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Exploration & Discoveries

(12/17/2018) Senex scores 8 million cf/d in Gemba-1 gas discovery test

(12/17/2018) 88 Energy set to spud Winx-1 on Alaska North Slope

(12/16/2018) i3 puts UK North Sea Liberator-Serenity structure at 500 million bbl

(12/16/2018) PetroChina strikes oil & gas in China Tarim Basin exploration well

(12/12/2018) Wellesley granted permit to drill Songesand well off Norway

(12/12/2018) Total set to start Guyane Maritime exploratory drilling

(12/10/2018) Amerisur makes Indico-1 discovery onshore Colombia in the Llanos Basin

(12/10/2018) Eni makes Afoxe oil discovery offshore Angola

(12/9/2018) Rose Petroleum & Utah BLM agree on Gunnison Valley well plan

(12/7/2018) Spirit Energy drilling Cassidy exploration well in Norwegian North Sea

(12/6/2018) Guyana's Orinduik Block Jethro-Lobe Prospect set to be drilled

(12/6/2018) 46.3 billion bbl oil & 281 Tcf gas resource in Texas-New Mexico Permian Basin

(12/6/2018) Eland's Ubima-1 onshore Nigeria tests total of 3,500 b/d

(12/6/2018) Egdon to drill England's largest undrilled onshore oil prospect

(12/5/2018) Sinopec drilling Caspian Sunrise well in Kazakh BNG Contract Area

(12/5/2018) Carnarvon to drill appraisal wells on Western Australia Dorado discovery

(12/4/2018) Reach makes discovery in Kazakhstan's Emir Oil Block

(12/4/2018) Talos drilling Zama-2 discovery appraisal offshore Mexico

(12/3/2018) ExxonMobil makes 10th discovery offshore Guyana

(12/2/2018) EnVen spuds King Crab well in US Gulf Ewing Bank

(12/2/2018) Corallian set to start drilling Wick and Colter wells offshore UK

(11/28/2018) Petro Matad's Wild Horse-1 in Mongolia fails to find hydrocarbons

(11/27/2018) Pemex puts Ixachi Field onshore Veracruz at 3 times prior reserves estimate

(11/25/2018) Kicking Horse drilling 2nd Kakwa Montney well in Alberta

(11/25/2018) Torchlight completes drilling A11-2 well in Texas' Orogrande Basin

(11/25/2018) Gazprom makes key Sea of Okhotsk discovery off Sakhalin Island

(11/23/2018) Equinor makes gas discovery in Norwegian Barents Sea

(11/21/2018) Faroe drilling Brasse East exploration well off Norway

(11/21/2018) Lundin receives consent for exploration drilling in the Barents Sea

(11/20/2018) Novatek sub makes gas discovery in Russia's Nyakhartinskiy Block

(11/19/2018) ExxonMobil spuds Delphyne-1 wildcat offshore Cyprus

(11/19/2018) Wireline logs show Sound Energy's Tendrara well without producible gas

(11/19/2018) TransGlobe scores South Ghazalat discovery in Egypt

(11/16/2018) New Zealand Kohatukai-1 fails to find viable gas reserves

(11/15/2018) Encore's 1st horizontal Berea well in Kentucky successful

(11/15/2018) Azinor Catalyst achieves oil discovery with Agar-Plantain well

(11/14/2018) Faroe fails to find hydrocarbons with Rungne well in Norwegian North Sea

(11/14/2018) Whitebark & Point Loma JV to drill 2 high impact wells in Alberta

(11/14/2018) Oil Search drilling appraisal of Muruk-1 discovery in Papua New Guinea

(11/13/2018) KrisEnergy drilling Montha-1 in Gulf of Thailand

(11/12/2018) Spirit Energy to drill wildcat off Norway near Oda Field

(11/11/2018) Cuadrilla flowing gas from shale well in Lancashire, England

(11/11/2018) Empyrean receives oil-in-place audit of its Block 29/11 offshore China

(11/9/2018) BP's Aspy exploration well off Nova Scotia a dud

(11/9/2018) FAR's Samo-1 offshore Gambia found water-bearing

(11/5/2018) East Java's Sampang Block Paus Biru-1 well sees high gas readings

(11/5/2018) Kosmos pairs with Shell for West Africa exploration

(11/4/2018) Adnoc discovers 15 Tcf gas & 1 billion bbl oil

(11/4/2018) ExxonMobil drilling Pluma exploration well offshore Guyana

(11/2/2018) TPAO drilling Alyana-1 exploration well in Turkish Eastern Mediterranean

(11/1/2018) Invictus has discovered oil & gas in Zimbabwe

(11/1/2018) Petrosibir makes oilfield discovery in Aysky Block, Bashkiria, Russia

(10/31/2018) ONGC prepping to drill Indio-1 exploration well in Colombia

(10/31/2018) Chevron drilling on Frade Field halted by Petrobras not paying its share

(10/29/2018) Wellesley appraisal of North Sea Grosbeak find successful

(10/29/2018) Eni & Total join Sonatrach to explore Algerian offshore

(10/29/2018) Equinor discovers Skruis Field in Norwegian Barents Sea

(10/28/2018) Petrobras drilling 1st well on Peroba Block in Brazil's Santos Basin

(10/26/2018) Kohatukai-1 finds gas in New Zealand's Taranaki Basin

(10/24/2018) Pan Orient makes high quality oil discovery onshore Thailand

(10/23/2018) FAR drilling Samo-1 exploration well offshore Gambia

(10/23/2018) New Age taps down appraisal on Cameroon's Etinde Block

(10/23/2018) Petro Matad drilling Wild Horse-1 in Western Mongolia Block IV

(10/22/2018) Zenith finds new potential pay structure in Azerbaijan's Jafarli Field

(10/21/2018) Aker BP taps down 2 Gekko appraisals in Norwegian North Sea

(10/19/2018) Faroe drilling Rungne exploration well offshore Norway

(10/12/2018) Oil Search gearing up to drill 2 wells on Alaska North Slope Pikka Unit

(10/11/2018) Byron plugging & abandoning Weiss-Adler-1 off southern Louisiana

(10/11/2018) Chariot's Prospect S off Namibia proves to be all wet

(10/10/2018) Pemex scores SE Mexico Bay of Campeche oil discoveries

(10/10/2018) Novatek discovers Severo-Obskoye Field in Siberia's Ob Bay

(10/10/2018) Kosmos fails to find hydrocarbons with Suriname Pontoenoe well

(10/8/2018) BP & Eni to work with Libyan NOC in major E&P project

(10/7/2018) BHP makes major deepwater gas discovery east of Tobago

(10/5/2018) Savannah's Zomo-1 well in Niger's Agadem Rift Basin an oil discovery

(10/4/2018) Eni Norge given go-ahead to drill Norwegian Barents Sea Goliat West

(10/4/2018) Equinor confirms recoverable reserves in Norwegian Sea Cape Vulture find

(10/3/2018) Amerisur flowtest of Colombia's Pintadillo-1 proves natural oil flow

(10/1/2018) Petro Matad prepping to drill Wild Horse-1 in Mongolia's Block IV

(10/1/2018) Empyrean partners CNOOC to drill South China Sea block

(10/1/2018) Chariot Oil & Gas Starts Drilling Of Prospect S Well In Namibia

(9/28/2018) Dea Norge's Barents Sea Graaspett wildcat a dry hole

(9/28/2018) Corallian lines up Ensco 72 jackup to drill UK North Sea wells

(9/28/2018) Mexico's Zama discovery appraisal wins CNH approval

(9/27/2018) Eco Atlantic gains enviro clearance for well offshore Namibia

(9/27/2018) Karoon & Tullow prepping to drill offshore Peru

(9/27/2018) Mitsui drilling Kohatukai-1 exploration well onshore New Zealand

(9/26/2018) Lundin Barents Sea Alta discovery appraisal positive

(9/26/2018) W&T Offshore at TD in US Gulf South Timbalier exploration well

(9/24/2018) Cormorant-1 exploration well off Namibia fizzles

(9/24/2018) Total makes major gas discovery in UK North Sea West of Shetland

(9/23/2018) MPRL E&P makes 5th gas discovery in Myanmar Block A-6

(9/23/2018) Aker BP wraps up Hanz Field appraisals offshore Norway

(9/23/2018) Bengal plugging & abandoning Queensland Chookola-1 well

(9/20/2018) Petro Matad at TD in Snow Leopard-1 in Mongolia

(9/19/2018) Cuadrilla to drill 2nd horizontal shale well in Lancashire, England

(9/19/2018) ExxonMobil set to drill Thunder Horse East in deepwater US Gulf

(9/18/2018) Po Valley makes key commercial discovery in northern Italy

(9/17/2018) Tower wins year PSC extension on Cameroon's Thali Block

(9/17/2018) Corallian prepping to drill Wick Prospect in Outer Moray Firth

(9/16/2018) Mari makes 1st oil discovery in Ziarat Block, Baluchistan, Pakistan

(9/16/2018) GulfSlope drilling US Gulf subsalt exploration well on Tau Prospect

(9/14/2018) GNPC launches exploration of Ghana's Voltaian Basin

(9/12/2018) Pakistan's OGDC makes discovery in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Kohat District

(9/12/2018) Siccar Point pushes back drilling of UK North Sea Lyon exploration well

(9/12/2018) Faroe granted permit to drill Rungne wildcat off Norway

(9/11/2018) Melbana set to drill Alameda-1 exploration well onshore Cuba

(9/10/2018) Parex makes oil discovery in Colombia with Andina-1 well

(9/10/2018) Savannah drilling 5th well in its Agadem Basin Niger campaign

(9/6/2018) ONGC makes Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Gulf of Kutch discoveries

(9/4/2018) Ministry not renewing Europa's UK Holmwood Prospect drillsite lease

(9/2/2018) IE-4 appraisal drilling off Cameroon in Etinde Block

(8/31/2018) Amerisur drilling Pintadillo Prospect in Colombia's Putumayo Basin

(8/31/2018) BW Energy has oil discovery in Gabon's Dussafu Marin Block

(8/30/2018) Integrity Venturini-Ginochio-3 a California West Brentwood find

(8/30/2018) Sacgasco testing gas in California Sacramento Basin Alvares-1

(8/30/2018) Eni scores Egypt gas discovery with Faramid South well

(8/30/2018) Hammerhead-1 the 9th oil discovery offshore Guyana

(8/28/2018) GulfSlope sees potential in US Gulf Canoe Shallow Prospect

(8/28/2018) Azinor Catalyst drilling ahead on UK North Sea Plantain Prospect

(8/28/2018) Byron drilling Weiss-Adler-1 off Louisiana in Bivouac Peak

(8/27/2018) ADX lines up Noble Globetrotter II for Dougga Sud appraisal off Tunisia

(8/27/2018) Lundin finds good productivity in Rolvsnes discovery offshore Norway

(8/27/2018) ExxonMobil drilling new deepwater exploration wells off SE Australia

(8/26/2018) Pertamina discovers oil in Indonesia's West Java Jatibarang Field

(8/26/2018) Pakistan Petroleum's Badeel X-1 a Sindh Province discovery

(8/23/2018) Aminex preparing to drill Chikumbi-1 in Tanzania's Ruvuma Block

(8/23/2018) Dea Norge to drill Graaspett wildcat in Norwegian Barents Sea

(8/22/2018) FAR set to spud Samo-1 exploration well offshore Gambia

(8/20/2018) Tower progressing toward 1st well on Cameroon's Thali Block

(8/20/2018) GeoPark achieves Jauke gasfield discovery in Chile

(8/19/2018) Joint Philippines-China exploration upcoming in South China Sea

(8/19/2018) Frontera's Acorazado-1 onshore Colombia set for testing

(8/19/2018) Independent Oil & Gas preparing to drill UK North Sea Harvey well

(8/17/2018) Ineos given go-ahead to drill shall gas exploration well

(8/16/2018) Equinor Sigrun appraisal off Norway permanently plugged

(8/16/2018) DNO prepping for 3-well, back-to-back exploratory drilling

(8/15/2018) Savannah scores 4th discovery in Niger's Agadem Basin

(8/15/2018) Oil discovery in Western Flank of South Australia's Cooper Basin

(8/14/2018) Spirit's Scarecrow wildcat in Barents Sea a dry hole

(8/14/2018) Pancontinental set to spud Cormorant-1 offshore Namibia

(8/13/2018) GulfSlope drilling Canoe-1 in US Gulf Vermilion area

(8/12/2018) Murphy Oil set to drill new offshore exploration wells

(8/10/2018) Faroe to drill Rungne exploration well in Norwegian North Sea

(8/9/2018) Quadrant encounters gas shows in Phoenix South-3 well

(8/8/2018) Dorado discovery off Western Australia an "incredible find"

(8/8/2018) Shell strikes out with Norwegian Sea wildcat

(8/8/2018) Oil Search's Barikewa-3 taps gas pay in PNG Forelands

(8/7/2018) OGDCL achieves oil and gas discovery in remote Kohat, Pakistan

(8/7/2018) Cuba's onshore Block 9 recoverable resource put at 718 million boe

(8/6/2018) Kosmos gearing up to drill Suriname Pontoenoe exploration well

(8/5/2018) Torchlight achieves gas output from Texas Orogrande Project

(8/5/2018) BSOG fails to make gas discoveries in Black Sea XV Midia Block

(8/2/2018) Oil Search to test Barikewa-3 in PNG Forelands Barikewa Field

(7/31/2018) Eland re-enters Nigeria's Ubima Field discovery well for an appraisal

(7/30/2018) Novatek drilling 1st well in Siberia's Severo-Obskoye Block

(7/30/2018) Savannah drilling Eridal-1 exploration well in Niger's Agadem Basin

(7/29/2018) Discover Geoscience IDs leads near Thai Gulf Manora Field

(7/26/2018) Equinor scores discovery with Brazil's Santos Basin Guanxuma well

(7/26/2018) GulfSlope set to spud Canoe exploration well in US Gulf

(7/25/2018) Wellesley's Serin wildcat off Norway proves to be a duster

(7/24/2018) Quadrant-Carnarvon JV discovers gas & condensate at Dorado-1

(7/24/2018) ExxonMobil & Qatar Petroleum to drill Cyprus' Block 10

(7/24/2018) BP resumes drilling Aspy exploration well off Nova Scotia

(7/23/2018) ExxonMobil ups Guyana Stabroek Block estimate to 4 billion boe

(7/23/2018) SDX makes another gas discovery in Egypt's South Disouq

(7/22/2018) Woodside to spud Shwe Yee Htun-2 offshore Myanmar

(7/20/2018) TransGlobe fails to find hydrocarbons with NW Sitra well in Egypt

(7/19/2018) UK Weald Basin Horse Hill-1 extended test completed

(7/18/2018) Apache commits to $9 billion Egyptian Western Desert exploration campaign

(7/18/2018) Quadrant-Carnarvon JV make key oil discovery off Western Australia

(7/17/2018) ConocoPhillips to drill & test Putu & Stony Hill wells in Alaska

(7/16/2018) 63% increase in Dougga gas condensate estimated resources off Tunisia

(7/12/2018) YPFB set to drill exploration well north of La Paz, Bolivia

(7/11/2018) Savannah makes 3rd oil discovery in Niger's Agadem Rift Basin

(7/11/2018) Equinor gets okay to drill Skruis exploration well in Barents Sea

(7/10/2018) Triangle finds added oil in place at Cliff Head Field

(7/10/2018) Petro Matad drilling Snow Leopard-1 in Mongolia

(7/9/2018) Shell's northern North Sea Knarr wildcat a dud

(7/9/2018) Byron to drill Louisiana's Bivouac Peak Prospect

(7/9/2018) Western Australia Dorado-1 drilling ahead to 4,050 meters

(7/9/2018) Eni scores 2nd light oil discovery in Egypt's Southwest Meleiha

(7/6/2018) Petro River to drill 1st of 3 wells on Oklahoma Arsaga Field

(7/5/2018) Mixed results from Wellesley Norwegian North Sea wells

(7/5/2018) Spirit completes Fogelberg appraisal wells off Norway

(7/5/2018) Oil Search drilling Barikewa-3 appraisal in Papua New Guinea

(7/5/2018) Ecopetrol discovery in Colombia's Valle Medio del Magdalena

(7/5/2018) SDX spuds 2nd South Disouq discovery appraisal well in Egypt

(7/3/2018) Galp gearing up to drill Portugal's 1st deepwater well

(7/3/2018) CGC spuds last of 4-well campaign in Argentina's Fraccion D

(7/2/2018) 88 Energy suspends Icewine-2 well on Alaska North Slope

(7/2/2018) Melbana readying to drill Cuba's onshore Block 9

(6/30/2018) Fogelberg sidetrack & DST confirm Norwegian Sea discovery

(6/29/2018) PetroChina chalks up high gasflow from Chongqing, China discovery

(6/28/2018) Comet Ridge's Albany-1 in Queensland flows 230,000 cf/d

(6/26/2018) Equinor wildcat drilled near Visund Field a duster

(6/26/2018) Oil India achieves another discovery in India's KG Basin

(6/26/2018) Kosmos plugging & abandoning well off Suriname

(6/25/2018) Energean to drill Karish North exploration well

(6/25/2018) Eni's Kalimba a new deepwater oil discovery off Angola

(6/24/2018) Sewell drilling Betsy wildcat in Columbia County, Arkansas

(6/22/2018) Quadrant's Dorado-1 exploration well off Western Australia setting liner

(6/22/2018) Savannah spuds Kunama-1 in Niger's Agadem Basin

(6/21/2018) CGC & Echo find light oil in 3rd Fraccion well in Argentina

(6/20/2018) ExxonMobil makes 8th oil discovery offshore Guyana

(6/18/2018) Empyrean Energy completes oil migration study offshore China

(6/18/2018) SDX makes another gas discovery in Egypt's South Disouq

(6/17/2018) Echo & CGC to target Tobifera gas pay in Argentine exploration program

(6/15/2018) Shell sends US Gulf deepwater Vito Field development plan to BSEE

(6/15/2018) Sound sets drillsite for Morocco Tendrara-Lakbir exploration well

(6/14/2018) Last commitment well spudded in Gulf of Suez South Ramadan Block

(6/13/2018) Shell given go-ahead to drill Norwegian Sea Coeus Prospect

(6/13/2018) Tullow prepping to spud Cormorant-1 off Namibia

(6/12/2018) Corridor suspends exploration in Canada's Gulf of St Lawrence

(6/11/2018) Sapura makes 9th gas discovery offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

(6/8/2018) Equinor wildcat strikes oil in Norwegian North Sea Utsira High

(6/7/2018) Oil Search encounters gas in PNG Kimu-2 appraisal

(6/6/2018) Senex scores discovery with Gemba-1 well in South Australia

(6/6/2018) Savannah strikes oil with Amdigh-1 in Niger's Agadem Rift Basin

(6/5/2018) Thai Gulf Manora-8ST1 penetrates oil at multiple levels

(6/5/2018) Quadrant spuds Dorado-1 offshore Western Australia

(6/4/2018) SDX drilling new appraisal on Egypt's South Disouq Block

(6/4/2018) Chariot lines up Ocean Rig Poseidon to drill off Namibia

(6/1/2018) Norske Shell to drill Tyttebaer Prospect in Norwegian North Sea

(5/30/2018) Aker BP wildcat west of Langlitinden a minor Barents Sea discovery

(5/29/2018) Echo drilling 2nd of 4 Laguna de Los Capones wells in Argentina

(5/29/2018) Total drilling West of Shetland Glendronach exploration well

(5/29/2018) Lebanon authorizes Total-Eni-Novatek offshore exploration

(5/28/2018) Mubadala strikes oil in Thai Gulf exploration well

(5/28/2018) ExxonMobil drilling new exploration well on Guyana's Stabroek Block

(5/27/2018) Wellesley given go-ahead to drill Serin wildcat off Norway

(5/25/2018) Repsol to spud deepwater exploration well offshore Aruba

(5/25/2018) KUB-Gas drilling North Yatskivska-3 well in eastern Ukraine

(5/24/2018) Europa focusing on Inishkea Prospects in the Irish North Atlantic

(5/24/2018) Bashneft makes oilfield discovery in Iraq's Block 12

(5/24/2018) Canacol scores discovery in Colombia's Lower Magdalena Valley

(5/24/2018) Shell makes large US Gulf deepwater discovery with Dover well

(5/23/2018) Faroe & Point to drill Brasse East exploration well off Norway

(5/23/2018) Real taps gas pay in Queensland's Cooper Basin Tamarama-3 well

(5/22/2018) Shell replaces Rosneft in Kazakh deep drilling project

(5/22/2018) New Age drilling 1st of 2 Etinde appraisal wells in Cameroon

(5/21/2018) Mubadala's Pearl Oil drilling Manora-8 offshore Thailand

(5/21/2018) Azinam launching 24-month multi-well drilling campaign off Namibia

(5/21/2018) Kosmos to redrill Anapai-1 offshore Suriname due to stability issues

(5/20/2018) Real Energy reaches TD in Queensland, Australia Tamarama-3

(5/18/2018) Echo makes gas discovery at ELM-1004 onshore Argentina

(5/18/2018) SDX confirms new gas discovery at Egypt's South Disouq

(5/18/2018) Husky well scores a discovery in South China Sea

(5/18/2018) Eni & Galp given go-ahead for exploration well off Portugal

(5/17/2018) Wellesley drilling Kallaasen wildcat offshore Norway

(5/16/2018) BW Energy to drill another well off Gabon in Ruche area

(5/15/2018) Corallian lining up jackup to drill 2 UK prospects

(5/14/2018) Petro Matad's 2018 Mongolia exploration drilling program underway

(5/14/2018) BW Offshore taps new pay off Gabon in Dussafu Marine Block

(5/14/2018) Total planning exploration well offshore French Guiana

(5/14/2018) KrisEnergy strikes added pay in Wassana well offshore Thailand

(5/13/2018) Turkey to start drilling in the Mediterranean this summer

(5/13/2018) NNPC to launch oil exploration in Nigeria's Gongola Basin

(5/13/2018) Pemex set to drill exploration well near giant Zama-1 discovery

(5/11/2018) Eni & Tharwa to team for offshore Sinai exploration

(5/9/2018) Echo drilling 1st of 4 exploration wells at Argentina's Fraccion C

(5/8/2018) Savannah drilling 2nd of 3-well program in Niger's Agadem Basin

(5/8/2018) SDX drilling Kelvin-1X exploration well onshore Egypt

(5/7/2018) SDX strikes gas with last of 9-well campaign in Morocco

(5/3/2018) Eni makes oil discovery in Egyptian Western Desert north of Siwa Oasis

(5/3/2018) Gas payzone penetrated in Real Energy' Tamarama-2 well

(5/2/2018) Amni gearing up to drill 2 wells in Ghana's Central Tano Block

(5/2/2018) Beach launches 2nd stage of South Australia gas exploration program

(5/2/2018) Siccar Point drilling final Cambo Field appraisal well

(5/1/2018) Echo Energy testing onshore Argentina Fraccion wells

(4/30/2018) Eni to plug & abandon Rabat Deep-1 offshore Morocco

(4/30/2018) Quadrant set to drill Dorado-1 off Western Australia

(4/30/2018) Latest ExxonMobil well off Guyana a duster

(4/29/2018) SDX Energy drilling last of 9-well campaign in Morocco

(4/27/2018) FAR signs drillship Stena DrilMAX for Gambia's Samo Prospect

(4/27/2018) Mayan makes gas discovery on Texas' Stockdale Field

(4/25/2018) Stone strikes out with US Gulf Derbio exploration well

(4/25/2018) Cabot gets enviro approval for offshore Sicily exploration well

(4/24/2018) BP planning Caspian Sea explorations in early 2019

(4/24/2018) SDX achieves oil discovery in Egypt's West Gharib Block

(4/23/2018) Savannah makes oil discovery in SE Niger with Bushiya-1

(4/20/2018) SDX logs gas discovery in Morocco's Lalla Mimouna Block

(4/19/2018) Frontera concludes drilling Dino-2 well in Rep of Georgia

(4/19/2018) GeoPark drills & tests Tigana Norte-9 onshore Colombia

(4/18/2018) Painted Pony's BC Beg Block Montney discovery flows on tests

(4/18/2018) Repsol scores deepwater discovery offshore Gabon

(4/17/2018) Quadrant drilling Phoenix South-3 off Western Australia

(4/17/2018) Aker BP drills a dud with its North Sea Raudaasen wildcat

(4/16/2018) ConocoPhillips wraps up NPR-Alaska winter exploratory wells

(4/13/2018) Wellesley given go-ahead to drill Kallasen exploration well

(4/12/2018) Chevron drilling US Gulf deepwater Twickenham Prospect

(4/12/2018) Ethiopia planning on US$1 billion a year from new gas discovery

(4/12/2018) SDX makes 2nd consecutive discovery at Egypt's South Disouq

(4/11/2018) ONGC spuds Bay of Bengal exploration well KDG-A

(4/11/2018) Aker BP drills a dry hole at Aerfugl in northern Norwegian Sea

(4/10/2018) Spirit's Norwegian Sea Fogelberg appraisal confirms gas discovery

(4/9/2018) Aker BP given okay to drill exploration well in Norwegian Barents Sea

(4/9/2018) Aminex planning Ruvuma Ntorya 3rd well onshore Tanzania

(4/5/2018) Confirmed: Bahrain discovery is at least 80 billion bbl oil (update)

(4/4/2018) OMV makes key Norwegian Sea discoveries in Hades & Iris Prospects

(4/4/2018) Senex drilling deviated Marauder producer in South Australia

(4/4/2018) Appraisal of Phoenix South discovery off Western Australia underway

(4/3/2018) Savannah drilling 1st of 3 exploration wells in Niger's Agadem Rift Basin

(4/2/2018) Bahrain makes largest oil discovery since 1932

(3/30/2018) New Age set to drill 2 Etinde appraisals offshore Cameroon

(3/28/2018) Spirit makes minor oil discovery near North Sea Gjoa Field

(3/27/2018) Tag Oil's Pukatea-1 flowtest portends high netback in New Zealand

(3/27/2018) Wintershall scores discovery with Balderbra wildcat off Norway

(3/26/2018) Lundin completes Luno II appraisal in Norway's Utsira High

(3/26/2018) SDX spuds Ibn Yunus-1X exploration well at South Disouq, Egypt

(3/25/2018) COPL prepping to drill appraisal of Noa-1 discovery

(3/25/2018) Chinese explorer finds oil & more gas in Ethiopia's Ogaden Basin

(3/23/2018) Apache makes key oil discovery in UK North Sea

(3/23/2018) Zoltav prepping to drill exploration well on Bortovoy license

(3/21/2018) Rosneft & Eni fail to find oil with deepwater Black Sea well

(3/21/2018) SDX completes & tests Sebou well in Morocco, spuds LNB-1

(3/19/2018) PDO makes significant gas find onshore Oman

(3/18/2018) Europa fast-tracking Inishkea prospect count off Ireland

(3/18/2018) Caribbean island of Grenada makes its 1st oil discovery

(3/16/2018) ExxonMobil to start Cyprus Block 10 exploration despite Turkish warnings

(3/15/2018) Philippines' Alegria Field declared commercially viable

(3/14/2018) Zoltav exploring Saratov, Russia's Bortovoy fields

(3/14/2018) Eni drilling Rabat Deep-1 exploration well off Morocco

(3/14/2018) SDX's Rabul-5 an oil discoveries onshore Egypt

(3/13/2018) Cairn to drill its 1st operated exploration well in UK North Sea

(3/12/2018) Savannah drilling 3 wells in Niger's Agadem Basin

(3/11/2018) Talos talking to Pemex about appraising Zama discovery off Mexico

(3/9/2018) ExxonMobil planning 20 oil exploration projects off Guyana

(3/9/2018) SDX achieves gas discovery in northern Morocco

(3/8/2018) Namibia's PEL37 Joint Venture contracts rig or Cormorant-1 well

(3/5/2018) Bass Oil's producing Tangai-Sukananti Block onshore Sumatra upgraded

(3/5/2018) Petronas sub scores deepwater Gabon discovery

(3/1/2018) Total & Edison given go-ahead to explore 4 Western Greece blocks

(2/28/2018) Borders & Southern Falkland blocks estimated at 462 million bbl

(2/28/2018) ExxonMobil makes 7th oil discovery offshore Guyana

(2/27/2018) Bolivia scores $2.5 billion Madre de Dios E&P investment

(2/27/2018) TAG targeting Mt Messenger oil zone in New Zealand exploration well

(2/26/2018) OGDC finds gas in Pakistan's Sindh Province Guddu Block

(2/23/2018) SK Innovation scores oil discovery in South China Sea

(2/23/2018) Statoil drilling off Tanzania with Ocean Rig Poseidon

(2/21/2018) Frontera at TD in Georgia's Taribani-45 well

(2/19/2018) Frosk exploration well in Norwegian North Sea a discovery

(2/18/2018) Statoil gearing up to drill Guanxuma Prospect offshore Brazil

(2/13/2018) BHP drilling of deepwater Trion exploration well approved

(2/13/2018) Petro Matad lining up 1st wells in 2018 Mongolia drilling program

(2/13/2018) SDX prepping to drill 1st of four wells onshore Egypt

(2/13/2018) TAG taps potential pay in New Zealand Pukatea-1 exploration well

(2/12/2018) Echo set to start this year's onshore Argentina drilling program

(2/9/2018) Working petroleum system found onshore Ghana in Voltarian Basin

(2/8/2018) China preparing for shale gas exploration along Yangtze River

(2/8/2018) Sound sets 2018 exploration program for Eastern Morocco

(2/6/2018) Western Australia Labyrinth Project resources put at 1.5 billion bbl

(2/6/2018) Eni & Total said to have large gas discovery offshore Cyprus

(2/6/2018) UK Broadford Bridge discovery flowtests underway

(2/5/2018) Spirit Energy spuds Fogelberg appraisal in Norwegian Sea

(2/5/2018) Kosmos fails to find hydrocarbons in Requin Tigre-1 off Senegal

(2/4/2018) CEAA approve BP plan to drill off Nova Scotia in Scotian Basin

(2/2/2018) GSF Development Driller 1 in for maintenance before Phoenix South-3

(2/1/2018) CNOOC planning 132 exploration wells this year

(2/1/2018) FAR gearing up to drill Samos Prospect offshore Gambia

(1/31/2018) BP reveals 2 new discoveries in UK North Sea

(1/31/2018) Erin makes discovery with Oyo-NW well offshore Nigeria

(1/31/2018) Shell makes one of US Gulf's largest discoveries in decade

(1/30/2018) Chevron makes major deepwater US Gulf discovery

(1/30/2018) Woodside enviro plan for drilling off Western Australia approved

(1/29/2018) Statoil-led JV set to drill appraisal of UK Verbier discovery

(1/29/2018) Rose spots multiple drillsites in Utah's Paradox Basin lease

(1/28/2018) Corallian to drill Colter exploration well near UK Wytch Farm

(1/28/2018) Bapex confirms Bangladesh's 2nd largest gasfield discovery

(1/26/2018) Shell set to start drilling Khan Kubrat Block in Bulgarian Black Sea

(1/25/2018) Eni still partnering Rosneft in exploring Black Sea Zapadno-Chernomorsky

(1/25/2018) UNG discovers new gasfields on Uzbekistan Ustyurt Plateau

(1/24/2018) TAG kicks off Pukatea-1 onshore New Zealand

(1/22/2018) Spirit Energy gets permit for Norwegian North Sea wildcat

(1/22/2018) Woodside's Swell-1 encourages Quadrant's Belgravia Prospect

(1/22/2018) Strike set to drill Jaws-1 in South Australia's Cooper Basin

(1/22/2018) Shell drilling Shpirag-4 appraiser in south-central Albania

(1/19/2018) Significant Italian gas discovery confirmed for Po Valley

(1/18/2018) PGNiG expanding Polish exploration after dual discoveries

(1/17/2018) TAG Oil gearing up to drill Pukatea-1 exploration well in New Zealand

(1/17/2018) GeoPark makes gasfield discovery in Chile's Fell Block

(1/16/2018) Canacol scores significant gas discovery onshore Colombia

(1/16/2018) ExxonMobil finds hydrocarbons in PNG P'nyang South-2 well

(1/15/2018) PetroQuest drilling Louisiana Avoyelles & Pointe Coupee wells

(1/15/2018) Cerro de Chaga-1 in Uruguay delayed for repairs

(1/12/2018) Cuadrilla discovers new shale resources in Lancashire, England

(1/11/2018) Beach makes gas discovery in South Australia's Otway Basin

(1/10/2018) Lundin draws a dry well with Barents Sea Hurri exploration well

(1/9/2018) Undeterred by lack of discoveries, NW Europe to increase drilling

(1/5/2018) Pan Orient plugging & abandoning Thai L53 exploration well

(1/5/2018) Esso E&P Guyana scores 6th discovery offshore Guyana

(12/15/2017) Eni to spud Rabat Deep exploration well offshore Morocco

(12/15/2017) W&T Offshore plugging & abandoning US Gulf South Timbalier well

(12/14/2017) EOG spots more gas potential in Ireland's Slyne Basin license

(12/12/2017) Eni taps down Tecoalli-2 in Mexico's Campeche Bay

(12/12/2017) Kosmos finds Lamantin-1 off Mauritania water-bearing

(12/11/2017) ExxonMobil discovers oil offshore Equatorial Guinea

(12/6/2017) Erin drilling high-impact Oyo Northwest well offshore Nigeria

(12/4/2017) Siccar contracts semisub West Hercules to drill Lyon exploration well

(12/4/2017) Mubadala at TD in Thai Gulf Manora-6 exploration well

(12/4/2017) Lundin drilling Hurri Prospect in Norwegian Barents Sea

(11/30/2017) Statoil sets 2018 drilling program at 25-30 wells

(11/30/2017) W&T Offshore nearing target in US Gulf South Timbalier well

(11/29/2017) OMV drilling Iris/Hades well in Norwegian Sea Haltenbank

(11/29/2017) Eni to drill exploration well in Beaufort Sea off Alaska

(11/27/2017) Raffles strikes gas with Bainet-1 well onshore Romania

(11/27/2017) Namibia's PEL37 JV to drill Cormorant Prospect next year

(11/26/2017) Lundin plugging & abandoning minor gas discovery & dry well

(11/26/2017) Nostra Terra drills & logs oil shows in Texas Permian Basin Twin Well

(11/26/2017) Magnum drilling appraisal of California Sacramento Basin gas discovery

(11/24/2017) Eni lining up exploration wells offshore Cyprus

(11/24/2017) Sonoro production-testing LG1-Up-dip well in West Sulawesi

(11/21/2017) FAR posits 1.4 billion bbl oil in offshore Gambia blocks

(11/20/2017) Mubadala plugs & abandons Ladawan-1 exploration well in Thai Gulf

(11/19/2017) Appraisal next year of giant Zama discovery off Mexico

(11/17/2017) Canacol makes key gasfield discovery onshore Colombia

(11/16/2017) Aker BP gets go-ahead for North Sea exploration well

(11/15/2017) Mari Petroleum makes gas discovery in Pakistan's Sindh Province

(11/14/2017) OMV Norge given go-ahead to drill test of Hades & Iris Prospect

(11/13/2017) Jackup Ensco 107 hired to drill Western Australia Dorado-1 well

(11/13/2017) SDX makes gas discovery onshore Morocco in Sebou Block

(11/12/2017) Cairn to drill 500 wells in major Barmer Basin exploration in India

(11/10/2017) Melbana sees more potential via seismic in Western Oz permits

(11/9/2017) Turkmenistan expanding exploration across the country

(11/5/2017) Murphy hits pay again in Vietnam Nam Con Son Basin block

(11/5/2017) IOG set to drill UK North Sea Harvey Prospect

(11/5/2017) Pemex makes Mexico's largest onshore discovery in 15 years

(10/30/2017) Kosmos' Hippocampe-1 off Mauritania proves all wet

(10/27/2017) Tullow fails to find hydrocarbons offshore Suriname

(10/27/2017) Talos concludes US Gulf Tornado II deepwater drilling program

(10/24/2017) Po Valley prepping to drill Podere Maiar-1 in Italy's Podere Gallina Block

(10/23/2017) Schuepbach scores Uruguay's 1st hydrocarbons discovery

(10/23/2017) Gas kick hits Sonoro LG-1 Up-dip well in West Sulawesi, Indonesia

(10/20/2017) KrisEnergy commences G10/48 Thai drilling campaign

(10/20/2017) W&T Offshore drilling US Gulf South Timbalier 224 test well

(10/20/2017) BP & Kosmos to drill Lamantin-1 wildcat offshore Mauritania

(10/19/2017) Fremont strikes oil with Colorado Pathfinder Project well

(10/19/2017) Rosneft makes new oil discovery in Russia's Tsentralno-Olginskaya Field

(10/19/2017) Energean receives CPR for its Montenegro offshore blocks

(10/16/2017) Lion prepping to drill North Sumatra Amanah Timur appraisal well

(10/11/2017) SDX makes gas discovery in its Sebou Block onshore Morocco

(10/11/2017) Beach drilling South Australia FY18 exploration & appraisal wells

(10/11/2017) Statoil's Verbier sidetrack in the UK North Sea an oil discovery

(10/5/2017) W&T Offshore set to drill US Gulf South Timbalier prospect

(10/5/2017) ExxonMobil makes 5th discovery offshore Guyana

(10/5/2017) SDX strikes oil with Rabul-2 well onshore Egypt

(10/4/2017) Sound mobilizes Saipem rig to drill Morocco's Sidi Moktar well

(10/4/2017) POL discovers largest reserves of oil & gas in Punjab

(10/4/2017) Gazprom Neft makes oilfield discovery offshore Sakhalin Island

(10/4/2017) Senex's South Australia Frey-1 exploration well fizzles

(10/3/2017) Aker BP concludes appraisal & wildcat in Norwegian North Sea

(10/3/2017) ASI drilling LG-1 on West Sulawesi Budong Budong Block

(10/2/2017) CNOOC, PNOC, Jadestone exploration off Palawan to proceed

(9/29/2017) Oranje-Nassau makes major discovery in Netherlands North Sea

(9/27/2017) Eni's Goliat Eye a Norwegian Barents Sea duster

(9/26/2017) Hansa's Ruby find a major Netherlands North Sea discovery

(9/25/2017) Chevron drills exploration well in Iraqi Kurdistan

(9/24/2017) China's recoverable shale gas reserves down 6%

(9/24/2017) Clontarf identifies plays in Equatorial Guinea Block 18

(9/22/2017) NIS tests of 1st well in Romania's EX-7 Periam Block

(9/21/2017) Providence set to drill Barryroe appraisal in Ireland's North Celtic Sea

(9/21/2017) 88 Energy suspends testing of Icewine-2 onshore Alaska

(9/21/2017) NNPC launching exploration campaign in Nigeria's Sokoto Basin

(9/21/2017) Hyperdynamics seeking 2-year appraisal of Fatala-1 well results

(9/19/2017) ONGC discovers oil in Arabian Sea offshore Mumbai, India

(9/19/2017) Petro Matad gearing up to drill exploration wells in Mongolia

(9/19/2017) Statoil & Jersey Oil & Gas agree to sidetrack their Verbier well

(9/18/2017) Beach drilling Louth-1 exploration well in South Australia

(9/18/2017) Encore drills & is testing horizontal Berea well in Kentucky

(9/18/2017) Norwest finds pay in Xanadu well offshore Western Australia

(9/18/2017) OMV strikes oil in Barents Sea Wisting discover appraisal

(9/15/2017) Xodus wins two ESIA contracts offshore Senegal

(9/15/2017) Horizon receives encouraging resource report on France's Ledieux Permit

(9/14/2017) Transocean drillship chartered for US Gulf String Music Prospect

(9/12/2017) Norwest at half planned depth in Xanadu-1 off Western Australia

(9/12/2017) Wellesley's Goanna well off Norway finds water in target reservoir

(9/12/2017) Statoil hits water-bearing Upper Jurassic sands in UK North Sea well

(9/11/2017) Providence P&As water-bearing Drombeg well off Ireland

(9/10/2017) Alvopetro fails to find hydrocarbons with Tucano well in Brazil

(9/10/2017) Hyperdynamics' Fatala-1 well off Guinea fails to find hydrocarbons

(9/8/2017) Azinor UK North Sea Partridge exploration well fizzles

(9/8/2017) Calima preparing for Montney drilling in British Columbia's Caribou area

(9/7/2017) ExxonMobil prepping to drill offshore south coast of Cyprus

(9/7/2017) Sinopec scores shale gas discovery in SW China

(9/7/2017) Comet Ridge drills CBM corehole on Queensland's Mahalo Block

(9/7/2017) Eni lines up deepwater rig for Rabat Deep drilling off Morocco

(9/6/2017) Emerald Bay to drill Kuhn-4 well in South Texas' Wooden Horse play

(9/6/2017) TAG puts New Zealand Cheal-D1 well aside for potential re-entry

(9/5/2017) Deep Gulf's Rampart Deep taps 130 ft liquids-rich gas pay

(9/5/2017) GeoPark discovers new Curucucu Field onshore Colombia

(9/5/2017) Norwest Energy spuds Xanadu-1 offshore Western Australia

(9/1/2017) Sonoro confirms LG-1 exploration well in West Sulawesi

(8/31/2017) Lundin drilling Borselv exploration well in Norwegian Barents Sea

(8/30/2017) Repsol reaches total depth in Sumatra onshore Ayu-1X well

(8/29/2017) Wellesley spuds Goanna exploration well offshore Norway

(8/29/2017) Sacgasco penetrates more gas zones in California Dempsey well

(8/29/2017) Statoil makes non-commercial Barents Sea gas discovery

(8/28/2017) Aker BP strikes out with Hyrokkin wildcat in Norwegian North Sea

(8/28/2017) Norwest pushes Western Australia's Xanadu-1 spud forward

(8/28/2017) Lundin's Alta appraisals confirm reservoir & continuity

(8/23/2017) Statoil makes minor Are formation Norwegian Sea discovery

(8/23/2017) Kosmos completes DST in Tortue-1 well off Mauritania

(8/22/2017) Eni Norge permitted to drill Goliat Eye in Barents Sea

(8/21/2017) BHP strikes oil with its ultra-deepwater US Gulf Wildling-2 well

(8/21/2017) Sacgasco confirms 4 zones in California Dempsey well

(8/18/2017) Victoria Oil & Gas Logbaba well penetrates 58 meters of gas sands

(8/17/2017) TAG Oil drills & cases Cheal-D1 in New Zealand

(8/16/2017) Sonoro brings in ASI for West Sulawesi Budong Budong drilling

(8/15/2017) Horizon Energy Partners makes 2nd discovery in Kern County, California

(8/15/2017) Melbana gearing up for Cuban drilling program next year

(8/15/2017) Azinor Catalyst spuds UK North Sea Partridge exploration well

(8/14/2017) Statoil drilling UK North Sea Verbier Prospect

(8/11/2017) Aker BP drilling exploration well on Norway's Hyrokkin Prospect

(8/11/2017) Petrobras makes Marlim Sul area discovery with Poraque Alto well

(8/11/2017) Tullow launches exploration campaign in northern Zambia

(8/11/2017) Highlands drilling Wildhorse well at East Denver Niobrara Project

(8/10/2017) GeoPark scores Neuquen Basin discovery in Argentina

(8/9/2017) OVL's Mariposa-1 declared discovery by Colombia's ANH

(8/8/2017) Kosmos set to drill Hippocampe wildcat in deepwater Mauritania

(8/8/2017) BP makes major gas discovery in New Mexico Mancos Shale

(8/7/2017) Cairn's SNE North-1 penetrates oil & gas in 1st & 2nd objectives

(8/7/2017) Woodside taps gas column in deep water off Myanmar

(8/7/2017) Statoil's Gemini North a small Barents Sea gas discovery

(8/4/2017) Providence finds water in offshore Ireland Druid well, drilling deeper

(8/4/2017) Pakistan's state company OGDC finds new Sindh gasfield

(8/4/2017) Murphy Oil strikes oil in Vietnam's Nam Con Son Basin

(8/4/2017) Statoil drilling 1st of 2 wells on Norwegian North Sea Carmen Prospect

(8/3/2017) Chevron drilling deepwater US Gulf Ballymore Prospect

(8/2/2017) OMV given go-ahead to drill Barents Sea Wisting appraisal

(8/2/2017) Lundin gearing up to drill 3 Barents Sea prospects

(8/2/2017) Hyperdynamics set to spud Fatala-1 off Guinea this week

(8/1/2017) Statoil given permit to drill Barents Sea Korpfjell wildcat

(7/31/2017) Cairn discovers oil with FAN South-1 well offshore Senegal

(7/29/2017) Nigeria suspends exploration in Lake Chad Basin to await security

(7/28/2017) Aker BP given consent to drill 2 exploration wells in Norwegian North Sea

(7/28/2017) Anadarko discovers oil with ultra-deepwater US Gulf well

(7/27/2017) Pemex scores with 2 Gulf of Mexico deepwater Perdido exploration wells

(7/27/2017) Interoil's Vikingo-1 opens new play in Colombia's Llanos Basin

(7/26/2017) Anadarko lining up US Gulf of Mexico Phobos & Warrior tiebacks

(7/26/2017) Tullow scores 2 out of 3 successful discoveries in Kenya

(7/25/2017) Yamalik-1 drilled in Turkey's Thrace Basin Banarli Block

(7/25/2017) ExxonMobil chalks up another discovery offshore Guyana

(7/25/2017) Senex scores again in South Australia's Cooper Basin

(7/24/2017) Vietnam calls a halt to Repsol drilling In South China Sea

(7/23/2017) Egypt-Saudi accord opens way for Red Sea exploration

(7/23/2017) Logs & cores tested from Broadford Bridge-1 in southern England

(7/20/2017) Sacgasco prepping for 1Tcf California Sacramento Basin Dempsey well

(7/20/2017) Eni raises Mexico Bay of Campeche discovery to 1.3 billion boe

(7/17/2017) Providence puts Avalon Prospect off Ireland in prime position

(7/17/2017) E&P consortium formed explore massive North Caspian structure

(7/17/2017) Statoil scores small Blamann gas discovery in Barents Sea

(7/14/2017) Eni receives BOEM approval for Beaufort Sea drilling off Alaska

(7/14/2017) Egdon gets enviro permits for Biscanthrope-2 well

(7/14/2017) Uzbek & CNPC JV drilling exploration well in Uzbek Mingbulak Field

(7/13/2017) Norwest set to spud Xanadu-1 in Western Australia Perth Basin

(7/13/2017) Lundin taps down Alta appraisal in Norway's Barents Sea Loppa High

(7/12/2017) Eni strikes oil with Amoca-3 well in Mexico's Campeche Bay

(7/12/2017) Talos-led JV makes major oil discovery offshore Mexico

(7/11/2017) Cairn scores another deepwater discovery offshore Senegal

(7/10/2017) Statoil strikes out with 2 Flemish Pass wells off Newfoundland

(7/10/2017) DNO resumes drilling after tests in Kurd Iraq Peshkabir well

(7/9/2017) Petrovietnam drilling exploration well on disputed deepwater block

(7/9/2017) Anadarko drilling 3rd appraisal of US Gulf Phobos discovery

(7/7/2017) UKOG given permit to test southern England exploration well

(7/6/2017) Sacgasco preparing to drill California Sacramento Basin well

(7/5/2017) Sound successful with onshore Koba-1 well at Sidi Moktar, Morocco

(7/5/2017) Alvopetro prepping for exploration well in Brazil's Reconcavo Basin

(7/3/2017) Statoil kicking off 3-well UK North Sea exploration program

(7/3/2017) Statoil scores oil discovery with Kayak well in Barents Sea

(7/3/2017) Sound finds gas in Badile well onshore Italy insufficient

(6/30/2017) Statoil given approval for farthest north Barents exploration well

(6/29/2017) Quadrant planning 2 Phoenix Project wells in 2018

(6/29/2017) Western Kazakhstan & Kazakh Caspian target of Eurasia Project

(6/29/2017) Lundin given go-ahead to drill Borselv wildcat in Barents Sea

(6/28/2017) Drillship Stena IceMAX lined up to drill Druid & Drombeg off Ireland

(6/28/2017) Conrad tests Natuna Sea Mako South-1 at 10.9 million cf/d

(6/27/2017) ONGC wins enviro approval for onshore Andhra Pradesh drilling

(6/27/2017) Final preparations for Fatala-1 well off Guinea underway

(6/27/2017) Tanager taps down Ranger A-1 well In Polk County, Texas

(6/27/2017) Petrel upping activity in Ireland's offshore Porcupine Basin

(6/26/2017) Drillship West Capella to spud Total exploration well off Cyprus

(6/25/2017) UKOG sees mobile light oil in Kimmeridge Limestone well

(6/20/2017) Aker BP coms up dry with Norwegian North Sea wildcat

(6/19/2017) Rosneft makes Russian Arctic Shelf oil discovery in Laptev Sea

(6/19/2017) Conrad drilling appraisal of Natuna Sea Mako South

(6/16/2017) Condor drilling Yakamoz-1 in Turkey's Poyraz Ridge Field

(6/14/2017) Sonoro prepping to drill Budong-Budong appraisal in West Sulawesi

(6/14/2017) Oil Search flows PNG exploration well at 16 million cf/d

(6/13/2017) Faroe appraisal shows Brasse well in Norwegian North Sea viable

(6/13/2017) Eni proposes Nikaitchuq exploration in Alaskan Beaufort Sea

(6/12/2017) GeoPark continues successful Colombia drilling campaign

(6/12/2017) OGDCL makes gas discovery in Pakistan's Sindh Province

(6/9/2017) Drilling underway on Stone's US Gulf Rampart Deep exploration well

(6/8/2017) Savannah prepping to drill Bushiya exploration well in Niger

(6/7/2017) Caelus postponing appraisal of major Alaska North Slope discovery

(6/7/2017) Senex pairs South Australia drilling with Queensland 30-well campaign

(6/2/2017) IPR scores 3rd discovery onshore Egypt this year

(6/2/2017) BP scores 2 key discoveries with Trinidad & Tobago wells

(5/30/2017) ONGC's Mariposa-1 in Colombia flows 40.8º API on test

(5/26/2017) SDX tests show South Disouq, Egypt well with 82 ft pay

(5/26/2017) New gasfield discovered near South Pars Field in Persian Gulf

(5/26/2017) Interoil set to production test Vikingo-1 onshore Colombia

(5/26/2017) Cairn drilling FAN South-1 exploration well offshore Senegal

(5/25/2017) TAG adds another successful Cheal exploration well in New Zealand

(5/25/2017) UKOG ready to spud Broadford Bridge-1 in southern England

(5/25/2017) Faroe drilling Brasse appraisal in Norwegian North Sea

(5/24/2017) Hyperdynamics drilling Fatala-1 exploration well off Guinea

(5/23/2017) ExxonMobil & Rosneft JV set to start offshore Mozambique exploration

(5/22/2017) Freedom Oil & Gas drilling 1st Texas Eagle Ford well in Dimmit County

(5/22/2017) AWE drilling Waitsia-3 appraisal in Western Australia's Perth Basin

(5/22/2017) Talos spuds shallow water Zama-1 well offshore Mexico

(5/17/2017) Tullow makes oil discovery in northern Kenya with Emekuya-1

(5/16/2017) Faroe given go-ahead for 2 Norwegian North Sea exploration wells

(5/15/2017) Ophir's deepwater Cote d'Ivoire Ayame-1X a dry hole

(5/15/2017) Oil Search's sidetrack to PNG Muruk-1 successful

(5/12/2017) Repsol wildcat in Norwegian Sea proves to be a duster

(5/11/2017) CNOOC makes HT/HP gas discovery in South China Sea

(5/11/2017) Lundin drilling appraisal on Alta discovery on Loppa High

(5/11/2017) Wintershall drilling 1st of 20 Vaca Muerta exploration wells in Argentina

(5/9/2017) Turkmenneft scores major gasfield find in Uzun-Ada

(5/8/2017) Carnarvon wins extra time for Western Australia Cerberus Project

(5/8/2017) Lundin given consent to drill Alta appraisal well in Barents Sea

(5/8/2017) Kosmos makes major gas discovery offshore Senegal

(5/5/2017) Canacol chalks up 7th successive gas find in Colombia

(5/5/2017) ONGC Videsh penetrates 37-meter oil pay onshore Colombia

(5/5/2017) Deepened SDX gas discovery in Egypt's South Disouq being completed

(5/4/2017) Statoil hands over operation of Polarled Pipeline to Gassco

(5/4/2017) Interoil drilling Vikingo-1 exploration well in Colombia's Llanos

(5/3/2017) Poor reservoir quality leads Lundin to P&A Gohta appraisal

(5/3/2017) Anadarko makes new gas discovery in Colombian sector of Caribbean

(5/2/2017) Ophir spuds deepwater Ayame-1X offshore Cote d'Ivoire

(5/1/2017) OIL makes 2 discoveries in India's Upper Assam Basin

(4/26/2017) Rosneft's & Statoil's Okhotsk Sea Magadan wells come up dry

(4/26/2017) New exploration well drilling offshore Senegal at FAN South

(4/26/2017) BHP plugs & abandons 1st Wildling well in US Gulf, drilling 2nd

(4/26/2017) Kuwait Energy drilling 1st well in Egypt's Abu Sennan campaign

(4/25/2017) SDX schedules 7 wells in Morocco's Lalla Mimouna & Sebou

(4/25/2017) Accumulate Energy to test Alaska North Slope shale

(4/24/2017) Aminex triples resource estimate at Ntorya area in Tanzania

(4/21/2017) Apache drills a dud offshore Suriname

(4/20/2017) ConocoPhillips taps down 1st Barossa well, set to drill the 2nd

(4/20/2017) Woodside racks up another successful sidetrack offshore Myanmar

(4/20/2017) Interoil discovers oil in Colombia's Magdalena Basin Altair Block

(4/17/2017) SDX gearing up to drill Egypt's South Disouq exploration well

(4/16/2017) Gazprom to drill 2 exploration wells on Bangladesh's Bhola Island

(4/14/2017) Key discovery achieved in Brunei's oldest oilfield, Seria

(4/12/2017) Lundin strikes added oil in Grieg Field appraisal off Norway

(3/27/2017) ONGC drilling onshore Colombia Mariposa-1 exploration well

(3/27/2017) Hurricane confirms oil discovery with UK North Sea Halifax well

(3/27/2017) Cairn's VR-1 its 8th successful well offshore Senegal

(3/26/2017) BP scores 3rd discovery off Egypt in the East Nile Delta

(3/24/2017) Kosmos in 2nd phase of drilling off Mauritania and Senegal

(3/23/2017) Eni strikes oil offshore Mexico in Campeche Bay

(3/22/2017) Melbana IDs multiple high impact prospects in Cuba's Block 9

(3/22/2017) IGas wins planning consent for Midlands England wellsite

(3/20/2017) 88 Energy starts work for Icewine-2 on Alaska’s North Slope

(3/20/2017) Masirah spuds Karamah-1 in Arabian Sea offshore Oman

(3/20/2017) SDX drilling Egyptian Nile Delta South Disouq exploration well

(3/19/2017) ConocoPhillips' Putu-1 well near Alaska Petroleum Reserve on hold

(3/16/2017) Petrel's Schuenbach set to drill 4 exploration wells onshore Uruguay

(3/16/2017) Ikkuma logs 3 successful Narraway wells in Alberta Foothills

(3/15/2017) Barents Sea Bone exploration well proves to be all wet

(3/14/2017) Alvopetro test of Brazil Reconcavo well shows 57 meters pay

(3/14/2017) Chevron scores US Gulf deepwater oil discovery with Anchor appraisal

(3/14/2017) Senex spuds Siver Star-1 in South Australia's Cooper Basin

(3/13/2017) Guinea's deepwater Fatala-1 set to be spudded in April

(3/13/2017) OGDCL makes gas discovery in Pakistan's Sindh Province

(3/12/2017) ONGC discovers 71 million bbl oil reserves in Jorhat, Assam

(3/10/2017) Empire confirms Western Australia light oil discovery in Perth Basin

(3/10/2017) Statoil wildcat a minor gas discovery in Norwegian Sea

(3/9/2017) Ophir prepping to drill deepwater Cote d'Ivoire exploration well

(3/9/2017) Armstrong & Repsol make largest US onshore discovery in 30 years

(3/9/2017) Anadarko & Ecopetrol make deepwater gas discovery off Colombia

(3/8/2017) Sound drilling Badile exploration well onshore northern Italy

(3/8/2017) Aminex suspends Ntorya-2 appraisal in Tanzania

(3/7/2017) Cairn drills successful appraisal of Senegal's SNE Field

(3/6/2017) Lundin drilling 2 appraisals offshore Norway

(3/6/2017) Oranto launching major exploration of South Sudan concession

(3/5/2017) Oyster kicking off 3rd phase of exploration onshore Djibouti

(3/3/2017) Alvopetro logs gas pay with Reconcavo Basin well onshore Brazil

(3/2/2017) Talos prepping to drill Mexico's Bay of Campeche Zama Prospect

(3/1/2017) Aker BP given go-ahead for Norway Volund Field exploration well

(3/1/2017) Tag gearing up to drill New Zealand onshore Pukatea-1 well

(3/1/2017) Wright confirms oil in Julie-1 exploration well in Oklahoma

(3/1/2017) Senex taps down 2 more South Australia exploration wells

(3/1/2017) SDX gearing up to drill Egypt's South Disouq exploration well

(2/28/2017) Esso set to drill another exploration well offshore Guyana

(2/27/2017) Exploration of Iraqi sector of Persian Gulf to commence

(2/24/2017) Lundin's Salina wildcat a Norwegian Barents Sea discovery

(2/23/2017) Quadrant prepping to drill Dorado-1 off Western Australia

(2/23/2017) Repsol granted permit for Norwegian Sea Stordal wildcat

(2/23/2017) Cairn at TD in Senegal's offshore SNE-5 appraisal well

(2/22/2017) ACREP drilling Namibia's Etosha Basin at Kavango West

(2/22/2017) Lukoil & Inpex score oil discovery in southern Iraq

(2/21/2017) NZOG pegs Barque Prospect at 11 Tcf gas, 1.5 billion bbl liquids

(2/20/2017) Rosneft drilling its 1st exploration well in Iraq

(2/20/2017) Total drilling deeper at Antelope-7 in Papua New Guinea

(2/19/2017) BP to drill Ironbark Prospect offshore Western Australia

(2/17/2017) NIOC discovers 2 billion bbl shale oil reserves in Iran's Lorestan Province

(2/17/2017) Rosneft drilling Solimoes exploration well in Brazilian Amazon

(2/16/2017) Doyon's Arctic Fox rig contracted for Alaska Icewine-2 well

(2/14/2017) Origin extended tests confirm Northern Australia shale gas find

(2/14/2017) Iran's NIOC discovers 13 new fields during past 3 years

(2/13/2017) Statoil contracts Seadrill's West Aquarius for 2 Flemish Pass wells

(2/13/2017) Lundin discovers oil & gas in Norwegian Barents Sea prospect

(2/12/2017) Anadarko penetrates pay in Colombia's offshore Purple Angel

(2/12/2017) Shell plugging & abandoning 2 Nova Scotia deepwater exploration wells

(2/7/2017) Petro River to drill 4 wells in California & Oklahoma projects

(2/7/2017) Kuwait Energy to drill exploration well in Egypt's Abu Sennan Block

(2/7/2017) New prospects up Cairn's offshore Senegal acreage potential

(2/6/2017) La Francaise de l'Energie drilling CBM well in France's Bleue Lorraine

(2/6/2017) PetroPeru approves deepwater well offshore NW Peru

(2/6/2017) Aminex's Ntorya-2 onshore Tanzania 51 meters gas pay

(2/5/2017) Statoil completes latest appraisal well on Sverdrup Field

(2/3/2017) ConocoPhillips verifies major oil discovery in Alaska NPR

(2/3/2017) Melbana assesses Cuban concession at 12 billion bbl oil

(2/3/2017) Statoil makes new gas discovery on Norway's Valemon Field

(2/2/2017) GeoPark achieves oil discovery in Colombia's Llanos Basin

(1/31/2017) Rosneft & Statoil JV drilling Russian Samara pilot well

(1/31/2017) Interoil drilling program in Colombia delayed by weather

(1/31/2017) Eni Merakes discovery in Indonesia successfully appraised

(1/30/2017) Foothills drilling Labokay Prospect in southwestern Louisiana

(1/30/2017) Real Energy shuts in Tamarama-1 for pressure build-up

(1/30/2017) Ikkuma finds northern Alberta new light oil pool with Cardium well

(1/30/2017) Alvopetro penetrates gas pay with Caruacu well in Brazil

(1/25/2017) Bapex-Santos joint venture to drill Magnama structure

(1/25/2017) Oil & gas discovery onshore Kazakh North Caspian Sea

(1/24/2017) East West & NIS drilling 1st exploration well in Romania's EX-7 Block

(1/23/2017) Providence prepping to drill Ireland Porcupine Basin Druid well

(1/23/2017) Cairn drilling SNE-5 appraisal offshore Senegal

(1/22/2017) Eni Norge spuds Barents Sea Bone exploration well

(1/19/2017) Azinor Catalyst prepping to drill UK North Sea Partridge Prospect

(1/18/2017) Pura Vida prepping for 3-well Gabon drilling program

(1/18/2017) Statoil granted permit to drill Mim wildcat in Norwegian Sea

(1/18/2017) Empire flowtest proves Red Gully North discovery

(1/17/2017) Cairn gearing up for Senegal exploration & appraisal drilling

(1/17/2017) Tullow scores oil discovery with Erut-1 well in Kenya

(1/17/2017) Statoil's Cape Vulture a North Sea oil & gas discovery

(1/16/2017) Shell completes drilling & abandons Nova Scotia Monterey Jack well

(1/16/2017) ConocoPhillips scores major oil discovery in NPR-Alaska

(1/16/2017) Quadrant concludes Phoenix South-2 off Western Australia

(1/16/2017) Hurricane drilling Halifax test well in UK North Sea

(1/16/2017) ExxonMobil makes 2nd oil discovery offshore Guyana

(1/5/2017) Montana Exploration taps down 2 of 5 planned wells in Montana

(1/5/2017) Eni drilling exploration well in Libyan Mediterranean

(1/5/2017) Renco Elang spuds onshore North Sumatra exploration well

(1/5/2017) Sound set to spud Badile well in northern Italy's Po Valley

(1/4/2017) Statoil to drill some 30 exploration wells this year

(1/4/2017) Cobalt's US Gulf North Platte appraisal shows 650 ft oil pay

(1/2/2017) Maxwell a giant gasfield off northern England

(1/2/2017) Usibelli finds gas in CBM test in Alaska's Denali area

(12/29/2016) Lundin given consent to drill Gohta exploration well in Barents Sea

(12/29/2016) Shell strikes out with 2 exploration wells offshore Tanzania

(12/28/2016) Oil Search scores gasfield discovery in Papua New Guinea

(12/23/2016) Aker BP wildcat a discovery near North Sea Froy Field

(12/21/2016) Aminex drilling Ntorya-2 appraisal in Tanzania's Ruvuma Basin

(12/20/2016) Tullow spuds Erut-1 in Kenya's northern South Lokichar Basin

(12/19/2016) Quadrant scores find with Phoenix South-2 off Western Australia

(12/19/2016) Hurricane's Lincoln well an important UK North Sea discovery

(12/19/2016) ExxonMobil's Mesurado-1 off Liberia being plugged & abandoned

(12/18/2016) NNPC & BGP discover oil in NE Nigeria's Borno state

(12/18/2016) China Poly pegs 4.7 Tcf gas in Ethiopia's Calub & Hilala Fields

(12/16/2016) Anadarko Phobos appraisal in US Gulf penetrates 90 ft pay

(12/16/2016) Anadarko's Warrior a US Gulf deepwater discovery

(12/15/2016) Lukoil exploring on and offshore Iran's upper Persian Gulf

(12/12/2016) Renco delaying Amanah Timur-1 well in Sumatra due to earthquake

(12/12/2016) Strzelecki spuds Boleslaw-1 in Poland's Kolo Block

(12/8/2016) South Australia exploration spending jumps 47%

(12/5/2016) UK Weald Basin PEDL234 put at 1.7 billion bbl oil

(12/5/2016) Aminex set to spud Ntorya-2 appraisal onshore Tanzania

(12/5/2016) BP drilling carboniferous gas prospect in southern UK North Sea

(12/2/2016) Prospex's onshore Poland exploration well plan approved

(12/1/2016) Ecopetrol to drill first offshore well in Colombian Caribbean Sea

(12/1/2016) Cluff's North Sea Zechstein Prospects up prospective resources to 636 bcf

(11/29/2016) Beach plugging & abandoning Penneshaw-1 in South Australia

(11/28/2016) Baron updates prospective resource estimates in Peru blocks

(11/28/2016) Hurricane to drill wildcat on UK North Sea Halifax Prospect

(11/28/2016) Statoil given consent for exploration drilling at Johan Sverdrup

(11/27/2016) Vega drilling Ras El Ush exploration well in Gulf of Suez

(11/27/2016) Geochem study of UK North Sea Bagpuss well shows degraded oil

(11/25/2016) Statoil granted permit for Norwegian Sea wildcat

(11/25/2016) Senegal's SNE Field JV to drill 2 appraisals in 2017

(11/25/2016) Continental prepping to drill Ike well in Oklahoma's STACK Play

(11/23/2016) GeoPark successfully tests Jacana-6 field expansion well in Colombia

(11/23/2016) ExxonMobil spuds Mesurado-1 offshore Liberia

(11/22/2016) Petsec flowtests US Gulf Hummer discovery at 19.88 million cf/d

(11/22/2016) Schuepbach set to drill 4 exploration wells in Uruguay

(11/22/2016) Lundin's Neiden a southern Barents Sea Loppa High discovery

(11/18/2016) Woodside pegs drillship Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2 for Myanmar campaign

(11/18/2016) Chevron going ahead with Great Australian Bight exploration drilling

(11/16/2016) Statoil preparing to drill most northern Norwegian well in 2017

(11/16/2016) Savannah links with NNPC & NNDC to appraise Nigeria rift system

(11/15/2016) IGas given go-ahead to drill onshore England in Nottinghamshire

(11/14/2016) Canacol Porquero gas discovery in Colombia tests 23 million cf/d

(11/14/2016) Statoil set to drill Verbier Prospect on UK Central North Sea

(11/14/2016) TPAO pegs $1.69 billion for exploration next year

(11/14/2016) SDX Energy high grades South Disouq prospects in Egypt for drilling

(11/13/2016) ExxonMobil set to drill Payara wildcat offshore Guyana

(11/10/2016) ConocoPhillips prepping to drill Colville River Unit expansion well

(11/9/2016) Wintershall drilling 2nd appraisal of the Shuwaihat Field offshore

(11/9/2016) Hurricane drilling Lincoln well in UK sector of North Sea

(11/8/2016) TAG tests New Zealand Supplejack-1 at 7 million cf/d

(11/7/2016) Oil Search spuds Muruk-1 onshore Papua New Guinea

(11/7/2016) Eni to evaluate Bahrain E&P prospects

(11/7/2016) Petrobras & YPFB Chaco link for $1.2 billion Bolivian exploration program

(11/7/2016) KazMunaiGas' Rozhkovskoye well tests 3.92 million cf/d

(11/6/2016) TMG taps down Chelekbay exploration well onshore Turkmenistan

(11/4/2016) Statoil drilling Cape Vulture exploration well off Norway

(11/4/2016) Apache makes 3rd UK North Sea discovery near Beryl Field

(11/3/2016) OGDCL chalks up 2 more Pakistan Sindh Province discoveries

(11/3/2016) Shell kicks off Tanzania Mafia Deep Basin drilling program

(11/3/2016) Gas discovered in Pakistan's Sindh Province Khewari Block

(11/2/2016) Total drilling Antelope-7 appraisal in Papua New Guinea

(11/2/2016) Sound's 2nd Tendrara well in Morocco tests 8.8 million cf/d

(11/1/2016) Tullow sets December drilling in Kenya's South Lokichar Basin

(11/1/2016) Beach's September-1 an oil discovery in South Australia

(10/30/2016) Cenovus cuts this year's E&P budget for second time

(10/30/2016) Total lining up Foz do Amazonas Basin exploration in Brazil

(10/30/2016) Inpex makes gas discovery in Sea of Japan

(10/28/2016) Total discovers oil in Bulgarian Black Sea Khan Asparuh Block

(10/27/2016) Lundin resumes drilling Neiden wildcat in Norwegian Barents Sea

(10/27/2016) ExxonMobil makes major discovery offshore Nigeria

(10/26/2016) ExxonMobil confirms discovery off Guyana with Liza-3

(10/25/2016) Vision wraps up 3rd Eagle Ford well in Polk County, Texas

(10/25/2016) Quadrant prepping to spud the Phoenix South-2

(10/23/2016) Pan American spuds 1st well off Mexico by non-Pemex operator

(10/23/2016) Eni wins Mexico's CNH approval to drill Campeche Bay well

(10/20/2016) Tullow reveals planned northern Zambia exploration program

(10/19/2016) Quadrant tests Roc-2 well off Western Australia at 51.2 million cf/d

(10/19/2016) ExxonMobil lines up 1st offshore Liberia exploration well

(10/19/2016) Cluff ups estimate of UK North Sea license to 1.282 Tcf

(10/19/2016) CNPC's southern Peruvian Amazon block holds 3-4 Tcf proven gas

(10/19/2016) Prospex wins enviro approval for onshore Poland exploration well

(10/18/2016) Canacol tests Colombia Trombon-1 discovery at 26 million cf/d

(10/18/2016) Aminex gearing up to drill Ntorya-2 appraisal in Tanzania

(10/17/2016) Statoil makes Norwegian Sea discovery at Njord North Flank

(10/17/2016) Oilex & GSPC agree on India's Cambay PSC test well

(10/17/2016) HHDL submits application to test & drill UK Horse Hill-1 discovery

(10/17/2016) Total scores gas & condensate find in Norway's Martin Linge Field

(10/12/2016) PGNiG & PKN Orlen end exploration in Poland for shale gas

(10/12/2016) Origin makes shale gas discovery in Beetaloo Basin onshore Australia

(10/11/2016) BP foregoing Great Australian Bight exploratory drilling

(10/6/2016) Sound's 2nd Tendrara well in Morocco hits more pay

(10/6/2016) Maverick completes Texas Midland Basin Flying B Ranch-1

(10/5/2016) BHP discovers multiple oil horizons in US Gulf Caicos well

(10/5/2016) Caelus confirms major Alaska North Slope oil discovery

(10/4/2016) Tanzania & DR Congo agree to jointly explore Lake Tanganyika

(10/3/2016) Condor penetrates 140 meters gas pay with Turkey Poyraz-5 well

(10/2/2016) IOC appraisal shows Skipper discovery is heavy oil

(10/2/2016) PEL dual discoveries in Pakistan's Ayesha-1 Field

(10/2/2016) Bangladesh to reward Posco Daewoo for offshore block exploration

(9/30/2016) Saka Energi makes 300 million bbl discovery off East Java

(9/30/2016) Lundin taps down Barents Sea Alta discovery appraisal well

(9/29/2016) OMV to drill 12 wells in Weinviertel, Austria in 2017

(9/29/2016) Origin frack of Amungee exploration well successful

(9/28/2016) Turkmennebit passes halfway point in ultra-deep Uzynada exploration well

(9/27/2016) Savannah gearing up to drill 1st exploration well in Niger Block R3

(9/26/2016) Petrolia set to drill lateral in Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula Bourque-1

(9/25/2016) Helis walking away from Louisiana shale oil project

(9/23/2016) Prior to test Quadrant confirms Roc-2 gas condensate

(9/22/2016) Gazprom makes discovery in Sakhalin III Kirinsky Prospect

(9/22/2016) Alvopetro's latest exploration well in Bahia, Brazil a dry hole

(9/21/2016) Eni upgrades Egypt's Baltim Southwest to 1 Tcf gas

(9/21/2016) Shell Canada's 1st exploration well offshore Nova Scotia non-commercial

(9/21/2016) Lilis spudding 2 Wolfcamp re-entries in Texas Delaware Basin

(9/20/2016) Sound prepping to drill Badile exploration well by yearend

(9/19/2016) Eni scores oil discovery in Tunisian Sahara Desert

(9/19/2016) Quadrant at TD in Roc-2 off Western Australia

(9/18/2016) News of major MEO oil discovery onshore Cuba premature

(9/18/2016) Shell prepping to drill 2 exploration wells offshore Tanzania

(9/16/2016) Providence's Druid exploration well to spud in June 2017

(9/16/2016) Engie's Cara wildcat a Norwegian North Sea gas & oil discovery

(9/15/2016) Strzelecki lines up Exalo to drill Boleslaw well onshore Poland

(9/15/2016) Wintershall wildcat a minor Norwegian North Sea discovery

(9/14/2016) Amungee NW-1H re-entered & Beetaloo W-1 spudded

(9/14/2016) Nanushuk may be Alaska's largest oil discovery

(9/14/2016) Gran Tierra taps down Guriyaco-1 onshore Colombia

(9/13/2016) Pemex makes 2 major deepwater discoveries in Perdido Belt

(9/12/2016) Vision spuds 3rd Eagle Ford well in Polk County, Texas

(9/9/2016) Quadrant's Western Australia Roc-2 confirms hydrocarbons

(9/9/2016) Total's Solaris wildcat in Norwegian North Sea a dry hole

(9/9/2016) Santos scores discovery with Shefu-1 in Queensland Cuisinier campaign

(9/8/2016) ExxonMobil's Guyana discovery follow-up well proves dry

(9/7/2016) Apache discovers 75 Tcf gas 3 billion bbl oil in Texas' Delaware Basin

(9/4/2016) Tullow prepping to resume exploration in Kenya's Block 12A

(9/4/2016) Lundin given okay to re-enter & drill Barents Sea Neiden well

(9/2/2016) Anadarko spuds Warrior deepwater well in US Gulf Green Canyon

(9/2/2016) Royale drilling California Rio Vista well in Sacramento Basin

(9/1/2016) Eni drills 5th successful well in Egypt's Zohr Field

(8/31/2016) Shell finds some 500 bcf gas in Egypt Western Desert discoveries

(8/31/2016) Det Norske scores Norwegian North Sea discovery at Langfjellet

(8/30/2016) Statoil stressing need for major Barents Sea exploration

(8/29/2016) Petronas set to explore Azerbaijan Caspian Goshadash area

(8/26/2016) Canada's West Orphan Basin holds 25.5 billion bbl oil, 20.6 Tcf gas

(8/26/2016) Pan Orient set to drill 2 exploration wells onshore Indonesia

(8/25/2016) NIOC set to start 2nd phase of Sea of Oman gas exploration

(8/25/2016) Eni lines up Barents Sea Bone Prospect drilling at yearend

(8/25/2016) YPF discovers oil and gas in Chachahuan campaign in Argentina

(8/24/2016) Canacol's Nispero-1 gas discovery in Colombia tests 28 million cf/d

(8/22/2016) Europa to reprocess seismic on new Padraig Basin license off Ireland

(8/21/2016) BP submits revised enviro plan for Great Australian Bight drilling

(8/21/2016) Woodside set to drill 4-well campaign offshore Myanmar

(8/21/2016) Chevron pegs $28.8 million for Thai Gulf projects this year

(8/19/2016) IOG completes UK North Sea Skipper appraisal

(8/18/2016) Petrolia resumes Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula Bourque-1 Project

(8/17/2016) IOG overcomes UK North Sea Skipper well problems and finds oil

(8/17/2016) Exploration commissioned for Nigeria's frontier Lake Chad & Benue Basins

(8/17/2016) Rosneft makes new discovery in Russia's Irkutsk Verkheichersky area

(8/16/2016) Highlands set to drill Helios 2 Prospect in SE Montana

(8/16/2016) Marathon drilling Oklahoma STACK Play horizontal well

(8/16/2016) Quadrant sees hydrocarbon shows in Roc-2 off Western Australia

(8/16/2016) Statoil drilling Nord North Flank-2 in Norwegian North Sea

(8/16/2016) Cairn gearing up for further drilling offshore Senegal

(8/15/2016) Ahtna set to spud Tolsona-1 in Alaska's Glennallen area

(8/15/2016) MEO accelerating early drilling at its Block 9 onshore Cuba

(8/15/2016) Petro River to drill 4 exploration wells in Osage County, Oklahoma

(8/15/2016) Quadrant's Driftwood-1 off Western Australia a dry hole

(8/14/2016) UK calls for talks to lift Falkland Islands oil exploration restrictions

(8/11/2016) Statoil gearing up to drill Cape Vulture Prospect in Norwegian Sea

(8/11/2016) Rosneft scores gas condensate discovery off Vietnam

(8/11/2016) Austin starts 2nd phase of Marco Polo-1 well in Colorado

(8/10/2016) BHP scores discovery with 1st deepwater well offshore Trinidad

(8/9/2016) Blackstairs resuming exploration in Armenia's Central Depression

(8/8/2016) Sound confirms "significant gas discovery" onshore Morocco

(8/8/2016) Real Energy taps down recompleted Tamarama-1 in Queensland

(8/5/2016) Bagpuss penetrates pay in UK North Sea Moray Firth

(8/4/2016) Norwegian North Sea Rovar Kula wildcat comes up dry

(8/4/2016) Eni's Aurelia Barents Sea wildcat fizzles

(8/3/2016) Santos taps pay in 3-well Queensland Coolah Complex

(8/2/2016) Quadrant spuds Driftwood-1 offshore Western Australia

(8/2/2016) Cobalt's Goodfellow-1 in US Gulf deepwater a duster

(7/28/2016) Shell scores new deepwater US Gulf discovery at Fort Sumter

(7/27/2016) Statoil hits oil & gas pay at Oseberg Sor off Norway

(7/27/2016) New drilling set for Kenya's South Lokichar Basin

(7/26/2016) Canacol's Oboe-1 in Colombia's Cienaga de Oro tests peak rates

(7/26/2016) Large gas hydrate deposits discovered in Bay of Bengal

(7/22/2016) Amungee NW-1H re-entered & Beetaloo W-1 spudded

(7/22/2016) Torchlight's Texas Midland Basin Flying B Ranch-1 at total depth

(7/21/2016) Lundin kicks off 2016 Barents Sea exploration drilling

(7/21/2016) Zennor successfully appraises UK North Sea Finlaggan discovery

(7/20/2016) Premier spuds Bagpuss exploration well in UK North Sea

(7/19/2016) ExxonMobil drilling 3rd exploration well off Guyana

(7/19/2016) Engie spuds northern Norwegian North Sea Cara exploration well

(7/18/2016) Marksmen concludes initial production tests of Pickaway, Ohio well

(7/18/2016) PPL's Hadi X-1A a gas discovery in Sindh, Pakistan

(7/13/2016) MOL scores another discovery in Pakistan's Tal Block

(7/12/2016) Providence's Newgrange Prospect off Ireland has 13.6 Tcf potential

(7/11/2016) Funding fixed for Texas Permian Basin Hazel Prospect exploration well

(7/11/2016) Quadrant taps down Outtrim East-1, spuds Roc-2

(7/11/2016) Sound penetrates pay in 2nd Tendrara well onshore Morocco

(7/11/2016) Faroe concludes sidetrack appraisal of Brasse discovery

(7/10/2016) Large gasfield discovered in SW China's Guizhou Province

(7/7/2016) MEO identifies 8.18 billion bbl oil in place in Cuba's Block 9

(7/7/2016) Kumisi-2 a key gas discovery for Republic of Georgia

(7/7/2016) Tullow strikes out in Rome exploration well off Norway

(7/6/2016) Kuwait Energy's Al Jahraa SE well in Egypt taps pay

(7/5/2016) Marksman completes Davis-Holbrook-1 in Ohio

(7/5/2016) Doyon drilling Alaska Nenana Basin Toghotthele-1

(7/1/2016) Western Australia NW Shelf Outtrim East-1 delayed

(7/1/2016) IOG ready to drill delayed Skipper well in UK North Sea

(7/1/2016) EnQuest's Eagle an oil discovery in UK North Sea Greater Kittiwake

(6/30/2016) Quadrant to drill Driftwood-1 rather than Palmerston-1 off Western Australia

(6/30/2016) Romgaz makes new discovery in Romania's Muntenia Nord-Est

(6/30/2016) ExxonMobil's Liza-2 off Guyana a world-class discovery

(6/28/2016) ExxonMobil strikes oil with offshore Guyana Liza-2 appraisal

(6/28/2016) OGDCL discovers gas in Pakistan's Sindh Province

(6/27/2016) BHP Billiton focusing on Western Australia, US Gulf & Caribbean

(6/26/2016) ExxonMobil awaiting enviro okay to drill offshore Liberia

(6/24/2016) Total drilling wildcat not far from Martin Linge Field off Norway

(6/23/2016) MOL makes 9th discovery in Pakistan's TAL Block

(6/22/2016) Marksmen's Davis-Holbrook-1 an oil discovery in Ohio

(6/22/2016) Essar makes 8 Tcf shale gas discovery in West Bengal

(6/22/2016) Sonangol puts Zalophus-1 discovery off Angola at 813 million boe

(6/22/2016) Wentworth to appraise Tembo-1 discovery in Mozambique

(6/21/2016) Abraxas drilling Texas Austin Chalk test well in Atascosa

(6/20/2016) Quadrant drilling Outtrim East exploration well off Western Australia

(6/19/2016) Amerisur suspends disappointing Jaguarete-1 in Paraguay

(6/17/2016) MOL makes 8th discovery in Pakistan's TAL Block

(6/17/2016) Rosneft & BP to explore Russia's West Siberian & Yenisey-Khatanga Basins

(6/16/2016) Eni Norge drilling wildcat in Norwegian sector of Barents Sea

(6/16/2016) InfraStrata plugging & abandoning Northern Ireland well

(6/16/2016) Faroe Petroleum's Brasse well a Norwegian North Sea discovery

(6/16/2016) Petrobras scores largest yet Libra oil discovery in Brazil's Santos Basin

(6/14/2016) Georgia Block XIG Kumisi-2 at TD and testing

(6/10/2016) Statoil wraps up exploration drilling offshore Newfoundland

(6/9/2016) Eni's IEOC scores major new gas discovery offshore Egypt

(6/9/2016) Statoil plugging & abandoning minor discovery in Krafla campaign

(6/8/2016) Chevron wraps up Gibson deepwater US Gulf wildcat

(6/8/2016) USGS reassesses Colorado's Mancos Shale

(6/7/2016) IOG pushes back spudding of Skipper appraisal in UK North Sea

(6/7/2016) Inpex launches exploration drilling offshore Japan

(6/3/2016) Amerisur at TD in Paraguay's Parana Basin exploration well

(6/2/2016) BHP drilling 1st of 2 deepwater exploration wells off Trinidad

(6/2/2016) Rosneft & Statoil JV drilling exploration well in Russia's Sea of Okhotsk

(6/2/2016) Sound set to test 1st Tendrara well onshore Morocco

(6/2/2016) Torchlight at TD in Texas' Orogrande Basin Wolfpenn well

(6/1/2016) Santos spuds first of 3 Coolah Complex wells in Queensland

(5/31/2016) SapuraKencana makes another major gas find off Sarawak

(5/30/2016) Mitra primed to drill Philippines' Dabakan & Palendag wells

(5/30/2016) Santos at TD in Indonesia's NW Natuna Ande Ande Lumut appraisal

(5/30/2016) Statoil makes another minor find off Norway in Krafla campaign

(5/27/2016) Saudi Aramco makes 1 offshore & 2 onshore oil discoveries

(5/26/2016) Austin Exploration scores Colorado oil discovery in Pathfinder Project

(5/26/2016) Mubadala strikes out with Thai Gulf Sri Trang-1 well

(5/24/2016) Turkmengeologiya achieves commercial gas flow from Giurgiu Field

(5/24/2016) DNO fails to find hydrocarbons with Oman exploration well

(5/24/2016) Faroe drilling Brasse exploration well offshore Norway

(5/23/2016) Wintershall spuds Antares Prospect in Norwegian North Sea

(5/23/2016) Statoil drilling Beerenberg exploration well offshore Norway

(5/23/2016) Wintershall plugs & abandons North Sea wildcats

(5/22/2016) Caelus' Alaska North Slope find may be elephant

(5/20/2016) PPL scores key gas discovery in Pakistan's Sindh Province

(5/19/2016) Squatex's Lower St Lawrence permits in Quebec show 61 boe

(5/19/2016) Cairn's SNE-4 appraisal off Senegal confirms oil reservoirs

(5/18/2016) Mubadala drilling Sri Trang-1 offshore Thailand

(5/16/2016) Quadrant to drill Western Australia Outtrim East-1

(5/16/2016) Santos drilling Natuna Sea Ande Ande Lumut appraisal

(5/15/2016) InfraStrata drilling ahead at Northern Ireland Woodburn Forest

(5/15/2016) Reliance wins right to drill 8 more exploration wells off Tamil Nadu

(5/12/2016) Lundin to re-enter & deepen Norwegian Barents Sea appraisal well

(5/12/2016) Statoil prepping to drill 5th Krafla appraisal Steinbit

(5/12/2016) Repsol drilling wildcat onshore Papua New Guinea Highlands

(5/11/2016) BHP Billiton prepping to drill US Gulf Caicos exploration well

(5/11/2016) Sound given approval to drill Italy's Po Valley Badile Prospect

(5/9/2016) Kosmos makes significant gas discovery offshore Senegal

(5/8/2016) Namibia exploration curtailed by low oil prices

(5/5/2016) Primeline starting 2nd exploration phase in East China Sea

(5/4/2016) Cooper ups prospective resources in 2 Gippsland Basin prospects

(5/4/2016) Talos makes deepwater US Gulf oil discovery on Tornado Prospect

(5/3/2016) Cobalt's Zalophus-1 its third discovery in offshore Angola block

(5/3/2016) NNPC sets 4th quarter exploratory drilling in Nigeria's Chad Basin

(5/3/2016) Anadarko strikes light oil in Cote d'Ivoire deepwater block

(5/2/2016) Byron reaches deepened TD in US Gulf South Marsh Island discovery

(5/1/2016) 88 Energy prepping for 2nd Icewine well in Alaska North Slope

(5/1/2016) Tullow set to resume Turkana Rift Basin exploration

(4/29/2016) Ukrgazvydobuvannia makes discovery in Ukraine's Kharkiv region

(4/29/2016) ConocoPhillips cuts US Gulf drilling after Melmar duster

(4/28/2016) Origin set to start Australia Beetaloo Basin drilling program

(4/27/2016) Large shale oil deposits found in Iran's Lorestan Province

(4/27/2016) US Gulf South Marsh Island 71-1 penetrates 132 ft of pay

(4/27/2016) ConocoPhillips ultra-deepwater US Gulf Melmar wildcat fizzles

(4/26/2016) Aminex gearing up to drill appraisals of Ntorya discovery in Tanzania

(4/26/2016) Empire wraps up Western Australia Red Gully North-1 testing

(4/25/2016) ONGC to drill 17 shale oil and gas wells onshore India

(4/25/2016) Frontera extending Rep of Georgia's South Kakheti complex

(4/24/2016) 5 billion bbl oil in place off Ireland in Druid & Drombeg Prospects

(4/24/2016) Pemex's Perdido Belt well Tiaras-1 a non-commercial discovery

(4/22/2016) Quadrant discovers gas with Davis-1 well offshore Western Australia

(4/22/2016) Amerisur drilling Jaguarete-1 in Paraguay's Parana Basin

(4/20/2016) Sound drilling 1st exploration well on Morocco's Tendrara Block

(4/20/2016) Byron brings in US Gulf South Marsh Island 71 well

(4/20/2016) Wright taps down Loma Linda-1 in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

(4/19/2016) Empire confirms moveable gas & condensate at Red Gully North

(4/19/2016) Empire confirms moveable gas & condensate at Red Gully North

(4/19/2016) Total to drill 1st exploration well in Bulgarian Black Sea block

(4/18/2016) Ramba suspends Kusuma well in Indonesia's West Jambi

(4/18/2016) Cairn spuds appraisal/exploration well offshore Senegal

(4/17/2016) Repsol Sinopec finds 175-meter reservoir in Brazil Gavea A1 well

(4/15/2016) Cepsa spuds Tarach-1 exploration well onshore Kenya

(4/14/2016) Sonangol & BP score gas discoveries in Angola's Kwanza Basin

(4/14/2016) Cue's WA-359-P work program commitment suspended

(4/13/2016) Statoil makes minor discovery with North Sea Tarbert wildcat

(4/11/2016) Mubadala to launch Sri Trang-1 in Thai Gulf next month

(4/11/2016) Cairn scores again with latest well offshore Senegal

(4/8/2016) Flowtest of Horse Hill-1 oil discovery onshore England completed

(4/8/2016) Noble fails to find hydrocarbons with US Gulf Silvergate well

(4/6/2016) OMV's Barents Sea Wisting appraisal proves field discovery

(4/5/2016) Zennor drilling appraisal of ConocoPhillips Finlaggan find

(4/4/2016) Byron spuds US Gulf South Marsh Island exploration well

(4/3/2016) Det Norske lines up Maersk Interceptor to drill Rovar Kula well off Norway

(4/1/2016) BP postponing exploratory drilling offshore Nova Scotia

(3/31/2016) Total drilling ultra-deepwater Raya-1 offshore Uruguay

(3/31/2016) Saudi Aramco exploring for Saudi unconventional gas

(3/31/2016) ONGC discovers gas on Mizoram-Assam border, India

(3/30/2016) Mari & MOL make 3rd discovery in Pakistan's Karak Block

(3/29/2016) Saturn Minerals wraps up Saskatchewan Bannock Creek exploration well

(3/29/2016) Sino logs record deviated well test in China's Linxing East

(3/28/2016) Hilcorp planning Greystone drilling on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

(3/28/2016) Dodsal to invest $300 million in Tanzania E&P

(3/28/2016) Dana's Manatee-1 off Cambodia non-commercial

(3/27/2016) Kuwait Oil Company makes western Kuwait field discovery

(3/23/2016) PTTEP confirms BOG discovery onshore eastern Algeria

(3/23/2016) Aresco makes new Louisiana Tuscaloosa Sands gas discovery

(3/22/2016) Pan Orient prepping to appraise Akeh discovery onshore Sumatra

(3/22/2016) Petrobras' latest Libra well off Brazil penetrates largest oil column yet

(3/21/2016) UK's onshore Horse Hill-1 flows 1,688 b/d from 3 zones

(3/21/2016) North Sea Energy sets spud date for North Sea Bagpuss well

(3/20/2016) 88 Energy starts 2nd phase of Alaska North Slope Icewine Project

(3/20/2016) Galp set for summer exploration offshore Portugal

(3/20/2016) OMV & Oxy contracted for offshore Abu Dhabi assessment

(3/18/2016) Khazar Oil drilling exploration well on Iran-Turkmen border

(3/18/2016) Alvopetro fails to find hydrocarbons in Bahia, Brazil well

(3/17/2016) Repsol evaluating US Gulf appraisal of ultra-deep Leon discovery

(3/17/2016) Quadrant's Roc-1 discovery has 372 bcf gas, 18 million bbl condensate

(3/16/2016) Swala's Kilosa-Kilombero oil estimate prompts Kita-1 well plan

(3/16/2016) Tullow finds oil with Cheptuket wildcat in northern Kenya

(3/16/2016) Kosmos confirms gas discoveries offshore Mauritania & Senegal

(3/15/2016) Cairn spuds 3rd appraisal of SNE discovery offshore Senegal

(3/14/2016) Prospective resources estimated for Mosman's Amadeus Basin permits

(3/14/2016) Egdon plugging non-commercial UK onshore well

(3/13/2016) Furie planning 10 exploration wells in Alaska's Kitchen Lights Unit

(3/11/2016) Engie to drill Cara Prospect in northern North Sea this summer

(3/11/2016) InfraStrata prepping Northern Ireland drillsite for exploration well

(3/10/2016) Total preparing to drill Raya-1 deepwater exploration well off Uruguay

(3/9/2016) Canacol tests Oboe-1 in Colombia's Clarinete Field at 13 million cf/d

(3/9/2016) Statoil drilling Madam Felle exploration well in Norwegian North Sea

(3/9/2016) Shell to launch further exploration in Brazil's offshore BC-10

(3/9/2016) Cairn drills 2nd successful appraisal offshore Senegal

(3/9/2016) Rosneft drilling exploration well offshore Vietnam

(3/8/2016) Byron penetrates 102 ft pay sands in US Gulf SM6-2 well

(3/7/2016) Lundin plugging & abandoning Fosen dry hole in Norwegian North Sea

(3/4/2016) Buru testing Ungani Far West-1 discovery in Western Australia

(3/4/2016) Empire set to complete & test Western Australia gas discovery

(3/3/2016) Lukoil-Bashneft JV drilling Yuzhno-Visovaya well in Russia's Nenets

(3/3/2016) Lundin finds gas shows with Maligan well off Sabah, Malaysia

(3/3/2016) Mirach planning exploration of Cambodia's Block D

(3/2/2016) Total's Uptonia North Sea wildcat a dry hole

(3/2/2016) Karpinsky to launch exploration drilling in Russia's Rostov Oblast

(3/2/2016) Beach's Drillsearch scores gas discovery in South Australia

(3/2/2016) Wintershall plugging & abandoning Barents Sea wildcat

(3/2/2016) Dana drilling Manatee-1 offshore Cameroon in Niger Delta

(3/1/2016) Wintershall prepping to drill Norwegian North Sea Orion Prospect

(3/1/2016) UK's onshore Horse Hill-1 flows freely from 2nd zone at 900 b/d

(2/29/2016) Masirah drilling Manarah-1 offshore Oman

(2/29/2016) 88 Energy's Alaska Icewine-1 said a world class resource

(2/29/2016) VOS-1 discovery in Texas' Eagle Ford/Woodbine tests successful

(2/29/2016) Sound lines up rig for Badile exploration well onshore Italy

(2/28/2016) ExxonMobil drilling Liza discovery appraisal off Guyana

(2/28/2016) Caelus drilling 2nd exploration well in Alaska's Smith Bay

(2/26/2016) CNOOC scores China's 1st ultra-deepwater gas discovery

(2/26/2016) Soco's deepwater Congo Baobab Marine-1 a dry hole

(2/26/2016) Nostra Terra prepping to drill Paw Paw Prospect in Wyoming

(2/26/2016) Eni makes new Nooros East discovery in Egypt's Nile Delta

(2/25/2016) Oboe-1 in Colombia's Clarinete Field tests 26 million cf/d

(2/25/2016) Black Platinum to drill 2 exploration/appraisal wells off Indonesia

(2/25/2016) Dodsal discovers major onshore gasfield in Tanzania

(2/25/2016) Statoil wildcat near Oseberg South a minor discovery

(2/24/2016) Wintershall's Barents Sea Kvalross probe proves noncommercial

(2/23/2016) ONGC & Essar strike gas in India's Mumbai High

(2/23/2016) PEL discovers major gasfield in Pakistan's Sindh Province

(2/21/2016) Repsol make 4 Tcf gas discovery in southern Bolivia

(2/18/2016) KazMunaiGas logs discoveries onshore Kazakhstan

(2/17/2016) Petrobras consortium discovery in Brazil's Santos Basin Libra Block

(2/17/2016) UK onshore Horse Hill discovery flowing to surface

(2/17/2016) Tarach-1 set to spud onshore Kenya by end of quarter

(2/16/2016) Empire high case interpretation has Perth Basin prospects joined

(2/16/2016) Madalena makes oil discovery in Argentina's Lower Agrio shale

(2/15/2016) ConocoPhillips gearing up for Greater Mooses Tooth exploration drilling

(2/15/2016) CGC makes oil discovery in Argentina's Santa Cruz Province

(2/15/2016) Sound gearing up for 1st well in Morocco's Tendrara Block

(2/15/2016) Egdon targeting Silkstone Rock with onshore UK exploration well

(2/12/2016) Woodside scores 2nd deepwater gasfield discovery offshore Myanmar

(2/11/2016) ExxonMobil & OMV Petrom wind up Black Sea Neptun Deep probe

(2/10/2016) Saturn scores oil discovery with Saskatchewan Bannock Creek well

(2/9/2016) MEO confirms Cuba's onshore Block 9 prospectivity

(2/8/2016) UK onshore Horse Hill discovery well extended flowtest underway

(2/8/2016) Soco drilling exploration well in Congo's Mer Profonde Sud Block

(2/7/2016) Faroe prepping to drill Brasse Prospect in Norwegian North Sea

(2/5/2016) Stonehaven taps down last 2 of 4 Alberta Belly River exploration wells

(2/5/2016) ExxonMobil prepping for follow-up well at Guyana's Liza discovery

(2/4/2016) Statoil confirms US Gulf Power Nap discovery

(2/4/2016) Pakistan JV makes oil & gas discovery in Khyber Province

(2/3/2016) Beach spuds Jute-1 exploration well in South Australia's Cooper Basin

(2/3/2016) Cue discovers oil onshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia

(2/2/2016) Anadarko strikes out with ultra-deep Colombia wildcat

(2/2/2016) NuEnergy completes 3 Sumatra CBM exploration wells

(2/1/2016) Alvopetro prepping to drill 2 exploration wells in Brazil's Reconcavo Basin

(1/31/2016) Noble's 1st Utica Shale well in West Virginia a winner

(1/31/2016) Petronas makes further deepwater find offshore Brunei

(1/29/2016) Holloman planning further South Australia Cooper Basin exploration

(1/29/2016) Lundin drilling Maligan exploration well offshore Sabah

(1/28/2016) UKOG pending license in southern England pegged at 219 million bbl

(1/27/2016) Beach fracs, stims, & tests Udacha-1 in South Australia

(1/27/2016) Key deepwater gas discovery in Senegal's St Louis license

(1/27/2016) Empire's Western Australia Red Gully North-1 exceeds expectations

(1/26/2016) JX Nippon confirms Bestari discovery offshore Sabah

(1/26/2016) Hess pegs $2.4 billion to 2016 E&P budget

(1/25/2016) Lundin drilling Fosen exploration well in Norwegian North Sea

(1/24/2016) OMV Norge spuds Wisting Central-2 in Norwegian Barents Sea

(1/24/2016) President puts Paraguay prospective resources at 940 million boe

(1/24/2016) Daewoo follows gas discovery with deepwater exploration well off Myanmar

(1/21/2016) 88 Energy's Icewine an Alaska North Slope shale discovery

(1/20/2016) Lundin's Lorry exploration well a Norwegian Sea duster

(1/20/2016) Todd plugs & abandons Te Kiri North-1 onshore New Zealand

(1/19/2016) Cairn re-enters & drilling 2nd appraisal of Senegal discovery

(1/18/2016) Suncor scores a 2nd duster on Mermaid Prospect offshore Norway

(1/18/2016) Condensate-rich gas in Quadrant's Roc-1 in Western Australia

(1/15/2016) ENAP & YPF extend Patagonia exploration another 10 years

(1/15/2016) Two gasfields discovered near Turkmenistan's giant Galkynysh Field

(1/14/2016) Buru confirms Ungani Far West-1 find in Western Australia

(1/14/2016) OGDCL's Thal East-01 a gas discovery in Pakistan's Sindh Province

(1/13/2016) Drillsearch taps down 1st in 2-well South Australia exploration program

(1/13/2016) Pemex gets go-ahead to drill 2 new deepwater wells in Gulf of Mexico

(1/13/2016) Senex taps pay with 2nd South Australia gas exploration well with Origin

(1/13/2016) Brushy penetrates 50 ft of pay in Texas shale oil field

(1/13/2016) IOG postpones UK North Sea Skipper well

(1/12/2016) Wintershall drilling Kvalross exploration well in Barents Sea

(1/12/2016) Gastar concludes Meramec Shale well test in Oklahoma

(1/11/2016) KazMunayTeniz & Rosneft returning to Kazakh Caspian project

(1/11/2016) ONGC gas hydrates discovery to rival Reliance's Dhirubhai 6

(1/11/2016) Premier re-drill of Isobel Deep off Falkland Islands proves discovery

(1/10/2016) Lundin abandons well offshore Malaysia after minor oil shows

(1/8/2016) Cue drilling onshore Naga Selatan-2 in East Kalimantan

(1/8/2016) Lundin drilling Bambazon exploration well off Sabah, Malaysia

(1/7/2016) Cunningham gearing up for 2 West Virginia shallow horizontal wells

(1/7/2016) Buru's Western Australia Ungani Far West-1 an oil discovery

(1/6/2016) Santos makes it 5 discoveries out of 5 Windorah wells drilled

(1/6/2016) Beach taps down South Australia Bauer-24, drilling Bauer-25

(1/6/2016) Sinopec strikes oil & gas in high-yield Beibu Bay discovery off China

(1/4/2016) Valeura confirms gas discovery with Turkey Banarli exploration well

(1/4/2016) Vitol's Aigle exploration well off Cote d'Ivoire a dry hole

(1/4/2016) Quadrant's Roc-1 a Western Australia condensate-rich gas discovery

(1/4/2016) MPRL & Woodside score deepwater gas discovery off Myanmar

(12/29/2015) Icewine-1 on Alaska's North Slope reaches total depth at 11,600 ft

(12/26/2015) Ramba kicks off back-to-back wells in Sumatra

(12/26/2015) Horizon preparing to drill Colter well in southern England

(12/24/2015) Midwestern drilling West Prospect near Nigeria's Umusadege Field

(12/24/2015) Total drilling Antelope-6 onshore Papua New Guinea

(12/23/2015) Eni strikes out with US Gulf deepwater Vernaccia well

(12/23/2015) Tests confirm high productivity in Brazil's Carcara pre-salt

(12/22/2015) Stone waiting for Pemex results before spudding US Gulf Lamprey well

(12/22/2015) Lundin makes oil discovery near Norway's Edvard Grieg Field

(12/21/2015) ConocoPhillips drilling US Gulf deepwater Alaminos Canyon well

(12/21/2015) Wintershall to drill Kvalross in Norwegian Barents Sea

(12/21/2015) Total gets go-ahead to drill southern Norwegian North Sea Solaris wildcat

(12/20/2015) PPL strikes oil & gas in Punjab's Dhok Sultan Block

(12/20/2015) Faroe lines up rig to drill Brasse Prospect in Norwegian North Sea

(12/17/2015) Gastar's Meramec Shale well in Oklahoma flowing on test

(12/17/2015) Valeura taps down successful Turkey Thrace Basin exploration wells

(12/17/2015) Todd Energy spuds Te Kiri North-1 onshore New Zealand

(12/17/2015) Controversial Lake Malawi exploration to commence

(12/16/2015) Petrobras makes new discovery in Brazil's Espirito Santo Basin

(12/15/2015) Tullow achieves northern Kenya discovery with Etom-2 well

(12/15/2015) W&T Offshore in 2nd discovery on US Gulf Ewing Banks 910 Field

(12/14/2015) KrisEnergy plugging & abandoning East Java Sea Mustika-1 well

(12/13/2015) NNDC to explore Nigeria's Lake Chad Basin

(12/10/2015) Buru seeing oil shows in Ungani Far West-1 in Western Australia

(12/10/2015) Cairn reaches TD in Senegal Sangomar Deep appraisal well

(12/10/2015) Baikal-1 in South Australia proves to be a dry hole

(12/10/2015) Wintershall scores small Norwegian North Sea discovery

(12/8/2015) Pemex says two new oil discoveries to add 40,000 b/d

(12/8/2015) Volga Gas drilling exploration well in southern Russia's Saratovskaya

(12/7/2015) Lundin drilling Imbok exploration well offshore Malaysia

(12/7/2015) KrisEnergy spuds Mustika-1 in East Java Sea off Indonesia

(12/6/2015) Baikal-1 spudded in South Australia's Cooper-Eromanga Basin

(12/3/2015) Vision makes 2nd East Texas Eagle Ford/Woodbine find

(12/3/2015) Murphy plugging & abandoning US Gulf Thunder Bird sidetrack

(12/2/2015) Marathon strikes out with deepwater US Gulf Solomon wildcat

(12/2/2015) CNR receives prospective resources estimate

(12/2/2015) Statoil prepping to drill Askja SE in Norwegian North Sea

(12/1/2015) Primeline's latest East China Sea well a duster

(11/30/2015) Buru drilling Ungani Far West-1 onshore Western Australia

(11/30/2015) Sino XLDG-04 in China's Ordos Basin flows 2.1 million cf/d

(11/30/2015) UK onshore Horse Hill-1 oil discovery set for flowtest

(11/30/2015) Tuscany scores heavy oil discovery in Saskatchewan

(11/29/2015) Encore's Warsaw exploration well in Kentucky an oil discovery

(11/29/2015) Ecopetrol joins Anadarko in exploring US Gulf

(11/27/2015) Nova Scotia extends moratorium on Georges Bank

(11/26/2015) Talos & partners set Mexico shallow water drilling

(11/26/2015) Lundin finds Selada-1 offshore Malaysia a dry hole

(11/25/2015) Bowleven starts extended tests of Moambe well in Cameroon

(11/25/2015) Quadrant drilling Western Australia Roc-1 exploration well

(11/24/2015) Senex prepping to drill South Australia Baikal-1

(11/24/2015) Lundin launches drilling on Barents Sea Ornen Prospect

(11/24/2015) Triple Energy to frac & test Yixin-1 CBM well in China's Daqing Basin

(11/23/2015) Sound cuts cost of Badile well onshore Italy by 5 million euros

(11/23/2015) Hibiscus sub set to start drilling offshore Oman

(11/23/2015) Infinity moving toward offshore Nicaragua drilling

(11/23/2015) Premier spuds redrill of Isobel Deep off Falkland Islands

(11/20/2015) Pakistan assessing shale gas & oil in massive Indus Basin resource

(11/20/2015) Statoil makes minor find near Norway's Visund Field

(11/19/2015) Shell confirms US Gulf Kaikias deepwater discovery

(11/19/2015) Ophir Thai Gulf wildcat proves to be non-commercial

(11/18/2015) Origin completes Amungee NW horizontal well

(11/18/2015) Sidetrack confirms Elk-Antelope extension in Papua New Guinea

(11/17/2015) Petrobras confirms deepwater discovery in Brazil's Potiguar Basin

(11/17/2015) CNOOC Ltd drilling Weizhou appraisal in China's Beibu Gulf

(11/17/2015) Empire drilling Red Gully North-1 in Western Australia's Perth Basin

(11/17/2015) Tullow strikes out with Emesek-1 in Kenya's Lokichar Basin

(11/16/2015) Primeline drilling follow-up East China Sea Lishui Basin well

(11/15/2015) ExxonMobil returning to offshore Liberia for exploration well

(11/13/2015) Empire to drill Red Gully North well onshore Western Australia

(11/13/2015) Quadrant prepping to drill Roc-1 offshore Western Australia

(11/13/2015) Exploration well underway on Norwegian Sea Lorry Prospect

(11/13/2015) Petrobras declares Santos Basin pre-salt Sepia Leste commercial

(11/12/2015) Kosmos makes 2nd major discovery of year offshore Mauritania

(11/11/2015) Tullow drilling Emesek-1 in Kenya's undrilled North Lokichar Basin

(11/10/2015) Total & ExxonMobil to drill Uruguay's 1st offshore exploration well

(11/10/2015) Hibiscus' Sea Lion-1 off Australia proves non-commercial (update)

(11/10/2015) VNG Norge's Norwegian Sea Boomerang-2 comes up dry

(11/9/2015) Lundin drilling Natuna Sea Selada-1 exploration well off Malaysia

(11/9/2015) NNPC seismic in Lake Chad points to oil discovery

(11/9/2015) Hibiscus hits hydrocarbons in Sea Lion Prospect off Australia

(11/6/2015) OVL suspends Colombia Llanos Basin Loto-2 to analyze results

(11/5/2015) Winter restrictions suspend Lundin's Barents Sea Neiden well

(11/5/2015) Eni discovers gas & condensate offshore Congo

(11/5/2015) Cairn drilling deepwater SNE appraisal offshore Senegal

(11/4/2015) Beach scores a duster with Maroochydore-1 onshore Queensland

(11/4/2015) Senex testing Efficient-1 gas exploration well in South Australia

(11/3/2015) Roxi prepping to drill 3 more BNG wells onshore Kazakhstan

(11/3/2015) VNG Norge finds Norwegian Sea Blink Prospect all wet

(11/2/2015) Appraisals concluded at US Gulf North Platte, Anchor, Shenandoah

(11/2/2015) Ophir draws a dry hole with Thai Gulf Soy Siam exploration well

(11/1/2015) Shell drilling 2 deepwater exploration wells offshore Nova Scotia

(11/1/2015) ConocoPhillips vows to end deepwater exploration by 2017

(10/30/2015) Bass Strait Oil gets Australia Gippsland Basin permit work variation

(10/30/2015) Shell's deepwater Leopard-1 off Gabon looks to be multi-Tcf

(10/30/2015) Primeline completes one East China Sea exploration well, drilling another

(10/30/2015) Apache chalks up 3 discoveries in UK North Sea

(10/29/2015) Saturn receives license to drill Saskatchewan exploration well

(10/29/2015) On a roll - Eni finds more gas in Nouros field offshore Egypt

(10/29/2015) Noble strikes out with Humpback well offshore Falkland Islands

(10/29/2015) Chevron appraisal shows Anchor a significant US Gulf discovery

(10/28/2015) Anadarko Shenandoah appraisal in US Gulf strikes more oil

(10/28/2015) Total launch Outeniqua Basin exploratory drilling off South Africa

(10/28/2015) Circle Oil scores another gas find in Morocco's Sebou Block

(10/28/2015) Holloman sets spud date for South Australia Baikal-1

(10/27/2015) Blackbird taps down 3rd Elmworth Montney well in Alberta

(10/27/2015) AWE's Waitsia-1 flows gas at 25.7 million cf/d from 2nd zone

(10/26/2015) Lundin makes small gas find offshore Malaysia

(10/26/2015) Carnarvon drilling Sea Lion-1 in Australia's Gippsland Basin

(10/22/2015) Vietsovpetro strikes oil off Vietnam in Ca Tam Field

(10/22/2015) Cuba sets deepwater Gulf of Mexico exploration drilling

(10/22/2015) Origin's 2nd Australia Beetaloo Basin well scores excellent gas shows

(10/22/2015) 88 Energy gets go-ahead to drill Alaska North Slope Icewine-1

(10/22/2015) CNOOC confirms Caofeidian discovery in China's Bohai Bay

(10/21/2015) Shell wins authorization to drill offshore Nova Scotia

(10/21/2015) Ophir drilling 1st of 2 Thai Gulf exploration wells

(10/20/2015) Gazprom affiliate GPB exploring Ethiopia's Gewane-El Wiha Block

(10/20/2015) Vitol gearing up to drill offshore Cote d'Ivoire

(10/20/2015) Roc Oil plugging & abandoning China Bohai Bay exploration well

(10/20/2015) Pilot confirms oil potential of Western Australia exploration permit

(10/20/2015) Pan Orient scores onshore Sumatra gas & condensate discovery

(10/19/2015) Austin sets high impact Colorado Pierre Shale exploration targets

(10/16/2015) Lundin drilling Rolvsnes exploration well near Norway's Grieg Field

(10/16/2015) Noble sees oil & gas shows in Falklands Humpback well

(10/16/2015) Hibiscus prepping to spud Sea Lion-1 off Victoria, Australia

(10/15/2015) Buru drilling Sengali-1 in Western Australia's Ungani trend

(10/15/2015) Petrobras completes 4th well on Brazil's Santos Basin Libra Field

(10/14/2015) Lukoil makes large gasfield discovery in Romanian Black Sea

(10/13/2015) Repsol's Norwegian Sea Hagar wildcat fizzles

(10/13/2015) Patriot's Texas Permian Basin Thoroughbred-1 penetrates pay

(10/13/2015) OVL taps 54 ft net pay in Colombia Llanos Basin exploration well

(10/13/2015) Circle makes gas discovery with Ksiri West-A well in Morocco

(10/12/2015) Alaska North Slope Icewine-1 delayed in spudding

(10/12/2015) OMV scores gas discovery in Pakistan's Sindh Province

(10/9/2015) President sees new resources in newly acquired seismic

(10/8/2015) Santos suspends Washington-1 well in South Australia

(10/8/2015) Exxonmobil at TD in Colombia's Middle Magdalena Basin test well

(10/8/2015) CITIC reports gas discovery on Indonesia's Seram Island

(10/8/2015) Condor plugging & abandoning Kazakhstan Zharkamys West well

(10/6/2015) Beach drilling 1st exploration well of FY16 campaign

(10/5/2015) Lundin drilling exploration well on Norway's Neiden Prospect

(10/2/2015) Lundin spuds Mengkuang-1 offshore Malaysia

(10/1/2015) Shell postponing New Zealand Great South Basin well to 2016

(10/1/2015) Statoil strikes out with North Sea Gasol-Gretel wildcat

(10/1/2015) Maersk makes non-commercial find in Norwegian Sea

(10/1/2015) Breitling underway on 4th West Texas shale farm-in well

(9/30/2015) Major gasfield discovered in Argentina's Santa Cruz Province

(9/30/2015) Lundin taps down 2 Alta discovery appraisals in Barents Sea

(9/30/2015) San Leon penetrates gas pay in Morocco Laayoune-4 well

(9/29/2015) Petrobras confirms light oil with 3rd Carcara ultra-deep well off Brazil

(9/29/2015) Patriot drilling Toroughbred-1 in Texas' eastern Permian Basin

(9/28/2015) Pan Orient prepping to test Akeh-1 onshore Sumatra, Indonesia

(9/28/2015) Bowleven at TD in 2nd Bomono exploration well in Cameroon"

(9/28/2015) Shell quits Arctic exploration off Alaska "for foreseeable future"

(9/27/2015) Premier to drill follow-up well to Falklands Isobel Deep discovery

(9/27/2015) Noble strikes out with Cheetah well offshore Cameroon

(9/25/2015) Eni to spud Vernaccia exploration well in US Gulf

(9/25/2015) RoyalGate set to drill Equatorial Guinea's Block Z

(9/25/2015) Noble resumes drilling Falklands' Humpback exploration well

(9/24/2015) Petsec plugging & abandoning Louisiana Northeast Starks well

(9/24/2015) Primeline drilling Lishui Sag exploration well in East China Sea

(9/23/2015) Roc Oil drilling 2nd exploration well in China's Bohai Bay Qi Kou Block

(9/23/2015) VNG Norge drilling Norwegian Sea Blink exploration well

(9/23/2015) Tethys strikes oil onshore Lithuania on Raseiniai Block

(9/23/2015) ExxonMobil sets timetable for Mesurado-1 well offshore Liberia

(9/23/2015) Europa given go-ahead to drill UK onshore Holmwood Prospect

(9/22/2015) Amerisur spuds Loto-2 in Colombia's eastern Llanos Basin

(9/22/2015) Strata-X's Kuhlig-1 stepout proves oil in Illinois Lingle Oil Project

(9/20/2015) 88 Energy gets Alaska Icewine-1 drilling plan okay

(9/20/2015) Statoil gearing up to drill Monument deepwater prospect in US Gulf

(9/20/2015) Petroceltic to drill off Egypt near giant Zohr discovery

(9/18/2015) Eni's giant Zohr gas discovery may extend into Petroceltic block

(9/18/2015) Genie sub Afek Oil claims oil discovery in illegal Golan Heights well

(9/18/2015) Mari & MOL make Karak Block discovery in Pakistan

(9/18/2015) Petsec spuds St John Bayou exploration well in Louisiana

(9/17/2015) InterOil's PNG Triceratops-3 flows 17.1 million cf/d

(9/16/2015) VNG Norge's Boomerang a minor discovery off Norway

(9/16/2015) Kuwait Oil to launch Persian Gulf offshore exploration program

(9/16/2015) Repsol finds new gas reserves in Bolivia's Margarita & Huacaya Fields

(9/16/2015) ONGC makes 13th discovery in India's Bay of Bengal KG-D5 Block

(9/15/2015) CMX taps down final well in Central Kansas Uplift Project

(9/15/2015) Triple Energy drilling ahead in 1st of 2 CBM wells in Heilongjiang, China

(9/15/2015) PGN achieves another gasfield discovery in Brazil's onshore Parnaiba Basin

(9/15/2015) OGDCL makes significant gas discovery in Pakistan's Sindh Province

(9/14/2015) Blackbird set to spud 3rd Elmorthy Montney well in Alberta

(9/14/2015) KFG scores onshore Mississippi oil discovery with latest well

(9/14/2015) Quadrant set to drill Roc-1 exploration well off Western Australia

(9/11/2015) Shell strikes out with Norwegian Sea Portrush exploration well

(9/10/2015) Holloman prepping to drill South Australia Baikal-1

(9/9/2015) Entek drilling Wyoming Battle Mountain exploration well

(9/9/2015) Eni's Zohr supergiant gasfield off Egypt may overlie another

(9/9/2015) Petsec drilling Northeast Starks Prospect in Louisiana

(9/9/2015) Buru follows successful Praslin-1 with Victory-1 in Western Australia

(9/8/2015) Sound Oil completes tech evaluation of Morocco's Tendrara license

(9/8/2015) Origin spuds Amungee NW-1 in Australia's Beetaloo Basin

(9/7/2015) ExxonMobil prepping to drill Prince Prospect wildcat offshore Norway

(9/6/2015) Austin strikes oil in Mississippi exploration lease

(9/6/2015) ONGC & BG reestablishing offshore India Cauvery Basin exploration

(9/6/2015) Gas & condensate discovery in Pakistan's Sindh Province

(9/4/2015) Statoil makes minor find with Oseberg Sor area wildcat

(9/4/2015) Roxi scores oil discovery in Kazakhstan's Ayrshagyl Block

(9/4/2015) Parex encounters oil in Colombia Bazar-2 exploration well

(9/4/2015) Hydrocarb to drill Galveston Bay, Texas exploration well

(9/4/2015) Strata-X drilling 2nd Lingle well in US Illinois Basin

(9/3/2015) Premier's Myrhauk exploration well proves all wet

(9/2/2015) GeoPark discovers new Jacana oilfield in Colombia

(9/1/2015) Origin reaches TD in Kalala S-1 in Australia's Beetaloo Basin

(8/31/2015) Statoil fails to find hydrocarbons with Knappen wildcat

(8/31/2015) Eni discovers Mediterranean's largest offshore gasfield off Egypt

(8/28/2015) High Arctic winds & waves halt Shell's Chukchi Sea drilling

(8/28/2015) Buru's Western Australia Praslin-1 penetrates 23 meters of oil pay

(8/27/2015) GeoPark makes small light oil discovery in Colombia

(8/26/2015) UK Horse Hill licenses in SE England OIP put at 10.9 billion bbl

(8/26/2015) Shell scores discovery off Australia in Browse Basin

(8/26/2015) Shell spuds Portrush exploration well in Norwegian Sea

(8/26/2015) Circle plugging & abandoning Ksiri South well onshore Morocco

(8/25/2015) Noble delaying Humpback well in South Falklands Basin

(8/25/2015) InfraStrata secures approvals & permits for Northern Ireland well

(8/24/2015) Buru sees hydrocarbon shows in Western Australia Praslin-1 well

(8/24/2015) Statoil drilling Yeti appraisal well in deepwater US Gulf

(8/24/2015) Virtus set to spud Lone Pine exploration well in Utah

(8/23/2015) Cimarex's Rogersville Shale well in Kentucky fizzles

(8/23/2015) San Leon drilling El Aaiun-4 in Morocco's Tarfaya Block

(8/21/2015) Mercator scores a 2nd discovery in India's Cambay Basin

(8/19/2015) Major gasfield find in Pakistan's Sindh Province Sanghar District

(8/19/2015) Bowleven drilling Moambe well onshore Cameroon

(8/18/2015) AleAnna's EIA for Trava-2 well in Italy approved

(8/18/2015) Transerv spuds 1st of 2 Warro exploration wells in Western Australia

(8/18/2015) Total plugging & abandoning Vendsyssel well onshore Denmark

(8/17/2015) Otto to plug and abandon non-commercial Hawkeye-1 off Philippines

(8/17/2015) Shell given permit to drill ahead for oil in Alaska's Chukchi Sea (update)

(8/17/2015) Total set to start Bulgaria Black Sea exploration early in 2016

(8/17/2015) VNG Norge wins permit to drill sidetrack to Boomerang wildcat

(8/16/2015) Doyon to drill another exploration well in Alaska's Nenana area

(8/13/2015) Buru's Praslin-1 in Western Australia delayed by rig issue

(8/13/2015) Kinsale at TD in Irish Celtic Sea Midleton exploration well

(8/13/2015) Louisiana North Cossinade exploration well spudded

(8/12/2015) Inpex plugging & abandoning Spari-1 off Suriname

(8/12/2015) E.On Salander wildcat in Norwegian Sea fizzles

(8/12/2015) Sea Lion-1 set to spud offshore Australia in Gippsland Basin

(8/12/2015) Lundin makes oil discovery off Norway at Luno II North

(8/12/2015) InterOil plugging & abandoning Papua New Guinea Wahoo-1 wildcat

(8/11/2015) Atoka drilling 1st of 7 Permian Basin wells in west-central Texas

(8/11/2015) Quadrant's Levitt-1 off Western Australia a duster

(8/11/2015) First deepwater Morocco Mazagan well disappoints, 2nd delayed

(8/11/2015) Maersk spuds Tvillingen South redrill in Norwegian Sea

(8/10/2015) Quartet of operators score light oil discovery in Ecuador

(8/9/2015) PPL & CNPC exploring Baluchistan, Pakistan's Musakhel District

(8/4/2015) ExxonMobil sees gas shows in Manati Blanco-1 onshore Colombia

(8/3/2015) Otto spuds Hawkeye-1 offshore Palawan in Philippine waters

(8/3/2015) Circle's latest onshore Morocco well fails to meet criteria

(8/3/2015) Shell drilling Burger Prospect in Alaska's Chukchi Sea

(8/2/2015) Petrobas' Carcara North proves Santos Basin discovery extension

(8/2/2015) Black Stallion launching NW Montana exploration program

(7/31/2015) Squatex resuming Masse evaluation in Quebec's Lower St Lawrence

(7/31/2015) Total, BP & QGEP prepping to drill 12 wells in Brazil's Foz do Amazonas

(7/31/2015) Inpex to drill Heisei exploration well in Sea of Japan

(7/30/2015) Roc & AWE set to spud China Bohai Bay exploration well

(7/30/2015) Otto set to spud Philippines Hawkeye-1 this weekend

(7/30/2015) Murphy makes gas discovery offshore Sabah, Malaysia

(7/30/2015) OGDCL makes oil discovery in Pakistan's Punjab Province

(7/30/2015) White Oak at TD in Louisiana Mystic Bayou Williams-2 well

(7/30/2015) EQT flowtests record Utica Shale well in Pennsylvania

(7/29/2015) Tullow Oil completes EWTs on Amosing wells, starts Ngamia EWTs

(7/29/2015) Celtic Sea Midleton Prospect exploration well spudded

(7/29/2015) Junex drilling 1st of horizontal exploration wells following Galt discovery

(7/28/2015) Anadarko makes major discovery in deepwater Colombian Caribbean

(7/28/2015) McMoRan fails to find hydrocarbons in Moroccan offshore well

(7/24/2015) EQT Utica Shale well scores highest Appalachian Basin initial output

(7/24/2015) AWE satisfied with shale gas potential in Western Australia Drover-1

(7/24/2015) Bowleven makes discovery with 1st of 2 Bomono wells in Cameroon

(7/23/2015) Real Energy puts Queensland's Cooper Basin permit at 13.7 Tcf

(7/22/2015) Statoil makes gas & condensate find in Norwegian North Sea

(7/22/2015) Apollo & Elixir gearing up for 1st of 2 Colorado Petra Project wells

(7/22/2015) Petsec set for long-term testing of Yemen Al Meshar discovery

(7/21/2015) Edison's Haribo wildcat in Norwegian North Sea a dry hole

(7/21/2015) Egdon encoraged by UK Wressle-1 test of Penistone Flags 3A

(7/21/2015) Citic suspends Indonesia's Lofin-2 as possible gas producer

(7/21/2015) Baron's Gold Oil gets EIA approval for onshore Peru exploration

(7/21/2015) BTA Oil Producers spuds Bayou St Charles well in Louisiana

(7/19/2015) Eni makes strategic gas discovery in Egypt's Nile Delta

(7/17/2015) Chevron testing US Gulf deepwater discovery Anchor

(7/17/2015) Seismic confirms Diablo Ridge in Providence's FEL2/14

(7/16/2015) First of 2 Vision exploration wells in East Texas to spud

(7/16/2015) CEGX spudding 2nd White Hat well in Texas Permian Basin

(7/16/2015) Condor drilling follow-up well to Kazakhstan discovery

(7/16/2015) US Gulf Main Pass Hummer exploration well spudded

(7/15/2015) Roxi sidetracking Deep Well A5 in Kazakhstan's BNG Contract Area

(7/15/2015) Wintershall's Zeppelin exploration well off Norway a dry hole

(7/15/2015) Origin spuds Kalala S-1 in Australia's Beetaloo Basin

(7/14/2015) Circle suspends exploration well in Morocco's Lalla Mimouna permit

(7/14/2015) Range prepping to drill onshore Trinidad's Guayaguayare Block

(7/14/2015) Genel suspends Kurdistan exploration

(7/14/2015) Rosneft & Statoil complete pilot wells at Severo-Komsomolskoye

(7/13/2015) Torchlight's West Texas Orogrande well a new field discovery

(7/12/2015) Iran discovers 3-4 new oil shale fields in Semnan Province

(7/9/2015) Heritage fails to find hydrocarbons in PNG Kwila-1

(7/9/2015) Austin strikes oil with Kentucky exploration well

(7/8/2015) Savannah's Niger license resources upgraded to 1.19 billion bbl

(7/8/2015) Saka Energi makes 500 bcf gas discovery off East Kalimantan

(7/7/2015) Triple Energy drilling CBM well in China's Heilongjiang Province

(7/6/2015) Etek set to drill 3 Battle Mountain horizontal wells in Wyoming

(7/5/2015) PNOC EC makes offshore Philippines gas discovery

(7/1/2015) Statoil makes small find in Norway's Gina Krog East Prospect

(7/1/2015) Ocean America on its way to drill off Western Australia

(7/1/2015) Alvopetro makes Brazil Reconcavo Basin discovery

(6/29/2015) AWE spuds Waitsia-2 in Western Australia's Perth Basin

(6/28/2015) Imperial, BP & ExxonMobil JV postponing Beaufort Sea exploration

(6/26/2015) Reliance to test 2 discoveries & relinquish another

(6/26/2015) Red Emperor ready for drilling of Hawkeye-1 off Philippines

(6/26/2015) Fossil sets Texas Galveston Bay drilling for August

(6/26/2015) Circle discovers multiple gas zones with Morocco Lalla Mimouna well

(6/25/2015) Nighthawk preparing for Monarch drilling this fall

(6/25/2015) Suncor follows Norwegian duster with UK duster at Niobe

(6/24/2015) Suncor's Norwegian North Sea Mermaid flounders

(6/24/2015) Shell set to drill Norwegian Sea Portrush Prospect

(6/24/2015) Inpex makes new oil discovery in Japan's Minami-Kuwayama Field

(6/23/2015) Heritage Oil drilling Kwila-1 onshore Papua New Guinea

(6/22/2015) Tullow's Zumba well fails to find hydrocarbons in Norwegian Sea

(6/22/2015) Providence posits Newgrange Prospect as its largest off Ireland

(6/22/2015) NuEnergy drilling Rengat CBM exploration well in Sumatra, Indonesia

(6/19/2015) White Oak completing Louisiana Mystic Bayou alternate well

(6/19/2015) YPFB Andina scores Bolivia's 1st oil discovery in 23 years

(6/18/2015) UK North Sea Bagpuss Prospect to be drilled in 2016

(6/18/2015) Apache farm-in well in Western Australia's Canning Basin a bust so far

(6/18/2015) Wintershall's Crossbill North Sea wildcat a duster

(6/18/2015) Egdon starts extended test of UK's onshore Wressle-1

(6/17/2015) VNG gearing up to drill Norwegian Sea Boomerang Prospect

(6/17/2015) Maurel et Prom discovers gas with Tanzania Mnazi Bay well

(6/17/2015) Mosman prepping to drill New Zealand South Island Murchison well

(6/17/2015) Lundin drilling Luno II North exploration well off Norway

(6/17/2015) Shell gets enviro go-ahead for Atlantic Canada's Shelburne Basin drilling

(6/16/2015) Edison set to spud Haribo Prospect in Norwegian North Sea

(6/16/2015) Tethys drilling 1st of 3 exploration wells onshore Lithuania

(6/16/2015) Waitsia gasfield potentially Western Australia's largest in 50 years

(6/16/2015) PGNiG drilling Miloslaw-4K onshore Poland's Fences license

(6/16/2015) Sound foregoing 2nd Nervesa appraisal in Italy's Carita Block

(6/15/2015) Contango scores oil discovery in Wyoming's North Cheyenne Prospect

(6/15/2015) InterOil drilling Papua New Guinea Triceratops-3 appraisal well

(6/15/2015) Noble spuds Falkland Islands Humpback exploration well

(6/11/2015) Santos drills successful South Australia Western West Gas well

(6/11/2015) Pemex scores 4 shallow water discoveries in Mexican Gulf

(6/10/2015) InterOil back at PNG's Wahoo to drill Wahoo-1 sidetrack

(6/10/2015) Saturn Minerals set to drill 2nd Bannock Creek well in Saskatchewan

(6/9/2015) Key's Western Australia Dunnart-2 fails to flow

(6/9/2015) New Phoenix owner Quadrant to drill Roc-1 off Western Australia

(6/9/2015) Statoil makes 3rd discovery in Norway's Aasta Hansteen area

(6/8/2015) YPF taps large shale gas reservoir in Argentina's Vaca Muerta

(6/8/2015) Suncor spudding exploration well on UK North Sea Niobe Prospect

(6/7/2015) Humpback Prospect off Falklands set for spudding

(6/5/2015) AWE Limited spuds new well in Perth Basin drilling campaign

(6/5/2015) Schlumberger provides petrophysics for UK Horse Hill-1 well

(6/4/2015) Raintree-1 in PNG proves to be a dry hole

(6/4/2015) Lundin plugging & abandoning Morkel wildcat offshore Norway

(6/3/2015) Mercator makes 1st oil discovery with Jyoti-1 in India's Cambay

(6/3/2015) Dana does deal with BP on Egypt's El Matariya Concession

(6/3/2015) Mirach lines up Landocean subs for Cambodia offshore block work

(6/2/2015) Petrobras finds more light oil off Brazil in Poco Verde

(6/2/2015) Repsol scores with latest Alaska North Slope winter wells

(6/1/2015) Steller Energy's Cole-1 in Sterling County, Texas being completed

(6/1/2015) Roxi unblocks Kazakh exploration well, now testing

(6/1/2015) LLOG scores with US Gulf Viosca Knoll exploration well

(6/1/2015) Freeport McMoRan kicks off Moroccan deepwater exploration well

(6/1/2015) Origin set to spud 1st of 3 Northern Territory Beetaloo Basin wells

(6/1/2015) Petrobras confirms large Santos Basin light oil discovery

(6/1/2015) Bowleven spuds Zingana exploration well onshore Cameroon

(5/31/2015) W&T makes discovery in deepwater US Gulf Mississippi Canyon

(5/28/2015) Tourmaline makes significant Northeast BC Montney discovery

(5/28/2015) Citic's Lofin-2 confirms Indonesia Seram Island discovery

(5/28/2015) Tullow drilling to test Norwegian Sea Zumba Prospect

(5/28/2015) Premier strikes oil in Isobel Deep well offshore Falkland Islands

(5/27/2015) PetroChina makes China's largest onshore tight oil discovery

(5/27/2015) CNOOC scores South China Sea Liuhua discovery

(5/26/2015) Eni confirms gas & condensate discovery offshore Libya

(5/26/2015) YPF strikes oil in Argentina's Rio Negro's Los Caldenes Block

(5/25/2015) Canada's Northwest Territories shale oil at 191 billion bbl

(5/25/2015) Beach fails to find hydrocarbons with South Australia Sensation-1

(5/24/2015) Apache spuds Olympic-1 farm-in exploration well in Western Australia

(5/24/2015) Petroneft drills & tests Sibkrayevskoye appraisal in Russia's License 61

(5/21/2015) Exploration program set for Trinidad's St Mary's Block

(5/21/2015) ExxonMobil confirms major oil discovery offshore Guyana

(5/20/2015) Iran drilling new exploration well in Caspian Sea

(5/20/2015) Statoil fails to find hydrocarbons in Norwegian Sea Bister well

(5/20/2015) Talisman North Sea wildcat Snomus a duster

(5/20/2015) Eni discovers gas & condensate in Mediterranean offshore Libya

(5/20/2015) OGDCL plugs & abandons Ismail-1 in Pakistan's Punjab Province

(5/19/2015) Beach spuds Sensation-1 in South Australia's Cooper Basin

(5/19/2015) MOL makes new gasfield discovery onshore Pakistan

(5/18/2015) InfraStrata spuds Islandmagee-1 in Northern Ireland

(5/18/2015) Kosmos taps added pay in offshore Mauritania Tortue-1 well

(5/17/2015) Key Petroleum prepping to drill Dunnart-2 in Western Australia

(5/17/2015) ONGC planning 29 exploration wells on India's onshore Mehsana Basin

(5/15/2015) Citic testing of Indonesia Lofin-2 positive despite stuck drillstring

(5/15/2015) LLOG planning deepwater US Gulf well near BP blowout site

(5/15/2015) AWE spuds Waitsia-1 onshore Western Australia Perth Basin

(5/15/2015) OMV scores a duster with Barents Sea Bjaaland wildcat

(5/15/2015) Suncor completes appraisal of 2009 North Sea discovery

(5/14/2015) Savannah picks 14 drill-ready prospects in Niger license

(5/14/2015) Large seeps NW of offshore Northern Ireland Polaris Prospect

(5/13/2015) Maersk makes discovery in Danish North Sea with Xana-1x

(5/13/2015) US BOEM conditionally approves Shell's Chukchi Sea exploration plan

(5/12/2015) Breitling spuds Steller Energy Cole-1 in Sterling County, Texas

(5/12/2015) Premier resumes drilling Falklands Isobel Deep

(5/12/2015) VNG Norge prepping to drill Norwegian Sea Boomerang Prospect

(5/12/2015) Saudi Aramco makes 8 new oil & gas discoveries

(5/11/2015) Circle Oil achieves a key gas discovery onshore Morocco

(5/8/2015) Gazprom Neft tackling tight reserves in Russia's Tomsk Oblast

(5/8/2015) Alvopetro completes 3rd test of onshore Brazil Reconcavo well

(5/8/2015) ExxonMobil's Liza-1 a discovery offshore Guyana

(5/7/2015) NNPC to resume exploration in Nigeria's Chad Basin

(5/7/2015) Senex adds 2 new South Australia Cooper Basin producers

(5/7/2015) Gazprom & PetroVietnam to drill Vietnam's 1st deepwater well

(5/7/2015) Karoon's Echidna-1 off Brazil flows 4,650 b/d on constrained tests

(5/7/2015) AGR to drill ultra-deepwater exploration well off Comoros Islands

(5/7/2015) 32-meter gas column in Origin's Western Australia Irwin-1

(5/5/2015) White Oak spuds Louisiana Mystic Bayou exploration well

(5/5/2015) Noble gearing up to drill Cheetah Prospect off Cameroon

(5/4/2015) Santos scores South Australia wet gas discovery

(5/4/2015) Repsol makes new gas discovery in Bolivia's Caipipendi area

(5/4/2015) WesternZagros suspends Kurd Hasira-1 exploration well

(5/3/2015) Heritage drilling wildcat well in northern Papua New Guinea

(5/3/2015) ExxonMobil spuds Colombia Middle Magdalena Basin exploration well

(5/1/2015) Mosman preparing to explore New Zealand Murchison permit

(5/1/2015) ONGC makes significant discovery in India's Krishna Godavari Basin

(5/1/2015) Mazarine makes oil discovery with Cat-1 well onshore Tunisia

(4/30/2015) Shell set to start Chukchi Sea campaign this summer

(4/30/2015) Three-well program set for Australia's Beetaloo Basin

(4/30/2015) Murphy strikes out with 3rd Perth Basin exploration well

(4/30/2015) Kenya's South Lokichar Basin resources growing with each well

(4/30/2015) Chevron scores new gasfield discovery off northwest Australia

(4/29/2015) Petrobras penetrates 2 oil intervals in ultra-deep Sergipe well

(4/29/2015) Egdon tests of UK onshore Wressle discovery point to commerciality

(4/28/2015) Shell gearing up to drill Norwegian Sea Portrush Prospect

(4/28/2015) Buru launching largest exploration program in Western Australia

(4/28/2015) Rose sets 6-well program for Utah's Uinta Basin Mancos Shale

(4/28/2015) Wintershall makes small discovery near Norway's Kristin Field

(4/28/2015) Statoil spuds Bister exploration well in Norwegian Sea

(4/27/2015) Kosmos makes major gas discovery offshore Mauritania

(4/26/2015) Saturn set to drill Saskatchewan Bannock Creek well

(4/26/2015) Origin at TD with gas shows in Western Australia Irwin-1 well

(4/24/2015) KrisEnergy drilling Rayrai-1 exploration well in Thai Gulf

(4/24/2015) BOP problem suspends Premier's Isobel Deep offshore Falklands

(4/23/2015) Virtus signs Energy Drilling for 1st well Parowan well in Utah

(4/23/2015) IPB advancing work on Western Australia Browse Basin block

(4/22/2015) ConocoPhillips plugging & abandoning Angola & US Gulf wells

(4/21/2015) Statoil leading majors in Barents Sea Exploration Collaboration

(4/21/2015) Key moving rig to complete & test Dunnart-2

(4/20/2015) Serinus sees big potential in Winstar's NW Romania wells

(4/20/2015) Artisan completes 1st 2 wells in Alberta exploration program

(4/20/2015) Karoon confirms 213-meter oil column in Echidna-1 well

(4/20/2015) Repsol scores new gas discovery in Algeria's Illizi Basin

(4/17/2015) KrisEnergy's Thai Gulf Rossukon sidetrack another discovery

(4/17/2015) New Amazon Basin discovery at Jusante do Aneba

(4/17/2015) Petrobras onshore Espirito Santo wildcat an oil discovery

(4/15/2015) Citic Seram at TD in Lofin-2 on Indonesia's Seram Island

(4/14/2015) KrisEnergy finds more pay with Thai Gulf Rossukon-3

(4/13/2015) Cairn to evaluate 2 discoveries offshore Senegal

(4/13/2015) Karoon encounters oil in Echidna-1 off Brazil in Santos Basin

(4/13/2015) Statoil scores another gas discovery in Aasta Hansteen area

(4/12/2015) Iran's CNOC launching gas exploration near Turkmen border

(4/10/2015) Royale's Nugget well penetrates 5 gas payzones

(4/10/2015) Total's Skirne East a gas discovery in Norwegian North Sea

(4/10/2015) Cobalt plugs & abandons deepwater US Gulf North Platte well

(4/9/2015) Roc-1 to be drilled despite Apache sale of Australia assets

(4/9/2015) Premier drilling Isobel Deep exploration well in North Falkland Basin

(4/9/2015) Statoil says US Gulf Yeti well an oil discovery (update)

(4/9/2015) Potential 100 billion bbl discovery onshore southern England

(4/8/2015) Premier to drill Myrhauk Prospect wildcat in Norwegian North Sea

(4/8/2015) Woodside strikes gas with Western Australia Pyxis-1 well

(4/7/2015) Phoenix South potential recoverable oil being assessed

(4/7/2015) KrisEnergy drilling 3rd Thai Gulf G6/48 exploration well

(4/6/2015) Deloitte estimates Reliance's MJ discovery off India at 1.4 Tcfe

(4/6/2015) PNOC pegs $180.9 million to exploration this year

(4/6/2015) Alvopetro's Bahia onshore Brazil find flows 3.6 million cf/d

(4/3/2015) Winstar's Romania Moftinu-1001 flowtests 7.4 million cf/d

(4/2/2015) Frontier to drill exploration well in Oman's Block 38

(4/2/2015) Premier's Falkland Islands Zebedee well an oil & gas discovery

(4/1/2015) Statoil plugs & abandons Yeti well in deepwater US Gulf of Mexico

(4/1/2015) Karoon drilling Echidna-1 in Brazil's Santos Basin

(3/31/2015) Key awaiting final approvals for Dunnart-2 well in Western Australia

(3/31/2015) Apache logs strong results from new Egypt drilling

(3/31/2015) Torchlight drilling 1st West Texas Orogrande exploration well

(3/30/2015) Vaalco plugging & abandoning 1st well off Angola in Block 5

(3/30/2015) Romgaz puts 2 new discoveries on production tests

(3/30/2015) KrisEnergy's Thai Gulf Rossukon sidetrack penetrates pay

(3/30/2015) Statoil makes key gas discovery offshore Tanzania

(3/27/2015) Egdon's Penistone Flags flowtest in Wressle-1 positive

(3/26/2015) Eni fails to find hydrocarbons off Cyprus

(3/26/2015) OMV's new producer on New Zealand's Maari Field hits 7,800 b/d

(3/26/2015) OGDCL racks up another Sindh, Pakistan discovery

(3/26/2015) UKOG sees significant potential in UK Island of Wight permit

(3/25/2015) AWE spuds Irwin-1 onshore Western Australia Perth Basin

(3/25/2015) JX Nippon scores deepwater discovery offshore Sabah

(3/25/2015) Lundin drilling Alta appraisal in Norwegian Barents Sea

(3/25/2015) Pan Orient's latest onshore Thailand L53 Block well taps pay

(3/24/2015) Brazil Santos Basin Libra Consortium confirms 200-meter pay column

(3/24/2015) Austin's 6th Eagle Ford well in Texas big producer

(3/24/2015) KrisEnergy taps down successful Rossukon-2 in Thai Gulf

(3/23/2015) US Gulf deepwater wildcat Urca proves to be dry hole

(3/23/2015) Statoil drilling Roald Rygg wildcat in Norwegian Sea

(3/23/2015) APCL receives Senegal & Gambia prospective resources estimates

(3/23/2015) Europa plugging & abandoning UK onshore Kiln Lane well

(3/22/2015) CNOOC prepping to drill offshore Congo in Haute Mer A

(3/20/2015) Karoon's Kangaroo West-1 off Brazil a dry hole

(3/19/2015) Heritage prepping to drill PNG exploration wells

(3/18/2015) Statoil scores significant gas find in Norwegian Sea

(3/18/2015) Torchlight set to spud 1st well in Texas Orogrande Project

(3/17/2015) Citic Seram sees oil & gas in Lofin-2 well on Indonesia's Seram Island

(3/17/2015) Sound gets enviro okay for Po Valley, Italy exploration well

(3/17/2015) Santos strikes wet gas in South Australia's Cooper Basin

(3/17/2015) Lundin's Gemini wildcat off Norway a dry hole

(3/17/2015) KrisEnergy launches Thai Gulf drilling campaign

(3/16/2015) Egdon gets okay for UK Biscathorpe-2 exploration well

(3/16/2015) Wintershall drilling shale oil exploration well in Argentina

(3/16/2015) Total spuds Skirne East exploration well in Norwegian North Sea

(3/16/2015) Aminex deferring 2-well program in Tanzania's Nyuni Area

(3/16/2015) Eni confirms significant gas & condensates find offshore Libya

(3/15/2015) Cairn lining up 6 wells offshore Senegal for this year

(3/15/2015) Kazakhstan pegs $17.6 million for exploration in 2015

(3/15/2015) Aramco chalks up 8 new oil and gas discoveries

(3/12/2015) Gazprom Neft drilling Kuvayskoye wildcat in Russia's Orenburg

(3/12/2015) Shell gives up on 2 eastern Ukraine exploration wells

(3/12/2015) Suncor spuds Beta Statfjord Nord offshore Norway

(3/12/2015) GdF Suez scores central UK North Sea discovery

(3/11/2015) Real Energy flows gas from 1st 2 Queensland wells

(3/11/2015) Tullow strikes out with onshore Kenya exploration well

(3/10/2015) Beach makes Birkhead oil discovery in South Australia

(3/10/2015) Cairn's Capricorn pushing back Ireland Spanish Point well

(3/10/2015) Breitling spuds 3rd test well in West Texas Permian Basin

(3/10/2015) Drillship Atwood Achiever to spud Pura Vida Morocco well

(3/9/2015) PNG's Hides Deep test in the Southern Highlands unsuccessful

(3/9/2015) Bapex finds new gas layer in Bangladesh's Kailashtila Field

(3/9/2015) South Malak-2 a WEEM-2 discovery in Egypt

(3/9/2015) Foxtrot scores discovery offshore Cote d'Ivoire

(3/9/2015) BP makes 2nd significant Egypt East Nile Delta gasfield discovery

(3/8/2015) Iran adding focus on Caspian Sea E&P

(3/8/2015) Statoil prepping to drill UK North Sea Catcher & Mariner wells

(3/6/2015) Comet Ridge returns to Queensland's Mahalo-7 coal seam gaswell

(3/6/2015) Palomar's Rawicz-12 in Poland's Permian Basin a winner

(3/6/2015) ExxonMobil spuds Guyana well in waters disputed with Venezuela

(3/6/2015) Premier spuds Zebedee exploration well off Falkland Islands

(3/5/2015) Seneca taps down Utica Shale well in Pennsylvania

(3/5/2015) Lundin drilling Norwegian North Sea Morkel Prospect

(3/5/2015) Possible Seychelles drilling targets picked from new 3D seismic

(3/5/2015) Eni makes gas discovery offshore Libya

(3/5/2015) Titan JV halts Texas Perry Ranch well fearing blowout

(3/5/2015) Linc resumes drilling Eba-1 in South Australia's Arckaringa Basin

(3/4/2015) Vaalco drilling post-salt exploration well off Angola

(3/4/2015) Senex taps down Martlet North-1 in South Australia

(3/4/2015) Blackbird scores 2 key condensate & liquids-rich gas discoveries

(3/4/2015) Circle plugging & abandoning Oman exploration well

(3/3/2015) Reliance chalks up 8 oil discoveries in India's Cambay Basin

(3/2/2015) Tecpetrol's Pendare-3H in Colombia set for extended testing

(3/2/2015) Karoon Gas Australia spuds Santos Basin Kangaroo West-1 off Brazil

(3/2/2015) Mosman testing flow from New Zealand South Island well

(3/2/2015) Pan Orient fails to find hydrocarbons in onshore Thailand well

(3/2/2015) Kosmos' Cap Boujdour well off Western Sahara non-commercial

(3/1/2015) Edison prepping for Norwegian North Sea wildcat Haribo

(3/1/2015) Ganoub discovers oil onshore Egypt's Red Sea

(2/25/2015) PetroTerra completes tech analysis of Utah's Sevier Prospect

(2/24/2015) Anadarko's Kifaru-1 exploration well in northern Mozambique fizzles

(2/24/2015) Mosman prepping to perf New Zealand Cross Roads-1

(2/24/2015) CTF drilling Mazarine's Zaafrane Cat-1 onshore Tunisia

(2/23/2015) Senex makes Namur oil discovery with South Australia well

(2/23/2015) Beach winds up Stage 1 of Nappamerri exploration wells

(2/23/2015) Taipan's Kenya sub fails to find commercial hydrocarbons

(2/23/2015) Europa drilling Kiln Lane exploration well onshore UK

(2/23/2015) Gulfsands scores gas discovery in northern Morocco

(2/23/2015) Statoil to drill Norway's Roald Rygg Prospect

(2/20/2015) Maersk plugging & abandoning Tvillingen South off Norway

(2/20/2015) ExxonMobil & Petrom Black Sea probe a gasfield discovery

(2/20/2015) Freeport-McMoRan's Louisiana find flows 75 million cf/d

(2/19/2015) Statoil lining up 5-6 Canada exploration wells

(2/19/2015) Pemex pushing back deepwater exploration projects

(2/19/2015) AWE flowtesting Senecio-3 in Western Australia Perth Basin

(2/18/2015) Lion at TD in Badada-1 well in east-central Kenya

(2/18/2015) GeoPark makes oilfield discovery in Colombia's Llanos Basin

(2/17/2015) Genie sub Afek drilling well in Israeli-occupied Golan Heights

(2/17/2015) Sound Oil ready to drill 2nd Nervesa well in Italy

(2/16/2015) BG scores dusters with 2 wildcats in UK North Sea

(2/16/2015) Lundin drilling Gemini Prospect near Edvard Grieg Field

(2/16/2015) Tecpetrol drills 5 of 8 planned wells onshore Colombia

(2/15/2015) Ecopetrol reduces 2015 offshore exploration wells to three

(2/13/2015) CNPC makes oil discovery in Niger's Bilma Block

(2/13/2015) Statoil's Romeo wildcat a minor southern North Sea find

(2/12/2015) Circle drilling 4th of 12 planned wells onshore Morocco

(2/11/2015) Kangaroo-2 sidetrack off Brazil confirms light oil discovery

(2/11/2015) Carnarvon Hibiscus to drill Sea Lion exploration well off Australia

(2/10/2015) Libra Consortium completes drilling and testing of first well

(2/10/2015) Sound receives EIA approval for Nervesa gas discovery in Italy

(2/10/2015) Beach's Ralgnal-1 in South Australia's wet gas fairway a winner

(2/10/2015) Dana drills successful Lille John appraisal & sidetrack

(2/9/2015) Sonatrach to drill 2nd shale gas exploration well in SE Algeria

(2/9/2015) Lundin granted permit for North Sea Gemini wildcat

(2/9/2015) Buru disappointed by Western Australia Sunbeam-1

(2/9/2015) Egdon completes 1st of 3 tests in UK Wressle-1 discovery

(2/9/2015) Statoil has further exploration success in North Sea Krafla area

(2/8/2015) Proven reserves in CNOOC's deepwater discovery certified at 3.53 Tcf

(2/6/2015) ExxonMobil set to drill deepwater Liza Prospect off Guyana

(2/6/2015) UK North Sea Crosgan appraisal penetrates gas pay

(2/6/2015) Lundin completes Zulu wildcat discovery offshore Norway

(2/5/2015) OIL to explore for shale oil & gas in Arunachal & Assam

(2/5/2015) Oil discovery achieved in Belarus' Gomel Oblast Rechitskoye Field

(2/4/2015) Petrobras makes new Campos Basin post-salt discovery

(2/4/2015) Lion set to drill to TD in Kenya Badada-1 exploration well

(2/4/2015) Shell scores with Gettysburg West well in deep US Gulf

(2/4/2015) Beach shuts in Geoffrey-1 after successful stim & flow

(2/3/2015) Senex drilling new Martlet well in South Australia Cooper Basin

(2/3/2015) PGNiG to continue shale gas operations in Poland

(2/3/2015) Total delaying Danish shale gas exploration drilling

(2/2/2015) Petrobras IDs new Farfan reservoir in Brazil's Sergipe Basin

(2/2/2015) Eirik Raude en route to Falkland Islands for 6-well campaign

(2/1/2015) Madalena set to spud Argentina Loma Montosa shale well

(2/1/2015) Saudi Aramco halts Red Sea deepwater exploration

(1/30/2015) Rosneft to wait a year before returning to Kara Sea

(1/30/2015) Shell planning resumption of Alaska Chukchi Sea drilling

(1/29/2015) Reliance revising results of KG discovery in India's Bengal Bay

(1/28/2015) Gulfsands suspends Morocco well as future producer

(1/28/2015) Canacol's Clarinete-1 in Colombia flows 20.6 million cf/d

(1/28/2015) Karoon sidetrack confirms Kangaroo-2 in Brazil's Santos Basin

(1/27/2015) Shell strikes multiple payzones with US Gulf Power Nap well

(1/27/2015) Norwest to drill Xanadu Prospect offshore Western Australia

(1/27/2015) Buru drilling Sunbeam-1 in Western Australia's Canning Basin

(1/27/2015) Green Dragon boosting gas output in China via new exploration

(1/27/2015) Junex concludes production test on Quebec's Galt-4

(1/26/2015) Genel gives up on Maltese exploration after failed well

(1/26/2015) Beach reveals results of Australia Northern Territory well

(1/25/2015) Empire ups 2P B sand gas reserves in Western Australia well

(1/23/2015) Wintershall drilling Norwegian Sea Imsa exploration well

(1/23/2015) Inpex abandoning 1st operated deepwater well off Malaysia

(1/22/2015) Seely Hankermer-1 taps Texas' Yegua Sands

(1/21/2015) Origin suspending Speculant-1 off Victoria, Australia

(1/21/2015) Total expected to abandon Cyprus exploration program

(1/21/2015) Eni strikes oil in Egypt's Western Desert West Meleiha well

(1/21/2015) UIL sees 14 Perth Basin permit leads in seismic data

(1/20/2015) Beach winds up Queensland Nappamerri Trough Program

(1/20/2015) Tullow prepping to drill Elgeyo Marakwet well onshore Kenya

(1/20/2015) Lundin spuds test of Zulu Prospect in Norwegian North Sea

(1/20/2015) Strata-X testing of Blue Spruce-1 in Illinois Basin on track

(1/20/2015) Noble plugs & abandons US Gulf deepwater Madison exploration well

(1/20/2015) TAQA tests of Kurd Iraq Atrush well best yet

(1/19/2015) Virtus prepping for 1st Parowan Prospect well in Utah

(1/16/2015) Horizon sub Ketu's PNG Nama-1 finds unproducible reservoir sands

(1/16/2015) Repsol's Canary Islands exploration well unsuccessful

(1/15/2015) Linc drilling 2nd of 3-well South Australia Arckaringa Basin wells

(1/15/2015) Serinus sees 22 meters potential pay in Romania well

(1/15/2015) Anadarko drilling Kifaru-1 onshore northern Mozambique

(1/14/2015) Senex plugs & abandons last 2 wells in South Australia program

(1/14/2015) Kea shuts in Puka-1 onshore Taranaki, New Zealand

(1/13/2015) Beach has encouraging stim & flowtest of Queensland wells

(1/13/2015) Cardiff drilling Texas Gardiner Lime horizontal test well

(1/12/2015) Pacific Stratus discovers oil with Langur-1X onshore Colombia

(1/12/2015) Roch scores again with 2nd Argentina Tierra del Fuego well

(1/11/2015) Suncor lines up rig to drill UK North Sea Niobe exploration well

(1/11/2015) KazMunaiGas sets 2015 Kazakhstan exploration program

(1/9/2015) Petrobras confirms ultra-deepwater Muriu area & Farfan discovery

(1/8/2015) KUB-Gas' M-22 well in Eastern Ukraine finds gas

(1/8/2015) Taipan's Lion drilling Kenya Badada-1 exploration well

(1/7/2015) Gulfsands finds gas with onshore Morocco Dardara SE-1

(1/7/2015) Maersk undecided on offshore NW Greenland drilling

(1/7/2015) Maersk drilling Tvillingen Sor test in Norwegian Sea

(1/7/2015) YPFB launches Bolivia's La Paz exploration campaign

(1/6/2015) Valeura's Turkish Thrace Basin Gurgen-2 well tapped down

(1/6/2015) Karoon completes testing of Kangaroo-2 offshore Brazil

(1/6/2015) PDVSA-Belorusneft JV finds new oil in Lake Maracaibo

(1/6/2015) CNOOC makes gas discovery in South China Sea

(1/6/2015) Cobalt strikes out with Angola exploration well Mupa-1

(1/6/2015) Chevron's Anchor a major US Gulf deepwater discovery

(1/5/2015) Petrobras declares Iara discoveries commercial

(1/5/2015) Lundin drills a dry hole with Lindarormen wildcat off Norway

(1/5/2015) DNO taps down offshore Tunisia's Sfax exploration well

(1/5/2015) Serinus' Winstar sub drilling NW Romania Satu Mare wells

(1/5/2015) Eni-Kogas set to drill Cyprus Amathusa Prospect

(1/5/2015) Kuwait Energy scores 2nd Iraq oil discovery in Block 9

(12/14/2014) Terra Nova prepping to drill in South Australia's Cooper Basin

(12/12/2014) Santos makes 2nd wet gas find in South Australia

(12/11/2014) Shell & TPAO set to drill Turkey's Western Black Sea

(12/11/2014) Senex's Vanessa-1ST flows on test at 5 million cf/d

(12/11/2014) InterOil's Bobcat-1 an onshore Papua New Guinea discovery

(12/10/2014) Leyshon test results from Zijinshan wells in China disappointing

(12/10/2014) President makes major discovery in Paraguay

(12/9/2014) Maersk drilling Xana exploration well in Danish North Sea

(12/9/2014) Origin discovers gas off Victoria, Australia with extended reach well

(12/9/2014) PetroQuest taps gas pay at Louisiana's Thunder Bayou Prospect

(12/9/2014) Stone gets 30 million cf/d in 5-day test of West Virginia well

(12/9/2014) Serinus' NW Romania Moftinu-1001 penetrates multiple gas zones

(12/9/2014) Roch successfully tests 2 Tierra del Fuego exploration wells

(12/8/2014) GAIL scores with Australia Cooper Basin well, fails with another

(12/8/2014) Frontier sets $2-3 million exploration fund for Philippines SC69

(12/8/2014) Cepsa set to drill onshore Kenya exploration well

(12/8/2014) Breitling joins drilling of Wilcox shale well from Louisiana to Mississippi

(12/8/2014) New prospects identified in Ireland frontier exploration licenses

(12/8/2014) Rift IDs 5 drillable prospects in its onshore Kenya concession

(12/7/2014) Whiting drilling Utah Independence Prospect shale oil wildcat

(12/5/2014) Rosneft's Universitetskaya oil discovery in Kara Sea confirmed

(12/5/2014) PetroChina & Sinochem link for SW China shale gas project

(12/5/2014) Horizon sub Ketu spuds Papua New Guinea Nama-1

(12/5/2014) OGDCL makes gas discovery in northwest Punjab

(12/4/2014) Egdon testing Wressle-1 well in Lincolnshire, England

(12/4/2014) Daewoo drilling exploration well off South Korea

(12/4/2014) FX plugging & abandoning Angowice-1 in Poland

(12/3/2014) Senex taps down 7, spuds 8th well in South Australia drilling program

(12/3/2014) InterOil testing PNG Raptor-1 discovery

(12/3/2014) Petsec sets 2015 onshore & offshore US Gulf exploration program

(12/3/2014) Petrobras makes 1st Colombian Caribbean deepwater discovery

(12/2/2014) Centrica discovers gas with Ivory well in Norwegian Sea

(12/2/2014) Ft Apache drilling new prospect in Calcacieu Parish, Louisiana

(12/1/2014) Marathon makes Kurd Iraq discovery with Jisik-1 well

(11/28/2014) Maersk drills a dry hold for DUC off Denmark

(11/28/2014) Shell's shale gas exploration in eastern Ukraine fails so far

(11/28/2014) Junex scores oil discovery on Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula

(11/27/2014) Linc's 1st South Australia Arckaringa Basin well showing oil

(11/27/2014) Santos makes South Australia Cooper Basin wet gas discovery

(11/26/2014) Karoon's Kangaroo-2 confirms 250-meter oil column off Brazil

(11/25/2014) Khazar finds further pay at Sardar-e-Jangal in Caspian Sea

(11/25/2014) First Colombia Gold makes another oil discovery in Kentucky

(11/25/2014) 18 wells drilled in 1st stage of Nappamerri Trough gas exploration

(11/24/2014) Palomar drilling Rawicz-12 in Poland's Permian Basin

(11/23/2014) Ophir fails to find hydrocarbons with Tanzania East Pande well

(11/21/2014) Apache drilling Commodore-1 in Western Australia Canning Basin

(11/21/2014) Quantum testing well on Alexander First Nations lease in Alberta

(11/21/2014) Statoil halts Angola Kwanza Basin exploratory drilling

(11/21/2014) Ecopetrol & Talisman make 2nd oil discovery in Colombia block

(11/20/2014) Ineos to invest $1 billion in Scotland shale gas E&P

(11/20/2014) Colombia Pendare discovery appraisal campaign underway

(11/20/2014) Tethys suspends Oman onshore exploration well

(11/19/2014) Repsol drilling 1st deepwater well off Spain's Canary Islands

(11/19/2014) Kangaroo-2 finds oil & gas offshore Brazil

(11/19/2014) Strata-X kicks off Illinois Basin exploratory drilling program

(11/19/2014) CNOOC makes new discovery in South China Sea at Lufeng 14-4

(11/18/2014) San Leon spuds Karpaty, Poland's Gieraltowice test well

(11/18/2014) PDO to spend $1.5-$2.0 billion for Oman gas exploration

(11/18/2014) Lundin draws a dry hole with Sabah, Malaysia Kitabu-1 well

(11/17/2014) Russian Arctic Dolginskoye exploration well tests completed

(11/17/2014) IGas spuds UK Ellesmere Port exploration well

(11/17/2014) Pryderi-1 off Western Australia fails to find hydrocarbons

(11/14/2014) Norske Shell taps down Norwegian Sea Ormen Lange appraisal

(11/14/2014) Genel plugging & abandoning Sidi Moussa well off Morocco

(11/14/2014) Cairn makes 2nd deepwater discovery offshore Senegal

(11/13/2014) No success yet in Zimbabwe CBM search

(11/13/2014) Africa Oil & Tullow set 6-well drilling program for Kenya Lokichar Basin

(11/13/2014) Petromanas suspends Albania Molisht-1 on tech problems

(11/13/2014) Petrobras to invest $622 million to explore Neuquen gas

(11/13/2014) TurkmenNeft makes oil discovery in western Turkmenistan

(11/12/2014) Serinus drilling Moftinu exploration well in NW Romania

(11/12/2014) Senex's Akela-1 in South Australia a disappointment

(11/12/2014) CGG Robertson & Wood Mackenzie launch new exploration tool

(11/10/2014) ONGC wins India's DGH approval of Bay of Bengal discoveries

(11/10/2014) PGNiG plugs & abandons Fences' Baraniec-1 in Poland

(11/10/2014) Pryderi-1 exploration well spudded offshore Western Australia

(11/10/2014) Cairn makes 2nd deepwater oil discovery offshore Senegal

(11/9/2014) Squatex obtains oil & gas shows in Lower St Lawrence Masse well

(11/9/2014) Rathlin set to drill 2nd gas exploration well in Yorkshire, UK

(11/9/2014) Beach pegs Australia's Nappamerri Trough at 600 Tcf

(11/7/2014) Petroamerica drilling 2 exploration wells in Colombia's Llanos Basin

(11/7/2014) Statoil wraps up 2013-14 Barents Sea exploration program

(11/6/2014) Pakistan's OGDCL makes 2nd oil discovery in 2 months

(11/6/2014) Citic drilling Lofin-2 on Indonesia's Seram Island

(11/6/2014) InterOil sees gas & condensate in PNG's Raptor-1

(11/6/2014) Real Energy's Queenscliff a key Queensland gas discovery

(11/5/2014) Pryme strikes pay in Texas Capitola Oil Project

(11/5/2014) Central Petroleum at TD with gas shows in Queensland Gaudi-1

(11/5/2014) San Leon exploration well in Poland proves non-commercial

(11/5/2014) Madalena makes Nordegg discovery in Alberta

(11/4/2014) Total halts drilling off South Africa due to rig problems

(11/4/2014) Kea identifies Shannon Prospect under New Zealand's Puka Field

(11/4/2014) ConocoPhillips to P&A Karmoxi-1 in Angola's Kwanza Basin

(11/4/2014) UK Barton Moss well penetrates 15 meters gas-bearing coal seams

(11/4/2014) SOCO's Lidongo X Marine off Congo tests exceed expectations

(11/3/2014) Appraisal finds additional pay in Garantiana discovery

(10/31/2014) BPZ scores gas discoveries onshore Peru with Piedra Candela-3X

(10/30/2014) Cairn drilling 2nd deepwater probe offshore Senegal

(10/30/2014) Norwest prepping to drill Xanadu Prospect off Western Australia

(10/30/2014) Eni makes billion-bbl oil discovery offshore Congo

(10/30/2014) Egdon's UK well Burton on the Wolds proves all wet

(10/30/2014) Lundin drilling Norwegian Sea Lindarormen Prospect

(10/29/2014) Key gas discovery on Turkey's Gallipoli Peninsula

(10/29/2014) Senex spuds Akela-1 in South Australia Cooper Basin

(10/28/2014) Lundin spuds Norwegian North Sea Kopervik exploration well

(10/27/2014) Lundin spuds Kitabu-1 off Sabah in South China Sea

(10/27/2014) Eni finds gas off East Kalimantan in Merakes Prospect

(10/27/2014) ExxonMobil & OMV Petrom spud Black Sea Pelican South-1

(10/27/2014) First Libra extension well proves oil in northwest structure

(10/27/2014) Lundin plugging & abandoning Gobi-1 offshore Indonesia wildcat

(10/27/2014) Repsol's Leon a major ultra-deepwater US Gulf oil discovery

(10/26/2014) Rosneft vows to continue Kara Sea exploration

(10/24/2014) Horse Hill-1 an onshore UK Weald Basin discovery

(10/24/2014) Tullow plugging & abandoning 2 Kenya wells, completing 2 others

(10/24/2014) CNOOC discovers oil & gas in China's Bohai Bay

(10/24/2014) Vaalco extends exploration phase on Angola's Block 5

(10/24/2014) Petrobras' Lontra a new Espirito Santo discovery off Brazil

(10/23/2014) Baron to drill deepwater test well off Peru in Block Z-34

(10/23/2014) FX drilling Angowice-1 exploration well on Tuchola Field

(10/23/2014) Chevron makes deepwater oil discovery in US Gulf

(10/23/2014) GdF Suez & BP make UK Central North Sea discovery

(10/22/2014) Kuwait Energy discovers new Egypt oilfield near Libyan border

(10/22/2014) Europa gets go-ahead for UK onshore Kiln Lane exploration well

(10/22/2014) Morocco's Sidi Moktar Kechoula seen with significant gas

(10/22/2014) Shell's Leopard-1 a deepwater discovery offshore Gabon

(10/21/2014) Egdon spuds onshore UK Burton on the Wolds-1 exploration well

(10/21/2014) InterOil penetrates PNG Raptor-1 target, logs hydrocarbons

(10/21/2014) RPS assessment puts Kenya Block 1 resources at 1.3 billion bbl

(10/21/2014) Statoil proves new oil find near Norway's Grane Field

(10/20/2014) Genel sees oil while drilling Sidi Moussa off Morocco

(10/20/2014) Potential hydrocarbons confirmed in Egdon's Wressle-1

(10/20/2014) Senex strikes out with South Australia Bagheera East-1

(10/20/2014) First oil discovery in Paraguay's Chaco Basin reported

(10/19/2014) Terrace brings in Quintanilla well in Texas STS Olmos Project

(10/19/2014) GNPC set to explore Ghana's Volta Basin via 6 slim hole wells

(10/17/2014) Lundin's Vollgrav South wildcat of Norway fizzles

(10/17/2014) GPK in oil discovery in Kurdistan's Khalakan Block

(10/16/2014) Beach makes 15th oilfield discovery in South Australia permit

(10/16/2014) SOCO discovers oil off Congo with Lidongo well

(10/16/2014) Karoon to kick off Brazil Santos Basin 2-4 well campaign

(10/15/2014) Another gas-condensate discovery in Pakistan's Sindh Province

(10/15/2014) Mosman testing Petroleum Creek wells on New Zealand South Island

(10/15/2014) DNO drilling Jawhara appraisal offshore Tunisia

(10/14/2014) CalEnergy set to spud Western Australia Pryderi-1

(10/14/2014) Dubai deep exploration well IDs significant gas volumes

(10/14/2014) Lundin makes Norwegian Barents Sea discovery

(10/14/2014) Statoil scores gas discovery with Giligiliani-1 off Tanzania

(10/13/2014) Senex sees oil shows in South Australia Bagheera East well

(10/13/2014) Lundin drilling Gobi wildcat in Indonesian Natuna Sea

(10/13/2014) Linc spuds 1st of 3 South Australia Arckaringa exploration wells

(10/13/2014) PGNiG flows Poland's Fences Block Karmin-1 at 6.7 million cf/d

(10/12/2014) Statoil's Isfjell wildcat a Barents Sea gas discovery

(10/10/2014) Alvopetro confirms Brazil onshore Reconcavo discovery

(10/10/2014) Statoil's OzDelta-1 to be plugged and abandoned

(10/10/2014) Senex to drill 3 exploration wells in South Australia Cooper Basin

(10/10/2014) Sputnik-1 pre-salt test off Gabon proves non-commercial

(10/9/2014) MPX plugging & abandoning UK North Sea Aragon well

(10/9/2014) Real Energy kicks off Queenscliff-1 in Queensland's Cooper Basin

(10/9/2014) Lundin drilling North Sea Storm Prospect off Norway

(10/8/2014) Gazprom makes 3rd discovery in Algeria's Berkine Basin

(10/8/2014) Valeura makes 3 gas discoveries onshore Turkey

(10/7/2014) Circle Oil adds yet another discovery onshore Morocco

(10/7/2014) Rockefeller Hughes to drill Texas Halo Prospect

(10/7/2014) Roc drilling 2nd Weizhou exploration well in China's Beibu Gulf

(10/7/2014) Cairn's Capricorn confirms Senegal FAN-1 discovery

(10/7/2014) Petrobras does it again in off Espirito Santo with Pudim discovery

(10/6/2014) Millennium Geo-Venture finds oil with 1st Alsace, France well

(10/6/2014) Centrica spuds Ivory exploration well in Norwegian Sea

(10/5/2014) Petrobras makes major gas discovery with Tanganika well

(10/3/2014) Senex spuds South Australia Bagheera East-1 test

(10/2/2014) Gazprom Neft drilling 1st Krasnoleninsky oil shale exploration well

(10/2/2014) Squatex spuds Masse-2 in Quebec's Appalachian Basin

(10/2/2014) Det Norske North Sea wildcat a dry hole

(10/1/2014) Carbonaceous shales confirmed by Northern Territory coring

(10/1/2014) InterOil drilling 2 new test wells in Papua New Guinea

(10/1/2014) Humpback exploration well set for Falklands next year

(9/29/2014) Medco Energi scores Sumatra & Libya discoveries

(9/29/2014) ExxonMobil suspends Arctic exploration project with Rosneft

(9/29/2014) Roc discovers oil in China's Beibu Gulf with Jiaowei well

(9/28/2014) DECC facilitating oil & gas exploration by removing barriers

(9/28/2014) Rosneft-ExxonMobil make northernmost discovery in Russian Arctic

(9/26/2014) Sun's Texas Lower Woodbine shale well strikes 75 meters pay

(9/26/2014) Forum-CNOOC exploration of Philippine-China disputed area not set

(9/26/2014) Real Energy's Tamarama-1 appears to confirm basin-centered gas

(9/26/2014) San Leon spuds 1st of 3 exploration wells onshore Poland

(9/26/2014) Statoil's Barents Sea Pingvin gas discovery non-commercial

(9/26/2014) Senex plugging & abandoning Hathi-1 in South Australia

(9/25/2014) Emerald Bay's Texas 3D results pointing to multiple potential drillsites

(9/25/2014) Alvopetro testing onshore Bahia, Brazil Reconcavo Basin wells

(9/25/2014) Eni drilling Onasagoras exploration well offshore Cyprus

(9/24/2014) Petrobras scores gas discovery off Brazil with Poco Verde well

(9/24/2014) Vermilion makes new gasfield discovery onshore Netherlands

(9/23/2014) Origin spuds Speculant-1 extended reach well in Victoria, Australia

(9/23/2014) APEL spudding Egypt WEEM-2 exploration well South Malak-2

(9/22/2014) GNRL strikes oil in northern Gujarat, India

(9/22/2014) Leyshon's Zijinshan Gas Project results below expectations

(9/22/2014) Hydrocarbons seen in BNV's NW Montana Eagle-1

(9/21/2014) Statoil strikes gas in Barents Sea Pingvin exploration well

(9/21/2014) Continental scores Springer Shale discovery in Oklahoma

(9/19/2014) ExxonMobil winding down Russian Arctic well with Rosneft

(9/19/2014) Stena Clyde set to spud Pryderi-1 off Western Australia

(9/18/2014) FOGL gearing up for 5-well Falklands exploration program

(9/18/2014) ExxonMobil set to drill 1st of 3 VMM-37 exploration wells in Colombia

(9/18/2014) Egdon's Leicestershire UK exploration well to spud in mid-October

(9/18/2014) Waitsia may be Western Australia's largest gas find since '60s

(9/18/2014) Major oil discovery by Agip in Ecuadorian Amazon

(9/17/2014) PPL makes gas discovery with Sindh Adam West X-1 find

(9/17/2014) Eni makes deepwater oil discovery offshore Angola

(9/17/2014) Hurricane Lancaster discovery tests show production potential

(9/16/2014) Ophir scores gas discovery off Equatorial Guinea

(9/16/2014) AleAnna prepping to drill Ponte dei Grilli prospect in Italy

(9/16/2014) TAG plugging & abandoning New Zealand Waitangi Valley-1

(9/15/2014) CNOOC's Lingshui 17-2 discovery tests 56.5 million cf/d

(9/15/2014) Senex drilling Hathi-1 exploration well in South Australia

(9/15/2014) Central's Gaudi-1 drilling ahead in Queensland

(9/14/2014) OGDCL makes 10.7 million cf/d Punjab discovery

(9/14/2014) President logs Louisiana discovery at East Lake Verret

(9/14/2014) Centrica's UK North Sea Pegasus West looks like a gas find

(9/14/2014) Tuscany stepout disposal well a discovery

(9/12/2014) Statoil drilling Romeo wildcat near Norway's King Lear discovery

(9/12/2014) Senex makes South Australia discovery with Martlet-1

(9/11/2014) New seismic sites 2nd Ntorya appraisal well in Tanzania

(9/11/2014) Roc drilling 1st of 2 Weizhou test wells in China's Beibu Gulf

(9/10/2014) Mirach drilling deeper on South Sumatra Kampung Minyak Field

(9/10/2014) Kuwait Energy makes 1st oil discovery in Iraq

(9/10/2014) Roc's China Bohai Bay Quikou exploration well a duster

(9/9/2014) Santos successfully completes Australia Mt Kitty wireline logging

(9/9/2014) Det Norske's Kvitvola wildcat off Norway a dry hole

(9/8/2014) Armada at total depth in Wyoming Bear Creek-1

(9/8/2014) Real Energy drilling initial well in Queensland's Cooper Basin

(9/7/2014) Journey's Windfall well test shows new pool discovery

(9/4/2014) Linc gearing up to drill 3 wells in South Australia's Arckaringa Basin

(9/4/2014) Statoil strikes out in US Gulf & Angola's Kwanza Basin

(9/4/2014) President drilling Lapacho well in Paraguay's Chaco region

(9/4/2014) Petrobras declares 3 Santos Basin pre-salt fields commercial

(9/4/2014) TransGlobe finds more pay at Egypt's North West Gharib

(9/3/2014) Horse Hill-1 spudded onshore the UK in Weald Basin

(9/3/2014) Senex P&As one South Australia well, drilling & testing 2 more

(9/3/2014) Lukoil reports discovery offshore Ghana

(9/2/2014) Shell makes Utica gas discovery in Pennsylvania

(9/2/2014) Sound's 2nd Nervesa discovery appraisal gets enviro okay

(9/2/2014) Egdon's onshore Lincolnshire UK well taps 3 intervals of pay

(9/2/2014) AWE scores significant gas discovery in Western Australia

(9/1/2014) Real Energy drilling Cooper Basin Tamarama-1

(9/1/2014) Lundin drilling Volgrav South in Norwegian North Sea

(9/1/2014) Roxi's Kazakh deep oil discovery found twice as large

(8/31/2014) Vietsovpetro makes discovery off Vietnam with Sturgeon well

(8/29/2014) Oil Search suspends Taza-2 in Kurd Iraq due to lack of security

(8/29/2014) Lundin wraps up Luno II appraisal offshore Norway

(8/29/2014) Integral discovery in Brazil's onshore Sergipe-Alagoas

(8/29/2014) Shell submits plan to explore Chukchi Sea with 2 rigs

(8/29/2014) Det Norske's Heimdalsho a North Sea duster

(8/29/2014) SapuraKencana scores again offshore Malaysia

(8/28/2014) Tullow discovery extends Lokichar Basin oil play in Kenya

(8/28/2014) Ophir's Eq Guinea FLNG Project advanced by Tonel & Silenus wells

(8/28/2014) Noble's deepwater US Gulf Katmai taps multiple oil pay zones

(8/28/2014) BG's deepwater Mzia-3 sidetrack off Tanzania taps 90 million cf/d

(8/27/2014) Quicksilver-Eni Texas Bone Spring well flowing after frac

(8/27/2014) Santos to re-enter Mt Kitty-1 in Northern Territory's Amadeus Basin

(8/27/2014) Capricorn collects oil samples in Senegal deepwater well

(8/27/2014) PGNiG drilling Baraniec-1 in Poland's Fences Concession

(8/26/2014) OMV's Whio-1 off New Zealand proves non-commercial

(8/26/2014) Circle scores El Mediouni discovery offshore Tunisia

(8/26/2014) Statoil fails to find hydrocarbons in Australia's OzBeta-1

(8/26/2014) Marjoram-1 gas discovery in deepwater Malaysia

(8/25/2014) Assessment finds gas discovery in Saucede Prospect in France likely

(8/25/2014) KrisEnergy strikes out with Thai Gulf Mancharee-1

(8/25/2014) YPF makes conventional oil & gas discovery with deep Patagonia well

(8/25/2014) Strike sets further tests of Le Chiffre-1 & Klebb-1 in South Australia

(8/24/2014) Beach tests of Davenport-1 in South Australia successful

(8/24/2014) Socar & Kepco in joint Caspian Sea E&P accord

(8/22/2014) Canacol finds oil & gas pay in 4 Colombia exploration wells

(8/22/2014) Petrobras appraisal proves Moita Bonita area potential

(8/21/2014) Significant gas-condensate discovery off Western Australia

(8/21/2014) Petrobras makes ultra-deep gas discovery off Brazil

(8/21/2014) IGas lines up rig to drill exploration well in northwestern England

(8/21/2014) Idemitsu makes gas discovery off southern Vietnam

(8/20/2014) Kurdamir discovery in Kurd Iraq declared commercial

(8/19/2014) Xinjiang, China exploration opening to private companies

(8/19/2014) Exploration of Australia's Browse Basin block extended

(8/18/2014) Encouraging shows seen in Key's Western Australia Dunnart-2

(8/18/2014) Salamander's North Kendang-2 off East Kalimantan non-commercial

(8/18/2014) Apache makes 1st Canning Basin oil discovery off Western Australia

(8/17/2014) Waldron flows Ferrybank test well in Alberta's Upper Mannville

(8/15/2014) Lane JV puts Poland's Lublewo lateral on long term test

(8/15/2014) Blackbird to drill 1st horizontal at Alberta Elmworth Project

(8/15/2014) BP strikes out with US Gulf deepwater Bright exploration well

(8/14/2014) YPF makes Vaca Muerta discovery in Argentina's Neuquen

(8/14/2014) Roc spuds Quikou exploration well in China's Bohai Bay

(8/14/2014) Statoil set to drill Barents Sea Pingvin exploration well

(8/13/2014) Statoil drilling Ensis wildcat in Norwegian Barents Sea

(8/13/2014) Beach scores find in South Australia with Balgowan-1

(8/13/2014) Total makes new discovery on Brazil's Xerelete Field

(8/13/2014) Repsol wins authorization to explore off Canary Islands

(8/13/2014) Terra Nova set to spud 1st South Australia Cooper Basin wells

(8/13/2014) Petrobras strikes more presalt pay in Apollonia well off Brazil

(8/12/2014) China approves shale gas exploration in Guizhou Province

(8/11/2014) KrisEnergy drilling Thai Gulf Mancharee-1

(8/11/2014) Rosneft & ExxonMobil JV drilling Russian Arctic Kara Sea probe

(8/6/2014) Petrobras drilling 1st Libra exploration well off Brazil

(8/6/2014) Tuscany makes Rutland oil discovery in Saskatchewan

(8/6/2014) Lundin drilling Alta Prospect in Norwegian Barents Sea

(8/6/2014) Lundin drills & tests Tembakau-2 appraisal offshore Malaysia

(8/6/2014) Senex P&As 1 well, drilling 2 in South Australia Cooper Basin

(8/5/2014) Pakistan Petroleum makes 30 million cf/d gas discovery

(8/5/2014) Roxi deep well in Kazakhstan's BNG Area a discovery

(8/5/2014) FX prepares to drill Angowice-1 exploration well in Poland

(8/5/2014) AWE drilling unconventional gas well in Australia's Perth Basin

(8/4/2014) Real Energy gearing up to drill Queensland Tamarama-1

(8/4/2014) Maersk misses with Danish North Sea exploration well

(8/4/2014) Gazprom Neft spuds Shakal exploration well in Kurdistan

(8/3/2014) Matador keeps adding new Permian Basin producers

(8/3/2014) Tecpetrol to spud El Tigre Prospect in Colombia by yearend

(8/3/2014) Energen tests 5 Wolfcamp West Texas exploration wells

(7/31/2014) Eni makes major gas & condensates discovery off Gabon

(7/31/2014) Gulfsands strikes gas with onshore Morocco Rharb Centre well

(7/31/2014) OIL okays drilling budget for 3 Rajasthan, India wells

(7/31/2014) Armada drilling Bear Creek-1 in Wyoming

(7/31/2014) Eni-Kogas to kick off Cyprus exploratory drilling program

(7/31/2014) Genel spuds Sidi Moussa-1 offshore Morocco

(7/30/2014) Anadarko plugging & abandoning Bimini dry hole in US Gulf

(7/30/2014) Ireland's Porcupine Basin Skellig Block estimated at 1.1 billion boe

(7/29/2014) Apache sees gas & liquids shows in Phoenix South-1 off Western Oz

(7/29/2014) PGNiG drilling Karmin-1 exploration well in western Poland

(7/28/2014) Cairn resumes drilling FAN-1 offshore Senegal

(7/28/2014) Galp's TAO-1 offshore Morocco finds no hydrocarbons yet

(7/27/2014) Afek approved to drill Israel-occupied Golan Heights

(7/27/2014) CNPC set to drill deepwater Myanmar Bay of Bengal wells

(7/25/2014) Santos gets go-ahead to drill in NSW Pilliga State Forest

(7/24/2014) TAG drilling East Coast New Zealand Waitangi Valley-1

(7/24/2014) OMV spuds Whio-1 exploration well off Taranaki, New Zealand

(7/24/2014) Oil Search sees hydrocarbon shows in Taza-2 in Kurdistan

(7/23/2014) Det Norske drilling Heimdalsho Prospect off Norway

(7/23/2014) Celtique drilling onshore West Sussex UK rejected

(7/22/2014) Statoil follows Barents Sea Apollo duster with minor gas find

(7/22/2014) AWE's Western Oz Drover-1 well penetrates 1,044 meters shale

(7/21/2014) Egdon drilling Wressle exploration well onshore UK

(7/21/2014) Domino-2 drilling in deepwater Romanian Black Sea

(7/21/2014) Canacol scores with Oso Pardo appraisal onshore Colombia

(7/21/2014) Lundin strikes pay with Gohta appraisal in Barents Sea

(7/21/2014) Tullow fails to find hydrocarbons in North Sea Lupus Prospect

(7/21/2014) FX lines up 5 new Poland exploration wells for remainder of year

(7/18/2014) Nighthawk makes gas & condensate find in Colorado DJ Basin

(7/17/2014) ConocoPhillips makes gas discovery off Western Australia

(7/16/2014) Beach draws a dud with last Cooper Basin South Australia well

(7/16/2014) CNPC well in waters disputed with Vietnam sees oil & gas shows

(7/16/2014) Touchstone taps down 4 new wells onshore Trinidad

(7/16/2014) OMV Petrom makes oil discovery in Romanian Black Sea

(7/15/2014) NIS at TD with gas shows in Hungary's Mako Trough

(7/15/2014) Sahara Group's Enageed Resources in onshore Nigeria discovery

(7/15/2014) Shell makes 3rd major US Gulf Norphlet play discovery

(7/14/2014) Key drilling Dunnart-2 onshore Western Australia

(7/14/2014) Tullow to plug & abandon Ethiopia onshore exploration well

(7/14/2014) InterOil suspends Wahoo-1 onshore Papua New Guinea

(7/13/2014) Throne drilling wildcat well in far West Texas

(7/11/2014) VNG Norge proves Norway's Pil & Bue discoveries viable

(7/11/2014) Mosman's Crestal-1 a 2nd New Zealand Petroleum Creek find

(7/10/2014) GeoPark scores Llanos discovery in Colombia with Tigana Norte-1

(7/9/2014) Capricorn cancels Spanish Point drilling off Ireland

(7/9/2014) Roxi scores discovery on Kazakhstan BNG Block

(7/9/2014) TransGlobe makes Egypt oil find with 1st North West Gharib well

(7/9/2014) Gas2Grid tests show Philippines' Malolos-1 a producer

(7/8/2014) Beach drilling last well in current South Australia PEL92 campaign

(7/8/2014) AWE's Oi-2 exploration well found water-bearing with no oil

(7/8/2014) Apache sidetracking Phoenix South-1 off Western Australia

(7/8/2014) Nido to plug & abandon Baragatan-1A off Philippines

(7/8/2014) Statoil spuds OzEpsilon-1 onshore Northern Territory, Australia

(7/7/2014) Centrica's Butch Southwest off Norway a dry hole

(7/6/2014) Gas hydrates discovered in Sea of Okhotsk's Tatar Strait

(7/4/2014) Repsol makes new discovery offshore Trinidad

(7/3/2014) Genel fails to find hydrocarbons with offshore Malta well

(7/3/2014) OMV makes oil discovery with Hanssen wildcat off Norway

(7/3/2014) Linc set to start exploration drilling in Arckaringa Basin

(7/3/2014) Mosman's New Zeland Petroleum Creek discovery verified

(7/2/2014) Tullow spuds Lupus Norwegian North Sea Lupus well

(7/2/2014) Woodside's Toro-1 penetrates pay off Western Australia

(7/2/2014) Salamander spuds SE Sangatta test well off Kalimantan

(7/2/2014) Senex wraps up 2014 30-well program in South Australia

(7/1/2014) GeoPark makes oilfield discovery in Tierra del Fuego

(6/30/2014) Gazprom sub drilling Russia Pechora Sea exploration well

(6/30/2014) Beach plugs & abandons South Australia Fishery-1 well

(6/30/2014) AWE drilling Drover-1 exploration well onshore Western Australia

(6/29/2014) Mubadala's Rojana-1 in Thai Gulf finds no hydrocarbons

(6/27/2014) Strata-X taps down Sleeping Giant well in North Dakota

(6/27/2014) Statoil strikes out with offshore Faroes re-entry well

(6/26/2014) Total gets go-ahead to drill for shale gas onshore Denmark

(6/26/2014) Palestine planning West Bank oil exploration project

(6/26/2014) Hurricane exceeds expectations with West of Shetland Lancaster appraisal

(6/26/2014) Galp kicks off TAO-1 exploration well offshore Morocco

(6/26/2014) Rampart's Alaska North Slope resources put at up to 325 million bbl

(6/26/2014) Ophir's pre-salt Okala-1 offshore Gabon a duster

(6/25/2014) Stena Clyde lined up to drill Pryderi-1 off Western Australia

(6/24/2014) Beach spuds Fishery-1 in South Australia's Cooper Basin

(6/24/2014) Africa Oil makes onshore Kenya gas discovery

(6/24/2014) ANRE drilling for methane hydrate offshore Japan

(6/23/2014) Stuck tool forces Apache to drill sidetrack to Phoenix South-1

(6/23/2014) Mubadala confirms offshore Malaysia Pegaga discovery

(6/23/2014) Statoil spuds OzDelta-1 in Australia's Northern Territory

(6/23/2014) Repsol makes largest Russia hydrocarbons discovery in 2 years

(6/23/2014) Pura Vida ups Gabon's offshore Nkembe Block resource assessment

(6/23/2014) Lundin drilling Luno II appraisal offshore Norway

(6/23/2014) Petromanas deepening Molisht-1 onshore Albania

(6/23/2014) Mubadala drilling Rojana-A exploration well in Gulf of Thailand

(6/22/2014) Suroco discovers new oil pool in Colombia Putumayo Basin

(6/22/2014) Empire's Red Gully well produces to surface on test

(6/22/2014) Anadarko spuds onshore Mozambique Rovuma well

(6/20/2014) Lukoil & Rosneft drilling Ribachya Prospect in Caspian Sea

(6/20/2014) Gulfsands resumes drilling onshore Morocco gas test well

(6/20/2014) Statoil draws a duster with Barents Sea Apollo wildcat

(6/20/2014) E.On's Norwegian Sea Terne exploration well a dry hole

(6/20/2014) Louisiana Jeanerette Field exploration well flows on test

(6/19/2014) Lundin drilling Tembakau-2 appraisal offshore Malaysia

(6/19/2014) Queensland block said to hold 28 Tcf in recoverable gas resources

(6/19/2014) KUB-Gas drilling eastern Ukraine exploration well

(6/19/2014) GeoPark makes new gasfield discovery in Chile

(6/18/2014) Circle scores another Sebou discovery in Morocco

(6/18/2014) BG's Sunbird off Kenya East Africa's 2nd oil discovery (update)

(6/18/2014) Statoil makes 6th major gas discovery offshore Tanzania

(6/17/2014) BG discovers 1st oil offshore East Africa

(6/16/2014) President spuds Paraguay's 1st Chaco well in 30 years

(6/16/2014) Jackup arrives in Pechora Sea for Gazprom Neft Dolginskoye well

(6/16/2014) Gastar at TD pre-horizontal in West Virginia Utica shale well

(6/15/2014) Oil Search drilling Taza-2 in Kurd Iraq, ready to suspend if necessary

(6/15/2014) Apache prepping for final section in Western Australia Phoenix South-1

(6/15/2014) Murphy drilling 2 exploration wells off Indonesia's West Papua

(6/15/2014) BP forced to re-spud deepwater US Gulf Bright-1 wildcat

(6/13/2014) Armada lines up rig for Wyoming Bear Creek test well

(6/13/2014) Repsol plugging & abandoning Welwitschia-1a off Namibia

(6/13/2014) AWE kicks off Oi-2 exploration well off Taranaki, New Zealand

(6/13/2014) Mosman strikes oil in New Zealand South Island well

(6/13/2014) Santos strikes out with Queensland Koki-1 well

(6/12/2014) Pil discovery off Norway Bue sidetrack underway

(6/12/2014) Questerre drilling Alberta Kakwa North exploration well

(6/11/2014) Senegal's Sangomar Deep JV modifies drilling program

(6/10/2014) Beach kicks off South Australia Cooper Basin 3-well campaign

(6/10/2014) Mosman sees oil shows in New Zealand Cross Roads-1

(6/10/2014) Horizon's Cherokee, Texas welltest readies well for fraccing

(6/9/2014) Circle drilling Tunisia deepwater test in Mahdia Block

(6/9/2014) Hurricane preparing to test West of Shetland Lancaster appraisal

(6/9/2014) Oryx drilling Banan appraisal in Kurd Iraq's Hawler Block

(6/9/2014) Union's exploration of Peru Block Z34 wins EIA approval

(6/8/2014) SapuraKencana scores 4 gas discoveries offshore Sarawak

(6/8/2014) FAR preparing Miocene reef evaluation off Kenya

(6/8/2014) Mari Petroleum makes major oil discovery in Pakistan

(6/6/2014) Rosneft pledges $400 billion for Russian Arctic program

(6/6/2014) Pars Petro Zagros exploring NE Iran's Mogan region

(6/6/2014) Japex exploring for shale oil at Japan's Fukumezawa Field

(6/6/2014) Premier makes another Natuna Sea Tuna PSC discovery

(6/5/2014) Mosman spuds 1st of 3 New Zealand Petroleum Creek wells

(6/5/2014) RWE targeting early 2015 for Azerbaijan Caspian Nakhchivan wells

(6/5/2014) Senex taps down Mustang-2, drilling Tornado-1 in South Australia

(6/4/2014) Premier makes wet gas discovery off Indonesia

(6/4/2014) Repsol resumes drilling offshore Namibia Welwitschia well

(6/4/2014) BG's deepwater Taachui-1 & 1ST1 score new Tanzania gas discovery

(6/3/2014) Saudi Aramco reveals deepwater oilfield discovery in Red Sea

(6/3/2014) Galp Energia set to spud TAO-1 offshore Morocco

(6/3/2014) Magellan in 2 Weald Basin wells in SW England

(6/2/2014) YPF makes tight gas discovery in Argentina's Mendoza Province

(6/2/2014) Tethys taps down another Kazakh Akkulka test well

(6/2/2014) Expansion of China's Zijinshan Gas Project interim testing

(6/2/2014) Noreco plugging & abandoning Verdane well off Norway

(6/2/2014) Centrica spuds Norwegian North Sea Butch SW well

(6/2/2014) AWE drilling Oi-1 exploration well off Taranaki, New Zealand

(6/1/2014) Two large oil discoveries made in Russia's Khanty-Mansiysk

(6/1/2014) Quebec kicks off 15 enviro studies for Anticosti Island oil exploration

(6/1/2014) JX Nippon prepping to drill JXQA-1 exploration well off Qatar

(5/30/2014) Greenpeace legal appeal rejected, Statoil set to drill Barents Apollo well (update)

(5/30/2014) Statoil drilling OzGamma-1 onshore Northern Territory, Australia

(5/30/2014) Beach suspends South Australia Pennington North-1 as discovery

(5/30/2014) Petroceltic fails to find hydrocarbons in Black Sea Muridava-1

(5/29/2014) DualEx recompletion of Tunisia BHN-1 well delayed by new law

(5/29/2014) Spain approves Repsol's $10 billion exploration off Canary Islands

(5/28/2014) Mosman's PCL lines up 2nd Crestal test well in New Zealand

(5/28/2014) GdF Suez makes UK Southern North Sea gas discovery

(5/28/2014) ONGC spuds 1st well in India's Palar Basin

(5/28/2014) Samson set to drill Wyoming Hawk Springs test well

(5/27/2014) RWE Dea completing Titan appraisals in Norwegian North Sea

(5/27/2014) Redrill of Baragatan-1 off Philippines' Palawan Island underway

(5/27/2014) Apache drilling Phoenix South-1 off Western Australia

(5/27/2014) VNG Norge completes successful Pil sidetrack off Norway

(5/27/2014) Affanga Deep-1 off Gabon fails to find pay

(5/27/2014) Tullow strikes out with Gotama test well off Norway

(5/26/2014) Westbridge & Black Pearl lining up South Texas wet gas play

(5/26/2014) Elenilto selects 2 drillsites in its offshore Senegal concession

(5/25/2014) FX tests Tuchola-4K in Poland's Edge license at 15 million cf/d

(5/25/2014) Rosneft forms JV with BP for Volga-Urals shale exploration

(5/25/2014) Southeast England harbors 8.5 billion bbl of shale oil

(5/25/2014) Lukoil & Total link to exploit Siberia's Bazhenov shale oil play

(5/23/2014) Offshore oil & gas drilling technology can help find life on Mars

(5/23/2014) Lundin drilling appraisal on Norway's Barents Sea Gohta find

(5/23/2014) Tullow's Shimela-1 in Ethiopia proves all wet

(5/22/2014) Gray Fox setting drillsites on Nevada West Ranch Prospect

(5/22/2014) Argentina's YPF makes shale discovery in Patagonia

(5/22/2014) Galp set to spud TAO-1 off Morocco in mid-June

(5/22/2014) ConocoPhillips drilling 6th & final well in Browse Basin Phase 2

(5/22/2014) Eni appraisal finds pay in Mozambique Agulha discovery

(5/21/2014) PDVSA & Petrobras exploring Lake Maracaibo for shale gas

(5/21/2014) Problems delaying Repsol's Welwitschia well off Namibia

(5/21/2014) ExxonMobil makes Agrentina Vaca Muerta Shale discovery

(5/21/2014) Emerald Bay new Texas field discovery at Wooden Horse

(5/21/2014) Petromanas drilling Albania onshore Molisht-1

(5/21/2014) Petrobras confirms Sagitario discovery in Santos Basin

(5/20/2014) Touchstone drilling Trinidad Forest Reserve WD-8 well

(5/20/2014) Byron readies jackup to drill US Gulf South Marsh Island well

(5/20/2014) Phoenicia prepping to drill Hagar Qim exploration well off Malta

(5/20/2014) Silver Tusk set to complete Texas Buda Lime horizontal

(5/19/2014) Mari makes oil discovery in Pakistan's Potohar District

(5/19/2014) Circle kicks off Morocco drilling at Sebou & Lalla Mimouna

(5/19/2014) Global prepping to drill Bolivar re-entry in northern Colombia

(5/19/2014) Oryx achieves high output from Kurd Iraq Demir Dagh wells

(5/18/2014) Lukoil prepping to drill unconventional gas in Saudi Arabia

(5/18/2014) ConocoPhillips penetrates gas pay in Poseidon North-1

(5/16/2014) NIS drilling 2nd Hungary Mako Trough exploration well

(5/15/2014) Nido spuds Philippines Baragatan exploration well

(5/15/2014) Metgasco gets notice to suspend NSW exploration well

(5/15/2014) Cadogan exploration in Ukraine proceeding undisrupted

(5/15/2014) Tullow northern Kenya sidetrack penetrates oil pay

(5/15/2014) Longreach scores gas discovery in Morocco Essaouira Basin

(5/14/2014) Petsec makes gas condensate find with Louisiana Jeanerette well

(5/13/2014) Apache prepping to drill Phoenix South well of Western Australia

(5/13/2014) Ural makes discovery in Kazakhstan's Rozhkovskoye Field

(5/12/2014) Boomerang drilling its 1st deep well in Texas Permian Basin

(5/12/2014) Lundin finds good conglomeratic reservoir in Edvard Grieg appraisal

(5/12/2014) Statoil takes another run at Faroe's Brugdan II well

(5/12/2014) Centrica strikes out with North Sea Butch East well

(5/11/2014) Production testing underway on Philippines' Malolos-1

(5/9/2014) Petrobras wraps up last Rights Transfer pre-salt well

(5/9/2014) FX Tuchola well in Poland set for production test

(5/9/2014) Statoil makes discovery in Norwegian North Sea near Gimle

(5/8/2014) Hess at TD in Kurd Iraq Shakrok-1 exploration well

(5/8/2014) Petroceltic drilling Egypt's South Dikirnis Prospect

(5/7/2014) Cairn shifts Cajun Express to drill 2nd Senegal test

(5/7/2014) Statoil drilling OzBeta-1 in Australia's Northern Territory

(5/7/2014) Statoil spuds US Gulf deepwater Martin exploration well

(5/7/2014) Apache scores 2 discoveries in Egypt's Western Desert

(5/6/2014) Testing program set for China's Zijinshan Gas Project

(5/6/2014) KUB-Gas tests Ukraine Makeevskoye Field gas producer

(5/5/2014) Kosmos' Foum Assaka exploration well off Morocco a dud

(5/5/2014) Billion-plus bbl heavy oil in place in Oman's Block 4

(5/5/2014) TAG Oil to drill New Zealand East Coast test well

(5/5/2014) Nido awaiting rig arrival to drill Philippine Baragatan Prospect

(5/5/2014) Wolf ups Mongolia resources with 2 new drill-ready leads

(5/2/2014) Statoil's latest Sverdrup appraisal off Norway hits oil

(5/2/2014) Canacol makes another oil discovery in Colombia's Llanos Basin

(5/2/2014) Statoil's Barents Sea wildcat Drivis a Castberg winner

(5/1/2014) Austin spuds Pathfinder Pierre Shale well in Colorado

(5/1/2014) Statoil F-West wildcat makes small discovery in Norwegian North Sea

(5/1/2014) Svenska & FAR postpone Guinea-Bissau appraisal drilling

(5/1/2014) Zimbabwe minister calls for CBM exploration

(5/1/2014) Cobalt's Orca-1 off Angola a significant discovery

(5/1/2014) Galp set to drill Tarfaya exploration well off Morocco

(4/30/2014) FX pegs output of Poland well Tuchola-4K at 117 million cf/d

(4/30/2014) Anadarko halts South Africa exploration spending

(4/29/2014) Norway's Johan Sverdrup appraisals find further pay

(4/29/2014) Senex's South Australia Sprigg-1 finds no net pay

(4/29/2014) CNPC gets permit to explore newly purchased Peru gas block

(4/29/2014) Stone strikes oil at US Gulf Mississippi Canyon Cardona South

(4/29/2014) VNG kicks off sidetrack to Pil discovery off Norway

(4/29/2014) Roxi drilling 3 Kazakh test wells at BNG & Galaz

(4/28/2014) Eni gas find in Pakistan's Sindh Province flows 50 million cf/d

(4/28/2014) Premier discovers oil with Kuda Laut-1 offshore Indonesia

(4/28/2014) Hurricane drilling Lancaster discovery appraisal West of Shetlands

(4/28/2014) Statoil drills & cases OzAlpha-1 in Australia's Northern Territory

(4/28/2014) Mosman sub lines up driller for New Zealand test wells

(4/25/2014) PDVSA makes 3 new oilfield discoveries in Venezuela

(4/25/2014) Tullow's Tapendar-1 off Mauritania proves to be a duster

(4/24/2014) Tethys brings in 3rd shallow gas exploration well in Kazakhstan

(4/24/2014) Oil Search sees hydrocarbons in Kurd Iraq Taza-2 well

(4/23/2014) Genel sub Phoenicia to drill Hagar Qim-1 offshore Malta

(4/23/2014) Chestnut's 1st East Texas White Oak Creek well promising

(4/23/2014) Longreach to penetrate Lower Liassic target in Morocco well

(4/22/2014) Beach spuds Bungaloo-1 in South Australia's onshore Otway Basin

(4/22/2014) Repsol to spud Welwitschia-1 exploration well off Namibia

(4/21/2014) New Age's Ethiopia test well flowing oil & gas

(4/21/2014) FX concludes positive output test of Poland Tuchola-4K well

(4/18/2014) Petrobras pegs $2 billion for southern Bolivia gas exploration

(4/17/2014) Nighthawk puts Colorado D-J Basin Mississippian producer onstream

(4/17/2014) Major discovery in Astrakhan region of Russia

(4/17/2014) Rosneft sub scores Zapadno-Gerasimovsky discovery

(4/17/2014) Cairn spuds FAN-1 exploration well off Senegal

(4/17/2014) Shell makes significant gasfield discovery offshore Sarawak

(4/17/2014) Total makes oil discovery offshore Cote d'Ivoire

(4/16/2014) Two new discoveries onshore Libya by Agoco & Sonatrach

(4/16/2014) Hurricane prepping to drill West of Shetland Lancaster test well

(4/16/2014) Global re-entering Colombia well to test for shale gas

(4/16/2014) Azabache proves Vaca Muerta flow in Argentina's Covunco Block

(4/15/2014) Santos' Mt Kitty-1 in Australia's Northern Territory flows on test

(4/14/2014) BG's Sunbird discovery off Kenya looks uncommercial

(4/14/2014) Statoil scores discovery at Valemon Nord in Norwegian North Sea

(4/14/2014) Statoil to drill Romeo Prospect wildcat off southern Norway

(4/10/2014) GDF's Barents Sea Byrkje wildcat proves a duster

(4/10/2014) Wintershall scores gas & condensate find in Norwegian Sea

(4/10/2014) India's Tripura Block Kathalchari find declared commercial

(4/10/2014) DST in VNG's Norwegian Sea Pil discovery shows high oil flow

(4/9/2014) GeoPark makes 6th oil discovery in Colombia's Llanos Basin

(4/8/2014) Noreco drilling Verdande exploration well in Norwegian Sea

(4/8/2014) Murphy's Bamboo-1 off Cameroon fails to find hydrocarbons

(4/7/2014) Hess' Shakrok-1 in Kurd Iraq at TD with gas-condensate column

(4/7/2014) Contact's Kakwa Montney well flowing gas & condensate

(4/3/2014) Lukoil confirms hydrocarbons in deepwater Cote d'Ivoire test

(4/3/2014) Norwegian Shelf oil reserves to grow 7.54 billion bbl in 10 years - NPD

(4/2/2014) Statoil spuds 1st well of 2014 program in Australia project

(4/2/2014) Alvopetro makes Reconcavo Basin discovery in Bahia, Brazil

(4/1/2014) United Hydrocarbon completes 2 of planned 15 Chad test wells

(4/1/2014) Ecopetrol makes discovery in Colombia's Meta Province

(3/31/2014) IGas wraps up UK onshore exploration well in Eccles

(3/30/2014) Beach's Stunsail-1 an oil discovery in South Australia

(3/30/2014) InterOil drilling Raptor-1 exploration well onshore Papua New Guinea

(3/27/2014) Statoil drilling wildcat on F-West Prospect in Norwegian North Sea

(3/27/2014) Ophir drilling Affanga Deep-1 offshore Gabon

(3/26/2014) Austin-Halcon Eagle Ford well flows 1,066 boe/d

(3/26/2014) Salamander's central Kalimantan test flows 32.1 million cf/d

(3/25/2014) Beach's Jolly-1 confirms new South Australia gas play

(3/25/2014) Beach suspends Queensland well for fraccing & testing

(3/24/2014) Galp prepping to spud Tao exploration well offshore Morocco

(3/24/2014) CNOOC makes gas discovery in China's Bohai Bay

(3/23/2014) BG gearing up to drill test of Tanzania's Taachui Prospect

(3/21/2014) PEL's Haleema-1 in Sindh, Pakistan finds water, not oil

(3/21/2014) Longreach spuds Sidi Moktar exploration well in Morocco

(3/20/2014) Tethys brings in 2nd successful Akkulka well in Kazakhstan

(3/20/2014) ConocoPhillips drilling Poseidon North-1 off Western Australia

(3/20/2014) Circle prepping to drill Oman Shisr-1 exploration well

(3/20/2014) Santos set to restart Australia Amadeus Basin drilling

(3/19/2014) KUB-Gas prepping to complete Ukraine's Makeevskoye-17

(3/19/2014) Ophir's Padouck Deep-1 off Gabon a duster

(3/19/2014) CNOOC makes deepwater discovery in South China Sea

(3/19/2014) Statoil wildcat a Norwegian North Sea gas discovery

(3/18/2014) WestSide relinquishing Queensland Galilee Basin permits

(3/18/2014) Osage drilling 1st Oklahoma horizontal Mississippi/Woodford well

(3/17/2014) BG penetrates oil column in Sunbird-1 offshore Kenya

(3/17/2014) Kosmos drilling Foum Assaka exploration well off Morocco

(3/17/2014) Shell discovers oil off Sabah, Malaysia with Limbayong well

(3/17/2014) Cairn probe off Morocco plugged & abandoned without testing

(3/14/2014) Beach offered PRLs for entire South Australia permit

(3/14/2014) Community dispute suspends PetroNova well in Colombia

(3/13/2014) Anadarko plugging & abandoning Caravel-1 off New Zealand

(3/12/2014) Petrobras makes oil discovery in Brazil's Potiguar Basin

(3/12/2014) YPF makes oil discovery in Argentina's Rio Negro Province

(3/12/2014) Salamander's Indonesia West Kerendan-1 a gas discovery

(3/12/2014) Oryx makes 4th consecutive oil discovery on Kurd Iraq Hawler Block

(3/11/2014) Caza scores with Lea County, New Mexico Bone Spring well

(3/11/2014) Otto planning high impact exploration well off Philippines

(3/11/2014) Kazakh Sagiz West Field appraisal taps pay

(3/10/2014) Statoil's Juv Norwegian North Sea wildcat a duster

(3/10/2014) PetroPlus gearing up to drill Gabon Hyembe Prospect

(3/10/2014) Byron awaiting rig to spud US Gulf South Marsh Island well

(3/10/2014) InterOil drilling 2nd of 4 Papua New Guinea exploration wells

(3/7/2014) Petrobras makes 2 discoveries of Brazil in Cessao Onerosa

(3/7/2014) Cairn sees oil in Morocco Cap Juby exploration well

(3/7/2014) VNG Norge finds oil & gas with Norwegian Sea Pil well

(3/7/2014) BP halts Libya exploration due to lack of security

(3/7/2014) Tethys' 1st shallow gas test well in Kazakhstan a winner

(3/6/2014) ExxonMobil oil discovery in Colombia passes tests

(3/6/2014) Masirah's eastern Oman offshore discovery flows light oil

(3/5/2014) Norwest taps down tests of Arrowsmith-2 in Western Australia

(3/5/2014) InterOil kicks off Bobcat exploration well in PNG

(3/5/2014) OGDC makes gas discovery in Pakistan's Guddu Block

(3/4/2014) IPR makes Egypt Gulf of Suez discovery at Gebel El-Zeit

(3/4/2014) Lundin's Indonesian Natuna Sea Balqis-1 a dry hole

(3/4/2014) CNOOC confirms discovery in Congo's Elephant Prospect

(3/4/2014) Statoil spuds another Johan Sverdrup appraisal off Norway

(3/3/2014) Silver Tusk drilling Willard well in Texas Sand Lake Prospect

(3/3/2014) Mirach awaiting EIA okay & extension for Cambodia's Block D

(3/3/2014) Falcon testing Kutvolgy-1 in Hungary Mako Trough

(3/3/2014) PPL spuds Haleema-1 in Pakistan's Badin IV South

(3/3/2014) Pan Orient P&As onshore Thailand exploration well

(3/3/2014) RWE Dea drilling appraisal of Norway North Sea Titan discovery

(3/3/2014) Successful test of Statoil's Zafarani-2 off Tanzania

(2/28/2014) GdF Suez set to spud Byrkje Prospect in Norwegian Barents Sea

(2/28/2014) Vaalco plugging & abandoning Dimba-1 off Gabon

(2/27/2014) Afren to start offshore Tanzania Tanga exploration in April

(2/27/2014) Americas Petrogas makes Argentina Vaca Muerta discovery

(2/27/2014) Cobalt confirms Angola Kwanza Basin pre-salt discovery

(2/24/2014) Ganope launching Upper Egypt South Valley exploration

(2/24/2014) Partners in Morocco's Foum Assaka Block primed for test well

(2/21/2014) Total's Trell exploration well a Norwegian North Sea discovery

(2/21/2014) Adriatic finds UK North Sea Sunset Project non-prospective

(2/21/2014) Det Norske plugging & abandoning Barents Sea Langlitinden well

(2/20/2014) Pertamina-PetroChina JV well off West Papua proves a winner

(2/20/2014) Agoco makes key discovery in Libya's Ghadames Basin

(2/20/2014) Statoil makes another minor gas discovery in Barents Sea

(2/19/2014) IWP prepping to test Bend Arch Lion well in Texas

(2/19/2014) Canacol's Colombia Llanos Basin Leono-2 appraisal flows on test

(2/19/2014) FX drilling Tuchola-4K in Poland's north-central Baltic Basin

(2/19/2014) Rambla's Akatara-2 well on the Lemang Block a Sumatra discovery

(2/18/2014) Stone scores deepwater US Gulf discovery with Amethyst well

(2/18/2014) Statoil's Tastaveden test well proves water wet

(2/18/2014) Ophir drilling deepwater Ntsina Block test well off Gabon

(2/18/2014) PPL makes discovery in Pakistan's Badin IV South

(2/17/2014) Lundin drilling test wells in Indonesia's Natuna Sea block

(2/17/2014) Buccaneer fails to find hydrocarbons in Alaska West Eagle well

(2/16/2014) Ithaca chalks up a dryhole with West of Shetland well

(2/14/2014) Max appraisal on Kazakhstan's Sagis West a winner

(2/14/2014) Metgasco ready to drill Rosella E01 in New South Wales

(2/14/2014) Premier looking to drill 1st test well on UK Bagpuss Prospect

(2/14/2014) Magnum Hunter makes Utica Shale discovery in Ohio

(2/13/2014) Africa Oil set to spud Sala-1 onshore Kenya

(2/13/2014) Tullow's Frigate-1 off Mauritania a lackluster discovery

(2/13/2014) Matador adding Permian Basin producers in Texas, New Mexico

(2/12/2014) Eni makes important discovery offshore Congo

(2/12/2014) Crown Point's La Hoyada x-1 a potential Vaca Muerta oil discovery

(2/12/2014) Canacol Leono-2 appraisal in Colombia tests 1,863 b/d

(2/12/2014) Blackbird gearing up to drill 1st Mantario horizontal in Saskatchewan

(2/12/2014) Abraxas taps down Blue Eyes well in Texas Eagle Ford

(2/12/2014) CC Energy scores with onshore Oman wildcat

(2/11/2014) Beach drilling shale gas exploration well in Queensland

(2/11/2014) Lundin's Torvasted sidetrack confirmed non-commercial

(2/10/2014) Oryx's Demir Dagh-2 a KRG discovery in Iraq

(2/10/2014) Det Norske sees hydrocarbons in Barents Sea Langlitinden well

(2/10/2014) Murphy drilling Bamboo-1 offshore Cameroon

(2/10/2014) CNPC makes major gasfield discovery in China's Moxi Block

(2/9/2014) Sherritt sub looking to drill test wells off southern Spain

(2/9/2014) Statoil ready to expand Newfoundland Bay du Nord exploration

(2/9/2014) Cairn set to explore India Bay of Bengal KG Basin block

(2/7/2014) YPF makes Argentina Vaca Muerta discovery

(2/6/2014) Metgasco gets enviro approval for NSW Australia well

(2/5/2014) Lundin preparing to drill 3 back-to-back wells off Indonesia

(2/5/2014) Cepsa's Los Angeles-1X a Peru Ucayali Basin discovery

(2/4/2014) Cuadrilla proposes up to 8 UK Lancashire shale gas wells

(2/4/2014) Anadarko draws a dud with 1st New Zealand deepwater well

(2/4/2014) Masirah makes 1st oil discovery in Arabian Sea east of Oman

(2/3/2014) Wintershall drilling Solberg appraisal in Norwegian Sea

(2/3/2014) Beach's Redland-1 a Queensland gas discovery

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