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From the Editor

(12/5/2020) COVID-19 Resurgence & Renewed Demand Loss

(8/22/2020) Crude oil prices strengthening through 2021

(1/6/2020) Meeting the challenges of a new decade

(11/6/2019) Oil Industry Shakeup Looming in the Permian Basin

(6/16/2019) Moving over to MEMS for digital seismic data acquisition

(4/16/2019) Global discoveries on the rise

(12/9/2018) Trump pro-oil stance mostly talk, little action

(8/12/2018) Rigs for recycling dumped in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan

(7/5/2018) Tariffs anger US oil, gas, & pipeline industry

(4/29/2018) What can solve the dire situation in Venezuela?

(3/4/2018) $100/bbl oil in 2019 not likely

(12/28/2017) Trump's tax rewrite to boost oil industry in short term

(10/22/2017) Pros & cons of Iraq Kurdistan independence

(7/30/2017) OPEC oil cut still not reducing global oil glut

(6/5/2017) Trump declares exit from Paris Climate Accord

(3/20/2017) Guest Editorial: Brexit & the oil industry

(1/18/2017) 2017 comes with guarded optimism

(11/13/2016) Who wins & who loses in OPEC agreement to limit oil production

(10/17/2016) What now for the US oil & Gas industry under President Trump?

(8/15/2016) Time to revise thinking on climate change

(6/24/2016) World to feel effects of British vote to leave EU

(6/13/2016) Global oil market in balance - at least for now

(5/1/2016) The Saudi-Iran standoff & the state of oil prices

(3/7/2016) Orphan wells another result of low oil prices

(2/7/2016) Producers holding to hope for higher prices

(1/18/2016) Sanctions lifted, Iran to export half-million b/d extra

(12/5/2015) Sorting out the deepening Syrian quagmire

(11/1/2015) Oil patch garage sales across the globe

(8/21/2015) Oil prices plummet but reserves & production increase

(8/23/2015) Oil price collapse has world petroleum industry contracting

(6/8/2015) Iran nuclear deal to alter world oil market

(6/8/2015) OPEC doesn't budge from market share increase tactic

(5/17/2015) Mexican open licensing good for both it & USA

(4/19/2015) Coping with long-term low oil prices

(3/8/2015) US oil boom far from over

(1/5/2015) 2014 review, 2015 predictions

(11/2/2014) Ebola - don't panic but don't take chances

(10/12/2014) US to surpass Saudi Arabia in oil & gas liquids this month

(9/7/2014) Re-fracturing existing wells a practical new trend

(8/17/2014) Sanctions & boycotts hit companies in Russia

(6/23/2014) The division of Iraq

(5/21/2014) Libya on the verge of civil war

(4/27/2014) Gaza gas a big step toward a free Palestine

(3/9/2014) Russia's Crimea seizure puts Ukraine Black Sea gas in question

(2/2/2014) Mexican opening of oil sector a boon for it & the USA

(10/20/2013) Iran nuclear accord a step in right direction

(10/20/2013) US world's largest oil producer, China world's largest oil importer

(9/22/2013) What will it take to break the Libyan oil production stalemate

(8/25/2013) The next big thing is here: pad drilling

(7/21/2013) The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming

(7/7/2013) Remembering the Piper Alpha disaster 25 years on

(6/17/2013) Major shift in global oil demand underway

(5/19/2013) Safety enforcement & survival training can cut offshore worker fatalities

(4/8/2013) National oil companies move to center stage

(2/25/2013) Give credit where credit is due

(2/4/2013) In Amenas a warning of increased risk & vulnerability

(1/8/2013) What lies ahead in 2013?

(11/12/2012) Obama to change Cabinet's Interior & Energy secretaries

(10/14/2012) Oil after Scottish independence 2014

(8/13/2012) Arctic oil & gas rush beginning as ice disappears

(7/16/2012) Sabers rattle on both sides of Hormuz Strait

(7/9/2012) The costly Norwegian lockout

(6/18/2012) Fraccing ops can cause earthquakes

(5/19/2012) LNG to change the world

(5/7/2012) Argentina expropriation of YPF unwise

(4/2/2012) Is the next big shale play Wolfcamp?

(2/20/2012) Time for payback for public subsidy of petroleum industry

(1/30/2012) To frac or not to frac, that is the question

(1/9/2012) A lot of hot air in the Persian Gulf

(11/6/2011) Oil & the Arab Spring: Tunisia & Egypt

(9/26/2011) Levant Basin potential a point of major contention

(8/29/2011) What to expect from the NTC post Qadaffi

(8/8/2011) US shale gas a global energy leveler

(7/4/2011) Why is Brent so much higher in price than WTI?

(6/12/2011) With an unprecedented divide, what is ahead for OPEC?

(4/23/2011) Arab Spring implications for autocracy & oil prices

(4/23/2011) Industry transforming fraccing a risk or blessing

(3/6/2011) LNG & oil offer some relief in Japan triple disaster

(3/6/2011) Achieving transparency in oil & gas elusive

(2/21/2011) Oil & the Mideast demand for democracy

(1/13/2011) The phenomenal ascendance of China

(10/31/2010) Trans Sahara Gas Pipeline setbacks may spell its doom

(10/3/2010) Oil & gas & the Mexican drug cartels

(8/29/2010) Italian Mediterranean drilling moratorium

(8/8/2010) Lessons to be learned from the Deepwater Horizon disaster

(6/28/2010) Upcoming Afghan licensing unlikely to succeed

(6/7/2010) Obama overkill - all deepwater drilling need not be suspended

(5/18/2010) A word about the US Gulf oil spill

(4/5/2010) End of US East Coast drilling moratorium

(3/16/2010) Shale gas an industry game changer

(2/15/2010) Bay of Bengal sovereignty disputes ill afforded

(1/25/2010) Antarctica must be off limits to oil forever

(11/16/2009) CCS - the CO2 imperative

(10/17/2009) US dollar decline & its denomination of oil

(9/15/2009) G20 should meet in Africa next time

(8/31/2009) No time to be rushing revision of US Jones Act

(8/3/2009) Coming to terms with the worldwide gas glut

(7/5/2009) What is it worth to Shell to end Nigerian rebel attacks?

(6/17/2009) Peak oil? Probably not but reserves have fallen

(5/25/2009) Seismic circular shooting coming full circle

(5/4/2009) The scramble for shelf extensions

(4/13/2009) Arctic polar region prime oil & gas real estate

(3/23/2009) Use it or lose it applies offshore & onshore

(3/9/2009) To what end is another OPEC output cut?

(2/23/2009) Investors bypassing Nigeria for less risky African venues

(2/2/2009) Falling oil price politically destabilizing

(1/9/2009) India: Not ready for prime time

(11/30/2008) High oil prices good for the global economy - to a point

(11/10/2008) Change on US horizon with Obama administration

(10/27/2008) OPEC-like gas cartel in the offing

(10/13/2008) Oil crisis winners & losers

(9/22/2008) Oil & the global financial debacle

(9/8/2008) PetroChina - the new gorilla in the room

(8/14/2008) Russia, Georgia, & the specter of Chechnya

(7/14/2008) A question of adequate supply

(6/23/2008) Red herring enters US presidential race

(6/9/2008) G8 doesn't have the answer to oil prices

(5/19/2008) The Arctic oil industry & the polar bear

(5/5/2008) Surging oil prices threat to world economy

(4/14/2008) Time for Mexican petronationalist flexibility

(4/1/2008) Texas' Barnett Shale an oil play?

(3/17/2008) Is OPEC responsible for high oil prices?

(3/3/2008) New risks triggered by Colombia incursion into Ecuador

(2/18/2008) Dollar down but not out as denominator of oil

(2/4/2008) Chukchi Sea Sale could spell end to polar bears

(1/21/2008) Barnett Shale lessons: closer wells, longer laterals & more fracs

(1/9/2008) Kenya violence threatens oil investment

(11/26/2007) Billions in Niger Delta development funds past due

(11/19/2007) Talking points at the OPEC summit

(11/13/2007) World Energy Congress talking interdependence

(10/29/2007) US strike on Iran could trigger worldwide chaos

(10/15/2007) Alberta may back away from roundly opposed royalty hike

(10/1/2007) Is oil supporting Burma or Myanmar?

(9/24/2007) This year's SEG a must

(9/10/2007) North America's gas future unconventional

(8/27/2007) A PR bone to pick with repeat offenders

(8/6/2007) Another African standoff in the making?

(7/18/2007) Flush with cash industry M&As abound

(7/4/2007) Kremlin claiming North Pole - and its oil

(6/18/2007) BP's Statistical Review of World Energy

(6/4/2007) US Congress needs to learn basic facts about oil industry

(5/21/2007) Is a new Nigeria on the horizon?

(5/7/2007) Global warming conundrum for oil & gas industry

(4/30/2007) OTC: transforming the industry

(4/16/2007) Oil and human rights

(3/26/2007) Non-terrestrial hydrocarbons on horizon

(3/19/2007) Who benefits from Iraq's hydrocarbons law?

(2/19/2007) Dearth of skilled oil workers industry's own fault

(2/5/2007) No end to Niger Delta violence

(1/22/2007) US Democratic Party launching anti-oil agenda

(1/12/2007) Poverty & petroleum's promise

(10/23/2006) Chavez woes the world's hearts & minds

(9/25/2006) Kremlin wants to scuttle Russian PSAs

(9/11/2006) Out of oil again? Hardly

(8/28/2006) Kurd petroleum law another Iraq flashpoint

(8/14/2006) North Sea prospects changing

(7/30/2006) An Inconvenient Truth

(7/17/2006) Mideast conflict may push oil beyond $100 per bbl

(7/10/2006) China & India competition for oil expanding

(7/3/2006) Time to open US Outer Continental Shelf to E&P

(6/26/2006) The Mexican presidential hat dance

(6/5/2006) Discovering oil at the North Pole

(5/22/2006) Oil supply threats - not just Iraq, Iran & Nigeria

(5/8/2006) OTC's new technology spotlight

(4/24/2006) Energy Forum facing daunting challenges

(4/10/2006) Global warming threat greater than terrorism

(4/3/2006) We were down but for good reason

(3/20/2006) Three years and counting

(3/6/2006) Three industry failures: Nigeria, Ecuador, Pakistan

(2/12/2006) Further division by a Danish cartoon

(2/6/2006) Bush asks the impossible in state of union

(1/30/2006) Iran's nuclear ambition - energy or bomb

(1/23/2006) Major oil & the Gulf of Guinea

(1/16/2006) Where does exploration go from here?

(1/9/2006) Chad thumbs nose at World Bank

(12/5/2005) Now's not the time for divisive drilling

(11/28/2005) Deng Xiaoping's dream for China emerging

(11/14/2005) What to do with windfall profits

(10/31/2005) Oil & the world's most corrupt governments

(10/24/2005) South American populism focused in oil industry

(10/17/2005) Norway's Red & Green to continue Barents E&P

(10/10/2005) Time for change in platform design criteria

(9/26/2005) Katrina & Rita spawns of global warming

(9/12/2005) The Katrina catastrophe

(8/15/2005) Natural gas prices soaring, too

(8/8/2005) Rig demand outpacing supply

(8/1/2005) Oil-hungry Asian NOCs moving in

(7/25/2005) Inject depleted fields with greenhouse gases

(7/3/2005) US needs UK's fallow field program

(6/27/2005) CNOOC buying Unocal

(6/20/2005) Baluchistan deserves recognition

(6/6/2005) The EU constitution & the oil industry

(5/23/2005) Mexico's dilemma: MSCs for oil E&P

(5/16/2005) It's time for the oil industry to be cool

(5/9/2005) National oil companies taking center stage

(5/2/2005) My 36th OTC

(4/25/2005) Controversial energy bill passes US House

(4/18/2005) The sordid tale of Sudan & Darfur

(4/11/2005) World economies weakened by negative perceptions of oil industry

(4/4/2005) Oil at center of Iraq power struggle

(3/16/2005) Will Shell & Gazprom swap interests?

(3/7/2005) Yuganskneftegaz a new state-owned company

(2/28/2005) Managing maturity

(2/21/2005) Japanese-Chinese animosity growing

(2/14/2005) Kyoto is law

(2/7/2005) ONGC & CNPC vying for Yuganskneftegaz stake

(1/31/2005) A vote for peace or civil war?

(1/24/2005) Majors buying not exploring for new reserves

(1/17/2005) Sudan accord a beginning but Darfur rages

(1/5/2005) Oil industry aid flows to Tsunami victims

(12/13/2004) $1.4 trillion set for offshore E&P by 2015

(12/6/2004) China expanding E&P worldwide

(11/29/2004) Carbon sequestration comes to Texas oilfields

(11/22/2004) Just who is to develop Shtokmanovskoye?

(11/15/2004) High wellhead gas prices need more to stir exploration

(11/8/2004) Obasanjo, it is time to share the wealth

(10/25/2004) Oil and the US election

(10/4/2004) Russian approval to make Kyoto Treaty law

(9/27/2004) OPEC out to buy political favor in USA

(9/20/2004) Another Putin putsch for power

(9/6/2004) Iran is not Iraq

(8/23/2004) Oil the political football

(8/16/2004) Chavez wins: time to end disruptions

(8/12/2004) The Kremlin's bewildering logic

(8/2/2004) The continuing Timor Sea standoff

(7/19/2004) US wants military role in Nigeria to secure oil

(7/12/2004) Caspian coercion for Kashagan stake

(7/5/2004) Ambivalence on Independence Day

(6/28/2004) The growing dependence on Russia

(6/21/2004) Sandline mercenaries protecting oil ops in Iraq

(6/14/2004) Saudi Arabia unsafe for Westerners

(6/7/2004) Most US federal oil & gas leases unproductive

(5/31/2004) Should Indonesia resign from OPEC?

(5/24/2004) What lies at the end of "Operation Rainbow"?

(5/17/2004) North Sea: use it or lose it

(5/10/2004) Geophysical phoenix arising

(5/3/2004) Ode to Joy for world's largest trading bloc

(4/26/2004) SEC in U-turn on oil reserves reporting

(4/19/2004) Time for Law of the Sea in Australia-East Timor

(4/12/2004) Missionary warfare

(4/5/2004) Arctic wars

(3/29/2004) Is the US Gulf being depleted?

(3/22/2004) Shell's diminishing reserves a signal to others for accuracy

(3/15/2004) Entangled Sibneft shares up for sale - or not

(3/8/2004) Tilting at windmills

(2/23/2004) Jeopardizing oil & gas supply from Venezuela

(2/16/2004) Industrywide environmental management system

(2/9/2004) Do you speak Chinese?

(2/2/2004) SPE: our industry in microcosm

(1/26/2004) Kerry campaign hyperbole aimed at oil

(1/19/2004) Kremlin vs Yukos saga continues

(1/12/2004) Giving new life to old fields growing

(1/5/2004) The approaching Euro supremacy

(12/1/2003) The Quandary of Colombia

(11/17/2003) A new OPEC Secretary-General

(11/10/2003) Obasanjo's Transparency Initiative

(11/5/2003) Khodorkovsky

(10/27/2003) Beating up on Halliburton

(10/20/2003) Bolivian LNG project needs rethinking

(10/13/2003) Schwarzenegger wants to pump you up

(10/6/2003) Mile high technology at ATCE

(9/29/2003) Australia continues to drag feet

(9/22/2003) $54 billion for flowlines in next five years

(9/15/2003) Now it's Libya's move

(9/8/2003) Statehood for Iraq

(9/1/2003) Industry advocate lost in Igor Farkhutdinov

(8/25/2003) Worm viruses, spam & the Nigerian scam

(8/18/2003) Lockerbie agreement moot for US operators

(8/11/2003) Concentrating on predictable prospecting

(8/4/2003) Terror trading courtesy US DOD

(7/28/2003) Khodorkovsky vs the KGB

(7/21/2003) Sao Tome coup: the mouse that roared

(7/14/2003) The Azadegan dance card

(7/7/2003) Everyone wants a piece of the pie

(6/30/2003) Bush's African safari

(6/23/2003) Going for greater transparency

(6/16/2003) Gracias to Pemex

(6/9/2003) Iraq & the 4th Geneva Convention

(6/2/2003) Another round of aquatory battles

(5/25/2003) Galina Pavlova & Sakhalin

(5/19/2003) And now the Congo

(5/12/2003) New frontiers in the extreme offshore

(5/5/2003) The tenth crusade

(4/28/2003) Offshore Technology Conference a must

(4/14/2003) Timorous times in Nigeria

(4/7/2003) Seabed logging a boon to geoservices

(3/31/2003) Texas running out of oil

(3/24/2003) The repercussions of this war

(3/17/2003) To what purpose the renewed Iran sanctions

(3/10/2003) Oil & the inevitable war

(2/24/2003) Australia dragging feet on Timor Treaty

(2/10/2003) Subscribe to the Times

(2/3/2003) Lessons learned from the Venezuelan strike

(1/27/2003) Extending subsea tiebacks

(1/20/2003) Saudis don't deserve the bad rap

(1/13/2003) Pocketing the spoils of war

(1/6/2003) 2003 Outlook: Not a bad year for E&P

(12/30/2002) The US double standard re. North Korea & Iraq

(12/23/2002) Time for Chavez to throw in the towel

(12/16/2002) Kyoto to take effect in six months

(12/9/2002) Time for OPEC to face reality

(12/2/2002) Are there any more places for big discoveries?

(11/25/2002) Oil industry needs peace in the Middle East

(11/18/2002) Australia, Indonesia & East Timor ignoring West Timor

(11/11/2002) Time for remote service provision

(11/4/2002) Where will new oil men & women come from?

(10/28/2002) Land seismic layoffs indicative of lag in technology

(10/21/2002) Oil security

(10/14/2002) A tale of two presidents

(10/7/2002) IntelliPipe a major intelligent wells breakthrough

(9/30/2002) Is militarization of West Africa necessary?

(9/23/2002) 2 ½ weeks to a major change in government in Brazil

(9/16/2002) Regional perception: Bush seeks hegemony over Iraqi oil

(9/9/2002) Who's dancing at Osaka?

(9/2/2002) New deepwater slender wells

(8/26/2002) International gasline projects proliferating

(8/19/2002) Is Russia another point on Bush's axis of evil?

(8/12/2002) Pragmatism and the golden rule

(8/5/2002) Is West Africa to replace Mideast as oil source?

(7/29/2002) Harken back to yesteryear

(7/22/2002) Is Nigeria quitting OPEC?

(7/15/2002) Considering the end to Iraqi sanctions

(7/8/2002) Should drilling occur now in Eastern Congo?

(7/1/2002) Rethinking OPEC quotas

(6/24/2002) Arthur Andersen

(6/10/2002) Did Mesozoic man live in Russia's Urals?

(6/3/2002) Brother, can you spare about $235 million?

(5/27/2002) Time to bypass Iran and get Caspian pumping

(5/20/2002) Finding a way to make CBM less environmentally offensive

(5/13/2002) Russian prospects change - investors at the door

(5/6/2002) Welcome to the Offshore Technology Conference

(4/29/2002) Is the oil weapon on the horizon?

(4/22/2002) Nigeria needs a state-federal offshore compromise

(4/15/2002) Protest by switching oil trade from dollar to euro

(4/8/2002) Corruption could hamper Angola's oil-rich future

(4/1/2002) Paying the Price of Hostilities

(3/25/2002) Should the US cut Iraqi oil imports?

(3/18/2002) Sustainable development

(3/11/2002) New kids on the block

(3/4/2002) Chavez chimera

(2/25/2002) Angolan peace & prosperity now possible

(2/18/2002) The Demise of Arabian Oil Company

(2/11/2002) Subsidizing Oxy Security

(2/4/2002) Now an "OPEC for gas"

(1/28/2002) Rebuilding Afghanistan

(1/21/2002) Norton's Over-Reaction

(1/14/2002) Coalbed Methane Gas

(1/7/2002) Farming Days

(12/31/2001) Hello 2002

(12/24/2001) Good-bye 2001

(12/17/2001) Trinidad's tied election tremors

(12/10/2001) Eastern Gulf Sale bellwether

(12/3/2001) A friend in the seismic business

(11/26/2001) Time for another cartel?

(11/19/2001) Names you need to know

(11/12/2001) WTO accepts China

(11/5/2001) Building better microbes

(10/29/2001) Unocal & Afghanistan

(10/22/2001) A Call from Calabar

(10/15/2001) A picture is worth 1000 words

(10/8/2001) Anticipating reprisals

(9/30/2001) State of the Industry

(9/23/2001) Keep the faith

(9/16/2001) High day rates equal a strong industry

(9/11/2001) Senseless violence serves no one

(9/10/2001) Happy (Business) New Year!

(9/3/2001) Oil & Gas Industry Worker Day

(8/27/2001) Angola's dos Santos stepping down

(8/20/2001) Donuts for sale

(8/13/2001) Another polynomial on the horizon

(8/6/2001) Carving up the Caspian

(7/30/2001) Kudos to Obasanjo

(7/23/2001) Wahid out

(7/16/2001) The Instrumented Oilfield

(7/9/2001) Iran's forbidden fruit

(7/2/2001) Will gas sink Gulf FPSOs?

(6/23/2001) Cleaning up Gazprom nepotism

(6/18/2001) OPEC trial balloons preceding July output boost

(6/11/2001) Bet on the wrong horse

(6/4/2001) Sanctions redoux

(5/21/2001) A time for new 3D

(5/14/2001) Shades of 1973

(5/7/2001) The Oil Industry: A Lifelong Adventure

(4/30/2001) Dayrates rising dramatically
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