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(9/19/2019) SeaBird to shoot 2D seismic survey offshore Africa

(9/19/2019) TGS shooting Senegal Ultra-Deep 3D survey off Senegal

(9/18/2019) Sercel launches WiNG next-generation land nodal system

(9/18/2019) CGG completes multiyear Kuwait geoscience study

(9/17/2019) Quantico & TGS link for artificial intelligence-based seismic inversion

(9/17/2019) WesternGeco kicks off WAZ MC 3D survey offshore Mexico

(9/16/2019) SeaBird wins Asia-Pacific seismic source contract

(9/16/2019) Shearwater to shoot 3D Isometrix survey off Colombia

(9/16/2019) Sercel & BGP new seismic ocean bottom node launched

(9/15/2019) Woodside investing in Blue Ocean Seismic Services

(9/13/2019) IHS Markit & Schlumberger collaborating on digital subsurface platform

(9/12/2019) ION in new 2D MC acquisition over Angola's Namibe Basin

(9/11/2019) Shearwater to shoot large 3D seismic survey in South America

(9/11/2019) SeaBird contracted for Australasia 2D seismic survey

(9/9/2019) Shearwater wins TPAO Black Sea seismic survey contract

(9/6/2019) Schlumberger & TGS in Egyptian Red Sea 3D reimaging project

(9/5/2019) CGG wins Orphan Basin seismic imaging project for BHP

(8/30/2019) Fugro wraps up 2nd Malaysia seep hunting & geochem campaign

(8/28/2019) Polarcus to shoot XArray marine seismic survey in SE Asia

(8/28/2019) Axxis signed for Brazil OBN survey in October

(8/27/2019) CGG shooting Nebula 3D survey offshore Brazil

(8/22/2019) 3D survey completed over Pensacola Prospect in Southern North Sea

(8/20/2019) Hilcorp Alaska to shoot 2D seismic in Alaska's Cook Inlet

(8/20/2019) Magseis Fairfield to acquire low frequency source node survey in US Gulf

(8/9/2019) Providence to carry out Barryroe site survey off Ireland

(8/6/2019) SeaBird expecting 2-month delays in West Africa & Americas surveys

(8/5/2019) TGS receives 5-year log data processing contract from US BSEE

(8/1/2019) EMGS to shoot CSEM survey in Namibia's Walvis Basin

(7/31/2019) Ion reimaging Danish North Sea 3D seismic data

(7/30/2019) Corallian surveying site of Curlew-A appraisal well in UK North Sea

(7/26/2019) Shearwater concludes 3D shoot offshore Cambodia

(7/24/2019) Tullow set to shoot 3D seismic in Indian Ocean off Comoros

(7/24/2019) TGS & EnergyIQ team produces EIQ TGS Data Loader

(7/23/2019) 3D Oil to shoot Sauropod 3D seismic survey off Western Australia

(7/22/2019) Sinopec 2D seismic survey finds gas prospect in Bangladesh

(7/21/2019) ESG tests HT/HP microseismic system in Eagle Ford shale

(7/18/2019) Turkey dispatching 2nd seismic acquisition vessel to Cyprus

(7/16/2019) Seabed Geosolutions granted 4D West Africa OBM survey

(7/12/2019) Norwest's Western Australia Xanadu transition zone survey completed

(7/11/2019) Queensland's 2D Koburra seismic survey shows new leads & prospects

(7/10/2019) Pertamina shooting 2D seismic in Malacca Strait

(6/28/2019) EMGS to shoot CSEM survey for BP off Senegal & Mauritania

(6/25/2019) eSeis to aid Pantheon in farmout of interest in Alaska North Slope assets

(6/25/2019) Shearwater to shoot 4D seismic survey for Total E&P Danmark

(6/20/2019) TGS & PGS launch HD3D MC seismic survey off Newfoundland

(6/18/2019) CGG to process world's largest OBN seismic survey for Adnoc

(6/16/2019) CGG expands subsalt image quality for BP's US Gulf Mad Dog Field

(6/16/2019) Fugro completes 1st Malaysian offshore seep hunt, starts 2nd

(6/14/2019) 3D seismic derisks Melbana's Beehive Prospect offshore Australia

(6/13/2019) Ion expands 2D MC seismic program off Newfoundland

(6/12/2019) SAExploration completes its largest shallow water OBN project in India

(6/11/2019) Equinor assigns multi-year Sverdrup PRM processing to CGG

(6/9/2019) CGG MC2D survey to search for micro-continents in West Indian Ocean

(6/9/2019) Axxis wraps up OBN survey offshore Western India

(6/7/2019) ION Geophysical next-generation ocean bottom technology

(6/6/2019) CGG & Fairfield team for Louisiana's Austin Chalk MC WAZ Survey

(6/5/2019) Elixir hires Micro Seismic for 2D shoot on Mongolia's Nomgon IX Block

(6/5/2019) Spectrum shooting 1st phase of UK Southern North Sea MC 3D survey

(6/5/2019) CGG products, data & services now on Microsoft Azure

(6/4/2019) Shearwater set to shoot TGS Atlantic Margin 3D MC Survey

(6/4/2019) Xanadu 3D seismic shoot underway off Western Australia

(6/4/2019) Shearwater acquiring 5 CGG-Eidesvik seismic vessels

(5/31/2019) Polarcus awarded wide-azimuth seismic shoot

(5/31/2019) Santos shooting Keraudren 3D seismic survey in Western Australia

(5/29/2019) S-Cube launches XWI algorithm to see subsurface reservoirs 1-km deep

(5/28/2019) Five Sercel seismic survey systems delivered to ONGC

(5/26/2019) Shearwater & Equinor developing new marine seismic source technology

(5/26/2019) Woolpert acquiring Geomatics Data Solutions

(5/23/2019) SeaBird set to start 2D seismic shoot in Norwegian Sea

(5/22/2019) Magseis Fairfield receives US Gulf survey letter of intent

(5/21/2019) Shearwater to shoot HD 3D seismic over Senegal's SNE Field

(5/20/2019) TGS & PGS to shoot Torngat 3D MC survey offshore Eastern Canada

(5/20/2019) CGG makes 7 pre-calculated US onshore basin MagCubes available

(5/16/2019) EMGS to acquire CSEM survey in Norwegian Barents Sea

(5/15/2019) PGS concludes MC 3D GeoStreamer survey off Republic of Guinea

(5/14/2019) CGG set to shoot 1st MC OBN survey in US Gulf Mississippi Canyon

(5/10/2019) SeaBird wins new OBN source contract in US Gulf of Mexico

(5/5/2019) Sercel marine mammal monitoring authorized by UK regulators

(4/23/2019) EMGS awarded multi-year major seismic acquisition contract

(4/12/2019) SeaBird set to purchase two BOA seismic vessels

(4/11/2019) Shell contracts Shearwater for North Sea & Australia seismic surveys

(4/10/2019) Processed seismic delivered for Zimbabwe's Cabora Bassa Project

(4/10/2019) CGG wraps up Gabon South Basin 2D MC seismic survey

(4/8/2019) TGS & PGS line up 3D & 2D offshore Eastern Canada MC surveys

(4/4/2019) EMGS & Equinor in CESM well calibration study

(4/3/2019) Shell to shoot Factory 3D marine seismic off Western Australia

(4/1/2019) SeaBird secures 3D shoot in West Africa & OBN survey in US Gulf

(3/28/2019) Cuba & China starting oil exploration geological research

(3/26/2019) Shearwater to shoot 4D seismic at Troll Field this summer

(3/26/2019) Ion launches new 2D MC seismic program off Central America

(3/25/2019) EMGS set to shoot pre-funded MC survey in Norwegian Barents Sea

(3/21/2019) CGG Multi-Physics produces Marine GravMag of over 97%

(3/20/2019) Sercel launches SigmaWave distributed acoustic sensing seismic solution

(3/19/2019) Shearwater awarded acquisition & processing contract in Turkey

(3/19/2019) Sercel launches 1st Vibroseis Vibrator Auto-Guidance

(3/15/2019) Magseis Fairfield to shoot OBS seismic in US Gulf

(3/14/2019) Total shooting 3D survey over South Africa's Block 11B/12B

(3/11/2019) EMGS receives $24 million award for a Southeast Asia survey

(3/8/2019) SAExploration taking on new Alaska & SE Asia seismic surveys

(3/7/2019) Elixir preparing for 2nd quarter seismic shoot in Mongolia's Block IX

(3/7/2019) TGS to shoot new MC 3D seismic survey in Oklahoma's Anadarko Basin

(3/5/2019) Comet Ridge winds up Koburra 2D seismic shoot in Queensland

(3/4/2019) EMGS receives Equinor letter of intent to license Norwegian offshore data

(3/4/2019) Searcher & BGP complete Triok 2D survey off Papua New Guinea

(2/28/2019) Magseis-Fairfield awarded Norwegian North Sea survey project

(2/26/2019) Echo concludes Tapi Aike 3D seismic in Argentina's

(2/26/2019) Equinor deploying subsea cable time-lapse seismic system at Sverdrup Field

(2/25/2019) Melbana receives Beehive 3D seismic survey off Western Australia

(2/21/2019) North Sea phantom volcanoes that held off drilling never existed

(2/21/2019) Shearwater shooting new Brazil Campos Basin MC 3D seismic for TGS

(2/21/2019) EMGS awarded $20 million SE Asia data acquisition contract

(2/20/2019) Spectrum shooting Argentine Colorado Basin MC-2D seismic survey

(2/20/2019) CGG launches HampsonRussell 10.4 Deep Feed Forward Neural Network

(2/19/2019) Benthic & Asian Geos finalize geotech survey of Limbayong Field

(2/14/2019) Searcher wraps up Gulf of Papua airborne grav-mag survey

(2/13/2019) TGS to shoot Railgun 3D seismic survey in US Powder River Basin

(2/11/2019) Benthic begins geotech campaign offshore Brazil for Equinor

(2/11/2019) CGG & TGS to shoot Barents Sea Greater Castberg TopSeis survey

(2/9/2019) Dominican Republic calling for offshore 2D & 3D seismic survey proposals

(2/7/2019) Ion expands Brazil MC seismic library with deepwater Farofa program

(2/7/2019) New 2D Seismic Survey Offshore Sierra Leone

(2/6/2019) Benthic contracted by Woodside for Western Australia Carnarvon Basin work

(2/6/2019) Shearwater to shoot 4 OBS surveys off Norway this summer

(2/2/2019) 3D Oil to shoot Dorrigo 3D seismic survey in Otway Basin off Tasmania

(1/31/2019) CNOOC to shoot 2 seismic surveys in Iraq

(1/28/2019) Polarcus lined up for 3D seismic survey this quarter

(1/22/2019) SeaBird scores contract extensions for Voyager Explorer & Osprey Explorer

(1/22/2019) CGG extending Gabon deepwater multi-client data with long-offset 2D shoot

(1/18/2019) Cepemais partners with Ocean Infinity to perform AUV surveys off Brazil

(1/15/2019) CGG shooting new high-density 3D seismic in Oklahoma's SCOOP & STACK

(1/9/2019) PGS' MC 3D survey underway in Indonesia's Andaman Basin

(1/9/2019) PGS vessels standby off Guyana after Venezuela Navy interrupts shoot (update)

(1/9/2019) PGS sells seismic acquisition vessel Ramform Sterling to Jogmec

(1/6/2019) Venezuelan navy approach halts PGS' Guyana seismic shoot

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