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(12/13/2018) Magseis finalizing contract for North Sea 4D seabed seismic survey

(12/13/2018) Sercel contracted for large 3D seismic land survey acquisition equipment

(12/11/2018) Shearwater contracted to shoot 3D seismic offshore Oman

(12/11/2018) Spectrum shooting Potiguar Basin 3D survey offshore Brazil

(12/10/2018) Tethys launches 2D & 3D seismic program in southwest Oman

(12/7/2018) Quadrant applies to shoot Bedout sub-basin survey off Western Australia

(12/7/2018) BGP completes 2D seismic survey in Cuba's Gulf of Mexico EEZ

(12/3/2018) National Marine Fisheries Service okays seismic surveys off US Atlantic coast

(11/21/2018) Terrex Seismic to shoot new 2D survey over Queensland permits

(11/21/2018) Polarcus lined up for North America 3D survey next year

(11/19/2018) Magseis & WesternGeco agree to joint seismic services

(11/15/2018) PGS to sell seismic acquisition vessel Ramform Sterling to JOGMEC

(11/14/2018) PGS picks up $75 million contract for 3D shoot off South America

(11/13/2018) Dunquin South wellsite survey off Ireland to precede exploration well

(11/13/2018) SeaBird acquires CGG's seismic vessel Geowave Voyager

(11/12/2018) TGS & AGS link for North Sea MC OB node projects

(11/11/2018) Benthic completes work offshore Guyana for Esso

(11/9/2018) SeaBird scores 30-day extension for Osprey Explorer in US Gulf

(11/8/2018) CGG fast-track PSTM data from Mozambique Zambezi Delta

(11/7/2018) iSurvey completes German Baltic seabed survey for Allseas

(11/1/2018) Polarcus wins award of 2 3D seismic surveys off West Africa

(10/31/2018) Magseis acquiring Fairfield Geotechnologies seismic tech business

(10/25/2018) Norway & Russia sign Barents Sea seismic acquisition agreement

(10/16/2018) TGS & Spectrum expands Santos 3D seismic survey off Brazil

(10/12/2018) TGS & WesternGeco set to shoot US Gulf MC nodal seismic survey

(10/11/2018) Shearwater set to start 2 major 3D seismic surveys

(10/8/2018) Norwest postpones Xanadu 3D seismic shoot to next year

(10/8/2018) Magseis providing MASS OBS nodes & handling systems to BGP

(10/3/2018) Australia's longest continuous seismic line shot in Western Australia

(10/1/2018) Pennine digitizes historical G&G data for Albania's Velca Block

(9/20/2018) SeaBird source vessels set for ocean bottom node seismic survey

(9/18/2018) TGS launching Northwest Africa Multibeam & SeaSeep Project

(9/17/2018) CGG shooting rich-azimuth MC survey NW of Shetland

(9/14/2018) Magseis lined up for American ocean bottom seismic survey

(9/13/2018) TGS set to shoot further MSGBC Basin 3D off NW Africa

(9/7/2018) UGA to shoot 3D seismic survey over 3 blocks onshore Argentina

(9/6/2018) Fugro contracted for 3 geo projects in Trinidad & US Gulf

(9/3/2018) CGG & Petronas establishing Center for Advanced Imaging

(9/2/2018) BGP begins 2D seismic survey off eastern Sri Lanka

(8/30/2018) Gardline conducting site survey for i3's Liberator Field

(8/30/2018) Geospace providing 12500 ocean-bottom nodal stations

(8/29/2018) Fugro acquires North Atlantic frontier data off eastern Canada

(8/24/2018) Dawson shooting TGS-Fairfield Delaware Basin 3D in New Mexico

(8/24/2018) Equinor contracts Alcatel for improved Castberg Field recovery

(8/22/2018) Shearwater acquiring WesternGeco assets & operations from Schlumberger

(8/21/2018) Sound wraps up 2D seismic shoot in eastern Morocco

(8/17/2018) Seabed Geosolutions wins US Gulf 4D OBN survey extension

(8/14/2018) Beehive 3D seismic survey off Western Australia concluded

(8/13/2018) Polarcus wins a 3D survey project off West Africa

(8/13/2018) Fugro awarded Norwegian seabed mapping project

(8/13/2018) Tullow delivers fast-track 3D from Jamaica's Walton Morant Block

(8/12/2018) Polarcus & TPAO conclude 5-year contract for Polarcus Samur

(8/8/2018) Fairfield to shoot San Simon MC 3D survey in Lea County, New Mexico

(8/8/2018) TGS purchases Polarcus' Capreolus 3D seismic survey

(8/7/2018) UK OGA awards geo contracts to boost exploration on the UKCS

(8/6/2018) Magseis wins Mideast OBS project contract extension

(8/2/2018) TGS expanding Oklahoma seismic library with 2 new surveys

(8/2/2018) TGS kicks off West of Shetlands 3D MC seismic project

(7/31/2018) Fairfield Geo awarded 2 major seismic processing projects

(7/27/2018) TGS & PGS shooting new 3D MC seismic survey off Newfoundland

(7/24/2018) Polarcus shooting Beehive 3D in Western Australia Bonaparte Gulf

(7/23/2018) Spectrum shooting large 3D MC seismic survey off Brazil

(7/23/2018) Fairfield to shoot OBN 4D seismic in Persian Gulf

(7/20/2018) Evidence of seepage seen in survey of Ireland's Newgrange Prospect

(7/20/2018) TGS expanding Dawson II 3D seismic survey in Canada

(7/19/2018) Adnoc contracts BGP for world's largest 3D seismic survey

(7/19/2018) PGS expands Indonesia South Makasar MC3D survey

(7/16/2018) Oil Search to shoot 3D seismic over Alaska's South Nanushuk Prospect

(7/16/2018) SDX shooting high res 3D survey in Morocco's Gharb Centre

(7/16/2018) Fairfield concludes US Gulf deepwater Stampede OBN survey

(7/16/2018) Magseis contracted for Northern Europe OBN seismic project

(7/13/2018) GeoProSys & GeoGnosia awarded AMT survey on Spain's Tesorillo Project

(7/12/2018) SeaBird buying CGG's Geowave Voyager seismic vessel

(7/12/2018) Fairfield to shoot Western US Gulf ocean bottom seismic for BHP

(7/10/2018) Cuban Digital Atlas from GEO International

(7/9/2018) SeaBird & MultiClient Geophysical to shoot 2D deep imaging off Norway

(7/4/2018) Fairfield fulfilling 3,000 Z100 4D seismic survey node purchase

(7/4/2018) SeaBird scores another Asia-Pacific seismic vessel contract

(7/2/2018) TGS acquiring Polarcus' Australia Capreolus 3D seismic data

(7/1/2018) Sound Energy finalize geochem & basin model in Eastern Morocco

(6/30/2018) Polarcus selling Western Australia Capreolus 3D survey

(6/29/2018) SAExploration buying bankrupt Geokinetics assets

(6/28/2018) PGS completes processing of seismic for Danish licensing round

(6/28/2018) PGS wraps up UK Moray Firth 3D seismic shoot

(6/27/2018) Spectrum shooting 2D MC seismic in Turkish Black Sea

(6/25/2018) Seabird providing source vessel for US Gulf seismic shoot

(6/21/2018) PSDM processed 3D seismic data on Guyana's Orinduik Block delivered

(6/19/2018) Magseis to shoot ocean bottom seismic in Southeast Asia

(6/19/2018) Gardline kicks off Newgrange seismic survey offshore Ireland

(6/18/2018) CGG's Helitem acquires broad-spectrum airborne EM data at 7.5 Hz

(6/17/2018) Burnett halts seismic shoot in Florida Big Cypress National Preserve

(6/14/2018) CGG delivers final PSTM for Dunquin survey offshore Ireland

(6/13/2018) Melbana grav-mag study spots large prospect in Cuba

(6/12/2018) CGG wraps up 3D shoot in Mozambique's Zambezi Delta Basin

(6/12/2018) CGG's Sercel launches transition zone seismic acquisition system

(6/11/2018) Second Ramform vessel sails for East Canada 3D seismic survey

(6/8/2018) Searcher completes 3D reprocessing project in PNG

(6/8/2018) Polarcus to shoot Western Australia Beehive 3D seismic survey

(6/7/2018) TGS shooting Dawson Phase II 3D seismic survey in BC, Canada

(6/5/2018) CGG wraps up Chickasha 3D shoot in Oklahoma

(6/4/2018) CGG launches PowerLog 9.7.1 petrophysical analysis system

(6/1/2018) TGS & PGS launch new 3D MC survey off Eastern Canada

(6/1/2018) Explor completes 1st UHD 3D 3D survey without seismic lines

(5/31/2018) New non-seismic study maps subsalt structures off SW Africa

(5/31/2018) Sri Lanka contracts Eastern Echo for offshore seismic survey

(5/29/2018) TGS & PGS shooting Nansen 3D MC survey in Barents Sea

(5/23/2018) SeaBird's Harrier Explorer set for North Sea 2D shoot

(5/23/2018) Melbana granted enviro approval for Beehive 3D seismic survey

(5/21/2018) Benthic acquiring geotech data for Tullow on Ghana's Jubilee Field

(5/21/2018) Robertson New Ventures Suite launched to accelerate exploration

(5/20/2018) TCarta provides satellite bathymetry for Total's offshore Myanmar seismic

(5/18/2018) Ion to shoot 2D MC GrandSpan survey off Newfoundland

(5/17/2018) Lukoil completes geophysical model of Russia's Denisov license area

(5/14/2018) Tullow wraps up Walton-Morant 3D seismic shoot off Jamaica

(5/14/2018) Shearwater to shoot 2 4D seismic surveys in North Sea

(5/13/2018) NNPC to launch oil exploration in Nigeria's Gongola Basin

(5/10/2018) FairfieldNodal & WesternGeco launch 3rd phase of Delaware Basin survey

(5/8/2018) Gardline contracted for 2D seismic & wellsite survey off Ireland

(5/7/2018) Added 3D seismic in US Gulf South Marsh Island Block 71

(5/6/2018) Sri Lanka lines up Total and Eastern Echo for seismic project

(5/3/2018) Shearwater to shoot 3D seismic over UK North Sea Tolmount Field

(5/2/2018) Ion, Geoex & Ghana Geophysical shooting new 2D survey off Ghana

(5/2/2018) Shearwater to shoot 3D seismic off Morocco for Genel

(5/2/2018) Polarcus set to shoot another XArray 3D survey in Asia-Pacific

(5/2/2018) New exploration targets along Equatorial West Africa identified

(5/1/2018) PGS to start 3 new 3D GeoStreamer surveys in North Sea Moray Firth

(5/1/2018) EMGS set to shoot new 3D CSEM surveys in North Sea

(4/30/2018) 3D Oil planning Australia Otway Basin 3D shoot

(4/24/2018) PGS adding 2 new 3D seismic surveys for Brazil's 15th Round

(4/24/2018) PGS to shoot 3D seismic survey over UK Moray Firth P.2170

(4/22/2018) 3D shoot over offshore southwestern Jamaica license 45% completed

(4/19/2018) PGS processing 3D seismic over Guyana's Orinduik Block

(4/17/2018) FairfieldNodal acquires Geokinetics US MC data library

(4/16/2018) Seabed Geosolutions wins Mideast ocean bottom seismic project

(4/12/2018) TGS preps to shoot Anadarko Basin Gloss Mountain 3D seismic survey

(4/11/2018) TGS expands Norwegian Sea Atlantic Margin MC 3D program

(4/9/2018) 88 Energy wraps up Icewine 3D seismic survey in Alaska

(4/9/2018) L&T to digitize ExxonMobil geophysical data

(4/4/2018) Polarcus shooting 3D seismic offshore Jamaica

(4/3/2018) TGS launches new multibeam & seep study off Brazil

(3/29/2018) Advent set to shoot 2D seismic survey off New South Wales

(3/29/2018) Sercel delivers land seismic acquisition system to Algeoland

(3/27/2018) SeaBird providing source vessel for Asia-Pacific undershoot

(3/15/2018) CGG shooting large 3D MC seismic survey over Brazil's Santos Basin

(2/27/2018) Sercel sells Sentinel solid streamer to Alfred Wegener Institute

(2/27/2018) Polarcus lined up for Central America 3D survey

(2/26/2018) Norwest contracts Synterra to shoot Xanadu 3D seismic

(2/25/2018) INEOS geophysical survey in UK National Trust land goes to court

(2/23/2018) Magseis agrees to OBS node lease in NE Asia

(2/21/2018) Fugro granted 5th gas hydrate contract offshore China

(2/20/2018) Carnarvon completes seismic data for development of Buffalo Field

(2/20/2018) Live oil seeps discovered onshore Jamaica

(2/19/2018) SeaBird wins seismic source contract off West Africa

(2/18/2018) CGG GeoSoftware releases new solutions across its geoscience portfolio

(2/14/2018) EGS shooting geophysical & hydrographic survey over Mozambique Area 1

(2/14/2018) Polarcus picks up 4D marine seismic project in West Africa

(2/9/2018) 88 Energy shooting 3D seismic on Alaska's Project Icewine

(2/9/2018) CGG Multi-Physics sets benchmark for marine GravMag

(2/8/2018) Searcher expands Argentine MC seismic data library

(2/8/2018) CGG & Ardiseis complete record HD seismic survey in Egypt

(2/6/2018) TGS expands Oklahoma Anadarko Basin 3D seismic coverage

(2/6/2018) Benthic contracted for Caspian geotech project for Azeri Central East

(2/6/2018) CGG wraps up Yukon 3D MC seismic survey in Oklahoma

(2/5/2018) TGS authorized to process entire Mexican well data library

(2/1/2018) Lekoil shooting 3D seismic on Nigeria's Otakikpo Field

(1/29/2018) OMV shooting Austria's largest seismic survey in history

(1/24/2018) Polarcus contracted for 4D seismic project in Asia-Pacific

(1/19/2018) Schlumberger's WesternGeco quitting seismic acquisition

(1/18/2018) Shearwater acquiring seismic survey off Myanmar for Total & Eni

(1/18/2018) Fugro shooting marine & land surveys for Adnoc's Hail and Ghasha

(1/16/2018) TGS lines up onshore 3D surveys in Texas, Oklahoma & British Columbia

(1/11/2018) Petro Matad completes 3D survey over Mongolia's Tugrug Basin

(1/9/2018) 2D seismic shot over Gardarbank High in Norwegian Barents Sea

(1/8/2018) UTEC secures major survey contract in Australia

(1/7/2018) Polarcus extends joint development of 3D MC projects with TGS

(1/6/2018) TGS & WesternGeco launch Egypt 2D seismic project

(1/6/2018) Dawson shooting 3D seismic for Phase II Coyanosa Project

(1/4/2018) Spectrum shooting shallow water 3D off Gabon

(12/14/2017) EMGS scores another data licensing in Norwegian Barents Sea

(12/14/2017) Sound completes Eastern Morocco 2D seismic & MT surveys

(12/11/2017) Santos to operate Beehive 3D seismic survey off Western Australia

(12/8/2017) Spectrum shooting 2D survey offshore Mozambique

(12/8/2017) Polarcus wins enviro permit for Australia 3D broadband survey

(12/7/2017) CGG releases MC airborne grav-mag survey of Mexico's Perdido Fold

(12/5/2017) FairfieldNodal to shoot Z700 seismic project in North Sea

(12/5/2017) Saudi Aramco awards OBS contract extension to Magseis & BGP

(12/1/2017) Chevron planning geological studies before drilling Mexico block

(11/30/2017) Tower picks DMT Petrologic to reprocess Cameroon 3D seismic data

(11/28/2017) Hafren Scientific & PetroStrat form Future Geoscience

(11/27/2017) UK OGA releases seismic data for 31st Offshore Licensing Round

(11/22/2017) Magseis wins North Sea 4D seabed seismic survey

(11/21/2017) CGG completes Norwegian Northern Viking Graben MC 3D survey

(11/17/2017) AustinBridgeporth completes Morocco aero grav-mag survey for Sound

(11/17/2017) Polarcus set to shoot Zenaide MC 3D survey off Western Australia

(11/16/2017) Sercel pairs with Fotech for borehole seismic & DAS monitoring

(11/16/2017) EMGS scores 2 electro-magnetic surveys off Indonesia

(11/15/2017) ONGC contracts Shearwater for 3D seismic surveys in 2017-18

(11/14/2017) Norwest to shoot 3D seismic over Xanadu discovery

(11/14/2017) Spectrum shooting 2D MC seismic offshore Southern Argentina

(11/12/2017) Genel to shoot 3D seismic over Morocco's Sidi Moussa Block

(11/9/2017) Polarcus contracted for broadband 3D shoot off Australia

(11/8/2017) Velseis 2D shoot in Botswana for Tlou completed at months end

(11/6/2017) BGP shooting airborne grav-mag survey in South Sudan

(11/5/2017) ORG Geophysical to do Caspian Sea study for Khazar

(11/4/2017) FairfieldNodal's New Mexico Delaware Basin survey completed

(11/2/2017) Emerson collaborating with Statoil to develop its Roxar RMS further

(10/30/2017) Searcher set for late November Roho Airborne Gravity survey

(10/30/2017) CGG delivers final PSDM for Cairenn MC survey off Ireland

(10/27/2017) Polarcus contracted for 3D XArray shoot off South America

(10/25/2017) Fugro & AGI acquiring Atlantic Canada offshore seep data

(10/24/2017) First ever 3D seismic set for western Mongolia

(10/24/2017) Rose wraps up Utah Paradox Basin 3D seismic shoot

(10/24/2017) Seismic survey over Tlou's Lesedi & Mamba CBM projects at 40%

(10/24/2017) Zamil & UTEC partner to provide surveying offshore Saudi Arabia

(10/17/2017) EMGS set to start MC GS survey west of Newfoundland

(10/17/2017) Brazil's Libra deepwater subsalt project set for 3D seismic shoot

(10/6/2017) FairfieldNodal awarded Z700 project offshore Trinidad

(10/6/2017) Spectrum shooting MC 2D survey in Brazil's Ceara Basin

(10/5/2017) Total to shoot seismic offshore Guinea in deal with ONAP

(10/5/2017) Tullow set to shoot 3D seismic off Jamaica's south coast

(10/4/2017) FairfieldNodal launching ZXPLR seismic survey in US Gulf

(10/4/2017) BGP lined up to shoot 2D & 3D seismic in Mongolia's Tugrug Basin

(10/3/2017) Calima's Alberta acreage confirmed prospective in geological report

(9/29/2017) ION extends new 2D MC seismic program offshore Panama

(9/28/2017) CGG completes TopSeis survey in the Barents Sea Loppa High

(9/26/2017) CGG wraps up deepwater Perdido WAZ survey for Pemex

(9/25/2017) CGG launches US Gulf Alaminos Canyon BroadSeis 3D MC survey

(9/22/2017) Polarcus awarded 3D seismic shoot in Asia-Pacific

(9/20/2017) PGS wraps up Irish Porcupine Basin 3D shoot for Petrel-Woodside JV

(9/20/2017) Gazprom Neft studying Paleozoic hydrocarbons in Russia's Tomsk Oblast

(9/19/2017) EMGS licenses Norwegian Barents Sea 3D CSEM MC data

(9/17/2017) Searcher commences Malvinas seismic campaign off Argentina

(9/15/2017) Echo picks DMT Petrologic to reprocess its Bolivia 3D seismic data

(9/15/2017) Node-based seabed seismic system Venator proven

(9/14/2017) OIL & ONGC set to shoot 2D seismic over 24 Indian states

(9/12/2017) Bell Geospace acquiring FTG survey over Liberia onshore block

(9/7/2017) Empyrean's South China Sea seismic results exceed expectations

(9/7/2017) Frogtech study finds Guyana Suriname Basin older

(9/5/2017) 3D seismic shoot over Guyana's Orinduik Block completed

(9/4/2017) 2D seismic over Somaliland Odewayne Block completed

(8/31/2017) Rose set to start 3D seismic shoot in Utah's Paradox Basin

(8/31/2017) CGG to shoot 3D MC seismic survey in Mozambique's Zambezi Delta

(8/29/2017) CGS shooting large 3D MC seismic survey offshore Brazil

(8/24/2017) KOC completes 2-year 3D seismic project in Kuwait Bay

(8/24/2017) Frogtech releases heat flow assessment system

(8/24/2017) WesternGeco concludes Sarawak 3D seismic survey

(8/23/2017) COSL completes 3D seismic survey over Empyrean block off China

(8/22/2017) Rose granted approval to shoot 3D seismic in Utah's Paradox Basin

(8/21/2017) Coyanosa 3D seismic survey set for Texas' Southern Delaware Basin

(8/14/2017) TGS link with iLandMan offers well data and status reports

(8/14/2017) Tullow full tensor survey in Zambia commissioned

(8/9/2017) ION shooting 1st new seismic survey off Panama in 30 years

(8/7/2017) CGG launches Gippsland ReGeneration 3D reprocessing off Australia

(8/6/2017) ION reimages Gulf of Mexico Mexican Ridges 3D seismic data

(8/3/2017) Rosneft shooting 3D seismic in Russian Arctic Pomor area

(8/3/2017) Polarcus contracted for Asia-Pacific 3D survey

(8/2/2017) ION reimages Mexico's Campeche Bay 3D seismic data

(8/2/2017) ION launches Picanha 3D MC seismic reimaging offshore Brazil

(8/1/2017) EMGS sells more Norwegian Barents Sea CSEM data

(7/31/2017) SeaBird to provide TGS with 600 days of 2D seismic services

(7/31/2017) Lukoil uses new technique for 3D survey in Timan-Pechora

(7/29/2017) Sungu Sungu withdraws application to explore KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

(7/26/2017) SeaBird sending Voyager Explorer to West Africa

(7/26/2017) Canada's Supreme Court nixes Baffin Bay seismic shoot

(7/26/2017) Western Geco shooting 3D seismic over Guyana's Orinduik Block

(7/26/2017) CGG completes Santos VII 3D MC survey offshore Brazil

(7/24/2017) ASV & Shell developing unmanned seismic source vessel

(7/24/2017) Halliburton's Sperry Drilling introduces borehole imaging

(7/24/2017) Rose receives BLM enviro approval for Utah 3D seismic survey

(7/20/2017) AgileTek applies AELCloud for Fugro simulations

(7/12/2017) Petrobras picks CGG to process Santos Basin 3D OBN survey

(7/12/2017) Emerson launches Roxar RMS 10.1 reservoir software

(7/12/2017) Spectrum shooting new 3D MC survey in Norwegian Barents Sea

(7/12/2017) Seabird wraps up offshore Namibia shoot for Global Petroleum

(7/11/2017) TGS shooting Crean 3D MC survey in Irish Atlantic

(7/10/2017) Egypt's Ganoub el Wadi awards $720 million seismic survey

(7/6/2017) India switches to liberal regime for oil, gas exploration

(7/6/2017) Crocodile 3D off Timor-Leste portends huge hydrocarbons potential

(7/5/2017) Advent set to shoot 2D seismic survey off New South Wales

(6/30/2017) EMGS reports multi-client sales in the Barents Sea

(6/30/2017) CGG concludes 3D MC survey in Ireland's Porcupine Basin

(6/29/2017) Searcher Seismic completes PNG Solomon Sea 2D shoot

(6/27/2017) SeaBird providing source vessel for South America shoot

(6/26/2017) Seabed Geosolutions secures new ocean bottom node contract in Brazil

(6/26/2017) Polarcus to shoot major 3D seismic survey off West Africa

(6/23/2017) Brunei Shell shooting 2D survey over Brunei's Champion Field

(6/23/2017) Carnarvon & NOGA sharing data off Western Australia

(6/21/2017) ION launches EquatorSPAN II 2D MC program off Gabon

(6/21/2017) PGES acquiring magneto telluric survey in southern Kentucky

(6/20/2017) PTTEP renews contract with CGG for Bangkok processing center

(6/19/2017) CGG GeoSoftware solves complex subsurface challenges

(6/14/2017) CGG launches JumpStart MC package of 7 programs

(6/14/2017) New 2D MC reimaging program launched onshore Mexico

(6/14/2017) Collaborative geoscience offered for integrated analytics

(6/13/2017) Sercel launches versatile land acquisition system WTU-508

(6/13/2017) New land seismic acquisition & processing system developed

(6/13/2017) EMGS adds Sonardyne Ranger 2 Gyro-iUSBL system

(6/9/2017) Shearwater to shoot Barents Sea 3D seismic for Wintershall

(6/8/2017) Eco Atlantic & Tullow launching 3D survey on Guyana's Orinduik Block

(6/8/2017) SeaBird to shoot 2D over Namibia Gemsbok Prospect

(6/8/2017) CGG delivers Encontrado MC Gulf of Mexico seismic data to Mexico's CNH

(6/8/2017) Empyrean shooting 3D seismic survey in South China Sea

(6/7/2017) Fugro Venturer's 1st surveys set for Irish deepwater & Norwegian Barents Sea

(6/7/2017) Sentinel multi-sensor solid streamer deployed for first time

(6/5/2017) WesternGeco wins 2 towed 4D seismic contracts offshore Norway

(6/5/2017) Chariot's Namibia Central Blocks 5 prospects hold 1.75 billion bbl

(5/31/2017) Tlou lines up Velseis for 2D seismic survey over Botswana CBM project

(5/31/2017) TGS to shoot 2nd Texas Permian 3D MC survey West Lindsey

(5/31/2017) CGG GeoConsulting wins UK OGA contract for digital well products

(5/29/2017) SeaBird set to shoot 2D survey offshore NW Europe

(5/26/2017) TGS & PGS to acquire Long Range 3D Survey off Newfoundland

(5/26/2017) Frogtech releases basement topography study and GIS

(5/24/2017) Magseis in ocean bottom seismic tech agreement with Seismic Apparition

(5/24/2017) CGG launches Multi-Physics Imaging group

(5/24/2017) SeaBird scores follow-up seismic project off West Africa

(5/23/2017) TGS & PGS launching 2 new 3D MC surveys offshore Eastern Canada

(5/23/2017) PDO extends CGG contract for subsurface imaging to 2021

(5/18/2017) Asian Oilfield Services shooting 2D for Oil India Ltd in Manipur

(5/11/2017) 3D MC seismic survey set for West Texas' southern Delaware Basin

(5/11/2017) EMGS logs $3.5 million in late Norwegian & Barents Seas data sales

(5/10/2017) US Interior resuming evaluation of G&G permits off US East Coast

(5/10/2017) TGS & PGS expand offshore Eastern Canada MC data library

(5/8/2017) SeaBird scores new 2D survey off South America

(5/1/2017) UK OGA contracts subsurface data & info on UKCS

(4/30/2017) Sungu Sungu planning 3D shoot in South Africa's Southern Cape

(4/28/2017) Pemex signs with WesternGeco for Campeche wide-azimuth seismic

(4/27/2017) WesternGeco wins AkerBP 4-year 4D seismic acquisition project

(4/27/2017) Shearwater to shoot 3D survey offshore North Africa

(4/27/2017) BP finds 200+ more bbl oil at US Gulf field via seismic imaging

(4/26/2017) TGS set to shoot Crean 3D multi-client project off Ireland

(4/25/2017) CGG GeoConsulting launches global sediment provenance database

(4/25/2017) SeaBird awarded 2D seismic survey off West Africa

(4/24/2017) Turkey launches eastern Mediterranean seismic shoot

(4/23/2017) Sovcomflot charters 2nd Polarcus seismic vessel for work off Russia

(4/20/2017) Neptune wins PTTEP Timor Sea geotech & geophysical project

(4/20/2017) Spectrum shooting deepwater MC 2D seismic off Argentina

(4/19/2017) UK OGA releases 21st Century Exploration Roadmap Palaeozoic Project

(4/17/2017) GWL & GSI to shoot 2D & gravmag surveys in Iranian Caspian

(4/16/2017) Turkey launching 2nd seismic vessel MTA Oruc Reis

(4/12/2017) SAExploration to provide geophysical services in Colombia for Hocol

(3/27/2017) Sirius contracts Polaris for seabed survey offshore Nigeria

(3/24/2017) EMGS licenses Norwegian Barents Sea 3D EM data

(3/23/2017) Eni strikes oil offshore Mexico in Campeche Bay

(3/21/2017) Brunei Shell lines up Geokinetics for 3D shoot offshore Brunei

(3/17/2017) Fugro & TGS mapping US Gulf hydrocarbon seeps

(3/17/2017) Magseis & BGP granted extension to Red Sea ocean bottom seismic survey

(3/15/2017) Posco Daewoo to shoot 2D seismic on Bangladesh deepwater block

(3/15/2017) CGG completes processing of Philippines Carabao MC data

(3/14/2017) Gardline wraps up UK North Sea Partridge survey

(3/13/2017) Shearwater scores addition to Asia-Pacific 3D survey

(3/13/2017) TGS to shoot 3D MC survey in Norwegian Barents Sea

(3/10/2017) Baffin Bay & Davis Strait 2D survey postponed again

(3/10/2017) FairfieldNodal to commence back-to-back North Sea seismic surveys

(3/6/2017) Bell Geospace to shoot airborne FTG survey over Zanzibar

(3/6/2017) 2D seismic shoot on Kenya's Block 2A completed

(3/6/2017) Advent shooting 2D seismic in Australia's offshore Sydney Basin

(3/5/2017) Shell wraps up seismic shoot in Bulgaria's offshore Silistar Block

(3/3/2017) Polarcus building backlog with Australia & West Africa projects

(3/2/2017) Polarcus to extend its South America 3D seismic survey

(3/1/2017) Shell Italia shooting 3D seismic over Italy's Cascina Alberto Block

(2/28/2017) Tullow to shoot 2D seismic survey off southern Jamaica

(2/27/2017) Kosmos shooting 3D seismic offshore Mauritania

(2/27/2017) UK's Western Isles waters said to harbor major undiscovered reserves

(2/26/2017) Somaliland lines up BGP for 2D seismic survey

(2/23/2017) New Central US Gulf multi- and wide-azimuth MC seismic reimaging

(2/21/2017) Fugro to survey off Kenya for hydrocarbon seeps

(2/21/2017) CGG to operate Brunei Shell seismic processing center

(2/19/2017) Springfield gearing up for seismic shoot offshore Ghana

(2/17/2017) South China Sea study finds structures key to exploration

(2/16/2017) ExxonMobil sets record in high performance reservoir computing

(2/16/2017) CGG wraps up Bahrain's 1st airborne gravity gradiometry survey

(2/15/2017) TGS compiles geoscientific data for 430,000 Permian Basin wells

(2/14/2017) FairfieldNodal adding to New Mexico Delaware Basin 3D seismic

(2/13/2017) Malaysian multiclient FTG program being expanded

(2/9/2017) Sovcomflot to provide 2nd vessel to Polarcus on long-term charter

(2/9/2017) Polarcus contracted for West Africa 4D marine seismic project

(2/9/2017) CGG delivers final PreSTM Data for Texas Midland Basin Hobo Survey

(2/8/2017) DeepOcean taps down 3D laser survey off Ghana

(2/8/2017) Polarcus set to start phase 2 of South America 3D seismic project

(2/6/2017) UK OGA contracts studies for East Shetland Platform & SW Approaches

(2/6/2017) Paradigm pens pact with Beicip-Franlab for seismic software access

(2/2/2017) TGS' US Gulf Otos multibeam survey underway

(1/25/2017) TGS shooting West Kermit 3D seismic survey in Texas' Delaware Basin

(1/25/2017) Rosneft launching seismic studies of Russia's Laptev & East Siberian Seas

(1/24/2017) Spectrum & BGP shooting 6,000 km MC 2D survey off Brazil

(1/24/2017) BGP wraps up 3D seismic shoot for Savannah Petroleum in Niger

(1/24/2017) Iranian Persian Gulf & Oman Sea seismic reprocessing underway

(1/23/2017) CGG does deals to cut costs of 3 seismic vessels

(1/23/2017) Seabed Geosolutions wins West Africa 4D OBN project

(1/20/2017) Shearwater to shoot 3D MC surveys off Norway for TGS

(1/20/2017) Polarcus to shoot 3D MC survey off Europe for TGS

(1/20/2017) EMGS & TGS expand Barents Sea cooperation

(1/19/2017) Searcher & CGG reprocessing Foxhound 3D off Western Australia

(1/19/2017) TGS set to shoot 3D MC Norwegian Sea Atlantic Margin survey

(1/18/2017) Schlumberger counters Greenpeace seismic survey protest off New Zealand

(1/6/2017) US BOEM denies permits for Atlantic seismic surveying

(1/5/2017) DMT contracted for 3D seismic survey in Upper Rhine Plain

(1/2/2017) Spectrum shooting Gabon shallow water 3D survey

(12/28/2016) AOSL to shoot 2D seismic for OIL in Assam, India

(12/27/2016) New seismic software aids in predicting quantity of resources

(12/20/2016) Emerson launches Roxar API for reservoir modeling

(12/20/2016) Petrobras awards Benthic geotechnical investigation

(12/16/2016) EMGS provides multi-clent data via new $2 million contract

(12/14/2016) Sercel sells 4 508XT acquisition systems for Indian surveys

(12/9/2016) Geokinetics acquiring Geotrace tech, source code & intellectual property

(12/9/2016) SeaBird's Northern Explorer signed for South America shoot

(12/8/2016) Polarcus picks up 2 new seismic acquisitions off South America

(12/8/2016) ConocoPhillips contracts Magseis for North Sea 4D seismic shoot

(12/8/2016) Emerson releases latest seismic reservoir modeling software

(12/6/2016) CGG delivers near realtime imaging of Morocco offshore survey

(12/4/2016) 88 Energy completes processing of Alaska Icewine 2D data

(12/1/2016) CGG delivers final PreSDM 3D MC data sets for Gabon South Basin

(11/30/2016) Santos shooting 1st phase of Southern Amadeus 2D seismic

(11/29/2016) Kuwait Oil adds Roxar RMS for detailed reservoir models

(11/29/2016) Latest HampsonRussell reservoir characterization software released

(11/28/2016) Norway & Russia agree to seismic shoot in Barents Sea border area

(11/27/2016) BGP kicks off 2D MC survey offshore Cuba

(11/17/2016) USGS pegs Texas Wolfcamp Shale at 20 billion bbl oil, 16 Tcf gas

(11/17/2016) EMGS contract offshore Sabah, Malaysia extended

(11/15/2016) UK OGA contracts 4 new 2D seismic projects on UK Shelf

(11/14/2016) Eidesvik revives seismic vessels to work for CGG

(11/14/2016) Task Fronterra adds Paradigm Geolog for advanced borehole analysis

(11/9/2016) Polarcus contracted for broadband 3D survey in Asia-Pacific

(11/9/2016) SAExploration set to shoot West Africa ocean bottom 3D seismic

(11/9/2016) COSL wraps up Russian Barents Sea 3D seismic shoot

(11/4/2016) SeaBird providing source vessel for OBS survey in Gulf of Guinea

(11/3/2016) Icon to shoot Harrier 3D survey in Queensland's Cooper Basin

(11/1/2016) New interpretations of UK North Sea Blythe 3D seismic ups gas estimates

(11/1/2016) Ikon Science launches enhanced RokDoc 6.4

(10/28/2016) YPF & Statoil team up for new seismic shoot off Argentina

(10/26/2016) TGS expanding NW African Atlantic Margin 2D survey

(10/26/2016) Norway and Russia to exchange Barents Sea seismic data

(10/26/2016) Fugro Galaxy shooting UK North Sea Verbier Prospect site survey

(10/25/2016) Shell shooting 3D seismic survey over Bulgarian Black Sea block

(10/25/2016) Pemex contracts CGG for Mexican Gulf Perdido wide azimuth survey

(10/22/2016) SeaBird seismic shoot off Belize suspended due to protests

(10/21/2016) EMGS extends charter of Atlantic Guardian acquisition vessel

(10/20/2016) CGG GeoSoftware introduces new anisotropic inversion in Jason

(10/17/2016) CGG releases updated reservoir characterization software

(10/17/2016) CGG reprocessing seismic from Mexican Gulf of Mexico Perdido Belt

(10/17/2016) NIS buys 10,000 channels of cable-free seismic acquisition system

(10/17/2016) SeaBird set to shoot long-offset 2D survey off Belize

(10/17/2016) Polarcus & TGS to collaborate on new 3D MC seismic projects

(10/17/2016) CGG & Wood Mackenzie release exploration valuation platform

(10/17/2016) ESG launches enhances reservoir characterization for fracturing

(10/17/2016) PGS adds another supercomputer at its Houston Mega Center

(10/16/2016) NNPC launches 500 sq km 3D seismic survey in Gongola, Nigeria

(10/13/2016) CGG terminates Eidesvik's Viking Vision seismic vessel contract

(10/13/2016) New geophysical company stepping in to replace Dolphin Geophysical

(10/13/2016) CGG awarded 2D, 3D, & gravmag surveys off Mozambique

(10/12/2016) Searcher shooting Hahonua 2D survey offshore Papua New Guinea

(10/10/2016) Geofizyka Torun completes Mozambique's 1st 3D onshore seismic survey

(10/10/2016) SDX initial interpretation of South Disouq 3D data

(10/7/2016) CNOOC & Ithaca analyzing 2D data over Iceland's Dreki Area

(10/6/2016) Seabed Geosolutions granted extension of UAE shallow water survey

(10/6/2016) EMGS sells more MC data from Norwegian Barents Sea library

(10/5/2016) CGG kicks off Saturno deepwater Brazil Santos Basin 3D MC survey

(10/4/2016) TGS completes 186,000-km Mexican Gulf seismic survey

(10/3/2016) Spectrum picks up Dolphin surveys offshore Brazil & Lebanon

(9/27/2016) Schlumberger launches GeoTesting at Dubai SPE Tech Conference

(9/26/2016) PGS completes Breanann 3D shoot in Ireland's Porcupine Basin

(9/26/2016) NSAI upgrades risk assessment for Hyperdynamics' Guinea prospects

(9/23/2016) Polarcus lined up for 8th XArray seismic survey offshore Europe

(9/22/2016) Spectrum shooting MC 3D seismic survey in Norwegian Barents Sea

(9/22/2016) PSDM of Phase 1 Western Australia Davros 3D MC survey completed

(9/21/2016) Petronas licenses WesternGeco MC 3D Mexican Gulf seismic

(9/20/2016) Spectrum awarded Tender Area 2 2D MC survey off Mozambique

(9/20/2016) CGG delivers RTM data from its Encontrado Mexican Perdido project

(9/15/2016) Frogtech finds pre-salt Triassic-Jurassic rifts in Gulf of Mexico

(9/14/2016) Polarcus wins 1-month XArray 3D shoot off Australia

(9/14/2016) EMGS licenses 3D CSEM Barents Sea MC data

(914/2016) TGS & PGS jointly acquire Dolphin's multi-client seismic library

(9/9/2016) SeaBird to shoot 2D MC seismic survey in Norwegian Barents Sea

(9/8/2016) Gazprom & Rosgeo sign MoU with Bahrain's NOGA

(9/7/2016) Campeche 3D reimaging program launched by WesternGeco & ION

(9/6/2016) TGS in pact with Uruguay's Ancap for MC exploration data

(9/5/2016) 88 Energy sees potential basin floor fan play fairway in Icewine seismic

(9/1/2016) ION Geophysical wins 2016 North Sea 4D towed streamer projects

(9/1/2016) Rosneft joins BP & WesternGeco seismic R&D pact

(9/1/2016) SeaBird purchases seismic vessel Hawk Explorer

(8/31/2016) OGA contracts reprocessed MC 2D seismic data on UKCS

(8/30/2016) CGG & GNPC in Ghana marine seismic joint venture

(8/29/2016) Petronas contracts Bell Geospace & Onyx Engineering for FTG surveys

(8/29/2016) SCF Geo contracts Polar Empress for Kara Sea seismic shoot

(8/29/2016) CGG launches solution for imaging shallow reservoirs

(8/26/2016) EMGS to shoot pre-funded Barents Sea Hoop 3D EM survey

(8/24/2016) UK OGA contracts Frogtech, Geoscience Wales, & Geop4ysics

(8/24/2016) Africa Geophysical shooting 2D survey over Kenya Block 2A

(8/9/2016) Geokinetics wins approval to shoot Itkillit 3D survey this winter

(8/9/2016) COSL concludes Russian Barents Sea 3D seismic survey

(8/5/2016) COSL concludes seismic shoot with Hai Yan Shi You 718

(8/4/2016) Seabed Geosolutions extends Hugin Explorer charter

(8/4/2016) TGS & Schlumberger shooting US Gulf Revolution XII and XIII surveys

(8/3/2016) Australia's geoscientists jobs outlook improves slightly

(8/1/2016) Magseis & BGP kick off Saudi Aramco Red Sea OBS survey

(7/29/2016) Searcher reprocessing Vampire data from Western Australia Browse Basin

(7/28/2016) Samit & AGT team to provide seismic data imaging

(7/26/2016) Spectrum reprocessing Zeus & Zeebries 3D data off NW Australia

(7/22/2016) Spectrum shooting 15,000-km 2D MC survey offshore Brazil

(7/22/2016) PGS predicting improved seismic market in 2017

(7/19/2016) CGG commences 3D shoot in Gulf of Thailand for KrisEnergy

(7/19/2016) Magseis selects Sonardyne acoustics for S78 Red Sea seismic survey

(7/17/2016) Deepwater ROV expedition acquires bathymetry data off Norway

(7/13/2016) UK OGA contracts 2nd government-funded seismic campaign

(7/12/2016) NPD selling 3D seismic southeast of Troll Field

(7/11/2016) Searcher Seismic starts Australia Carnarvon Basin 3D reprocessing

(7/11/2016) UTEC wraps up US Gulf deepwater survey for Fairfield Nodal

(7/8/2016) Searcher shooting 2D Mexican near shore seismic survey

(7/6/2016) Neos & Lockheed Martin building FTG sensor for aerial detection

(7/5/2016) EMGS terminates charter for EM Leader acquisition vessel

(7/5/2016) Rosneft sub to do G&G evaluations of international offshore projects

(7/4/2016) MGPalaeo to provide stratigraphic database for Australia's North West Shelf

(6/30/2016) Geo Energy picks up seabed seismic acquisition system for Caspian

(6/30/2016) Breanann 3D seismic survey underway in Ireland's Porcupine Basin

(6/29/2016) Searcher wraps up 2 seismic surveys of Western Australia & Norway

(6/29/2016) Fugro sends 2nd vessel for TGS' seep-hunting survey off Mexico

(6/29/2016) TGS shooting Renaissance 2D survey off northwest Australia

(6/26/2016) GNPC targeting Ghana's Voltaian Basin in seismic shoot

(6/24/2016) SeaBird providing 2D vessel for NW Europe survey

(6/21/2016) Total finalizes 2D seismic shoot over DR Congo Block III

(6/20/2016) 3DStress indicates potential for fluid injection causing earthquakes

(6/20/2016) CGG GeoConsulting launches East African Rift System basin map

(6/16/2016) Yug-Neftegaz winding up seismic shoot in western Turkmenistan

(6/15/2016) Polarcus to shoot another 3D broadband survey off South America

(6/13/2016) Polarcus to shoot XArray 3D seismic survey in Norwegian Barents Sea

(6/13/2016) SDX concludes South Disouq 3D seismic survey in Egypt

(6/10/2016) PGS's Ramform Tethys pulling world's largest seismic spread

(6/6/2016) COSL awarded 3D seismic offshore survey

(6/5/2016) Tullow competes 3,000 km 2D shoot off Jamaica

(6/2/2016) Holloman swapping South Australia seismic data with Senex & Bridgeport

(6/1/2016) CGG acquiring & processing 3D BroadSeis survey over Gabon's South Basin

(5/31/2016) Bashneftegeofizika adds Sercel land seismic systems

(5/31/2016) PGS to operate RSI integrated seismic & CSEM workflows

(5/31/2016) Terra Nova completes seismic data exchange

(5/29/2016) Statoil chooses IHS Kingdom for US onshore shale G&G interpretation

(5/26/2016) CGG GeoSoftware launches latest version of Jason software

(5/25/2016) FairfieldNodal completes 3D MC Delaware Basin seismic shoot

(5/25/2016) NPD studying NE Norwegian Barents Sea drill cores

(5/25/2016) TGS to shoot new 3D MC survey offshore Eastern Canada

(5/25/2016) Enviro okay received for Irish Atlantic 3D seismic shoot

(5/24/2016) EMGS licenses 3D EM data over Newfoundland's Flemish Pass

(5/20/2016) COSL to shoot 4,000 sq km seismic survey in Russian Barents Sea

(5/19/2016) MG3 adds multipurpose DP2 Ocean Spirit geoscience vessel

(5/18/2016) MEC applies to use ocean bottom nodes in Sydney Basin seismic program

(5/18/2016) Dolphin set to shoot 3D survey in Romanian Black Sea

(5/17/2016) Mexico's CNH registers CGGVeritas for audit & certification of reserves

(5/12/2016) TGS' Gigante Gulf of Mexico 2D shoot 75% completed

(5/11/2016) Repsol picks Polarcus for broadband 3D shoot off Morocco

(5/11/2016) Geochemical support for Baleen well off New South Wales, Australia

(5/10/2016) Fugro begins 3-year Norwegian Barents Sea metocean & ice survey

(5/10/2016) Latest version of EarthModel FT launched by CGG GeoSoftware

(5/8/2016) Burnett to shoot seismic in Florida's Big Cypress Preserve

(5/8/2016) UK OGA issues tender for 2016-17 seismic program

(5/6/2016) SAExploration wraps up 2D shoot on Alaska's North Slope

(5/5/2016) Spectrum concludes 2D seismic shoot offshore Somalia

(5/3/2016) Cegal launches seismic data management solution

(5/3/2016) CGG launches new version of well log petrophysical analysis software

(5/2/2016) SeaBird's Osprey Explorer bound for North Sea survey

(5/2/2016) Aberdeen University receives OGA grant to assess Rockall potential

(5/2/2016) TGS & PGS launching new 2D MC survey off Eastern Canada

(4/29/2016) Neos acquires CGG's Multi-Physics business segment

(4/25/2016) Energean completes a 2D seismic survey in Egypt

(4/22/2016) WesternGeco set to shoot 3D MC survey in Newfoundland's Flemish Pass

(4/22/2016) CGG GeoSoftware adds velocity modeling, depth conversion

(4/19/2016) UK OGA tendering for seismic surveys & processing

(4/18/2016) PGS completes 3D MC survey in Danish North Sea

(4/14/2016) Advent sub set to shoot 2D off New South Wales

(4/14/2016) MEO pleased with reprocessed seismic from Beehive Prospect

(4/13/2016) Paradigm produces new seismic data compression roaming capability

(4/13/2016) EMGS & PGS settle refracted wave patent dispute

(4/12/2016) Polarcus chosen for 3D marine seismic survey off Indonesia

(4/7/2016) Searcher launches major Mexico 3D seismic reprocessing & merger

(4/7/2016) Seismic to be shot over 3 blocks offshore Sao Tome and Principe

(4/7/2016) PGS to shoot new 3D survey over Norwegian Sea's Aasta Hansteen

(4/7/2016) Cegal releases one dimensional stochastic inversion method

(4/5/2016) Paradigm & Dassault Systemes link for reservoir behavior prediction

(4/4/2016) UK's OGA releases 40,000 line km of seismic data for download

(4/1/2016) PGS, TGS, & WesternGeco to shoot MC 3D seismic off Sabah

(3/30/2016) Spectrum set to shoot MC 2D seismic off Brazil

(3/30/2016) 88 Energy shooting 2D seismic in Alaska's Project Icewine

(3/29/2016) Latest Roxar Tempest reservoir engineering software released

(3/24/2016) AGS to shoot 2D survey over Kenya block for EGME & Simba Energy

(3/24/2016) MEC to shoot 2D seismic in Australia's Sydney Basin

(3/23/2016) Searcher Seismic reveals worldwide realtime seismic activity

(3/22/2016) Polarcus buys seismic streamer package from Dolphin

(3/18/2016) Russian firms begin G&G studies in Iran

(3/17/2016) PGS adds a 3rd Ramform Titan-class seismic acquisition vessel

(3/16/2016) Geofisyka Torun shooting 3D over Egypt's South Disouq Concession

(3/14/2016) New version of InsightEarth released by CGG GeoSoftware

(3/14/2016) Preparations underway for 3D seismic shoot in Sydney Basin

(3/10/2016) Searcher to shoot 3D over Ireland's Newgrange Prospect

(3/10/2016) Chariot shooting 3D off Brazil in Barreirinhas Basin

(3/10/2016) CGG GeoSoftware releases HSR 10.1 for interpretation & analysis

(3/7/2016) UK OGA launches future geoscientists & engineers competition

(3/7/2016) SeaBird extends charter of seismic vessel Hawk Explorer

(3/7/2016) Baron 2D seismic prompts Peru license extension

(3/2/2016) Jogmec & PetroSeychelles extend joint survey 2 more years

(3/1/2016) BMT Argoss completes metocean assessment in Greece's Kavala Gulf

(2/29/2016) SeaBird scores 2D MC seismic shoot off NW Europe

(2/29/2016) ESG launches enhanced reservoir characterization for fracturing

(2/28/2016) Polarcus extends fleet backlog by 6 vessel months

(2/28/2016) Saipem selects GAS for Caspian survey & positioning project

(2/25/2016) Lukoil launches 2D seismic survey on Russia's Vostochno-Taimyrsky Block

(2/24/2016) SeaBird lined up for seismic undershoot in North Sea

(2/24/2016) Bell Geospace adds 4th full tensor gravity gradiometer

(2/23/2016) CGG-Taqa JV deploys new seismic acquisition system in Saudi Arabia

(2/22/2016) Fugro providing survey & positioning for Kaombo Project off Angola

(2/22/2016) OIL to shoot 2D seismic in NE India's Assam-Arakan Basin

(2/22/2016) CGG shooting MC airborne grav-mag survey offshore Mexico

(2/21/2016) PGS prepping to shoot 3D Norwegian Sea Nordland Ridge survey

(2/19/2016) Chariot's 3D seismic survey offshore Namibia completed

(2/17/2016) BGP lined up to shoot 2D & 3D in Niger for Savannah

(2/15/2016) GGS prepping to shoot 2D seismic on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

(2/12/2016) Polarcus picks up 3-year charter extension for Vyacheslav Tikhonov

(2/12/2016) Polarcus to acquire 4D seismic field survey off Norway

(2/10/2016) Magseis to shoot Red Sea ocean bottom seismic survey

(2/8/2016) MicroSeismic launches completion evaluation services

(2/7/2016) Caspian Geophysical 3D shoot over Shah Deniz Field completed

(2/4/2016) Total shooting 2D survey in DR Congo's Lake Albert block

(2/3/2016) Mongolia airborne gradiometry & 2D shoot define exploration targets

(2/3/2016) CGG to shoot follow-up to Colombian Caribbean 3D survey

(2/1/2016) GSS wraps up onshore Peru 2D shoot for Baron Oil

(1/29/2016) Polarcus taps down 3D seismic shoot for Philia offshore Congo

(1/29/2016) 3D data confirms large Cretaceous closure in Ruadhan Prospect

(1/29/2016) GE & Paradigm pair to offer field level production optimization

(1/28/2016) GWL shooting 1st phase of Pan Carib 2D regional seismic

(1/28/2016) TGS at halfway point in Gigante 2D over all of Mexican Gulf

(1/27/2016) MultiClient Geophysical wraps up Maximus 2D MC shoot off Mexico

(1/26/2016) Pulse pays $3.6 million for Western Canada 2D seismic data library

(1/25/2016) PGS completes 3D shoot over Namibia's Guy Block for AziNam

(1/22/2016) Searcher's MC 3D shoot off Ireland to include Newgrange Prospect

(1/21/2016) Empire concludes interpretation of Western Australia Perth Basin survey

(1/21/2016) CGG set to shoot MC airborne gravmag survey off South Africa

(1/21/2016) TGS acquiring Chickadee 3C-3D MC survey in Alberta

(1/21/2016) PGS wraps up Brazil Ceara Basin Fortaleza MC 3D survey

(1/19/2016) Digital rock imagery for rapid interpretation & modeling

(1/19/2016) Searcher starting Phase 2 of Silver-Eye 3D shoot in Barents Sea

(1/19/2016) Longest near-surface buried array installed and active

(1/18/2016) BP to kick off seismic in Azerbaijan Caspian Sea shallow water

(1/18/2016) Fugro contracted by Hess for Australia Carnarvon Basin project

(1/18/2016) Baron encouraged by GSS 2D seismic onshore Peru

(1/18/2016) PGS starts 3D seismic shoot off Namibia for Chariot

(1/15/2016) BGP shooting 3,000 km of 2D seismic off Jamaica for Tullow

(1/14/2016) New 3D MRI solution for hi-res rock core imaging

(1/13/2016) Nopsema releases final documents on Great Australian Bight seismic survey

(1/11/2016) Ikon Science's RokDoc Ji-Fi tool boosts value of non-exclusive data

(1/8/2016) Seismos releases CO2-focused EOR flood surveillance platform

(1/7/2016) EMGS' BOA Thalassa its only operating vessel

(1/7/2016) TGS cuts multi-client seismic spending by 50% for this year

(1/6/2016) Paradigm 15.5 released to extend high-def subsurface workflows

(1/5/2016) Oyster shooting gravmag aerial survey of Djibouti

(1/4/2016) CGG's Robertson upgrades Tellus & Frogi databases

(1/4/2016) Polarcus wins extension to TPAO seismic pact

(12/28/2015) Petronas Carigali selects Magseis for seabed seismic survey

(12/23/2015) EMGS licenses data from Norway multi-client library

(12/23/2015) Fugro granted 2nd extension to Bay of Campeche G&G contract

(12/22/2015) Fugro contracted for deepwater field survey off Guyana

(12/21/2015) Statoil contracts WesternGeco Campeche Bay seismic survey

(12/18/2015) Polarcus picks up Maersk 4D seismic survey project off Denmark

(12/16/2015) Polarcus kicks off new MC 3D Cygnus Survey off Western Australia

(12/15/2015) Polarcus receives LoI for a 3D survey with its RightBAND technique

(12/15/2015) GSS shooting onshore Peru 2D survey for Baron Oil

(12/15/2015) Rosneft concludes 2015 2D seismic surveys in Russian Arctic

(12/9/2015) Soma delivers seismic data shot off Somalia

(12/9/2015) EMGS sells US Gulf Daybreak data for $1.5 million

(12/9/2015) Fugro to provide satellite positioning for PGS fleet

(12/8/2015) NovaSeis & Northbridge JV to provide seismic services in Nigeria

(12/7/2015) WGP wins ConocoPhillips Ekofisk Field seismic contract

(12/7/2015) SeaBird set to start major Caribbean 2D seismic shoot

(12/4/2015) EMGS to provide 3D EM data for 2 offshore Brazil basins

(12/3/2015) CGG GeoConsulting acquires Global Onshore Gas-Oil Seeps data set

(12/2/2015) Polarcus completes 1st commercial seismic shoot with XArray

(11/27/2015) Ophir picks Fugro for multiple surveys off Equatorial Guinea

(11/24/2015) Edison to complete seismic shoot around Egypt's Zohr discovery

(11/24/2015) Ikon Science enhances geomechanics in latest RockDoc platform

(11/23/2015) Benthic contracted for Browse LNG geotechnical site investigation

(11/23/2015) TGS reprocessing 2D broadband seismic off Portugal

(11/19/2015) Paradigm releases latest version of its formation evaluation software

(11/19/2015) PGS set to shoot 3D seismic over 4 Myanmar Rakhine Basin blocks

(11/19/2015) Polarcus set to start 3D seismic shoot offshore Egypt

(11/17/2015) PRISEM to analyze data for PetroTerra Sevier Prospect in Utah

(11/13/2015) Magseis & Shell developing ultra-deepwater seabed seismic

(11/13/2015) Polarcus concludes Australia's largest single 3D MC seismic survey

(11/12/2015) TGS wraps up 5th consecutive acquisition season off Newfoundland

(11/11/2015) Nabrim receives Icon interpretation of 2D over Namibia block

(11/11/2015) 1st & 2nd surveys in CGG's US Gulf StagSeis MC 3D program completed

(11/10/2015) Geofisyka Torun to shoot 3D onshore Egypt for SDX Energy

(11/10/2015) First UK-Ireland cross-border MC 2D seismic survey completed

(11/9/2015) Key RokDoc capabilities in Petrel E&P software

(11/5/2015) EMGS awarded new MC EM survey offshore India

(11/3/2015) Searcher kicking off PNG Gulf of Papua 2D seismic survey

(11/1/2015) Complete Persian Gulf MC2D seismic ready for lift of Iran sanctions

(10/30/2015) Bell Geospace finishes FTG survey over Mongolia's Blocks IV & V

(10/30/2015) WesternGeco completes UK 20,000-km 2D seismic shoot

(10/27/2015) GSS to shoot 2D survey onshore Peru over Block XXI

(10/25/2015) Socar concludes onshore Azerbaijan 3D seismic survey

(10/25/2015) Dolphin returning chartered seismic vessels to Sanco Shipping

(10/22/2015) CGG to launch MegaBar 3D MC survey in Brazil's Barreirinhas Basin

(10/21/2015) New CGG GeoSoftware Jason, Hampson-Russell & Insight Earth releases

(10/21/2015) EMGS wins $7 million extension to just completed Malaysia survey

(10/21/2015) CGG & Landmark team up to share technology & data

(10/20/2015) Sercel's QuietSea detects marine mammals during seismic operations

(10/20/2015) CGG marine seismic full source characterization with deghosting

(10/19/2015) TGS completes 25% of Gigante 2D off Mexico, starting multibeam survey

(10/19/2015) Sercel launches acoustic positioning for seabed seismic

(10/18/2015) New geological & geophysical surveys getting underway in Maldives

(10/15/2015) Dolphin in line to shoot major 3D survey offshore India

(10/14/2015) 3D at Depth & Technip in JDA for LiDAR technology

(10/11/2015) Doyon set to shoot 2D over Alaska's Nenana Basin

(10/6/2015) Fugro wins extension to current G&G program for Pemex

(10/2/2015) EMGS pens new charter for BOA Thalassa

(10/1/2015) Geospace contracted for 5,000 cableless ocean bottom seismic nodes

(9/30/2015) Searcher wraps up Barents Sea Hammerfest Basin 3D survey

(9/29/2015) Metgasco lines up Terrex for New South Wales 2D shoot

(9/28/2015) PermIndex workflow predicts reservoir drainage & production

(9/27/2015) Geofizyka Torun processing 2D shot over Gabon Shakthi II Block

(9/24/2015) Kenya seeking contractor to shoot 3D over shallow water blocks

(9/24/2015) EMGS concludes MC 3D EM agreement with India's DGH

(9/23/2015) CGG completes Banda Arc survey depth imaging off Indonesia

(9/21/2015) Schlumberger tech support to de-risk Providence Irish prospects

(9/18/2015) Project to standardize nomenclature of African sedimentary basins

(9/17/2015) Cairn commences Senegal deepwater 3D seismic survey

(9/15/2015) SAE adds Alaska & South America seismic projects

(9/15/2015) CSIRO & Chevron investigating Great Australian Bight

(9/14/2015) President obtains excellent 2D data in Paraguay seismic shoot

(9/14/2015) Polarcus wraps up Erin 3D shoot offshore Gambia

(9/10/2015) EMGS set to start EM survey off Mexico next week

(9/7/2015) Polarcus to shoot 3D for Shell in deepwater off Myanmar

(9/7/2015) Spectrum to shoot 2D MC seismic survey offshore Somalia

(9/6/2015) 2014-15 Fram Expedition collects Central Arctic Ocean seismic data

(9/2/2015) GNS Science granted $9.6 million to reduce NZ exploration uncertainty

(9/2/2015) Magseis launches multi-client Norwegian Barents Sea seismic shoot

(9/2/2015) Polarcus to shoot another 3D broadband survey off Western Australia

(9/2/2015) CGG wraps up Hail & Shuweihat 3D shoot in Abu Dhabi

(9/1/2015) ION set to shoot 2D MC seismic survey offshore Somalia Puntland

(9/1/2015) ION contracted for offshore Tanzania seismic survey

(8/28/2015) SeaBird commits 5th seismic vessel to TGS Gigante survey

(8/28/2015) UIL to shoot 2D survey over 3 Western Australia permits

(8/28/2015) Multi-client 2D seismic set for Canada's Baffin Bay and Davis Strait

(8/27/2015) Pilot Energy to complete 3D seismic off Western Australia by May 2017

(8/24/2015) CGG delivers data management solution for Norway's Diskos database

(8/24/2015) TGS to acquire multibeam, coring and geochemical data

(8/20/2015) Seismic acquisition vessel Viking II being sold

(8/20/2015) Remote sensing survey completed on Tunisia's Ksar Hadada

(8/19/2015) EMGS does another licensing deal for Barents Sea EM data

(8/19/2015) Nordic Geo Services & Bahari Lines shooting Indonesia 2D surveys

(8/18/2015) Cairn set to kick off 3D shoot offshore Senegal

(8/17/2015) NEOS adds ION land seismic processing & imaging

(8/13/2015) Kuwait Oil kicks off 3D seismic shoot in Kuwait Bay

(8/13/2015) Khet to shoot 2D seismic in Mongolia for Petro Matad

(8/13/2015) MultiClient Geophysical processing 1st data from Mexico 2D MC survey

(8/12/2015) Energean acquiring high-res gravity-gradiometry data onshore Greece

(8/10/2015) MultiClient Geophysical acquires Polaris Atlantic Margin 2D data

(8/10/2015) WesternGeco shooting new 3D MC survey in Mexico's Campeche Basin

(8/7/2015) Bellgeo to shoot airborne gradiometry survey in Mongolia

(8/7/2015) EMGS to carry out 3D EM survey offshore Malaysia

(8/6/2015) ION's MexicoSPAN fast-track PSTM data ready

(8/6/2015) SeaBird stacking Munin Explorer seismic vessel

(8/5/2015) Horizon Geosciences adds new vessel to fleet

(8/4/2015) Dolphin shooting MC 3D survey in Norwegian North Sea

(8/3/2015) Polarcus awarded broadband 3D project

(8/3/2015) Fugro contracted by BG for Honduran Caribbean survey & coring

(7/30/2015) Frontier swaps Namibia aeromag data to ID potential drillsites

(7/29/2015) Polarcus wins another West Africa 3D broadband survey

(7/28/2015) MultiClient Geophysical underway with Maximus MC2D shoot off Mexico

(7/28/2015) Oil seeps study off Peru set for University of Paris - Est Marne la Valee

(7/28/2015) SAExploration wins new ocean bottom seismic survey

(7/27/2015) Seabed Geo to shoot shallow water Abu Dhabi survey

(7/27/2015) GNPC prepping for 2D seismic shoot in Ghana's Voltaian Basin

(7/27/2015) Frontier oil & gas province found in Lebanon

(7/22/2015) Seismic survey underway in northwestern Arizona

(7/22/2015) Searcher wraps up Echidna 2D regional shoot off Ireland

(7/22/2015) Dolphin completes processing of Maud Basin 3D seismic

(7/21/2015) CGG to shoot grav-mag survey in SE Tanzania

(7/20/2015) Erin commences 3D seismic shoot offshore Gambia

(7/19/2015) Polarcus credited with 5 new DNV GL enviro qualifications

(7/16/2015) EMGS granted permits for MC 3D EM survey in southern Mexican Gulf

(7/16/2015) Repsol & RSI to co-develop rock physics & CSEM technology

(7/15/2015) Dolphin concludes Prinos Basin 3D shoot off NE Greece

(7/15/2015) ARKeX granted 1st G&G survey permit off US East Coast

(7/13/2015) President taps down Hernandarias 2D shoot in Paraguay

(7/13/2015) TGS to shoot new MC 3D program in Flemish Pass Basin

(7/9/2015) Scotforth to carry out a remote sensing survey for IRG in Tunisia

(7/9/2015) NXT expands Bolivia SFD survey for YPFB

(7/8/2015) Fugro Americas wraps up Caribbean coring project

(7/7/2015) Erin set to shoot 3D seismic survey offshore Gambia

(7/5/2015) Emerson expands reservoir management software with METTE

(7/3/2015) ION Geophysical launches 1st phase of MexicoSPAN 2D survey

(7/1/2015) Spectrum joins PGS & Schlumberger in major Mexico 2D shoot

(7/1/2015) EMGS concludes 2 Barents Sea 3D EM license agreements

(6/30/2015) SeaBird set to shoot Gigante 2D survey off Mexico

(6/29/2015) TGS acquiring Polarcus' multi-client seismic data library

(6/25/2015) EGAS contracts PGS for Mediterranean's largest seismic survey

(6/24/2015) Fugro measuring waves for Technip Alvheim Field subsea work

(6/23/2015) Schlumberger introduces depth domain inversion services

(6/22/2015) TGS joining Dolphin in Monuments 3D shoot off Australia

(6/17/2015) Dolphin shooting Barents Sea Maud MC 3D with Polar Empress

(6/16/2015) Emerson launches latest reservoir modeling software

(6/15/2015) Capricorn seismic assessment finds strong hydrocarbon shows

(6/15/2015) TGS to shoot 1st MC 3D seismic program off Newfoundland-Labrador

(6/11/2015) Paradigm 15 released as latest version of G&G productivity solution

(6/11/2015) Pulse sells Western Canada 3D seismic data license

(6/11/2015) Spectrum kicks off Mexico Campeche-Yucatan 2D MC survey

(6/10/2015) Ireland FEL2/14 assessed with Polarcus MC3D seismic reflection data

(6/10/2015) 3D seismic approved for Italy's Giove discovery & Cygnus Prospect

(6/10/2015) TGS chartering Polarcus 3D vessel capacity for next year

(6/8/2015) FairfieldNodal receives order for 4,000 Z100 transition zone nodes

(6/8/2015) Mitra kicks off new 3D seismic shoot offshore Vietnam

(6/5/2015) Fugro to carry out G&G program for ExxonMobil Alaska LNG

(6/4/2015) Roxar releases RMS 2013.1 at Madrid EAGE

(6/4/2015) EMGS heading back to Mexico to complete 3D EM shoot

(6/3/2015) Sercel launches super heavy broadband vibrator

(6/3/2015) Lower noise airborne gravity gradiometer system launched

(6/3/2015) Apollo & Elixir tap down Simpson 2D seismic survey in Colorado

(6/2/2015) PGS does sale & leaseback of acquisition vessel with OMP

(6/2/2015) RSI commences reservoir characterization project for Pemex E&P

(6/2/2015) Spectrum acquiring Fugro's multi-client seismic data library

(6/2/2015) CGG completes 3D seismic survey in Madagascar's Ambilobe Block

(6/1/2015) Four SeaBird seismic vessels to shoot Mexico regional survey

(6/1/2015) CGG's GeoSoftware launching major portfolio releases

(6/1/2015) TGS extending 3D seismic shoot in Barents Sea

(5/28/2015) Fugro awarded 3-year positioning contract by DeepOcean

(5/25/2015) Petrel 2D points to shallow oil & gas in Uruguay

(5/19/2015) Spectrum & Schlumberger to shoot Campeche-Yucatan 2D MC survey

(5/19/2015) FEI & Weatherford reservoir characterization

(5/18/2015) TGS to shoot major Mexican Gulf 2D survey with 4 Seabird vessels

(5/17/2015) Mexico okays 2 more seismic projects in Gulf of Mexico

(5/15/2015) Baron lines up GSS for 2D seismic shoot in Peru

(5/14/2015) Borders & Southern completes Darwin discovery seismic study

(5/13/2015) CGG expanding Horda 3D MC survey to double coverage

(5/12/2015) TGS & PGS set 30,000-km 2D shoots off Eastern Canada

(5/8/2015) Empire taps down airborne survey of Perth Basin acreage

(5/7/2015) Gazprom shooting 3D seismic over Barents Sea Ludlovskoye Block

(5/6/2015) AquaGeo & YMG align for transition zone & shallow water geoservices

(5/6/2015) MicroSeismic launches seismicity monitoring during fraccing

(5/5/2015) Air Control to offer CGG airborne geophysical surveys in Kazakhstan

(5/3/2015) ION completes reprocessing Barbados seismic data

(5/1/2015) Statoil picks Benthic for geotech project offshore Newfoundland

(5/1/2015) FairfieldNodal prepping for 2 3D MC surveys in Delaware Basin

(4/30/2015) IAGC calls for approval of US Atlantic OCS G&G surveys

(4/28/2015) Spectrum's Orange Basin 2D MC survey ties Namibia & South Africa data

(4/27/2015) CGG shooting 3D survey off Madagascar for Sterling Energy

(4/24/2015) Schlumberger taking 50% stake in Spectrum's Pelotas MC 2D off Brazil

(4/24/2015) Gardline CGG taps down Gippsland 2D infill shoot

(4/22/2015) Geokinetics & AOSL team for onshore India seismic projects

(4/22/2015) CGG acquires Taurus Reservoir Solutions

(4/21/2015) TGS kicking off Norwegian Barents Sea 3D shoot

(4/20/2015) DUG processing & imaging huge Australia 3D MC seismic survey

(4/17/2015) Norwest set to commence Arrowsmith 3D survey

(4/16/2015) Mexico's CNH approves 7 2D seismic surveys in Mexican Gulf

(4/16/2015) Austex sub shooting 3D in Colorado's Niobrara shale

(4/16/2015) TGS & Dolphin to shoot Barents Sea Hammerfest Basin 3D survey

(4/13/2015) Australia's largest single 3D seismic survey at halfway point

(4/13/2015) Apollo to shoot 2nd 2D survey in Colorado Petra Project

(4/9/2015) TGS receives LOA for 3D survey in Northwest Europe

(4/7/2015) Dolphin wins another 3D & 2D seismic contract

(4/5/2015) Polarcus expanding Capreolus 3D MC project off Australia

(4/2/2015) NEOS GeoSolutions completes South Atlantic Margin

(4/2/2015) Ikon Science enhancing RokDoc visualization via CoViz Lite

(4/1/2015) CGG challenges Dolphin on world record seismic spread

(3/31/2015) Saturn wraps up 3rd Little Swan 2D seismic shoot in Saskatchewan

(3/27/2015) Petrel software contract penned by Chevron & Schlumberger

(3/26/2015) EMGS scores another Barents Sea data licensing

(3/25/2015) CGG shooting 3D seismic over Vietnam's Block 120

(3/25/2015) Fugro takes delivery of newbuild shallow draft survey vessel

(3/25/2015) Dolphin deploys world record seismic spread offshore Myanmar

(3/25/2015) ION completes NamibiaSPAN 2D Mc seismic survey

(3/24/2015) Benthic contracted for Australia Bass Strait geotech project

(3/23/2015) 2D over Senegal's Djiffere Block shows high prospectivity

(3/20/2015) Polarcus signs to shoot 3D seismic in UK North Sea

(3/20/2015) WesternGeco shooting full-azimuth MC seismic in US Gulf

(3/19/2015) CGG to shoot Colombia's largest ever marine seismic survey

(3/18/2015) Gardline CGG to shoot Gippsland 2D infill survey

(3/18/2015) CGG adds VelPro velocity modeling & depth conversion

(3/18/2015) Mubadala to undertake G&G studies offshore Morocco

(3/17/2015) Echidna broadband 2D shoot off Ireland gets underway

(3/16/2015) NUTECH to do petrophysical evaluation of UK Horse Hill discovery

(3/13/2015) EMGS licenses more Barents Sea 3D MC EM data

(3/13/2015) SeaBird concludes Namibia 2D shoot for Chariot

(3/13/2015) Providence 2D on Ireland's Silverback Prospect confirms Mesozoic closure

(3/11/2015) Search & BGP kick off Bilby MC2D seismic off Western Australia

(3/9/2015) Fugro adds Echo Surveyor VII AUV to fleet

(3/8/2015) Scientists oppose seismic shooting off US Atlantic coast

(3/8/2015) FEI introduces reservoir rock advanced micro imaging system

(3/5/2015) Edgo set to shoot 2D infill seismic in Tajikistan

(3/4/2015) Norwest to proceed with Arrowsmith onshore 3D survey

(3/4/2015) Polarcus set to shoot 3D survey offshore Egypt

(3/3/2015) Providence encouraged by Ireland's Drombeg Prospect 3D seismic

(3/2/2015) ESG deploys latest temporary downhole seismic arrays

(3/2/2015) CGG shooting Davros 3D MC survey off Western Australia

(2/25/2015) Eastern United States regional neoSCAN completed

(2/25/2015) Besiktas set to deliver Thor Magni seismic support vessel

(2/24/2015) Savannah completes Niger Agadem Rift Basin FTG survey

(2/24/2015) BGP granted exclusive China marketing rights to Searcher MC data

(2/24/2015) Second generation of neoSCAN offers data integration & analytics

(2/23/2015) Great Plains Well Logging picks Paradigm Geolog

(2/20/2015) SeaBird shooting 2D seismic survey off Namibia

(2/19/2015) ARKeX completes LGO gravity & magnetics survey in Trinidad

(2/19/2015) TGS extending US Gulf Multi-WAZ Survey via CGG shoot

(2/19/2015) Lukoil concludes Iraq Block 10 2D seismic shoot

(2/17/2015) Elixir wraps up Petra 2D shoot in Colorado

(2/16/2015) Fugro launches G4 satellite positioning augmentation service

(2/15/2015) Four India geophysical surveys win security clearance

(2/13/2015) EMGS concluded agreement for Barents Sea EM data

(2/12/2015) Dolphin to shoot 3D survey offshore Myanmar for Ophir

(2/12/2015) Infill 2D seismic shoot set for Lamu's Kenya concession

(2/11/2015) Saturn taps down Saskatchewan seismic interpretation

(2/10/2015) NEOS to launch G&G project to map Western US CO2 reservoir

(2/10/2015) CAMAC completes onshore Kenya 2D seismic acquisitions

(2/9/2015) Monodon Ultracube reprocessed 3D & 2D data launched

(2/8/2015) BGP shooting Kuwait Bay 3D seismic survey

(2/6/2015) Spectrum shooting 2D MC seismic offshore Brazil

(2/5/2015) Dolphin to shoot fast-track 3D seismic survey off Africa

(2/3/2015) Pilot seismic survey set for Saudi sector of the Red Sea

(2/3/2015) Searcher & BGP launching 2015 GroupSeis off Western Australia

(2/2/2015) Dolphin to shoot New Zealand Toroa 3D survey

(2/2/2015) First Geo selected to aid Inpex in Norwegian exploration

(2/2/2015) EMGS licenses 3D EM data for Barents Sea round

(1/28/2015) Quest kicks off West Papua 2D seismic shoot for KrisEnergy

(1/27/2015) Saturn completes one Saskatchewan 2D shoot starting another

(1/26/2015) Cairn India reprocessing Sri Lanka 3D seismic data

(1/26/2015) Environmental assessment set for Sydney Basin 3D shoot

(1/23/2015) Gardine CGG shooting Rocket MC2D survey off Western Australia

(1/22/2015) CGG wraps up 2D seismic shoot offshore Bangladesh

(1/19/2015) SeaBird lined up to shoot 2D survey off West Africa

(1/15/2015) Anadarko & NZOG lining up hydrographics off New Zealand

(1/15/2015) British Geological Survey to monitor fraccing in UK shale areas

(1/14/2015) InterOil awards PNG land & airborne gravity survey to CGG

(1/13/2015) Polarcus shooting 3D on Apache's Western Australia Phoenix blocks

(1/13/2015) Hydrocarb seeking onshore Namibia 2D survey proposals

(1/13/2015) ION sets Puntland offshore 2D MC seismic shoot

(1/8/2015) Turkish Cypriot government shooting seismic off Cyprus

(1/7/2015) Polarcus lines up another Australasia 3D shoot

(1/7/2015) Swala completes 2D shoot in Tanzania's Kilombero Basin

(1/7/2015) CGG completes processing of East Indonesia MC Survey

(12/12/2014) Magseis awarded UK North Sea seabed seismic acquisition

(12/12/2014) ONGC contracts Patel & Sai for 3D and 3D/3C surveys in Gujarat

(12/12/2014) SeaBird to start 17,000-45,000 km 2D survey

(12/11/2014) Polarcus winds up Flanagan 3D shoot off Tasmania

(12/10/2014) WHL spots significant potential in Seychelles 3D seismic data

(12/10/2014) Dolphin buying WesternGeco Q-Marine system

(12/10/2014) EMGS extends charter for Seatrans' survey vessel EM Leader

(12/9/2014) Gabon's Dussafu JV gets processed seismic data

(12/8/2014) EMGS wins BG contract for EM data shoot off Uruguay

(12/5/2014) Doyon wraps up 3D survey in Alaska's Nenana Basin

(12/5/2014) Ahtna gearing up for Glennallen 2D shoot in Alaska's Copper River

(12/4/2014) Echidna 2D seismic shoot offshore Ireland set for early 2015

(12/3/2014) Ikon launches new joint impedance & facies inversion tech

(12/3/2014) Dolphin to shoot new 3D survey in Oman's offshore Block 50

(12/3/2014) WesternGeco fleet to be downsized to 15 vessels

(12/2/2014) TGS expanding coverage of Barents Sea 3D EM data

(12/2/2014) SeaBird set to shoot another Mediterranean 2D seismic survey

(12/2/2014) PGS concludes offshore Namibia Guy Block 2D survey

(12/1/2014) EMGS sells Barents Sea EM data for $8 million

(12/1/2014) Buru wraps up Western Australia Canning Basin onshore 3D shoot

(12/1/2014) Polarcus signs to shoot 3D seismic offshore Brazil

(12/1/2014) PGS shooting Springboard MC 3D program off South Australia

(11/30/2014) MCG gearing up to drill 2 new MC 2D surveys off Indonesia

(11/30/2014) SeaBird may lay-up seismic vessels to await better market

(11/28/2014) Searcher & BGP expand Australia shoot to Bilby MC 2D survey

(11/27/2014) Dolphin to shoot 2 major 3D seismic surveys offshore India

(11/27/2014) ARKeX shooting FTG survey in Niger for Savannah

(11/25/2014) Spectrum gets underway with Uruguay 2D MC seismic shoot

(11/24/2014) Beach ups funding of Flanagan 3D shoot offshore Tasmania

(11/23/2014) CAMAC cancels 2D seismic shoot in Kenya due to enviro concerns

(11/21/2014) Benthic wins Golfinho Field geotech project off Mozambique

(11/21/2014) CGG MC 3D US Gulf survey prefunder expands position

(11/21/2014) EMGS mapping gas hydrates off Brazil in Pelotas Basin

(11/20/2014) TGS signs with SeaBird for Mexico & US Atlantic 2D acquisition

(11/19/2014) PGS shooting Namibia's Guy Block 2D seismic for Eco Atlantic

(11/18/2014) LibyaSPAN 2D seismic shoot starts tomorrow

(11/18/2014) Rosneft & RGS Arctic research wins UN endorsement

(11/18/2014) Fugro strengthens metocean modeling capabilities

(11/18/2014) CGG reprocesses North Sea seismic for anisotropic broadband PSDM data

(11/18/2014) SeaBird scores another Southeast Asia 2D seismic survey

(11/17/2014) PGS completes Namibia Walvis Basin 3D shoot for Eco Atlantic

(11/17/2014) SeaBird wins 2D seismic shoot off West Africa

(11/13/2014) Sanders Geophysical lined up for Guyana airborne gravmag survey

(11/11/2014) Geokinetics shooting 3D seismic for Extraction in Colorado

(11/11/2014) Polarcus shooting 3D survey over Guinea-Bissau block

(11/10/2014) Multiclient seismic off Mozambique available for 5th Licensing Round

(11/10/2014) GDF Suez Norge awards RSI 3-year geophysical services contract

(11/7/2014) 2D seismic over Cepsa-ERHC block in Kenya shows leads

(11/6/2014) Rosneft concludes East Siberian Sea 2D survey

(11/5/2014) Gardline CGG to shoot Houtman 2D survey offshore Australia

(11/2/2014) dGB strengthens HorizonCube & sequence stratigraphic capabilities

(10/31/2014) Tethys shooting 2D over Tajikistan's Bokhtar Block

(10/31/2014) EMGS receives $7 million 3D EM data acquisition project

(10/31/2014) CGG awarded 3D broadband seismic shoot off Western Australia

(10/30/2014) SeaBird receives letter of intent for 2D shoot in Asia-Pacific

(10/30/2014) CGG & BP to develop new marine vibratory seismic sources

(10/30/2014) Eco Atlantic picking up 2D over Namibia's Sharon Block

(10/29/2014) Leni lines up ARKeX for FTG airborne survey in Trinidad

(10/29/2014) PanAmerican orders 10 Sercel Nomad 65 Neo vibrators

(10/29/2014) 3D Oil signs Polarcus to shoot Tasmania Otway Basin 3D survey

(10/29/2014) BGP & Searcher to shoot 2D & 3D MC surveys off Australia

(10/29/2014) SeaBird & Searcher concluded 2D shoot off East Palawan, Philippines

(10/29/2014) CGG receives prefunding for entire US Gulf StagSeis surveys

(10/28/2014) Cap Energy set to shoot 3D seismic off Guinea-Bissau

(10/28/2014) ESG has added VSP surveys to its microseismic monitoring

(10/28/2014) Shale Capacity 3D model of Bakken reservoir created for WPX

(10/28/2014) Baker Hughes selects PowerLog for well log analysis

(10/26/2014) Warrego signs Terrex to shoot 3D on West Erregulla gasfield

(10/24/2014) Terraseis taps down 1st 3C seismic survey in Kurd Iraq

(10/22/2014) Polarcus 3D MS survey off NW Australia getting underway

(10/21/2014) Bad weather holding up 3D shoot in Caspian Sea

(10/20/2014) New 3D seismic to be shot by Senex in South Australia

(10/20/2014) RSI wins seismic reservoir characterization project

(10/20/2014) Nordic awarded part OBN 2D shoot offshore Indonesia

(10/20/2014) TGS wins 3rd BSEE contract to manage offshore US log data

(10/17/2014) Polarcus & Dolphin picked for West Africa & India shoots

(10/17/2014) PGS shooting 3D seismic over Namibia's offshore Cooper Block

(10/16/2014) WHL sees key prospects in Seychelles Junon 3D seismic

(10/16/2014) NEOS shooting airborne neoBASIN survey in Lebanon

(10/15/2014) Kea shooting 2D seismic over New Zealand's Mauku Prospect

(10/14/2014) TGS shooting 2 MC 3D onshore surveys in Oklahoma

(10/14/2014) Bridgeporth kicks off Chad gravmag survey for ERHC

(10/13/2014) Rosneft concludes Zapadno-Prinovozemelsky 3D & gravmag survey

(10/12/2014) GeoStrata shooting 2D in Saskatchewan for Saturn & Jaguar

(10/9/2014) TGS expands US Gulf WAZ 3D with Declaration survey

(10/8/2014) Paradigm releases HD imaging extension to earth modeling solution

(10/8/2014) Reprocessing & interpretation of Utah Parowan Project done

(10/7/2014) Spectrum granted Madagascar exclusive vintage seismic data rights

(10/7/2014) New MC 3D-3C seismic surveys in Alberta's Duvernay fairway

(10/6/2014) EMGS awarded $6.8 million 3D EM survey off Malaysia

(10/2/2014) ADX spots 3 drill-ready prospects in Romania Parta 2D survey

(10/2/2014) Polarcus Alima kicks off 3D shoot offshore Cote d'Ivoire

(10/2/2014) Latest Roxar integrated reservoir engineering software released

(10/2/2014) SE Norwegian Barents Sea 3D seismic survey completed

(10/1/2014) Seismic & seafloor surveys set for NZ deepwater New Caledonia Basin

(10/1/2014) Humpback exploration well set for Falklands next year

(9/29/2014) WesternGeco extends charter of seismic vessel Geco Bluefin

(9/29/2014) 2014 Petrel E&P software platform released

(9/29/2014) FairfieldNodal & TGS shooting 2 US Gulf ocean bottom surveys

(9/29/2014) CGG to shoot major deepwater 2D & 3D MC seismic off Gabon

(9/26/2014) Dolphin shooting Sharp Broadband 3D survey off Senegal

(9/24/2014) Polarcus scores 2 3D seismic shoots offshore Australia

(9/24/2014) ERHC grav-mag survey in southern Chad getting started

(9/24/2014) Site survey underway on UK Skerryvore Prospect

(9/24/2014) Spectrum to reprocess offshore Peru 2D seismic data

(9/23/2014) Prospector to shoot 3D over Guyana Demerara Block

(9/22/2014) RSI lithology & fluid prediction applied by OMV in Barents wells

(9/22/2014) Polarcus taps down Ireland's Porcupine Basin 3D shoot

(9/22/2014) TGS shooting new US Gulf of Mexico deepwater 3D survey

(9/21/2014) Geofizyka Torun completes Tunisia 3D shoot for Winstar

(9/19/2014) EMGS adds another Norwegian Sea survey

(9/19/2014) Searcher & SeaBird shooting Philippines Mialara 2D

(9/19/2014) Polarcus wins West Africa 3D survey for 4th quarter

(9/18/2014) Bagpuss site survey underway in UK North Sea

(9/16/2014) New MC 2D seismic project off Scotland in Rockall Basin

(9/15/2014) Dolphin awarded Indian Ocean 3D seismic shoot

(9/11/2014) GeoStrata taps down 2nd phase of Saturn Saskatchewan shoot

(9/10/2014) NEOS set to start G&G program in US San Juan Basin

(9/9/2014) CGG wins 4 major 3D surveys in Asia-Pacific & West Africa

(9/9/2014) PGS stacks Pacific Explorer & Nordic Explorer

(9/9/2014) EMGS contracted for Brazil 3D EM data acquisition

(9/8/2014) 2D seismic survey underway over Indonesia's Sakti Block

(9/8/2014) Getech wins Sonangol geological basins project

(9/8/2014) Hansa completes major Netherlands North Sea 3D survey

(9/5/2014) Dolphin wins industry-first 16-streamer 3D shoot in Kara Sea

(9/5/2014) Polarcus & DMNG contracted for 3D shoot offshore Sakhalin

(9/5/2014) Searcher wraps up Pinatubo 2D survey off Philippines

(9/4/2014) Norwest prepping to shoot 3D in Western Australia's Perth Basin

(9/4/2014) EMGS granted 3D EM acquisition agreement by Statoil

(9/3/2014) Wingman 3D Survey reprocessing completed, interpretation now

(9/3/2014) Camac tags BGP & Polaris to shoot 2 Kenya seismic surveys

(9/3/2014) Fugro wins large Pemex multi-site offshore survey

(9/2/2014) Aminex's Ndovu to switch Tanzania seismic shoot to deepwater 3D

(9/2/2014) Russia's Laptev Sea 2D seismic shoot underway

(9/2/2014) Virtus reprocessing 2D seismic over Utah's Parowan Project

(8/29/2014) Hess chooses Magseis for North Sea seabed seismic shoot

(8/26/2014) New Petrel Shale integrates shale E&P workflows

(8/26/2014) TGS completes MC 3D survey offshore Sierra Leone

(8/25/2014) JV formed for fractured reservoir stimulation geomechanical modeling

(8/25/2014) Photorealistic reservoir geology imaging introduced

(8/25/2014) SeaBird wins 3D Gulf of Guinea seismic survey

(8/25/2014) Swala kicks off Pangani 2D seismic shoot in Tanzania

(8/21/2014) Dolphin completes NPD Barents Sea 2D shoot

(8/20/2014) Dawson to shoot Nevada 2D seismic for Gray Fox

(8/18/2014) Polarcus & Seabird shooting Ireland Newgrange 2D survey

(8/15/2014) COSL takes delivery of HYSY-721 12-streamer seismic vessel

(8/14/2014) Dolphin shooting 3D seismic over Ireland's Spanish Point South

(8/14/2014) Rex develops tool to detect gaseous hydrocarbons in seismic data

(8/14/2014) Dolphin wins 50-day extension to South America survey

(8/11/2014) CGG-Fugro JV to shoot ocean bottom cable survey for Pemex

(8/11/2014) TGS & FairfieldNodal in US Gulf MC survey collaboration

(8/11/2014) DR Congo 3D seismic analysis indicates 3 billion bbl oil in place

(8/6/2014) BGP concludes Kenya Block 11A 2D shoot

(8/6/2014) TGS schedules 2D seismic shoot in US Gulf of Mexico

(8/4/2014) CGG taps down Avalon 3D seismic shoot in West Texas

(8/4/2014) CGG delivers final La Bella 3D seismic report to VIC/P67 partners

(8/1/2014) EMGS scores offshore Faroe Islands MC electromagnetic data deal

(8/1/2014) Geokinetics buying CGG's North America land seismic operations

(7/31/2014) TGS lines up 3 new multi-client seismic acquisition projects

(7/30/2014) BGP concludes 3D shoot offshore Gabon for Perenco

(7/29/2014) Seychelles Junon 3D seismic survey completed

(7/28/2014) Rosneft-ExxonMobil JV to acquire 2D in Russia's Kara Sea

(7/25/2014) Nalcor signs EMGS for 3D EM survey offshore Newfoundland

(7/24/2014) TGS in JVs for Canada & Barents Sea MC geochem projects

(7/23/2014) Rawson reprocessing Otway Basin seismic data

(7/23/2014) Tullow's seismic survey results off Namibia encouraging

(7/22/2014) Searcher shooting Pinatubo MC 2D seismic survey off Philippines

(7/22/2014) Earthfield evaluating Namibia aeromag data for Frontier Resources

(7/20/2014) BOEM moves to allow seismic surveys off US Atlantic coast

(7/14/2014) OMV contracts EMGS for Barents Sea 3D EM survey

(7/11/2014) Norske Shell electromagnetic survey over Barents Sea license

(7/9/2014) Africa Oil set to shoot seismic survey in southern Ethiopia

(7/8/2014) EMGS extends Boa Galatea charter 2 years

(7/6/2014) Fugro takes delivery of new compact survey vessel

(7/2/2014) NOAA authorized seismic survey off New Jersey opposed

(7/1/2014) Polarcus to shoot 3D marine seismic survey off West Africa

(7/1/2014) RH Petrogas sub kcks off Sarawak onshore 2D survey

(7/1/2014) Virtus purchasing 2D seismic over SW Utah acreage

(6/30/2014) Polarcus commences Drombeg 3D MC shoot in Porcupine Basin

(6/30/2014) Rosneft gets underway in major Barents & Pechora Seas seismic

(6/29/2014) CAMAC reprocessing 2D & to shoot 3D offshore Gambia

(6/27/2014) Five-year 2D seismic survey over Baffin Bay & Davis Strait approved

(6/26/2014) Rift winds up 2D seismic shoot over Kenya concession

(6/24/2014) TGS schedules new MC 2D shoot off northeastern Greenland

(6/24/2014) Dolphin shooting Norwegian Barents Sea 3D MC survey

(6/24/2014) Dolphin to shoot Seychelles 3D Junon Survey

(6/24/2014) Halliburton launches seismic-to-stimulation service

(6/23/2014) TGS to reprocess MC data from Maltese waters

(6/23/2014) Gazprom Neft & IG Seismic Services extend co-op agreement

(6/20/2014) Advent set to shoot 3D over block off New South Wales

(6/18/2014) CGG & Sovcomflot in JV for Arctic & sub-Arctic 3D seismic

(6/18/2014) Sercel deploys 39,000-channel cable-free land seismic system

(6/18/2014) CGG delivers US Gulf Deux MC 3D processed data

(6/18/2014) PGS schedules South Australia 3D MC shoot in Ceduna sub-basin

(6/17/2014) EMGS reports another Norwegian Sea 3D EM contract

(6/17/2014) Sercel launches small seismic source vehicle Nomad 15

(6/17/2014) TGS shooting new 3D MC Survey in West of Shetland

(6/17/2014) CGG & TAQA JV granted major 3D project in Saudi Arabia

(6/16/2014) SCDM Energie adds SeisEarth for interpretation & visualization

(6/16/2014) SAExploration scores Alaska & South America contracts

(6/16/2014) New system detects marine mammals during seismic operations

(6/16/2014) OceanGeo contracted to shoot OBS survey off Congo

(6/12/2014) Asian sets cable-free seismic record in Kurd Iraq

(6/12/2014) Robertson Geolab in SE Barents Sea surface geochem survey

(6/9/2014) MCG & Exploro shooting Norway's Barents Sea Hoop area

(6/9/2014) Polarcus joins DMNG in 3D Barents Sea shoot

(6/6/2014) Polarcus taps down MC 3D shoot in UK Southern North Sea

(6/6/2014) EMGS gets another Barents Sea EM survey

(6/6/2014) Soma completes Somalia offshore 2D seismic survey

(6/3/2014) Isle of Man seeks 3D survey of territorial waters

(6/3/2014) Survey shows Wallal Graben in Oilex's Western Australia permit

(6/3/2014) FairfieldNodal to use VertiShear seismic processing

(6/2/2014) 2D shoot contracted for Texas' Belle Wisdom South

(6/2/2014) Dolphin wins 40-day Mediterranean 3D seismic shoot

(6/2/2014) EMGS scores Statoil Norwegian Sea 3D EM survey

(6/1/2014) ION & Nageco to shoot 21,000 km 2D MC survey in Libya

(5/30/2014) Benthic contracted for Browse FLNG gasfields study

(5/30/2014) Simba expands full Tensor gradiometry survey in Kenya.

(5/30/2014) Bridgeporth to acquire grav-mag survey in Chad for ERHC

(5/28/2014) Hydrocarb prepping for 2D shoot over Namibia Owambo concession

(5/27/2014) Spectrum shooting 2D MC seismic in Brazil's Sergipe Basin

(5/23/2014) FairfieldNodal contracted for 60,000 ZLand nodes

(5/22/2014) Ndovu taps down Tanzania offshore 2D shoot

(5/16/2014) Frontier sees exploration targets in reprocessed Oman seismic

(5/15/2014) Fugro wins Basrah Gas geotech project in southern Iraq

(5/15/2014) CGG shooting Espirito Santo III MC 3D survey off Brazil

(5/14/2014) Joint geo team finds huge frozen gas hydrates off New Zealand

(5/14/2014) BP set to shoot 14,000 sq km 3D survey off Nova Scotia

(5/14/2014) MCG extends MC2D Barents Sea Super Tie seismic shoot

(5/12/2014) Nordic & Elnusa to shoot 3D for Husky & CNOOC off Indonesia

(5/9/2014) PGS completes Australia-Indonesia MC 2D MegaProject

(5/8/2014) Polarcus Naila shooting UK Breagh MC project

(5/7/2014) Results of Petro Matad seismic show 2 small Block V traps

(5/7/2014) EMGS receives Barents Sea charter for BOA Thalassa

(5/7/2014) Porto Energy selling Portugal seismic data to TGS

(5/7/2014) PGS to shoot 4th MC 2D seismic survey off Atlantic Canada

(5/6/2014) Latest Paradigm 14 released with major enhancements

(5/6/2014) COSL taps down Primeline East China Sea 3D shoot

(5/5/2014) EMGS wins another North Energy 3D EM survey contract

(5/4/2014) Western Oz sets Canning Basin Kimberley seismic shoot

(5/2/2014) Tullow to shoot 3D over Suriname Block 54

(5/2/2014) Norwegian Sea Morerand High & Gjallar Ridge South to be mapped

(5/2/2014) EMGS receives more pre-funding of US Gulf MC EM survey

(5/2/2014) GX Technology wins 3-year Pemex seismic processing contract

(4/30/2014) EMGS in MC EM data deal with Uruguay's ANCAP

(4/30/2014) Dolphin contracted for Black Sea 3D shoot

(4/30/2014) TGS reprocessing 2D seismic from SE Barents Sea

(4/29/2014) Chariot 3D shoot in Atlantic off Morocco completed

(4/29/2014) Searcher set to shoot Kehu 2D basin tie-in survey

(4/29/2014) Swala picks Polaris Explorer for further 2D surveys in Tanzania

(4/28/2014) Tullow taps down 2D seismic shoot off Namibia

(4/24/2014) NZOG completes 2D Waru survey off New Zealand

(4/24/2014) TGS kicks off 2 new Norwegian Barents Sea seismic surveys

(4/23/2014) BGP shooting 2D seismic over Kenya's Lake Victoria block

(4/23/2014) Hydrocarb Namibia grav-mag survey shows 16 new leads

(4/23/2014) ARKeX resumes MC FTG survey in Norway's SE Barents Sea

(4/22/2014) BGP shooting 2D onshore Kenya for ERHC Energy

(4/22/2014) OMV completes 2D Mohua shoot offshore New Zealand

(4/21/2014) Terraseis gearing up for Kurd Iraq 3D-3C seismic shoot

(4/17/2014) DMNG set to start shoot seismic off Seychelles

(4/17/2014) Gardline CGG picks up 3 seismic & geochem contracts

(4/16/2014) North Sumatra South Block 2D seismic survey wrapped up

(4/14/2014) Dolphin set to start offshore Senegal Djiffere 2D survey

(4/14/2014) DMT completes Waschberg 3D shoot in Czech Republic

(4/14/2014) Tullow completes 3,000 sq km 3D survey off Namibia

(4/10/2014) BGP shooting 2D over Iraq Block 10 for Lukoil

(4/9/2014) Rosneft & ExxonMobil launch 55-day Russian Arctic ice survey

(4/9/2014) Dolphin shooting 3D MC Gotha surveys in Norwegian Barents Sea

(4/9/2014) Spectrum kicks off 2nd phase broadband 2D in Barents Sea

(4/9/2014) GGS readies 2D MC survey off Iran for reopening to foreign E&P

(4/9/2014) Gardline to shoot 2D MC survey in Norwegian Barents Sea

(4/8/2014) WHL's La Bella 3D survey off Victoria, Australia said promisin

(4/8/2014) CGG shooting northern Norwegian North Sea 3D MC survey

(4/8/2014) NEOS launches integrated Austin Chalk G&G program

(4/7/2014) ION to shoot 2D MC seismic survey offshore Peru

(4/7/2014) North Energy selects EMGS for North Sea 3D EM shoot

(4/6/2014) Rosneft shooting grav-mag survey in Russia's eastern Arctic

(4/6/2014) ION & Polarcus in 4,000 sq km 3D MC shoot off Ireland

(4/3/2014) Westbridge & Black Pearl reprocess Texas Lavaca Project 3D

(4/3/2014) Dolphin begins 3D seismic shoot for Chariot off Morocco

(4/3/2014) Quartet of operators to undertake major FTG survey in Trinidad

(4/2/2014) Tullow selects BMT Argoss for metocean projects

(4/2/2014) Fugro contracted for next Mareano Project phase survey

(4/2/2014) TGS to charter SeaBird 2D vessels for Mexico surveys

(4/1/2014) COSL shooting 3D over East China Sea block for Primeline Energy

(4/1/2014) BGP wraps up 2D coastal shoot in Kenya for Lamu JV

(3/31/2014) Dolphin shooting 2D data off northern Malta

(3/31/2014) Oilex shooting aerial grav-mag survey in Western Australia

(3/27/2014) ONGC orders 12-streamer seismic vessel from Cochin Shipyard

(3/27/2014) Polarcus Nadia shooting 3D over Nigeria nearshore block

(3/26/2014) Baker Hughes adds RoqSCAN to reservoir evaluation services

(3/25/2014) Dolphin adds another 3D seismic shoot off South America

(3/25/2014) PGS' 13,000-km MC 2D survey off eastern South Africa at 70%

(3/24/2014) KrisEnergy shooting 3D off Kalimantan in Tanjung Aru Block

(3/23/2014) Gazprom Neft starting geophysical studies at South Priobskoye Field

(3/21/2014) Dolphin picks up South America & NW Europe 3D seismic shoots

(3/20/2014) 3D seismic shoot set for Nigeria's offshore Block OML113

(3/19/2014) First PGS Orion full azimuth GeoStreamer underway in US Gulf

(3/14/2014) SeaBird's Harrier Explorer wins 2 added months in North Sea

(3/13/2014) Guinea Bissau 2D MC survey set to get underway

(3/11/2014) Sercel shows its new Nomad 65 Neo broadband vibrator

(3/11/2014) FAR finds big potential prospects in Western Australia offshore seismic

(3/11/2014) Statoil picks Western Geco & PGS for SE Barents Sea 3D shoot

(3/10/2014) Geomarine set to shoot OBC 3D off Nigeria for SacOil

(3/10/2014) Sercel seismic sensor achieves lowest noise performance on test

(3/6/2014) BGP finalizes Kenya Block 2B 2D shoot for Taipan

(3/6/2014) SAE Exploration wraps up Alaska North Slope shoot for Royale

(3/6/2014) SeaBird wins South America contract for Osprey Explorer

(3/5/2014) TGS & WGP to shoot Barents Sea 3D MC survey

(3/3/2014) CGG wraps up Benin countrywide airborne survey

(2/27/2014) BOEM sets measures to mitigate G&G impact off US Atlantic coast

(2/27/2014) PGS shooting 2nd new MC 3D survey offshore Cote d'Ivoire

(2/26/2014) OMV Norge signs Rock Solid Images for G&G integration project

(2/26/2014) Terraseis seismic shoot in Kurd Iraq awaiting mine clearance

(2/25/2014) Bluesky Gething 3D shoot point to 5 prospects to drill

(2/25/2014) Industry unites for joint 3D seismic acquisition in SE Barents Sea

(2/25/2014) TGS set to shoot 2 Appalachian Basin 3D MC surveys

(2/24/2014) Polarcus to shoot 3D MC seismic of SW Ireland

(2/24/2014) PGS taps down Falklands 3D acquisition for FOGL

(2/24/2014) Taipan to shoot 2D in Simba's Kenya Block 2A

(2/23/2014) Tullow kicks off seismic shoot in SW Kenya

(2/21/2014) Airborne gravmag survey in Western Australia wins approval

(2/20/2014) CGG & TAQA strengthen seismic cooperation across Middle East

(2/17/2014) EMGS wins contract for 3D EM survey off NW Africa

(2/13/2014) OptaSense wins Oman 4D DAS VSP contract

(2/13/2014) KrisEnergy shooting 2D survey off Indonesia at East Muriah

(2/12/2014) Eucla-Gawler seismic survey completed in 2 Australia states

(2/12/2014) Holloman Energy's Wingman 3D survey interpreted

(2/11/2014) TGS charters 2 seismic acquisition vessels

(2/10/2014) EMGS shooting 3D EM survey in US Gulf Alaminos Canyon

(2/6/2014) Seabed scores OBC contract offshore Malaysia

(2/6/2014) New CGG HR software for unconventional reservoir characterization

(2/5/2014) SeaBird & Acorn set to shoot extension to Sao Tome 3D survey

(2/4/2014) IAGC issues Towed Passive Acoustic Monitoring guidance

(2/4/2014) Schlumberger launches microseismic surface acquisition system

(2/3/2014) RSI releases Rock Solid Attributes for Petrel

(2/3/2014) EMGS ready for Norway's Fingerdjupet & Hoop Fault licensing

(2/3/2014) CGG completes large airborne survey in Western Australia

(2/3/2014) SeaBird to shoot 2D seismic survey off East Africa

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