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Exploration & Discoveries

(10/17/2019) Cairn strikes out with Chimera wildcat in UK North Sea

(10/17/2019) Petro Matad completes Gazelle-1 in Mongolia's Block XX

(10/16/2019) ONGC Videsh reports Colombia & Brazil discoveries

(10/15/2019) PGNiG makes small Norwegian Sea wildcat discovery

(10/15/2019) NIOC discovers 19 Tcf gasfield in Iran's Fars Province

(10/9/2019) Origin drilling Kyalla shale gas appraisal in Australia's Beetaloo Sub-basin

(10/9/2019) Springfield spuds Afina-1x exploration well offshore Ghana

(10/8/2019) Goldpetrol drilling appraisal in Myanmar's Chauk Field

(10/7/2019) Interra spuds 1st exploration well in Kalimantan, Indonesia

(10/4/2019) BW Energy makes significant oil discovery offshore Gabon

(10/4/2019) Tambak-2 exploration well spudded in the Duyung Block off Indonesia

(10/3/2019) Buru spuds Miani-1 exploration well in Western Australia

(10/2/2019) PGNiG given permit for wildcat in Norwegian Sea

(9/30/2019) New offshore Sakhalin field discovered by Rosneft

(9/24/2019) WNEL & Empyrean to drill 1st of 2 wells on Indonesia's Duyung Block

(9/23/2019) Yakaar-2 confirms world-scale gas resource off Senegal

(9/23/2019) GeoPark makes oil discovery onshore Colombia with Guaco well

(9/22/2019) i3 Energy to spud UK North sea Serenity exploration well

(9/20/2019) Chariot scores gas discoveries offshore Morocco in Lixus Block

(9/20/2019) Pemex makes 6 discoveries in past 3 months

(9/20/2019) MOL gets go-ahead to drill exploration well offshore Norway

(9/19/2019) Petro Matad drilling Mongolia exploration well Gazelle-1

(9/17/2019) Ørn a Norwegian Sea gas discovery by Equinor & partners

(9/16/2019) Tullow chalks up a new Guyana discovery with Joe-1

(9/16/2019) Cooper in early termination of Australia's Annie-1 well

(9/16/2019) Tripletail-1 another Oil discovery offshore Guyana

(9/15/2019) Vaalco drilling 1st well in 2019-20 Gabon drilling campaign

(9/13/2019) Hurricane scores oil discovery in UK North Sea with Lincoln Crestal well

(9/12/2019) Strike upgrades Western Australia Kingia gas discovery

(9/10/2019) USGS puts Alaska North Slope gas hydrates at 53.8 Tcf

(9/10/2019) Equinor strikes out with Lanterna wildcat in Norwegian Sea

(9/9/2019) Petro Matad testing Heron-1 in eastern Mongolia Block XX

(9/9/2019) ADX set to production test Romania's Iecea Mica-1

(9/9/2019) Touchstone taps gas pay in Trinidad's onshore Ortoire Block

(9/8/2019) 1 Tcf gas discovered in Nigeria's onshore Obiafu-Obrikom Fields

(9/8/2019) Enpedco to drill exploration wells in Egypt's Western Desert

(9/6/2019) Cooper Energy scores gasfield discovery in Australia's Otway Basin

(9/5/2019) Valeura gas flowtest of Inanli-1 I Turkey's Thrace Basin

(9/3/2019) Echo & CGC in run-up to 1st Tapi Aike exploration well in Argentina

(9/3/2019) Equinor given go-ahead to drill Echino Sur exploration well off Norway

(8/30/2019) Lekoil & Optimum to drill 2 further wells on Nigeria Ogo discovery

(8/30/2019) BW Energy makes oil discovery on Gabon's Dussafu Marin Block

(8/29/2019) Senex production tests Gemba-1 in South Australia's Cooper Basin

(8/28/2019) Tullow drilling exploration well Joe-1 offshore Guyana

(8/27/2019) Key gas discovery at Western Australia's West Erregulla

(8/27/2019) Noble Energy makes new Equatorial Guinea oil discovery

(8/27/2019) Eni achieves major gas discovery onshore Nigeria's Niger Delta

(8/27/2019) Byron taps pay in US Gulf South Marsh Island Cutthroat well

(8/26/2019) PGNiG to spud Shrek exploration well in Norwegian Sea

(8/25/2019) MOL scores new oil discovery in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

(8/20/2019) South Sudan scores new oil discovery in Upper Nile area

(8/20/2019) Baja Oil & Gas to drill & test Falcon Prospect in East Texas

(8/20/2019) Aker BP strikes out with Vaagar wildcat in Norwegian Sea

(8/20/2019) Equinor makes light oil discovery in Barents Sea

(8/19/2019) Lundin scores oil discovery with Goddo well offshore Norway

(8/18/2019) Energy World negotiating for exploration rights in Mindanao, Philippines

(8/16/2019) New offshore exploration on horizon in Suriname

(8/14/2019) Shell & Cluff to drill wildcat on just completed North Sea farm-in acreage

(8/14/2019) Eni & Total discover million b/d oilfield in Republic of Congo

(8/14/2019) Fraser to drill UK North Sea Curlew-A appraisal well

(8/13/2019) Winchester completing Arledge well in Texas Permian Basin

(8/13/2019) BW Energy spuds Hibiscus Updip Prospect offshore Gabon

(8/12/2019) Strike pushing on in gas discovery in Western Australia

(8/12/2019) Tullow strikes big discovery with Jethro-1 offshore Guyana

(8/9/2019) US Gulf Bulleit & Orlov deepwater exploration wells tap pay

(8/8/2019) Pan American sub Hokchi set to drill shallow water well off Mexico

(8/8/2019) Genel to farmout stake in Somaliland onshore block

(8/7/2019) Aker BP wildcat near Norway's Boyla Field discovers gas

(8/6/2019) Cairn's Capricorn Norge quits Godalen wildcat offshore Norway

(8/6/2019) Cooper drilling Annie-1 in Otway Basin offshore Victoria, Australia

(8/4/2019) Japex taps gas with deepwater exploration well off Hokkaido

(8/1/2019) Oriental Energy scores oil discovery offshore Nigeria in OML67

(7/31/2019) Andromedia North spudded in UK sector of Southern North Sea

(7/30/2019) Santos drilling Dorado-3 off Western Australia in Bedout Basin

(7/30/2019) Sol-1 exploration well onshore Colombia proves small discovery

(7/29/2019) ADX preparing to drill Iecea Mica appraisal in western Romania

(7/29/2019) Cooper set to drill 2 exploration wells in Australia's Otway Basin

(7/26/2019) Equinor makes 2 small oil discoveries in Norwegian North Sea

(7/25/2019) Petrobel-Belayim discovers gasfield in Egypt's Nile Delta

(7/25/2019) NIS to drill 2 more wells in western Romania

(7/25/2019) Buru drilling Adoxa-1 exploration well in Australia's Canning Basin

(7/25/2019) Eni Agogo discovery appraisal off Angola confirm 650 million bbl oil

(7/24/2019) Santos given go-ahead for Australia Northern Territory exploration wells

(7/24/2019) Eni makes gas & condensate discovery offshore Vietnam

(7/23/2019) Strike sees Wagina gas shows in Western Australia North Perth Basin well

(7/23/2019) Hilcorp well on Texas' Mustang Prospect encounters hydrocarbons

(7/21/2019) AGM's Kyenkyen-1X & Nyankom-1X find oil offshore Ghana

(7/21/2019) INA scores gas discovery northeast of Zagreb

(7/19/2019) Petro Matad drilling Heron-1 in Mongolia's Tamsag Basin

(7/18/2019) Shell's Bulgarian Black Sea well fails to find significant hydrocarbons

(7/16/2019) Oil India strikes oil again in India's Arunachal Pradesh Kumchai Field

(7/16/2019) Egdon's Biscathorpe-2 a key oil discovery in Lincolnshire, England

(7/14/2019) Hurricane drilling Lincoln Crestal well in UK North Sea Greater Warwick

(7/14/2019) Parex makes 2nd discovery at Boranda site in Rio Negro, Colombia

(7/11/2019) Aker BP makes Norwegian North Sea discovery with Liatarnet well

(7/11/2019) CNOOC & Sinopec to jointly study Chinese offshore basins

(7/10/2019) ONGC plans exploratory drilling in 12 Gujarat blocks

(7/9/2019) Roc South-1 fails to find producible hydrocarbons

(7/9/2019) Shell set to drill wildcat at US Gulf Atwater Valley Aransas Prospect

(7/8/2019) Rhein Petroleum testing Steig-1 exploration well in Germany

(7/8/2019) Black Sea deep-towed subsea archaeological site survey for Lukoil

(7/7/2019) BP set to drill exploration well off Azerbaijan's Absheron Peninsula

(7/7/2019) Lundin to spud Goddo exploration well in Norway's Utsira High

(7/5/2019) Byron plugging & abandoning US Gulf South Marsh Island exploration well

(7/5/2019) Strike sees hydrocarbons shows in Western Australia's EP469.

(7/5/2019) Tullow drilling 1st exploration well on Guyana's Jethro-Lobe

(7/4/2019) IGas set to drill England's onshore Weald Basin

(7/4/2019) Equinor makes oil discovery in Norway's North Sea Oseberg Vestflanken

(7/2/2019) Hurricane strikes out with UK North Sea Warwick Deep

(7/2/2019) Santos to drill ahead in Roc South-1 off Western Australia

(7/1/2019) Siccar Point plugs & abandons Lyon exploration well

(7/1/2019) OMVPetrom drilling 2 new wells in Romanian Black Sea Istria Block

(7/1/2019) Talos competes appraisal of Zama Field offshore Mexico

(6/28/2019) PTT makes major gas discovery offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

(6/26/2019) SDX scores oil discovery in Egypt's West Gharib Concession

(6/26/2019) Raffles Energy spuds Bainet-2 exploration well in NE Romania

(6/26/2019) Petro Matad to drill 3 exploration wells in Mongolia's Block XX

(6/26/2019) Mexico's CNH gives BP the go-ahead for exploratory drilling

(6/23/2019) Turkey dispatches 2nd drillship to explore off Cyprus' Karpas Peninsula

(6/20/2019) Lundin makes 2 oil discoveries near Norway's Grieg Field

(6/18/2019) Santos drilling Roc South-1 off Western Australia

(6/17/2019) Equinor drills a dry hole In Norwegian Barents Sea

(6/17/2019) West Newton potentially largest onshore UK hydrocarbon discovery since 1973

(6/17/2019) Aker BP give go-ahead to drill Liataarnet wildcat in North Sea

(6/17/2019) Equinor scores Norwegian Sea discovery near Norne Field

(6/14/2019) Hungary's largest oilfield discovery in decades made in south

(6/14/2019) Jordan makes new gas discovery in Risha gasfield

(6/13/2019) Canacol tests new gas discovery in Colombia at 33 million cf/d

(6/13/2019) Talos' Bulleit appraisal in US Gulf confirms commercial oil

(6/10/2019) Stena Forth steaming to Guyana to drill Orinduik exploration wells

(6/4/2019) Santos Dorado-2 a major discovery off Western Australia

(6/4/2019) Aker BP wildcat off Norway proves to be a dry hole

(6/4/2019) W&T Offshore makes deepwater US Gulf discovery at Gladden Deep

(6/3/2019) Eni's Agidigbo well its 5th deepwater discovery offshore Angola

(5/28/2019) Raffles to drill Bainet West exploration well in northeast Romania

(5/26/2019) Shell makes significant light oil discovery in Albania

(5/24/2019) MOL Norge wildcat in Norwegian North Sea comes up dry

(5/22/2019) Gazprom discovers 17.65 Tcf gas with 2 new wells on Russia's Yamal shelf

(5/21/2019) Dana Gas drilling Merak-1 exploration well in Egyptian Mediterranean

(5/21/2019) Talos taps into oil with US Gulf Bulleit exploration well

(5/20/2019) Reabold's California Sacramento Basin wells set to start pumping

(5/20/2019) Eni-led consortium halts Kekra-1 exploration well offshore Pakistan

(5/17/2019) Shell Australia's Bratwirst-1 exploration well enviro plan approved

(5/15/2019) Empyrean confirms Jade & Topaz Prospects in China's Block 29/11

(5/14/2019) GulfSlope Energy abandons Tau well allowing for re-entry

(5/14/2019) Siccar Point taps down Blackrock well in UK West of Shetland

(5/14/2019) Eni achieves light oil deepwater discovery offshore Angola

(5/12/2019) Rosnedra affirms major Arctic oilfield in Yenisey River Delta

(5/10/2019) Equinor gets go-ahead to drill exploration wells near Sverdrup Field

(5/9/2019) Hydrocarbons discovered in Sindh, Pakistan's Kotri North Block

(5/7/2019) IOG set to drill Harvey appraisal in UK North Sea

(5/7/2019) OMV receives consent to drill exploration wells off Norway

(5/3/2019) PNG Muruk-2 appraisal well flows 16.5 cf/d on test

(5/3/2019) Azinor Catalyst in farmout with Seapulse for UK North Sea wells

(5/2/2019) Equinor gets consent to drill exploration well in North Sea Utsira High

(4/30/2019) Reabold testing Burnett 2B in California's Monroe Swell

(4/29/2019) Santos set to drill Dorado-2 off Western Australia

(4/28/2019) Predator reports key gas discovery in eastern Morocco

(4/28/2019) First exploration drillsite offshore Lebanon revealed

(4/26/2019) Rathlin drilling West Newton appraisal in East Yorkshire, England

(4/24/2019) Equinor submits enviro plan for Stromlo-1 in Great Australian Bight

(4/24/2019) Shell makes significant oil discovery in deepwater US Gulf

(4/19/2019) Petrobras confirms Moita Bonita gas extension

(4/19/2019) Mari Petroleum makes oil discovery in Pakistan's Punjab Province

(4/18/2019) Yellowtail-1 the 13th discovery in Guyana's Stabroek Block

(4/17/2019) ExxonMobil & Qatar Petroleum win 3 offshore blocks in Argentina

(4/17/2019) Santos appraisal confirms Corvus discovery offshore Western Australia

(4/16/2019) Talos taps down Zama discovery appraisal offshore Mexico

(4/15/2019) Vermilion set to spud 2 exploration wells in NE Croatia

(4/15/2019) Energean achieves gas discovery at Karish North

(4/12/2019) Lundin Norway gets go-ahead to drill North Sea exploration well

(4/11/2019) Key lining up rigs to drill Queensland Tanbar Gas Project

(4/11/2019) Shell signs shale exploration JV with China's Sinopec

(4/11/2019) OMV prepping to drill of New Zealand's Otago coast

(4/9/2019) i3 to drill UK North Sea exploration wells at Liberator & Serenity

(4/9/2019) Sinopec makes another major shale gas discovery in China

(4/7/2019) NNPC at 10,000 ft in northern Nigeria's Kolmani River II well

(4/5/2019) OGDCL makes 2 discoveries in 6 new wells in Pakistan

(4/4/2019) Oil Search proves extension to PNG's onshore Muruk Field

(4/4/2019) UK North Sea Rowallan exploration well fails to find hydrocarbons

(4/3/2019) Equinor's North Sea Presto wildcat fizzles

(4/3/2019) IMS scores a 2nd discovery on California Monroe Swell Field

(3/29/2019) Joe Prospect selected as 2nd Orinduik Block exploration well off Guyana

(3/28/2019) Aker BP's Norwegian North Sea Hod Field appraisal wells non-commercial

(3/28/2019) Equinor wins PSA consent to drill Barents Sea exploration well

(3/28/2019) IGas penetrates 3 targets in Nottinghamshire UK Springs Road-1 well

(3/27/2019) Vedanta makes oil discovery offshore India in Bay of Bengal

(3/27/2019) Shell JV to spud deepwater exploration well in Bulgarian Black Sea

(3/25/2019) Rathlin set to drill onshore East Yorkshire, UK appraisal well

(3/22/2019) Eni drilling deepwater exploration well Kekra-1 in Arabian Sea off Pakistan

(3/20/2019) Aker BP taps down successful exploration well on Froskelar

(3/20/2019) BHP drilling 3 deepwater exploration wells offshore Trinidad

(3/19/2019) Siccar Point spuds Blackrock exploration well NW of Shetland

(3/18/2019) Leads & drilling targets identified in Guyana's Orinduik Block

(3/14/2019) Eni evaluating new gas discovery in Egypt's Nour North Sinai Concession

(3/13/2019) Eni makes major deepwater discovery off Angola

(3/12/2019) Horizon scores 4 discoveries in Kern County, California

(3/11/2019) Hilcorp tests US Gulf Lightning Prospect with Green-1 well

(3/8/2019) Colter sidetrack completed offshore UK in English Channel

(3/8/2019) PTTEP strikes oil & gas in Australian Timor Sea

(3/7/2019) PTTEP sub makes gas discovery offshore Myanmar in Mottama Gulf

(3/7/2019) Drilling of Muruk-2 appraisal in PNG's Highlands underway

(3/5/2019) Perth Basin Western Australia West Erregulla G&G work completed

(3/5/2019) ONGC makes 2 new gas discoveries offshore India

(3/4/2019) Aker's Pecan South-1A well off Ghana taps into oil pay

(3/4/2019) Jersey Oil & Gas drilling Verbier appraisal well off Scotland

(3/4/2019) Essar cleared for West Bengal shale gas exploration in Raniganj Block

(3/4/2019) Equinor's Telesto a North Sea discovery from Visund A platform

(3/3/2019) Exploratory drilling set for Afghan-Tajik oil zone

(2/28/2019) ExxonMobil makes Eastern Mediterranean gas discovery off Cyprus

(2/26/2019) Europa adds new prospects off Ireland in Atlantic's Slyne Basin

(2/25/2019) Corallian finds 15 million bbl oil in English Channel Colter Prospect

(2/25/2019) Lundin plugging & abandoning Barents Sea Pointer & Setter well

(2/22/2019) Total quits Nasua-1 wildcat offshore French Guiana

(2/22/2019) Jamaica's Colibri Prospect upgraded to 229 million bbl recoverable

(2/20/2019) Valeura drilling Devepinar-1 in Turkey's Thrace Basin

(2/19/2019) Great Australian Bight Stromlo-1 exploration well enviro plan released

(2/18/2019) Repsol gas discovery in Sumatra confirmed at 1.5 Tcf

(2/15/2019) Equinor wildcat a small Norwegian North Sea oil discovery

(2/15/2019) 88 Energy spuds Winx-1 exploration well on Alaska North Slope

(2/15/2019) Wellesley plugging & abandoning dry hole wildcat off Norway

(2/14/2019) BHP to fund additional appraisal well at Mexico's Trion Field

(2/13/2019) Equinor's Norwegian Barents Sea wildcat found to be dry hole

(2/8/2019) Brulpadda discovery off South Africa prompts upgrade of Algoa-Gamtoos

(2/7/2019) Total achieves major gas condensate discovery off South Africa

(2/6/2019) Guyana adds 2 more discoveries Tilapia-1 & Haimara-1 with 156 meters oil

(2/5/2019) Drilling for oil at Kolmani River-II Well to take 60 days

(2/4/2019) Aker BP scores oil & gas discovery off Norway in Froskelar Main Prospect

(2/4/2019) ONGC Videsh drilling Calao-1X in Colombia's Llanos Block CPO-5

(2/4/2019) Corallian set to dril Colter appraisal near Wytch Farm, England

(2/2/2019) ERC Equipoise submits CPR for North Sea Crown discovery & Waddock Cross

(1/30/2019) AAOG finds hydrocarbons in Congo's Tilapia Block Djeno horizon

(1/30/2019) Comet Ridge lines up rig to drill 2 wells in Queensland, Australia field

(1/30/2019) Santos set to drill Roc-South-1 off Western Australia after Dorado-2

(1/29/2019) CNOOC makes new discovery in UK North Sea in Glengorm Prospect

(1/25/2019) Valeura at TD & testing Inanli-1 well in Turkey's Thrace Basin

(1/25/2019) Talos wraps up 1st appraisal of Zama discovery offshore Mexico

(1/24/2019) Total makes small gas discovery in southern Norwegian Sea

(1/23/2019) NIOC makes light, sweet oil discovery in Iran's Abadan area

(1/23/2019) Cairn to drill 3 operated exploration wells off UK & Norway this year

(1/22/2019) Calima's Tommy a-54 well in British Columbia a winner

(1/18/2019) Touchstone receives encouraging onshore Trinidad prospect evaluation

(1/18/2019) Corallian to drill Colter Prospect in the UK sector of the English Channel

(1/16/2019) Ragnfrid North a Norwegian Sea gas and condensate discovery

(1/16/2019) Equinor prepping to drill Verbier appraisal in UK North Sea

(1/16/2019) Corallian Energy's UK North Sea Wick well found all wet

(1/14/2019) LLOG scores deepwater US Gulf discovery in Mississippi Canyon

(1/13/2019) Royale & CRPC strike gas in Rio Vista Field

(1/13/2019) Iraq & Iran rev up joint E&P at 2 oilfields on shared boundary

(1/13/2019) Lukoil wraps up testing of 4th appraisal well in Iraq's Eridu Field

(1/13/2019) Parex's Capachos well onshore Colombia's Llanos Basin tests 3,800 b/d

(1/11/2019) Aker set to complete successful Pecan Field appraisal well off Ghana

(1/10/2019) Total drilling Nasua-1 wildcat offshore French Guiana

(1/9/2019) Wellesley given go-ahead to drill Balcom exploration well off Norway

(1/9/2019) Lundin completes North Sea Oppdal and Driva exploration well

(1/7/2019) New oil & gas discovery in Bolivia's Gran Chaco Province

(1/7/2019) Calima drilling 1st of 3 BC, Canada Montney exploration wells

(1/7/2019) Egdon drilling Biscathorpe-2 onshore Lincolnshire, England

(1/7/2019) ExxonMobil drilling Haimara-1 exploration well offshore Guyana

(1/6/2019) ONGC makes major oil discovery onshore Colombia

(1/6/2019) Eni drilling Rowallan exploration well in UK Central North Sea

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