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(1/31/2014) Shelton shooting 2D survey over Russia's Suyanovskoye Field

(1/30/2014) Amerisur shooting 2D seismic over Paraguay's San Pedro Block

(1/29/2014) EMGS awarded $5 million contract for Asia-Pacific EM acquisition

(1/29/2014) Dolphin contracted for 3D seismic surveys off Norway & NW Africa

(1/29/2014) OceanGeo contracted for 3D ocean bottom shoot off Trinidad

(1/28/2014) CGG & Spectrum shooting Foz do Amazonas 3D survey off Brazil

(1/27/2014) Quest's reprocessed 2D over Indonesia's Ranau Block shows lead

(1/26/2014) Anadarko starting 2D shoot off New Zealand's Wellington coast

(1/26/2014) Anadarko picks CGG to shoot Colorado Niobrara project

(1/24/2014) PGS adds new Ramform Titan class seismic vessel

(1/23/2014) CGG concludes 3-year 3D MC project in US Marcellus Shale

(1/23/2014) Aroway shooting 3D over Saskatchewan farm-in acreage

(1/22/2014) Camac revving up Kenya exploration with deepwater 2D shoot

(1/22/2014) EMGS in global framework processing & interpretation agreement

(1/21/2014) Spectrum concluded Adriatic MC 2D seismic survey off Croatia

(1/21/2014) EMGS does deal with North Energy for Barents Sea data

(1/21/2014) 3D shoot on Bulgaria's Khan-Asparuh Black Sea block completed

(1/17/2014) Tullow kicks off 3D & 2D surveys offshore Namibia

(1/16/2014) Terra Nova Wingman 3D survey processing nearing completion

(1/15/2014) SeaBird set to start Gulf of Guinea 3D shoot

(1/14/2014) BGP to shoot Kenya Block 11A 2D seismic survey for ERHC

(1/13/2014) Soma secures funds for offshore Somalia seismic program

(1/13/2014) 2D shoot concluded offshore northern Madagascar

(1/13/2014) NEOS launches new MC G&G program onshore Lebanon

(1/12/2014) South Africa halts seismic shoots off east coast

(1/10/2014) Indian contractors granted ONGC seismic & shot hole contracts

(1/9/2014) TGS starts year with 4 new multi-client, 3D & 2D seismic surveys

(1/8/2014) Magseis in 4-year ocean bottom seismic frame agreement with Statoil

(1/7/2014) SAE shooting 3D on Alaska North Slope for Rampart & Royale

(1/7/2014) OMV kicks off Kaka 3D survey off New Zealand in Taranaki Basin

(1/7/2014) ERHC completes Kenya full tensor gravity gradiometry survey

(1/6/2014) CGG taps down 2D seismic survey in Nicaraguan Caribbean

(1/6/2014) NZOG completes Clipper 3D survey off eastern New Zealand

(1/6/2014) Dolphin completes Chariot 2D shoot off southern Namibia

(1/6/2014) TGS kicks off Nerites 3D MC survey in Great Australian Bight

(1/6/2014) BGP wrapping up Papua New Guinea offshore 2D shoot

(12/15/2013) Primeline signs COSL for East China Sea 3D shoot

(12/12/2013) SeaBird contract for Voyager Explorer cancelled

(12/12/2013) Gray Fox sets multi-phase G&G program for Nevada prospect

(12/11/2013) Shell set to shoot New Zealand Great South Basin 2D survey

(12/10/2013) SeaBird's Harrier Explorer contracted for NW Europe 2D survey

(12/10/2013) 17 companies in Statoil-led joint seismic project in SE Barents Sea

(12/9/2013) Polarcus Naila wraps up Suriname 3D shoot for Petronas/RWE Dea

(12/9/2013) TGS shooting 3D MC seismic survey offshore Benin

(12/8/2013) Apache planning early 2014 3D seismic shoot off Western Australia

(12/6/2013) Northern Sumatra South Block A seismic shoot underway

(12/6/2013) Buru's Western Australia Ungani 3D confirms field potential

(12/5/2013) Shell set to shoot seismic in New Zealand's Great Southern Basin Sea

(12/4/2013) Polarcus set to shoot 2 HD 3D broadband surveys in UK North Sea

(12/3/2013) SAExploration data acquisition projects in Brazil & Alaska

(12/2/2013) ERHC awaiting enviro approval to shoot aeromag in Chad

(11/29/2013) Woodside adds AxWave seismic modeling system

(11/27/2013) TPAO shooting 3D seismic in contested waters near Cyprus

(11/27/2013) CGG set to start 2D & 3D surveys in Nicaraguan Caribbean Sea

(11/27/2013) CGG set to start 2D & 3D surveys in Nicaraguan Caribbean Sea

(11/27/2013) Cossack contracts Ukregeophizyka for 2D shoot in Ukraine

(11/26/2013) NXT wins Kerogen contract for Texas & Florida SFD surveys

(11/26/2013) Namibia to restrict offshore seismic to May through September

(11/26/2013) CGG wraps up airborne survey of Texas' Eagle Ford shale play

(11/26/2013) ERHC encouraged by Kenya airborne gravity gradiometry

(11/25/2013) Terrex taps down Western Australia 2D shoot for Buru

(11/25/2013) PGS delivers Namibia Walvis Basin 2D interpretation to Eco Atlantic

(11/22/2013) FairfieldNodal taps down New Mexico & Texas 3D surveys

(11/21/2013) CGG's Viking II kicks off La Bella 3D shoot in Australia's Otway Basin

(11/21/2013) Petro Matad contracts Khet to shoot 30 more km of seismic

(11/19/2013) Statoil contracts Benthic for geotechnical work off Tanzania

(11/19/2013) AGS shooting seismic over Tanzania's Ruvuma Block

(11/18/2013) Kuwait Oil Company shooting 3D seismic in northern Kuwait

(11/18/2013) Bell Geospace shooting FTG survey for ERHC in NW Kenya

(11/15/2013) Norway's Diskos databases contract awarded to CGG

(11/14/2013) SAE wins 2 seismic projects in Alaska & 2 in South America

(11/14/2013) 2D shoot underway over Madagascar's offshore Ampasindava Block

(11/14/2013) First simultaneous EM & 2D GeoStreamer survey shot off Ireland

(11/13/2013) PGS launches Triton survey in deepwater Gulf of Mexico

(11/13/2013) Chariot completes reprocessing of legacy 2D seismic off Morocco

(11/13/2013) Paragon buys another package of Sercel UNITE seismic system

(11/13/2013) Infinity signs CGG for 2D & 3D offshore Nicaragua

(11/13/2013) TGS to shoot its 1st 3D seismic survey offshore Brazil

(11/12/2013) Neptune contracts Benthic for Western Australia seabed project

(11/12/2013) Dolphin Geophysical contracted for 3D seismic shoot in NW India

(11/11/2013) Rederij Groen contracts seismic vessel from Maaskant Shipyards

(11/11/2013) EMGS sending Atlantic Guardian to Mexico for 5 months

(11/10/2013) Nigdel making ready for Nigeria ocean bottom survey

(11/10/2013) Total wraps up grav-mag areal survey of DRC Block III

(11/8/2013) WesternGeco's seismic vessel Amazon Warrior launched

(11/8/2013) SeaBird adds 2 new Southeast Asia seismic acquisitions

(11/8/2013) PGS Ramform Titan shooting 3D survey offshore Falkland Islands

(11/7/2013) Gulf Coast Western to shoot 3D over new South Louisiana acreage

(11/7/2013) TGS & BGP launch MC surveys offshore Madagascar

(11/7/2013) CGG to shoot large Centauro Phase 5 3D survey for Pemex

(11/6/2013) CGG Viking II gearing up for Australia Otway Basin 3D shoot

(11/6/2013) Khet at halfway point in Mongolia 2D shoot for Petro Matad

(11/5/2013) Terra Nova nearing completion of Wingman 3D survey processing

(11/5/2013) SynthRock plugin launched for lower exploration risks

(11/4/2013) President taps down almost 1,100-km 2D shoot in Paraguay

(11/3/2013) Sudan Energia JV launches seismic survey in Kordofan

(11/1/2013) Rosneft concludes summer season seismic surveys

(10/30/2013) Bison to start Independence Prospect exploration with seismic shoots

(10/29/2013) SGS contracts $29.4 million deepwater seafloor data acquisition system

(10/29/2013) Dolphin picks up 2 Mediterranean & 1 North Sea 3D surveys

(10/27/2013) Swala's Kilosa-Kilombero 2D shoot in Tanzania finds large gas traps

(10/25/2013) PGS returning to US Gulf for full azimuth GeoStreamer survey

(10/24/2013) Kosmos completes 3D survey over South Porcupine Basin off Ireland

(10/23/2013) Total resumes Uganda seismic shoot after area declared safe

(10/23/2013) TGS lines up US Gulf, Newfoundland, & Alberta shoots in 2014

(10/22/2013) NPD wraps up NE Barents Sea seismic acquisition program

(10/22/2013) Polar licenses ConocoPhillips Alaska North Slope 2D seismic

(10/18/2013) EMGS contracted for 3D electromagnetic survey off Angola

(10/17/2013) Benthic lined up for Mozambique deepwater geotech operation

(10/17/2013) Tesla taps down Egdon 3D shoot in Dorset UK

(10/16/2013) Cable-free seismic recording record set in Kurd Iraq

(10/16/2013) Central completes Queensland Southern Georgina Basin shoot

(10/15/2013) TGS sets Texas & Oklahoma 3D MC seismic survey

(10/11/2013) Venezuela Navy seizes seismic vessel shooting Roraima Block

(10/11/2013) Dawson buying 9,000 Geospace 3-channel GSX stations

(10/9/2013) La Bella 3D shoot set to start in Australia's offshore Otway Basin

(10/9/2013) New near-surface, deep-penetrating EM survey technique

(10/9/2013) Oyster kicks off geophysical survey onshore Djibouti Republic

(10/9/2013) CGG taps down 2nd BroadSeis 3D MC Barents Sea survey

(10/8/2013) Hydrocarb completes high-res aerial grav-mag Namibia survey

(10/8/2013) Geospace Technologies wins reservoir monitoring system contract

(10/8/2013) Wolf taps down Mongolia SB Block 2D seismic shoot

(10/7/2013) Total contracts Seabed for North Sea ocean bottom node surveys

(10/6/2013) Passive seismic survey points to higher Artikneft output

(10/3/2013) Fugro carrying out multidisciplinary project in Campos Basin off Brazil

(10/3/2013) Dolphin & Searcher kick off 3D MC survey in Norwegian Barents Sea

(10/3/2013) Shell concludes offshore Nova Scotia 3D survey

(10/3/2013) Oilex to shoot airborne grav-mag survey over Western Australia basin

(10/2/2013) Lebanon shooting onshore 2D seismic survey

(10/2/2013) INOVA debuts single-component broadband digital sensor

(10/1/2013) FX taps down 2 3D seismic shoots onshore Poland

(10/1/2013) Aerial gravity & magnetics survey shot over northern Namibia blocks

(10/1/2013) CGG wins major 3D marine seismic shoot for Total Angola

(9/30/2013) North Dakota Geological Survey to take temperature of Williston Basin

(9/30/2013) Halliburton launches collaborative workflow system

(9/29/2013) Spectrum set to shoot "transformational" survey offshore Croatia

(9/29/2013) West Bay shooting seismic in Washtenaw County, Michigan

(9/26/2013) Electromagnetic data boosts subsalt seismic imaging

(9/25/2013) CGG taps down Sandman deepwater broadband survey off NW Australia

(9/24/2013) Repsol Sinopec adopts SeisEarth & Epos systems from Paradigm

(9/24/2013) EMGS receives letter of intent for 3D EM survey off Malaysia

(9/24/2013) President nearing completion of Paraguay 2D seismic survey

(9/24/2013) Sercel reveals new land seismic acquisition system

(9/23/2013) First ice management system launched to cut risks in Arctic operations

(9/23/2013) PGS & Toisa buying 88.8% of Seafloor Geophysical Solutions

(9/23/2013) Jason releases new seismic reservoir characterization software

(9/23/2013) Sigma3 to provide realtime Permian Basin microseismic for Fasken

(9/23/2013) CGG delivers US Gulf Keathley Canyon processed data

(9/19/2013) Infinity preparing for seismic mapping of Nicaragua blocks

(9/19/2013) New World taps down Danish 2D & 3D seismic surveys

(9/18/2013) Cairn to shoot 3D off India in KG Basin outside missile range

(9/18/2013) NPD's NE Barents Sea 2D survey now 69% complete

(9/18/2013) NEOS shooting G&G program over Colorado's D-J Basin

(9/17/2013) CGL buys 18,000 channels of Sercel UNITE acquisition system

(9/16/2013) TGS expands Clari-Fi broadband solution for conventional data

(9/13/2013) Khet to shoot 2D survey over Petro Matad Mongolia blocks

(9/13/2013) EMGS to acquire 3D EM data offshore West Africa

(9/12/2013) ESG adds microseismic fracture mapping to seismic MTI

(9/11/2013) Shell & Baker Hughes develop reservoir modeling platform

(9/10/2013) Atlas Geophysics buys Wireless Seismic's RT System 2 system

(9/10/2013) Satellite topographic mapping of Kurd Iraq Taza Block concluded

(9/8/2013) TGS kicks off 2D Chukchi Sea shoot offshore Alaska

(9/8/2013) Polarcus Asima to shoot 2D & 3D offshore Guyana for Repsol

(9/6/2013) Fugro acquiring metocean & geohazard survey off Mozambique

(9/6/2013) PetroFrontier completes Northern Territory, Australia 2D shoot

(9/5/2013) CGG to shoot BroadSeis 3D survey offshore Sabah and Sarawak

(9/4/2013) CGG reprocessing entire Central North Sea Cornerstone MC 3D dataset

(9/3/2013) ARKeX in deal with Lockheed Martin for enhanced gravity gradiometers

(9/2/2013) SeaBird to exercise Hawk Explorer purchase option

(8/30/2013) Seismic surveys in Central's Northern Territory & Queensland farmouts

(8/29/2013) Searcher expands MC data on Australia's North West Shelf

(8/28/2013) NEOS taps down 1st phase of Colorado Sand Wash acquisition

(8/27/2013) ADX spots AVO anomaly in Romania Parta Permit 2D data

(8/26/2013) Spectrum launches airborne MC survey in SE Barents Sea

(8/23/2013) Fugro adds a new survey vessel RV Fugro Helmert

(8/22/2013) Tesla does 2nd ZLand nodes deal with FairfieldNodal

(8/22/2013) CyrusOne building million sq ft seismic data center in Houston

(8/22/2013) TGS launches 3D MC onshore survey in Alberta, Canada

(8/21/2013) 15 companies buy NPD seismic data for SE Barents

(8/19/2013) TGS shooting expanded 2D MC survey in Northeast Greenland

(8/16/2013) Searcher to offer Fugro 2D & 3D MC library datasets

(8/16/2013) Noble seeks to shoot 3D seismic in Nevada's Huntington Valley

(8/15/2013) Senergy in FRAME survey & geo-engineering agreement with Statoil

(8/14/2013) USSI scores major field microseismic monitoring project

(8/14/2013) ADX lines up Prospectiuni to shoot Romania EX-10 Parta seismic

(8/13/2013) Sigma3 launches microseismic analysis & shale visualization platform

(8/12/2013) Schlumberger launches advanced microseismic data processing

(8/12/2013) Spectrum mobilizing to shoot 2D MC survey off Croatia

(8/9/2013) SeaBird's Northern Explorer heading to 150-day Mediterranean shoot

(8/9/2013) Polaris kicks off Tanzania 2D shoot for Swala Energy

(8/7/2013) Soma set to shoot seismic offshore Somalia

(8/6/2013) Spectrum shooting 2D MC survey in UK Southern Gas Basin

(8/6/2013) PGS taps down Russian Barents & Kara Seas 2D survey

(8/5/2013) President following Paraguay 3D shoot with 700 km 2D

(8/1/2013) New West of Shetlands & Labrador Deep MC surveys underway

(7/31/2013) SeaBird set to shoot 3D survey offshore Granada

(7/30/2013) NPD resumes seismic shoot in NE Norwegian Barents Sea

(7/30/2013) Tesla to shoot 2D seismic in Somaliland using ZLand nodes

(7/30/2013) Three more Romania Pannonian blocks set for seismic surveys

(7/29/2013) Woodside signs Benthic for Australia North West Shelf geotech services

(7/28/2013) Azimuth shoots 3D over North Sea prospect for Enegi Oil

(7/26/2013) Polarcus & ION Geophysical in 3-year link for 3D MC projects

(7/26/2013) GeoDynamics concludes passive seismic survey for Artikneft

(7/23/2013) MicroSeismic geophones to monitor California field operations

(7/23/2013) Frontier completes land gravity survey in Zambia

(7/22/2013) IGSS signed to shoot seismic over Yamal, Russia license

(7/22/2013) Wolf shooting 2D seismic over Mongolia's Sukhbaatar Block

(7/22/2013) Terrex kicks off AMY 2D seismic shoot in Australia's Georgina Basin

(7/19/2013) Seabird scores Caribbean shoot for new Geo Pacific

(7/18/2013) IGSS scores 2-year 3D seismic project in Rajasthan, India

(7/17/2013) PGS & TGS commence NE Newfoundland Slope 2DMC shoot

(7/15/2013) MCG to shoot western Norwegian Barents Sea MC2D survey

(7/15/2013) Kosmos commences 3D seismic over Ireland's South Porcupine Basin

(7/12/2013) ConocoPhillips proposes 2D Bay of Bengal shoot to Petrobangla

(7/11/2013) Quebec Anticosti Island core analyses show hydrocarbons

(7/10/2013) Alaska offers $50 million in funding for ANWR 3D seismic survey

(7/10/2013) Prospectiuni set to shoot 2D & 3D onshore Morocco

(7/10/2013) Pemex lines up EMGS for Gulf of Mexico electromagnetic surveys

(7/10/2013) Terrex resumes Buru Ungani 3D survey onshore Western Australia

(7/9/2013) SeaBird's Aquila Explorer wins another Asia-Pacific shoot

(7/9/2013) DMT shooting 3D in foothills of French Pyrenees

(7/8/2013) 2D seismic & gravmag surveys underway in Russian Barents Sea

(7/7/2013) AGS set to commence 1st of 4 seismic shoots for NIS in Romania

(7/5/2013) Hunt to shoot aeromag & 2D surveys in PNG farm-in

(7/5/2013) Geotrace & Prospectiuni link for SE Europe seismic services

(7/4/2013) NIS lines up AGS to shoot seismic over Romanian concession

(7/3/2013) PGS releases 2D MC dataset for Greek licensing round

(7/3/2013) BGP deploys ZLand nodes for large Uganda 3D acquisition

(7/3/2013) South Australia Cooper-Eromanga Wingman 3D shoot completed

(7/2/2013) FX shooting 3D over Tuchola area of Edge Concession in Poland

(7/2/2013) Bridgeporth shooting Hydrocarb gav-mag survey in Namibia

(7/2/2013) PGS launches Caswell MC3D shoot off Western Australia

(7/1/2013) Rosneft kicks off Sea of Okhotsk seismic & grav-mag survey

(7/1/2013) SE Barents Sea & Jan Mayen seismic snapped up

(6/27/2013) EMGS granted $100 million 3D EM survey project

(6/25/2013) Total Depth processing & interpreting 3D data over West Texas project

(6/25/2013) Senex shooting 3D seismic in South Australia's Cooper Basin

(6/25/2013) OMV shooting 3D seismic in Black Sea off Bulgaria

(6/24/2013) SAExploration picks up $62.6 million in South America surveys

(6/24/2013) No seismic surveys in US Gulf areas over next 30 months

(6/23/2013) NPD selling processed Barents & Norwegian Seas seismic

(6/19/2013) BGP wins 2D seismic shoot onshore Kenya in Lamu Basin

(6/19/2013) TGS & EMGS in 3D EM Barents Sea multi-client survey

(6/18/2013) CGG shooting 3D in Western Australia's Carnarvon Basin

(6/16/2013) Global Geophysical shifts from 2D to 3D in Paraguay

(6/13/2013) CGG upgrading UK North Sea Cornerstone 3D data

(6/13/2013) Dolphin set to start UtStord MC 3D shoot off Norway tomorrow

(6/13/2013) CGG showcases 3D printed Earth model at EAGE

(6/12/2013) Anadarko contracts CGG for 3D seismic shoot in Colombian Caribbean

(6/11/2013) Buru to resume Australia Canning Basin Ungani 3D seismic survey

(6/11/2013) EMGS wins 6-month Asia 3D EM acquisition contract

(6/11/2013) Sercel launches multi-sensor solid seismic acquisition streamer

(6/10/2013) Terra Nova's South Australia Wingman 3D shoot underway

(6/6/2013) Aerial gravity & magnetics set for northern Namibia

(6/6/2013) RSI starts 100-well North Sea rock physics study

(6/6/2013) Dolphin contracted for another North Sea 3D survey

(6/6/2013) PGS completes southern Falkland Islands 3D shoot

(6/4/2013) New technique to estimate proppant placement in stimulated fractures

(6/4/2013) Two new surveys lined up for SeaBird's Voyager Explorer

(6/3/2013) Tagula 2D shoot underway onshore Papua New Guinea

(5/30/2013) Duma receives 3D seismic over Texas Galveston Bay fields

(5/30/2013) Waters contracted for petrophysical evaluation of Alaska North Slope wells

(5/29/2013) ION concludes 2D shoot over Australia's northwest shelf

(5/28/2013) Spectrum shooting 2D MC survey offshore Uruguay

(5/27/2013) Beach-operated airborne geophysical survey concluded

(5/27/2013) Precision set to start 2nd Washington County, Ohio shoot

(5/26/2013) Dolphin upgrading acquisition equipment on 2 vessels

(5/26/2013) CGG completes Fastnet's Deep Kinsale 3D shoot off Ireland

(5/23/2013) Alaska North Slope mag data & interpretation contracted from Fugro

(5/23/2013) Latest version of Paradigm synchronized software released

(5/23/2013) Three new TGS multi-client surveys getting underway

(5/23/2013) Wireless Seismic system set for Michigan shoot

(5/22/2013) EMGS extends Atlantic Guardian charter till March 2014

(5/22/2013) DMT taps down northern Spain 3D survey

(5/20/2013) Shell kicking off offshore Nova Scotia 3D survey

(5/20/2013) Robertson completes 1st phase of source & reservoir facies project

(5/20/2013) NEOS launching G&G program over Colorado Niobrara shale play

(5/20/2013) Jason adds 3D Interpretation to reservoir characterization suite

(5/16/2013) Asian adds RT System 2 for large 3D shoot in Kurdistan

(5/16/2013) WesternGeco wraps up Karoro Survey offshore New Zealand

(5/15/2013) NuEnergy shooting airborne geophysical survey in Malawi

(5/14/2013) PhotoSat wraps up satellite topography mapping of Kurd Iraq block

(5/14/2013) ION taps down 5,200-km GuyanaSPAN 2D shoot off Suriname

(5/14/2013) Circle Oil calling for tenders to shoot 2D infill offshore Oman

(5/12/2013) New review of G&G effects on US Gulf marine mammals & fish

(5/10/2013) Polaris to shoot 2D over Tanzania's 2 Swala concessions

(5/9/2013) Breezer to shoot 3D seismic over Texas prospect

(5/8/2013) Empire gets go-ahead for 3D heli-seismic survey

(5/8/2013) ViaLogy on board to interpret Gente's Ecuadorian seismic

(5/7/2013) Norstra evaluating existing seismic over South Sun River Project

(5/6/2013) Primary's G&G work on Montana prospect ongoing

(5/6/2013) Inova Geophysical launches G3i Digital land acquisition system

(5/3/2013) EMGS to provide CSEM & MT data over Norwegian Sea

(5/1/2013) Spectrum extends 3D MC survey offshore Lebanon

(5/1/2013) Fugro Geos launches airborne ocean current measurement

(4/30/2013) NEOS launching G&G neoBASIN survey in US Mountain West

(4/30/2013) ViaLogy links with CGG to expand QuantumRD in seismic processing

(4/30/2013) WesternGeco shooting MC seismic survey offshore Mozambique

(4/29/2013) Polarcus shooting broadband 3D over Fairfield North Sea acreage

(4/26/2013) PGS' 24-streamer Ramform Titan debuts at MHI Yard

(4/25/2013) PGS orders 2 more Ramform Titan-class seismic vessels

(4/25/2013) CAMAC taps down gravmag surveys in Kenya's Lamu Basin

(4/24/2013) COSL orders new 12-streamer seismic acquisition vessel

(4/24/2013) Mnazi Bay Tanzania 3D results due in 3rd quarter

(4/24/2013) Saturn finishes 1st phase of Saskatchewan 2D survey

(4/23/2013) Spectrum kicks off new 3D multi-client shoot off Lebanon

(4/23/2013) Petromanas' contractor Geotec shooting Albania 2D

(4/22/2013) SeaBird & GeoPartners set to shoot 2D off Namibia

(4/22/2013) WesternGeco moves on to shoot Karoro survey off New Zealand

(4/22/2013) Octagon 88 sets 3D shoot for Alberta Bluesky/Gething Project

(4/19/2013) 3D over 2 New World Denmark projects concluded

(4/19/2013) Woodside & MPRL conclude Myanmar 3D seismic shoot

(4/18/2013) Taipan TFG survey over Kenya's Block 2B concluded

(4/18/2013) ADX suspends Romania Parta seismic shoot due to weather

(4/18/2013) President Petroleum shooting 3D & 2D over Paraguay concessions

(4/17/2013) NEOS launches US midcontinent G&G survey

(4/17/2013) Geofizyka Torun adds Paradigm CRAM technology

(4/17/2013) 3D shoot over Falklands' Diomedea Fan completed

(4/11/2013) Fugro completes survey offshore South Africa in Orange Basin

(4/10/2013) Camac shoot underway in Lamu Basin onshore Kenya

(4/10/2013) CGG wins Statoil contracts for permanent reservoir monitoring

(4/9/2013) PGS wraps up Falklands 3D shoot for Borders & Southern

(4/9/2013) SIGMA3's latest statics solution for complex geologies released

(4/9/2013) WesternGeco kicks off Barents Sea Ice Bear 2 MC 3D survey

(4/5/2013) Eni launching 2D seismic shoot over Irish Continental Shelf

(4/4/2013) Western Geco shooting 3D offshore New Zealand

(4/4/2013) Romanian Black Sea 3D survey set to complete this quarter

(4/4/2013) DMT to shoot 2D over 2 Georgia Rep license areas

(4/4/2013) ONGC to shoot India Bay of Bengal blocks 3D on clearance

(4/4/2013) CGG claims deployment record for longest offsets

(4/3/2013) NEOS expanding WaFEM neoBASIN Project in Appalachia

(4/3/2013) CGG launches Steppingstone BroadSeis 3D MC shoot off Norway

(4/2/2013) SeaBird to shoot Caribbean survey with Geo Pacific

(3/31/2013) Primary completes analysis & integration of Montana aeromag & seismic

(3/31/2013) TGS signs master license seismic deal with GulfSlope

(3/25/2013) Empire gets okay for Terrex 2D shoot in Perth Basin

(3/22/2013) MicroSeismic installing near-surface microseismic monitoring for Husky

(3/22/2013) JIP studies Texas' Eagle Ford Shale at outcroppings

(3/22/2013) Total hikes geophysical computing power with new supercomputer

(3/22/2013) Enegi seeking to determine reserves in 3D data over UK block

(3/21/2013) Europa shooting 2D seismic over UK onshore Lincolnshire acreage

(3/21/2013) Paradigm extends full-azimuth seismic imaging & characterization availability

(3/21/2013) EMGS & Spectrum join forces in Brazil's Foz do Amazonas Basin

(3/21/2013) BGP concludes Kenya onshore 2D shoot for Taipan

(3/20/2013) Terrex shooting Western Australia 3D seismic via helicopter

(3/19/2013) Fastnet set to start large Celtic Sea 3D shoot

(3/19/2013) TGS shooting 2D MC seismic offshore Sierra Leone

(3/18/2013) TGS to offer Fugro 2D MC library

(3/13/2013) Bahar to shoot 3D seismic over Gum Deniz Field in Caspian

(3/13/2013) Polar Duke prepping for UK Quads 29 & 30 3D MC shoot

(3/13/2013) PGS' Ramform Titans to be powered by ABB systems

(3/12/2013) Dolphin processing Barents Sea Finnmark Platform 3D MC survey

(3/11/2013) ConocoPhillips concludes 2D survey off Bangladesh

(3/8/2013) Seabird to complete Barbados MC seismic shoot

(3/7/2013) New geomechanics software for complex field developments

(3/7/2013) TGS set to start 2 3D MC shoots in the Norwegian Barents Sea

(3/6/2013) Spectrum completes processing of Brazil Potiguar 2D

(3/1/2013) GGS completes 1st phase of NE Brazil MC 2D shoot

(3/1/2013) North Energy in 4-year seismic deal with TGS

(2/28/2013) EMGS sells 3D EM data package for $10 million

(2/28/2013) US Seismic gets order for downhole seismic fiber optic system

(2/28/2013) Sevmorgeo adds FairfieldNodal Z700 system for Ecuador project

(2/27/2013) Sevmorgeo seismic surveys off Ecuador expanded

(2/27/2013) WGP lined up for Statoil long-term seismic reservoir monitoring

(2/26/2013) PGS starts 3D seismic shoot in South Falkland Basin

(2/25/2013) Sander to shoot Kenya airborne grav-mag survey for Camac

(2/21/2013) ION adds 2,800 km of 2D depth-imaged data off Uruguay

(2/20/2013) Terra to map geology of Kuwait's North & South Ratqa Fields

(2/19/2013) Quest to shoot 2D survey over Indonesia's South Block A

(2/19/2013) CGG kicks off Central North Sea BroadSeis 3D MC survey

(2/18/2013) CGG lined up to shoot 3D in the Celtic Sea for Fastnet

(2/18/2013) Prospectiuni completes Longreach 2D shoot onshore Morocco

(2/14/2013) Spectrum adds major Norwegian Shelf data with Carmot acquisitions

(2/13/2013) Geostrata shooting Saskatchewan 2D survey for Saturn

(2/13/2013) GC Rieber orders new 22-streamer 3D seismic vessel

(2/13/2013) ADX shooting 2D & 3D over Parta Block onshore Romania

(2/12/2013) Dawson buys cableless seismic data acquisition system

(2/12/2013) Polarcus to shoot 3D survey over Myanmar's deepwater Block A-6

(2/11/2013) Alconsult delivers 2D data for Thailand Phetchabun Basin

(2/4/2013) Interpretation underway of 3D shoot over Argentina block

(2/3/2013) Kosmos prepping for further seismic work

(1/31/2013) Quadrilla installing seismic monitoring at Lancashire UK wellsite

(1/31/2013) Seismic over PNG's P'nyang Field to aid development plan

(1/29/2013) Study of Candax Tunisia acreage shows doesn't support drilling

(1/28/2013) CGG processing Magellan's 3D Bonaparte Basin survey

(1/24/2013) Survey in Northern Ireland Rathlin Basin shows big oil potential

(1/24/2013) ESG installs permanent microseismic system in California

(1/23/2013) Geotech & Gazprom Neft sign 3-year seismic survey agreement

(1/21/2013) Lone Star Geophysical adds 4,000-node ZLand system

(1/21/2013) Hess completes Australia Beetaloo Basin 2D shoot

(1/18/2013) BG-BHP JV awaiting India Defense Dept okay of 2D shoot

(1/18/2013) WGP lines up Sevmorgeo for Ecuador shoot

(1/18/2013) BGP starts second 2D MC survey off Madagascar

(1/18/2013) EMGS contracted for 6-month 3D EM acquisition in Asia

(1/17/2013) BPG shooting 2D over Kenya onshore Anza Basin block

(1/16/2013) First pass seismic over Ireland's Kiernan Prospect positive

(1/16/2013) TGS shooting 3D MC Sunfish Survey offshore Liberia

(1/15/2013) Australia rejects Apache seismic survey permit application

(1/14/2013) Fugro-Geoteam concludes Mauritania 3D shoot

(1/14/2013) Anticosti Island, Quebec well core analyses received

(1/11/2013) Searcher & Dolphin launch Barents Sea Rodspurv 3D shoot

(1/11/2013) New World shooting Denmark's Jensen Zechstein

(1/10/2013) ARKeX to shoot FTG survey over Kenya onshore block

(1/8/2013) ONGC signs SMNG to shoot 2 offshore Western India blocks

(1/7/2013) TGS' Arcis shooting Central Alberta 3D MC survey

(1/7/2013) Spectrum follows Namibia 2D shoot with South Africa tie-in

(1/6/2013) TGS to charter 8-stream seismic vessel for Europe 3D shoots

(12/14/2012) PGS set to shoot 3D MC survey offshore Uruguay

(12/14/2012) TGS shooting Amerigo 3D MC survey in central US Gulf

(12/13/2012) Statoil sees permanent seafloor seismic major output booster

(12/13/2012) TGS shooting Three Bears 3D MC seismic survey off NW Australia

(12/12/2012) EMGS scores 2 more Asia electromagnetic 3D surveys

(12/12/2012) PGS kicks off 3D shoot over southern Falklands licenses

(12/12/2012) FairfieldNodal launches enhanced ZLand seismic nodes

(12/12/2012) Afren shooting 3D surveys in Seychelles waters

(12/11/2012) Spectraseis to monitor BC wellsites for induced seismic activity

(12/10/2012) BP establishing world's largest supercomputing complex in Houston

(12/10/2012) Polarcus & TPAO in final collaboration talks & sale of 3D vessel

(12/5/2012) GGS set to shoot Paraguay 3D for President Energy

(12/3/2012) Edge spots oil pools in new 3D seismic data

(12/3/2012) Atlantic Guardian charter extended by EMGS

(12/2/2012) PGS sets Greek Ionian Sea seismic survey

(11/30/2012) Amerisur shooting 2D over Colombia's Fenix Block

(11/30/2012) Dolphin set to shoot northwest Africa 3D survey

(11/29/2012) EMGS awarded 3D EM contract in Malaysia by Shell

(11/28/2012) Spectrum starts 2D shoot over Brazil's Potigar Basin

(11/27/2012) Equipment arrives for WGP 2D shoot on Lake Tanganyika

(11/27/2012) Outcrop lab study shows Namibia Owambo Basin blocks prospective

(11/27/2012) TGS shooting major 3D MC survey extension offshore Angola

(11/25/2012) CGGVeritas shooting 3D offshore Guyana

(11/23/2012) Spectrum shooting 2nd phase of Brazil Foz do Amazonas survey

(11/23/2012) Taipan contracts BGP to shoot 2D over NE Kenya block

(11/21/2012) PGS to shoot 2D & 3D MC surveys offshore Namibia

(11/19/2012) First Oil Expro's UK North Sea Norfolk 2D shoot completed

(11/19/2012) Spectrum shooting 2nd phase of Levantine Basin 3D off Lebanon

(11/19/2012) Fugro-Geoteam kicks off Chariot 3D shoot off Mauritania

(11/19/2012) Ireland tendering for western frontier offshore seismic shoot

(11/18/2012) Veripos wins SeaBird GNSS positioning contract extension

(11/16/2012) Eaglewood launches PNG Drimgas 2D seismic shoot

(11/15/2012) Geoscience Australia receiving $114 million in funding

(11/13/2012) Latest version of INTViewer visualization platform released

(11/13/2012) PGS charters 4 PF Thor seismic support vessels

(11/12/2012) Vanoil completes 3D seismic shoot over onshore Kenya block

(11/12/2012) Providence's Drombeg off Ireland looks big in seismic study

(11/12/2012) Maurel & Prom prepping for Mnazi Bay 3D shoot

(11/7/2012) Dolphin set to shoot South Africa 2D for Anadarko & PetroSA

(11/7/2012) Apache deploying wireless 3D seismic tech offshore Alaska

(11/7/2012) Statoil contracts Geospace for seabed seismic monitoring systems

(11/7/2012) North Dakota's Williston Basin South Prairie 3D shoot concluded

(11/7/2012) CGGVeritas completes 1st 3D BroadSeis survey off China

(11/6/2012) Kongsberg launches multi-vessel survey safety technology

(11/6/2012) SpiceRack R&D project to develop seabed seismic acquisition

(11/5/2012) Passive seismic survey in Kenya verifies hydrocarbon potential

(11/5/2012) Sercel launches new version of cableless acquisition system

(11/5/2012) Baker Hughes & CGGVeritas tie-up to facilitate better shale wells

(11/2/2012) Realtime wireless seismic data collection system

(11/2/2012) USSI launches optical interrogator for fiber optic sensing systems

(11/1/2012) TGS completes 4 offshore surveys, now shooting 5 others

(11/1/2012) Westcore winds up 3D shoot in SW Saskatchewan

(11/1/2012) Seabird set to shoot seismic for Magellan off Australia

(10/31/2012) BGP completes 2D shoot in Thailand for Oil Optimization

(10/30/2012) PanAmerican Geophysical adds Sercel cable-free system

(10/28/2012) Ireland Mizzen Basin area 2D data being reprocessed

(10/26/2012) PGS to shoot two 3D seismic surveys off Falklands

(10/25/2012) Voring Basin in Norwegian Sea added to West of Shetland mapping

(10/25/2012) Hawkeye to carry out NW Kansas geothermal analysis

(10/23/2012) New microseismic method of frac monitoring

(10/23/2012) WGP wraps up Russian High Arctic 2D shoot

(10/19/2012) Fugro-Geoteam to shoot offshore Mauritania 3D for Chariot

(10/17/2012) LGX shooting 3D survey over southern Alberta Bakken acreage

(10/16/2012) MicroSeismic adds an RT System 2 from Wireless Seismic

(10/15/2012) 3D survey underway over North Dakota South Prairie Project

(10/15/2012) PGS orders 2 more Titan-class seismic vessels from Mitsubishi

(10/15/2012) Matra concludes 2D & 3D seismic shoot in Orenburg, Russia

(10/15/2012) TGC buys 24,000-channel wireless data acquisition system

(10/14/2012) PGS' Ramform Titan taking shape block by block

(10/11/2012) Geokinetics completes Terra Nova 3D in South Australia

(10/5/2012) Senergy to be provided Apache geosteering software

(10/5/2012) BP to shoot 2D & 3D offshore Uruguay

(10/4/2012) Naftogaz to shoot 3D seismic over Black Sea Pallas Field

(10/4/2012) Emerson launches integrated reservoir engineering software

(10/4/2012) DNV develops new seismic vessel class notation

(10/4/2012) TGS shooting 3D MC survey onshore NE British Columbia

(10/3/2012) Hybrid downhole/near-surface microseismic acquisition

(10/2/2012) FairfieldNodal shooting 2,000 sq km US Gulf 3D/4D survey

(10/2/2012) PGS to shoot 3D over B&S's South Falkland Basin block

(10/2/2012) Geological study of Indonesia's Riau Area CBM potential

(10/1/2012) EMGS shooting West of Shetland CSEM & MT survey

(10/1/2012) Serica completes Luderitz Basin 3D shoot off Namibia

(9/26/2012) Spectrum extends 2D MC survey offshore Brazil

(9/24/2012) Sino Gas taps down 2D shoot at China's Sanjiaobei & Linxing Blocks

(9/24/2012) TGS to shoot 2D in Colombian Caribbean & Pacific

(9/23/2012) Cairn revving up Morocco ops with 3D seismic

(9/21/2012) Aminex to resume seismic shoot off Tanzania

(9/21/2012) Dolphin deal with Hannon Westwood hikes NW Europe databases

(9/20/2012) NXT completes on and offshore Mexico SFD survey

(9/20/2012) Shallow water 3D OBC survey underway off Israel

(9/19/2012) Geological study concluded on Northern Ireland Rathlin acreage

(9/19/2012) BG set to shot 3D seismic over Kenya offshore blocks

(9/17/2012) CGGVeritas shooting 3D survey over Romanian Black Sea blocks

(9/17/2012) Junex wraps up Quebec 2D seismic survey

(9/13/2012) Bay Geophysical buys Wireless Seismic acquisition system

(9/11/2012) FairfieldNodal adds vessel to acquisition fleet

(9/10/2012) $7 million EMGS contract in SE Asia cancelled

(9/10/2012) TGS shooting new MC 2D survey off NE Newfoundland

(9/7/2012) Fugro wins DOE gas hydrates research projects

(9/6/2012) NEOS wins Jordan geophysical interpretation project

(9/6/2012) Sercel systems upgrade CGGVeritas' Oceanic Champion

(9/5/2012) Statoil issues LoI for seabed seismic reservoir monitoring

(9/5/2012) PGS picked to shoot seismic offshore Greece

(9/4/2012) Lone Star Geophysical contracts 8,000-node ZLand system

(9/4/2012) SeaBird's Voyager Explorer set for SE Asia shoot

(9/3/2012) Ophir's East Africa petrophysical & geophysical studies ongoing

(9/2/2012) Seismic shoot set for southern Bulgaria block

(8/29/2012) NPD ROV collects Jan Mayen Ridge geological samples

(8/29/2012) Chrysaor to carry out Spanish Point site survey off Ireland

(8/28/2012) WHL to contract 3D over Australia Otway Basin discovery

(8/27/2012) World's largest all-optical downhole seismic array ordered

(8/26/2012) Spectrum sees significant gas off Lebanon

(8/26/2012) Fugro adopts Paradigm SKUA technology

(8/22/2012) Simba completes passive seismic on Kenya block

(8/22/2012) SMNG kicks off Romanian Black Sea shoot

(8/22/2012) TGS launches 3D MC Faroe Shetland Basin survey

(8/21/2012) Spectrum & Dolphin shooting 3D MC survey off Lebanon

(8/21/2012) RWE Dea wraps up Turkmen Caspian 3D shoot

(8/20/2012) Hess increases Beetaloo 2D seismic investment

(8/20/2012) TGS set to shoot NW Australia Exmouth Plateau 3D

(8/17/2012) NPD continues seismic shoot in NE Barents Sea

(8/17/2012) Rosneft kicks off Kara Sea 3D seismic survey

(8/17/2012) New 3D MC seismic shoot set for Lebanon waters

(8/16/2012) EMGS to shoot 3D EM survey offshore Brunei

(8/16/2012) Ingrain to characterize Colombia ANH stored core

(8/16/2012) Searcher completes Barents Sea 3D MC shoot

(8/16/2012) TGS starts 2D MC survey expansion off NE Greenland

(8/15/2012) AleAnna wraps up 3rd Po Valley 3D shoot in Italy

(8/15/2012) Kuwait Energy & TPAO to shoot seismic on Iraq block

(8/14/2012) TGS launches 2 3D MC seismic surveys in Saskatchewan

(8/14/2012) Eco Atlantic gets go-ahead to shoot 3D off Namibia

(8/14/2012) Largest onshore Australia 3D seismic survey underway

(8/12/2012) PRD licenses ExxonMobil data over German blocks

(8/12/2012) SeaBird's Aquila Explorer set for Asia-Pacific shoot

(8/9/2012) Schlumberger releases Petrel 2012 E&P platform

(8/8/2012) Apache shooting 3D over Cook Inlet native lands

(8/7/2012) Ireland's Drombeg seismic study concluded

(8/6/2012) ARKeX completes FTG survey offshore Greenland

(8/5/2012) UK Isle of Wight infill seismic confirms Razorback Prospect

(8/2/2012) Assaka 3D off Morocco being processed by CGGVeritas

(8/2/2012) CGGVeritas shooting deepwater 3D off Guyane

(8/2/2012) EMGS to shoot 3D EM survey in Asia-Pacific

(8/2/2012) VSG acquired for $55 million by FEI

(8/1/2012) Shell picks Dolphin Geophysical for South Africa offshore shoot

(8/1/2012) OMV picks Petris for borehole data management

(7/30/2012) Wells confirm Malay Basin reservoir characterization

(7/30/2012) Microseismic services launched in Western Canada

(7/29/2012) Searcher completes Duvalia 2D shoot off Australia

(7/27/2012) Buccaneer evaluating Kenai Loop 3D survey

(7/27/2012) Total joins reservoir simulator consortium

(7/23/2012) Artemis Atlantic completes 1st part of Nordland IV & V survey

(7/22/2012) CGGVeritas forms strategic alliance with SMNG

(7/22/2012) Octio & Siemens link for permanent reservoir monitoring

(7/20/2012) US Gulf deepwater reservoir sands knowledge base released

(7/18/2012) Simba shooting passive seismic onshore Kenya

(7/18/2012) Empire shot hole test preceding Wannamal 3D survey

(7/17/2012) Geokinetics to shoot South Australia Western Flank 3D

(7/17/2012) CGGVeritas shooting IBALT 3D survey in US Gulf

(7/16/2012) Junex line-cutting for Quebec Anticosti Island 2D shoot

(7/12/2012) OGE contracted for Russia's Sokolovskoye Field seismic

(7/12/2012) FAR wraps up Kenya Lamu Basin 3D survey

(7/12/2012) Murphy set to shoot Wokam 3D off West Papua

(7/12/2012) Dolphin upgrades 2 vessels to 12 streamers

(7/10/2012) Dolphin acquiring Lofoten seismic in Norway's Nordland

(7/10/2012) Beach 2D Lake Tanganyika shoot shows anomalies

(7/10/2012) Statoil lines up Dolphin for Tanzania offshore shoot

(7/9/2012) Melrose Galata seismic interpretation confirms prospects

(7/9/2012) Armada contracts Geokinetics for Niobrara 3D shoot

(7/9/2012) Geomodling's latest attribute interpretation software released

(7/9/2012) CGGVeritas set to shoot 3D in southern Algeria

(7/6/2012) WGP completes 15th LOF seismic survey for BP

(7/3/2012) Borehole image interpretation package released

(7/3/2012) Pura Vida sets seabed core sampling offshore Morocco

(6/29/2012) Aminex suspends Nyuni 2D shoot until October

(6/27/2012) Tesla taps down InfraStrata shoot in Northern Ireland

(6/26/2012) Kulczyk completes Brunei seismic survey field work

(6/25/2012) EMGS scores $8 million 3D data licensing deal

(6/25/2012) Dolphin's Polar Duke to shoot Byornoya 3D MC survey

(6/25/2012) USC to build 4 seismic vessels for Sovcomflot

(6/22/2012) Searcher shooting hi-res 3D MC survey in Barents Sea

(6/21/2012) Polarcus adds 8th 3D seismic vessel to fleet

(6/21/2012) Cloud platform leveraged for complex seismic

(6/21/2012) Pay estimates enabled from seismic color inversion data

(6/20/2012) NPD gets 2nd Barents Sea 2D shoot underway

(6/20/2012) Searcher reprocessing Australia Canning Basin data

(6/19/2012) Polarcus 3D shoot off Western Australia extended

(6/19/2012) BP completes 3D seismic farm-in obligation off Namibia

(6/18/2012) Beach begins 1,800 km 2D shoot over Lake Tanganyika South

(6/18/2012) Gardline equipping survey vessels with acoustic tracking

(6/18/2012) DMT to shoot Austria 3D for Rohol-Aufschungs

(6/15/2012) WesternGeco contracts 2 new seismic vessels from FSG

(6/13/2012) Seismic-to-simulation reservoir-centric workflow software

(6/13/2012) High res 3D seismic tech launched by WGP Survey

(6/12/2012) Kifaru 3D seismic shoot begins in Kenya Bloc L6

(6/12/2012) 3D Geophysical to shoot 3C 3D Bakken survey

(6/11/2012) Pemex extends EMGS contract for 3D EM survey

(6/11/2012) PGS shoot off Eq Guinea proves lack of prospectivity

(6/10/2012) Ikon Science launches 6th iteration of its rock physics software

(6/10/2012) Seabird chooses Sercel navigation system

(6/8/2012) Searcher & Fugro extend Barrow 3D Ultracube

(6/8/2012) Ardiseis wins 3-year 3D land seismic project for PDO

(6/7/2012) CGGVeritas & Saudi Aramco in geophysical collaboration

(6/7/2012) CGGVeritas shooting 4th life of field seismic on Ekofisk

(6/6/2012) BGP contracted for MC 2D & 3D offshore Madagascar

(6/6/2012) First permanent microseismic monitoring installed in Europe

(6/6/2012) TGS expanding Faroe Shetland Basin 3D survey

(6/5/2012) Tesla buys Hawk nodal system for Marcellus Shale

(6/5/2012) Sercel launches next generation Sentinel RD streamer

(6/5/2012) NPD shooting 2D seismic offshore Jan Mayen

(6/5/2012) New seismic acquisition tech captures wavefield in 3D

(6/4/2012) Octio teams with Siemens for permanent reservoir monitoring

(6/4/2012) ffA's GeoTeric on NVIDIA Maximus certified

(6/4/2012) TGS conventional to broadband seismic processing technique

(6/4/2012) ION launches redeployable seabed seismic system

(6/1/2012) Upgraded Wireless Seismic system launched

(5/31/2012) Wessex completes reprocessing of 2D off Juan de Nova

(5/31/2012) Aker Solutions does deal with TGS for regional velocity cubes

(5/30/2012) Aminex shooting 2D seismic over Tanzania license area

(5/29/2012) InfraStrata kicks off 2D infill shoot in Northern Ireland

(5/29/2012) WesternGeco shooting in SW Queensland for Drillsearch

(5/28/2012) Terrex shooting 3D in South Australia for Senex

(5/23/2012) New MC 3D wide azimuth survey in US Gulf of Mexico

(5/22/2012) Norway pioneering expedition in the Arctic Ocean

(5/22/2012) TGS kicks off Northern North Sea More Basin MC 2D

(5/21/2012) TGS commences 2 MC 2D surveys in Northwest Europe

(5/20/2012) Jadran-Naftagas to shoot seismic in NE Bosnia

(5/18/2012) USSI using Northrop Grumman fiber-optics for geophones

(5/17/2012) BG & BHP cancel seismic surveys off India

(5/17/2012) TGS to release new & old UK onshore & offshore well data

(5/14/2012) Spectraseis speeds microseismic data processing via GPU

(5/14/2012) TGS acquires geotech data integration company

(5/10/2012) CGG Veritas ups capacity in Pennsylvania 3D shoot

(5/10/2012) Barryroe reservoir seismic & wireline map reservoirs

(5/10/2012) TGS shooting 1st Erlend Basin MC 3D survey West of Shetlands

(5/9/2012) Jogmec joins Kenya search for hydrocarbons

(5/9/2012) Manas sub taps down Tajikistan 2D shoot

(5/8/2012) Terra wins Santa Cruz, Argentine survey project

(5/8/2012) USSI licenses fiber-optic tech for oilfield geophones

(5/3/2012) Dolphin charters Sanco Sword 3D acquisition vessel

(5/2/2012) EMGS scores offshore PNG 3D EM survey

(5/1/2012) Polarcus Nadia in Namibia for Serica Luderitz Basin shoot

(4/30/2012) FAR Ltd shooting Lamu Basin 3D survey off Kenya

(4/30/2012) New JewelSuite simplifies sweet spot evaluation

(4/30/2012) TGS starts MC 3D survey in Norwegian Barents Sea

(4/26/2012) Paradigm upgrades last year's E&P software release

(4/25/2012) Buccaneer Kenai Loop seismic shoot done

(4/25/2012) GEDCO becoming part of WesternGeco after acquisition

(4/25/2012) SeaBird to shoot MC 2D survey off East Africa

(4/25/2012) NPD acquiring seismic in the south eastern Barents Sea

(4/24/2012) ARKeX shooting offshore Greenland FTG survey

(4/24/2012) African Petroleum picks Paradigm for seismic interpretation

(4/23/2012) Chevron selects Vialogy for seismic data analysis

(4/23/2012) New WesternGeco tech deepens seismic imaging

(4/20/2012) Dolphin acquiring OGI seismic processing software company

(4/20/2012) Terrex to shoot 3D in Australia's Amadeus Basin

(4/19/2012) TGS providing access to Canadian well data

(4/19/2012) Fugro Airborne shooting Saturn Minerals gravity survey

(4/18/2012) Seismic streamer deck handling training simulator installed

(4/18/2012) Spectrum shooting Foz do Amazonas survey in Brazil

(4/17/2012) RWE Dea kicking off Caspian seismic offshore Turkmenistan

(4/17/2012) TGS shooting 3D MC survey onshore Kansas

(4/16/2012) CGGVeritas wins Total Angola 4D processing & imaging contract

(4/15/2012) M/V Fugro Equator set for delivery next month

(4/13/2012) GeoDynamics prepping for Kenya passive seismic survey

(4/13/2012) BOEM wants comment on pending ION Beaufort Sea shoot

(4/12/2012) Dolphin shooting 3D MC deepwater Senegal survey

(4/12/2012) Ireland's North Celtic Sea Rosscarbery 3D survey interpreted

(4/9/2012) TGC orders 13,000 wireless seismic units from OYO

(4/5/2012) Anatolia finalizing Turkey seismic survey interpretation

(4/4/2012) Polarcus shooting 3D seismic over NZ Taranaki blocks

(4/4/2012) Satellite gravity data study for petroleum exploration

(4/4/2012) Eaglewood gets PPL259 seismic shoot underway

(4/4/2012) Dolphin concerns halt Global Geophysical seismic shoot

(4/3/2012) 3D shoot set for Texas' Barnett Shale formation

(4/3/2012) Getech to map Red Sea subsalt & depth to basement

(4/2/2012) Seabird shooting new Luderitz Basin 2D MC survey

(4/2/2012) Shell completes Tortilla seismic survey

(3/30/2012) Seismic shoot set for Newfoundland's Port au Port

(3/29/2012) LNG's Sling 2D shoot over PNG license concluded

(3/29/2012) Newbuild 3D seismic acquisition vessel delivered

(3/28/2012) 9,000 km added to Northwest Africa Atlantic Margin survey

(3/28/2012) BOEM evaluating US Mid-Atlantic seismic surveys

(3/28/2012) Fugro to shoot 3D seismic off Norway for Bayerngas

(3/27/2012) Emerson releases latest Roxar modelling software

(3/27/2012) INOVA delivers its first G3i mega-channel recording system

(3/26/2012) Tesla to shoot infill Northern Ireland 2D

(3/22/2012) RXT to acquire OBC seismic data off Ireland

(3/22/2012) ONGC negotiating with MGS for 2D long offset shoot

(3/22/2012) Apache wraps up Nanaa 3D survey offshore Kenya

(3/21/2012) Cairn prepping to shoot 3D offshore Spain

(3/20/2012) Shell to co-fund Turkey's Sivas Basin 2D survey

(3/20/2012) SeaBird wins shoot offshore Brazil

(3/19/2012) Fugro Geoteam to shoot 3D for Statoil off Newfoundland

(3/18/2012) Spectraseis completes frac monitoring surveys

(3/16/2012) Royale shooting 3D in California's Sacramento Basin

(3/15/2012) Hampson-Russell launches facies prediction for HRS-9

(3/15/2012) Polarcus to shoot 3D over Namibia's Luderitz Basin

(3/14/2012) Vanoil kicks off 2D marine shoot in Rwanda

(3/14/2012) Soco to follow DRC aero-mag survey with seismic

(3/14/2012) Software delineates porosity to ID hydrocarbon deposits

(3/13/2012) Pulse licenses BC Cutbank Ridge 3D data

(3/13/2012) Redesigned reservoir characterization suite launched

(3/12/2012) 2D seismic survey underway in NE Kenya

(3/12/2012) Timor Trough 2D MC survey underway

(3/9/2012) RXT chosen for Middle East OBC survey

(3/9/2012) CGGVeritas shooting 3D MC survey on Alaska North Slope

(3/8/2012) Sinopec receives Sercel's 750th Nomad 65 vibrator

(3/7/2012) RXT wins Middle East OBC survey

(3/5/2012) WesternGeco land acquisition & processing system available

(3/5/2012) Simba set for passive seismic survey over Kenya block

(3/4/2012) Buccaneer shooting 3D seismic on Alaska's Kenai Loop

(3/2/2012) Soco to shoot aero gravmag survey over Congo block

(2/29/2012) 3D seismic survey set for Alexander First Nation Permit

(2/28/2012) SeaBird wins 3D shoot off sub-Sahara Africa

(2/28/2012) CGGVeritas wraps up Floyd 3D shoot off Western Australia

(2/28/2012) Norwest shooting 2D over UK Isle of Wight license

(2/26/2012) Petrobras contracts GeoRXT for Brazil OBC survey

(2/26/2012) PGS picks OceanWorks for Jubarte project off Brazil

(2/26/2012) Reliance selects Fugro for India East Coast geotech studies

(2/23/2012) New reservoir characterization version released

(2/23/2012) GII shooting 2D over Georgia's Block VIb

(2/23/2012) North Celtic Sea 3D seismic interpreted

(2/21/2012) Desire receives 3D seismic over Falkland blocks

(2/21/2012) PGS providing seismic data for 2nd Cyprus round roadshow

(2/20/2012) Norway to shoot seismic in previously disputed Barents Sea

(2/20/2012) PGS wraps up Chariot's 3D shoot off Namibia

(2/19/2012) RXT contracted for offshore Norway OBC survey

(2/16/2012) TGS launches 3rd 3D MC shoot off NW Australia

(2/15/2012) Hess to conduct seismic study in Williston Basin

(2/14/2012) OYO wins 4D seismic project for Shell off Brazil

(2/14/2012) Floyd 3D shoot underway off Western Australia

(2/14/2012) CGGVeritas logs 20 million manhour shoot without LTI

(2/12/2012) ION expands Brazil Equatorial Margin survey

(2/10/2012) SeaBird picks up new 2D shoot for summer

(2/10/2012) Tesla taps down Egdon 3D Scunthorpe UK shoot

(2/10/2012) Seabird shooting 3D survey off Western Australia

(2/9/2012) Norway ready to shoot seismic east of Svalbard

(2/9/2012) Rosneft preparing to shoot 3D in Russia's Kara Sea

(2/9/2012) Tethys tenders for summer seismic shoot in Tajikistan

(2/8/2012) Searcher launching long offset 2D Duvalia survey

(2/6/2012) TGS shooting onshore MC 3D in Kansas

(2/5/2012) Matra gearing up for full-field 3D shoot at Sokolovskoye

(2/2/2012) Aroway in 3D shoot over Alberta acreage

(2/2/2012) Polarcus to shoot Shell's 3D survey off Greenland

(2/1/2012) UOS begins work in Poland with Sercel system

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