & lower production in Texas' Barnett Shale

(5/3/2011) Kurdistan E&P expands as KRG & Baghdad negotiate

(12/19/2010) Iraq defying odds as E&P ramps up

(7/3/2010) Alberta oil sands top source of US crude

(4/31/2010) Exploration increases in Uganda's Albertine Basin

(1/31/2010) Major E&P underway in Russia's Yamal megaproject

(10/24/2009) Australia LNG projects booming

(7/31/2009) Algeria chalking up new discoveries

(5/11/2009) Taranaki Basin leads New Zealand prospect growth

(2/1/2009) US Appalachian Basin Marcellus Shale a hot play

(9/28/2008) E&P revving up in Central Asia

(7/6/2008) Santos Basin subsalt fields transforming Brazil

(5/17/2008) India's new focus on Arabian Sea paying off

(3/2/2008) Libya licensing leading to many discoveries

(12/1/2007) Discoveries moving Turkey toward gas exporter

(10/7/2007) Mexico shifting to Chicontepec & new offshore areas

(7/7/2007) Sanctions not deterring Iranian development

(5/13/2007) Exploration off Ireland revving up

(3/12/2007) Gulf of Thailand seeing renewed activity

(11/19/2006) Egypt now world's 6th largest gas exporter

(9/24/2006) Texas' Barnett Shale hottest US gas play

(8/5/2006) Siberia booming - but less & less private

(5/22/2006) CBM and bitumen driving Western Canada's ascent

(3/26/2006) Western Australia E&P increasing

(11/7/2005) Oil revenues to rebuild Venezuelan economy

(9/20/2005) Kazakhstan exploration booms despite constraints

(7/26/2005) India bouncing back with important discoveries

(6/11/2005) Dynamic growth in West African deepwater

(4/22/2005) Rocky Mountain E&P at a peak

(3/17/2005) Bolivia: burgeoning gas province - with political uncertainties

(12/16/2004) Malaysia - SE Asia's growing E&P arena

(8/26/2004) Options for Barents Sea development

(6/1/2004) China riding a tiger with global consequences

(3/5/2004) Libya making new debut

(12/6/2003) South Pars: the challenge of a giant gasfield

(9/25/2003) Increased exploration on the Norwegian shelf

(7/9/2003) Russian arctic activity increasing

(5/2/2003) Big boom for Equatorial Guinea

(3/10/2003) Alberta shifting to gas & oil sands province

(1/22/2003) Iraqi Oilfields

(12/11/2002) Caspian surpassing North Sea, may rival Persian Gulf by 2020

(11/12/2002) Angola's deepwater Kwanza Basin may remain a duster

(10/9/2002) Norway continues growth as key oil & gas producer

(9/1/2002) The Scotian Shelf: An emerging North American gas provider

(7/15/2002) Silk Road now opening remote Western China

(5/27/2002) North Sea staying above water but still declining

(4/8/2002) Caribbean T&T - Trinidad & Tobago booming

(2/22/2002) Turkmenistan poised to become Central Asian powerhouse

(1/21/2002) Qatar's North Field

(12/23/2001) Brazil: focus of major E&P activity

(11/19/2001) New Zealand attracting international interest

(10/29/2001) Russia enjoying phenomenal rebound in oil sector

(10/4/2001) Iran developing reserves rapidly

(9/8/2001) Gulf of Thailand renaissance

(8/15/2001) Angola's deepwater phenomena

(7/14/2001) Mexican E&P growth depends on Fox

(6/26/2001) China's Bohai Bay building momentum

(5/28/2001) Egypt's Western Desert growing producer of oil & gas

(5/21/2001) Indonesia - Exploration follows production slide

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