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Drilling & Completion

(1/31/2014) US working rotary rig fleet rises by 8 rigs this week

(1/30/2014) Helmerich & Payne contracted for 9 more FlexRigs

(1/29/2014) Wintershall exercises 1st of 2 options on Energy Endeavour jackup

(1/29/2014) Occidental extends contract for Al Wajba jackup rig

(1/29/2014) Azabache fracs Argentina Neuquen Vaca Muerta well

(1/26/2014) Yangzijiang Yard to build 2 semisubmersibles for Primepoint

(1/24/2014) No change in US working rotary rig count this week

(1/24/2014) Bentec wins major drilling rig contract in Algeria

(1/23/2014) San Leon fracs & flowtests Lewino-1G2 gaswell onshore Poland

(1/22/2014) Hurricane lines up Sedco 712 semi for UK North Sea well

(1/22/2014) GDI takes delivery of 8th jackup, set to drill off Qatar

(1/20/2014) Oilex contracts Essar LR-4 rig for Cambay, India drilling

(1/17/2014) US working rotary rig fleet adds 23 rigs this week

(1/17/2014) Tuscany sells 2 landrigs to Maurel et Prom

(1/17/2014) Beacon pegs Yantai CIM Raffles to build GM4-D semisubmersible

(1/15/2014) Savanna adds to North America & Australia land fleet

(1/15/2014) CAMAC lines up drillship Energy Searcher for off-Nigeria drilling

(1/13/2014) Drydocks World building "green" mega jackup drilling rig

(1/12/2014) Dolphin wins 572-day minimum charter for semi Blackford Dolphin

(1/12/2014) Noreco gets okay to drill Norwegian Sea well with Bredford Dolphin

(1/10/2014) CSM orders 2 jackup rigs from Yantai CIMC Raffles

(1/10/2014) US working rotary rig fleet adds 3 rigs this week

(1/10/2014) Strata-X coring Cinco Saus Creek well in Texas Maverick Project

(1/10/2014) Mermaid buying newbuild tender rigs from China Merchants

(1/10/2014) HSOG wins Rowan rig refurbishment & upgrade project

(1/10/2014) US onshore well count down in 2013 4th quarter

(1/9/2014) Atlantica's Gamma tender assist rig wins Cote d'Ivoire 5-well gig

(1/9/2014) Azabache fraccing Vaca Muerta shale well in Neuquen, Argentina

(1/9/2014) All 8 Pioneer rig contracts with Ecopetrol in Colombia renewed

(1/8/2014) International rig count up 24 from November, 82 from 2012

(1/6/2014) Keppel delivers Arabadrill 60 jackup to Arabian Drilling

(1/6/2014) Sembcorp building Pacific Class 400 jackup for Perisai

(1/6/2014) Statoil gets go-ahead to drill Barents Sea probe with West Hercules

(1/6/2014) Kosmos contracts Maersk Discoverer for Morocco exploration well

(1/6/2014) US working rotary rig fleet down 6 this week

(12/15/2013) Hercules Offshore takes delivery of 2nd harsh environment jackup

(12/15/2013) JX Nippon lines up GDI jackup Al Khor to drill off Qatar

(12/13/2013) Stuck drillstring forces SPC & Cue to sidetrack Indonesia well

(12/13/2013) US working rotary rig fleet adds 7 rigs this week

(12/12/2013) UMW extends contract with Petrovietnam for Naga 2 jackup

(12/12/2013) Keppel FELS constructing new design Can Do drillship

(12/11/2013) BlueFire 3D drillbit printing project progressing

(12/10/2013) BNK wins permits for Gapowo horizontal drilling in Poland

(12/10/2013) Serinus gives up on Brunei well with bottomhole assembly stuck

(12/9/2013) Lundin to drill wildcat in Sverdrup area with Bredford Dolphin

(12/9/2013) Bapex adding 6th new drilling rig from Honghua

(12/9/2013) CAMAC signs letter of intent with Northern Offshore for drillship

(12/8/2013) CanElson buys Highkelly Drilling, adds new triple rigs

(12/8/2013) Lundin to drill Kopervik wildcat in Norwegian North Sea

(12/6/2013) International rig count down from October, up from last year

(12/5/2013) AGR to drill RWE Dea Norge Titan wells offshore Norway

(12/3/2013) Det Norske gets go-ahead for Barents Sea drilling

(12/3/2013) Zagreb-1 semi in tow to Libyan Mediterranean for 2-well project

(12/2/2013) Essar rig lined up for 2nd Cambay horizontal multi-frac well

(12/1/2013) Unithai Shipyard completes Transocean jackup upgrade & repair

(12/1/2013) Keppel FELS delivers 2nd jackup rig for Mexican operations

(11/27/2013) US working rotary rig fleet up 2 rigs this week

(11/27/2013) Statoil gets okay to drill exploration well with Ocean Vanguard

(11/27/2013) Latest state-of-the-art jackup rig arrives in Cromarty Firth

(11/26/2013) Delphi completes & tests 4th Bigstone horizontal Montney well

(11/26/2013) Fincantieri & Russia's Krylov to develop innovative drillship

(11/25/2013) Two semis destined for Brazil named today at CIMC Raffles

(11/24/2013) Question of perforation accuracy suspends Tunisia well

(11/22/2013) PSA gives go-ahead for drilling with Borgland Dolphin & Songa Delta

(11/22/2013) US working rotary rig fleet down 1 rig this week

(11/22/2013) Saudi Aramco & Petronas contract Rowan jackup rigs

(11/21/2013) ConocoPhillips bringing in another rig at Alaska's Kuparuk River Field

(11/20/2013) Ensco orders another harsh environment jackup rig

(11/20/2013) BP adds newbuild drillship to US Gulf Thunder Horse development

(11/19/2013) Transocean receives 9-month extension for Discoverer Enterprise

(11/18/2013) Jackup KS Java Star wins year's contract extension

(11/18/2013) PetroTech & Rolling Hills providing rigs for Bakken Shale drilling

(11/18/2013) Rowan Gorilla VI found with serious regulation violations

(11/17/2013) California passes strong fraccing regulations starting in 2014

(11/17/2013) Shell not expected to take up deepwater rig contract extension

(11/15/2013) US working rotary rig fleet adds 8 rigs this week

(11/15/2013) Seadrill acquiring high-spec jackup Prospector 3

(11/14/2013) Maurel et Prom buys Tuscany's Caroil Africa & 2 Colombia rigs

(11/12/2013) Frontier lines up Lewek Explorer 600 for Philippine drilling

(11/12/2013) Far East fraccing & producing Shanxi, China CBM wells

(11/11/2013) Repsol Sinopec granted Campos Basin drilling permit

(11/11/2013) Ulterra PDC bits incorporating FastBack technology now available

(11/10/2013) Germany nixes end to fraccing moratorium

(11/8/2013) US working rotary rig fleet adds 12 rigs this week

(11/7/2013) Daewoo building 2 ultra-deepwater drillships for Sonangol

(11/7/2013) Hercules Offshore to manage newbuild Persai Drilling jackups

(11/7/2013) Transocean orders 5 additional jackups from Keppel

(11/7/2013) International rig count up 31 in October, 56 rigs more than year ago

(11/7/2013) Oxy Qatar lines up 3rd jackup rig for Qatari development drilling

(11/6/2013) Lamprell completes construction of Jindal jackup rig

(11/5/2013) Vietsovpetro contracts jackup rig Tam Dao 05 construction

(11/4/2013) Viking takes stake in SEI to build jackup drilling rig

(11/1/2013) Four rigs joined US working rotary rig fleet this week

(11/1/2013) COSL signs up for construction of 3 more offshore rigs

(10/31/2013) Statoil awarded permit to drill Tastaveden wildcat in North Sea

(10/30/2013) Maersk contracts Fayard for upgrade of jackup Maersk Gallant

(10/30/2013) Multipole sonic-while-drilling for large boreholes introduced

(10/30/2013) FX prepping to frac central Poland Gorka Duchowna-1 well

(10/29/2013) Treaty Energy set to drill 500 shallow wells in Louisiana

(10/28/2013) Triyards wins construction contract for its 10th self-elevating unit

(10/27/2013) Hercules Rig 265 removed from service indefinitely

(10/25/2013) One fewer rig this week in US working rotary rig fleet

(10/24/2013) Diamond Offshore jackup & semi score new contracts

(10/23/2013) Rencon wraps up Zhongyuan Field frac project for Sinopec

(10/23/2013) Lundin gets go-ahead for Bredford Dolphin to drill Luno-2

(10/23/2013) Sevan takes delivery of Sevan Louisiana from Cosco yard

(10/21/2013) JKX finishing flowback of Ukraine's Rudenkovskoye Field producer

(10/21/2013) Awilco's WilPhoenix semisub wins Premier Oil UK extension

(10/20/2013) Byron lines up rig for US Gulf South Marsh Island test well

(10/20/2013) Halliburton contracted to stimulate Strata-X's Vail Oil Burkett well

(10/18/2013) Four rigs exit US working rotary rig fleet this week

(10/18/2013) COSCO receives termination of near-complete drillship order

(10/16/2013) Centrica set to drill wildcat in southern Norwegian North Sea

(10/16/2013) Max fails to find hydrocarbons in 2 Kazakhstan appraisal wells

(10/15/2013) Daewoo wins contracts to build 3 new drillships

(10/14/2013) Jackup chartered to drill 3 exploration wells offshore Indonesia

(10/13/2013) Schuepbach challenge of French anti-fraccing rejected

(10/13/2013) Buccaneer moves Endeavour jackup for winterization

(10/13/2013) Parenco lines up Noble jackup rig for 2014

(10/11/2013) US working rotary rig fleet loses 13 rigs this week

(10/11/2013) Baker Hughes' 2013 Third Quarter Well Count up 164 wells

(10/10/2013) First Maersk ultra deepwater drillship named at Samsung yard

(10/10/2013) Keppel AmFELS to build another jackup for Perforadora Central sub

(10/9/2013) VNG Norge to drill Pil & Bue exploration wells in Norwegian Sea

(10/8/2013) TAG to fracture stimulate Cardiff-3 in New Zealand's Taranaki Basin

(10/8/2013) Atwood sells Vicksburg jackup to Gulf Drilling International

(10/7/2013) International rig count up 17 in September, up 30 from year ago

(10/6/2013) Maersk lines up GDI jackup & floatel for Qatar's Al Shaheen Field

(10/6/2013) KS Energy & Empresas ICA forming $500 million JV for drilling services

(10/4/2013) US working rotary rig fleet grew by 12 rigs this week

(10/4/2013) GDF Suez drilling Gjoa P8 exploration well off Norway

(10/4/2013) Northern Offshore orders 2 jackups for 2016 delivery

(10/3/2013) Houston American takes minor interest in Texas & Louisiana wells

(10/3/2013) Dragon lines up Neptune & Mercury jackups for Turkmen drilling

(10/2/2013) Clearwater contracts 2 KFELS B Class jackup rigs

(10/1/2013) Fincantieri seeking first customer for new generation drillship

(10/1/2013) TransAtlantic's multiple well drilling program in Turkey continuing

(9/30/2013) LWD with high-definition imaging while drilling

(9/29/2013) COSLProspector upper & lower hulls completed

(9/27/2013) Prospector 1 jackup delivered today at Dalian Shipbuilding

(9/27/2013) US working rotary rig fleet loses 17 rigs this week

(9/27/2013) Rowan Gorilla III bound for Trinidad to start 1 year rig share

(9/25/2013) Maersk Drilling orders new ultra-harsh environment jackup

(9/24/2013) Statoil selects Inocean for concept & FEED option for CAT I drillship

(9/24/2013) Buccaneer forced to move rig due to currents & scouring

(9/23/2013) YHM charters semisubmersible for 3-years' drilling in Andaman Sea

(9/23/2013) Vantage's Sapphire Driller wins 18 months in West Africa

(9/23/2013) Ophir secures drillship for West Africa 2014 multi-well campaign

(9/22/2013) SSP Offshore introduces new offshore drilling platform concept

(9/21/2013) Pemex charters Diamond semisubmersible for 730 days

(9/21/2013) Norwest's Western Australia Arrowsmith-2 flowback at high gas rate

(9/20/2013) Seven rigs exit US working rotary rig fleet this week

(9/20/2013) Northern wins Wintershall contract for jackup Energy Endeavour

(9/19/2013) Petrobras contract for Sedco 710 terminated

(9/19/2013) BlueFire demonstrates its bit at 200 ft/hr drilling rate

(9/18/2013) Crosco wins 3 INAgip contracts for Northern Adriatic well services

(9/18/2013) PRD meeting directional drilling problems in German well

(9/18/2013) UMW's Naga 3 jackup contracted for work offshore Vietnam

(9/17/2013) Seadrill to manage 4 Sevan Drilling rigs

(9/13/2013) US working rotary rig fleet up 1 rig this week

(9/12/2013) Lundin gets Norway PSA okay to use Bredford Dolphin on test well

(9/11/2013) Lamprell wins jackup construction project for its Hamriyah facility

(9/10/2013) Noble newbuild jackup wins Total Argentina contract

(9/9/2013) International rig count down from July, up from last year

(9/9/2013) Kawasaki wins contract to construct drillship hull parts

(9/6/2013) GDF Suez to drill Kon Tiki wildcat with Transocean Barents

(9/6/2013) US working rotary rig fleet had 9 fewer rigs this week

(9/6/2013) Norway's PSA okays 3 rigs for Statoil, Lundin & Total

(9/5/2013) Statoil gets go-ahead for Scarabeo 5 drilling on Kristin Field

(9/4/2013) Ensco takes delivery of new ultra-deepwater drillship DS-7

(9/4/2013) Sedneth 701 arrives off Nigeria to drill Oyo Field producer

(9/3/2013) Pacific Drilling takes delivery of latest drillship Pacific Khamsin

(9/3/2013) Cairn India contracts Hercules Triumph for Indian Ocean drilling

(9/3/2013) Trinidad & Halliburton in JV for international rig provision & operations

(9/3/2013) Ensco takes delivery of 1st of 3 newbuild harsh environment jackups

(8/30/2013) No change in US working rotary rig fleet this week

(8/30/2013) Lamprell gets order for another LeTurneau Super 116E jackup

(8/29/2013) Ezion wins 4-year contract for provision of service rig

(8/29/2013) Coastal extends contract for Atwood Manta jackup

(8/29/2013) Wintershall gets go-ahead for 2 exploration wells

(8/28/2013) Sevan Louisiana set to sail for US Gulf in October

(8/28/2013) CIMC Raffles cuts steel for ultra-deepwater FrigstadDeepwater semi

(8/28/2013) Scarabeo 8 exiting Eni's Barents Sea Goliat Field for new BOP

(8/28/2013) JKX completes 10-stage Rudenkovskoye well frac in Ukraine

(8/27/2013) Island Innovator in final tests before Sverdrup Field drilling for Lundin

(8/27/2013) KS Energy orders jackup from ZPMC Shanghai yard

(8/27/2013) Weatherford wins license for sand-prone well completion tech

(8/26/2013) Deepsea Bergen set to undergo Statoil-required modifications

(8/25/2013) Ocean Princess checks in at Able Yard for maintenance

(8/23/2013) US working rotary rig fleet adds 13 rigs this week

(8/23/2013) Semisubmersible Blackford Dolphin set for upgrade, repair & renewal

(8/23/2013) Wintershall-led JV gets go-ahead to drill Skarfjell wildcat

(8/22/2013) COSL orders 2 more rigs, a jackup & a semisubmersible

(8/22/2013) Cooper cuts stuck coiled tubing to try again to test Tunisia well

(8/21/2013) San Leon tests finds Polish gaswell fracable

(8/21/2013) Transocean logs $2.5 billion in new drilling contracts

(8/20/2013) Blake platform rig set for Constitution Spar in US Gulf

(8/20/2013) Lime contracts Aban VII jackup for Oman offshore drilling

(8/19/2013) COSL acquires 2 jackups currently under construction

(8/16/2013) US working rotary rig fleet adds 13 rigs this week

(8/16/2013) Noble takes delivery of newbuilt jackup Mick O'Brien

(8/15/2013) Seadrill's NADL unit partners for Russian Arctic offshore drilling

(8/13/2013) Awilco wins $424 million contract for WilPhoenix semisubmersible

(8/13/2013) Kan Tan IV arrives in New Zealand for Makatu-1 drilling

(8/13/2013) Statoil to plugback & drill Troll Field wells with Polar Pioneer

(8/12/2013) COSL buys aftermarket semisubmersible for fleet

(8/12/2013) Maersk Giant to drill wildcat for Det Norske

(8/12/2013) Statoil gets go-ahead for wildcats in North & Norwegian Seas

(8/9/2013) US working rotary rig fleet down four this week

(8/9/2013) Samson drillpipe stuck in North Dakota North Stockyard well

(8/9/2013) Statoil extends Odfjell contract for Deepsea Atlantic

(8/8/2013) Ocean Rig wins contract for newbuild drillship Ocean Rig Apollo

(8/8/2013) Transocean picks up near $2 billion in Chevron charters

(8/7/2013) July international rig count down from June, up from 2012

(8/6/2013) Cobalt contracts new Rowan ultra-deepwater drillship

(8/5/2013) AGR contracted for Svenska drilling off Guinea Bissau

(8/5/2013) UOS fraccing Poland Braniewo S well for San Leon

(8/4/2013) Oyo development well delayed by late rig arrival

(8/2/2013) US working rotary rig fleet up six again this week

(8/2/2013) Kan Tan IV set to drill off New Zealand for OMV

(8/2/2013) Parden orders jackup construction at Keppel FELS

(8/2/2013) Statoil retaining COSLPioneer another 2 years

(8/2/2013) CP Latina takes delivery of 1st of 2 KFELS B Class jackups

(7/31/2013) Seadrill contracts 2 more high spec jackups from Dalian

(7/31/2013) Akita building new ultra-deep capacity pad rig

(7/30/2013) Trinidad building large high tech landrig for Laird Basin drilling

(7/30/2013) PRD gearing up to drill producer on Germany's Boerger license

(7/29/2013) Atwood Hunter staying in Equatorial Guinea on new contract

(7/29/2013) Field Point & Cimarex fraccing 3rd New Mexico Bone Spring well

(7/26/2013) US working rotary rig fleet up six this week

(7/26/2013) AGR to manage Hunt well offshore Western Australia

(7/24/2013) Queiroz Galvao drilling onshore Brazil for Shell

(7/23/2013) Nabors scores 11 major rig projects in US & Argentina

(7/23/2013) Ocean Rig newbuild drillship wins $1.3 billion charter

(7/22/2013) CanElson buying Calmena landrigs for $15 million

(7/22/2013) Statoil gets PSA consent for Barents Sea drilling

(7/21/2013) Total lines up Prospector 5 jackup for UK North Sea

(7/19/2013) US working rotary rig fleet up 11 this week

(7/19/2013) Chevron China charters Seadrill ultra-deep drillship for Liberia

(7/18/2013) Baker Hughes launches quarterly well count index

(7/18/2013) Statoil gets go-ahead to drill exploration well with Ocean Vanguard

(7/18/2013) Asia Offshore Drilling takes delivery of 3rd newbuild jackup

(7/16/2013) Ensco lines up charters for semi & drillship

(7/16/2013) Grupo R orders another jackup from Keppel FELS

(7/14/2013) Seadrill orders 4 ultra-deepwater drillships from Daewoo & Samsung

(7/12/2013) US working rotary rig fleet up 2 this week

(7/12/2013) Noble scores Persian Gulf contracts for 2 jackups

(7/12/2013) Maersk Convincer wins year extension with Petronas Carigali

(7/12/2013) Blackford Dolphin lined up for 9-month UK North Sea stint into 2015

(7/11/2013) Blackford Dolphin chartered for Aragon well in early 2014

(7/11/2013) EP Energy sharing drilling, completion & fraccing data

(7/11/2013) Borgland Dolphin approved for Vega Sor plugging & sidetrack

(7/11/2013) PDC drillbit field test shows improved cutting performance

(7/10/2013) Wison to build modular drilling rig for Pemex platform

(7/9/2013) Oxy Qatar lines up Al Rayyan jackup for 2 more years

(7/9/2013) PGNiG strikes out with fracced Plawce well in Poland

(7/9/2013) International rig count higher in June at 1,333

(7/8/2013) Transocean drillship sets world deepwater record

(7/8/2013) China's CSIC wins FTS Derricks' duo of jackup projects

(7/8/2013) Det Norske gets go-ahead to drill Augunshaug wildcat

(7/7/2013) North Dragon semisubmersible underway at Yantai CIMC Raffles

(7/7/2013) OMV Norge Barents Sea wildcats win drilling permits

(7/7/2013) Eni Norge gets go-ahead for Barents Sea drilling with Scarabeo 8

(7/7/2013) Cuadrilla planning frac program in Lancashire UK

(7/4/2013) US working rotary rig fleet up 9 this week

(7/3/2013) PV Drilling orders jackup from Keppel FELS for $210 million

(7/2/2013) Cook Inlet set to sidetrack 2nd Alaska Redoubt Shoals well

(7/1/2013) Statoil gets go-ahead to drill wildcat near Sverdrup discovery

(7/1/2013) BG to use riserless mud recover on Norway's Knarr Field

(7/1/2013) Mexico's Oro Negro orders 2 jackups from Sembcorp's PPL Shipyard

(7/1/2013) Newbuild jackup West Linus in sale & leasback

(7/1/2013) Stena orders deepwater semi from Samsung

(6/30/2013) Stone contracts 2 land rigs from Kerui for Iraq drilling projects

(6/28/2013) US working rotary rig fleet loses 11 rigs this week

(6/28/2013) Bredford Dolphin option exercised by AGR group

(6/27/2013) Statoil to drill Norway's Skuld Field with Transocean Spitsbergen

(6/26/2013) Apache gives up on Taunton well off Western Australia

(6/25/2013) Vantage's Tungsten Explorer drillship off to Southeast Asia

(6/25/2013) Smith Bits releases ONYX 360 rolling PDC bit

(6/24/2013) Awilco scores 3-year North Sea stint with Apache & TAQA Bratani

(6/24/2013) Vaalco well on Gabon's offshore Ebouri Field finds water

(6/24/2013) Atwood orders a 4th ultra-deepwater drillship from Daewoo

(6/24/2013) Category B rig hire contract cancelled

(6/23/2013) Exploration well off Philippines postponed to find another rig

(6/23/2013) Statoil gets go-ahead to drill Norwegian Sea wildcat

(6/23/2013) CanElson JV drilling for Pemex onshore Tamaulipas

(6/21/2013) United Oilfield Services to frac Wisent wells in Poland

(6/21/2013) KCA Deutag adds contracts in Myanmar & Gabon

(6/21/2013) US working rotary rig fleet loses 12 rigs this week

(6/20/2013) Drillship Rowan Resolute wins 3-year contract with Anadarko

(6/20/2013) 3Legs' Baltic Basin shale project in Poland testing 2 wells

(6/20/2013) Moncla platform workover rig heading for Alaska Cook Inlet

(6/19/2013) Dolphin names its new state-of-the-art drillship

(6/17/2013) Two Gazprom rigs depart Sakhalin to drill Kirinsky wells

(6/17/2013) Ocean Rig drillship chartered for 5 wells offshore West Africa

(6/14/2013) Six rigs return to US working rotary rig fleet this week

(6/14/2013) Apache fishing for stuck liner in Taunton well off Western Australia

(6/13/2013) Vencedor set to start 5-well drilling program in Pennsylvania

(6/10/2013) Idemitsu lines up Songa Mercur for well off Vietnam

(6/10/2013) Ensco orders another Samsung DP3 ultra-deep drillship

(6/10/2013) Kosmos contracts new Atwood drillship for Morocco drilling

(6/9/2013) Det Norske adds 2 years to Maersk XL Enhanced 2 charter

(6/9/2013) Qatar Petroleum paying $467 million to extend 2 rig contracts

(6/9/2013) Keppel FELS delivers ArabDrill 50 to Arab Drilling

(6/7/2013) Savanna contracted for 5th hybrid rig in Queensland, Australia

(6/7/2013) Six rigs depart US working rotary rig fleet this week

(6/7/2013) Total extends contract for Prospector 1 jackup

(6/7/2013) Drillship Aban Ice in 3-year charter to ONGC

(6/7/2013) Noble Tommy Craighead jackup contracted for Benin drilling

(6/7/2013) May international rig count down from last month

(6/6/2013) Eni contracts jackup Atwood Beacon to work off Italy

(6/5/2013) Atwood Condor lined up by Shell Offshore for US Gulf drilling

(6/4/2013) Pacific Drilling ready for 1st installment on drillship Pacific Zonda

(6/4/2013) Socar orders new semisubmersible drilling rig for Caspian wells

(6/4/2013) Two Cat J jackups ordered for Oseberg & Gullfaks drilling

(6/2/2013) Discovery Triumph jackup delivered to Discovery Offshore

(5/31/2013) Nine rigs join US working rotary rig fleet this week

(5/31/2013) Xcite cancels Rowan rig option for UK Bentley Field

(5/30/2013) Drillship Jasper Explorer damaged & off site for repairs

(5/30/2013) Atwood wins 2-year contract off Australia for Atwood Eagle

(5/30/2013) Sembcorp Marine PPL Shipyard contracted for new jackup

(5/30/2013) Russia needs hundreds of new rigs at a cost of $8.8 billion

(5/30/2013) Sedneth 701 set to drill Oyo-7 offshore Nigeria

(5/29/2013) Diamond contracts new harsh environment semisubmersible

(5/28/2013) Essar buying 6 special landrigs for CBM drilling in India

(5/28/2013) Gazpromneft carries out 1st hydraulic fractures on Yamal Peninsula

(5/28/2013) Jurong to build $596 million Statoil Cat J jackup rig

(5/27/2013) KCA Deutag wins UK North Sea drilling contracts

(5/27/2013) Newbuild Hakuryu-11 jackup delivered to Japan Drilling

(5/26/2013) UMW acquiring Offshore Driller 4 from SD Standard Drilling

(5/26/2013) Gazprom calls for bids to drill 6 wells in Iraq field project

(5/26/2013) ONGC hires Alban Offshore's Alban Ice drillship

(5/24/2013) Seven rigs exit US working rotary rig fleet this week

(5/23/2013) Norway's PSA okays 3 rigs to operate in Norwegian waters

(5/22/2013) Xun gearing up for Pennsylvania first well

(5/22/2013) AGR contracted by Genel for NW Africa offshore drilling

(5/20/2013) 12 South Pars Phase 20 wells set to be drilled

(5/20/2013) Atwood Aurora wins another Cameroon drilling contract

(5/20/2013) Hercules selling 11 inland barge rigs for $45 million

(5/19/2013) Iran Khazar jackup to drill Turkmen Caspian 10 more years

(5/17/2013) Naga 2 to drill Te Giac Traang producer & test well off Vietnam

(5/17/2013) US working rotary rig fleet unchanged this week

(5/16/2013) Transocean's Deepwater Millennium drillship off to Australia

(5/16/2013) Keppel delivers 2nd new jackup to Mexico's Oro Negro

(5/15/2013) Denbury pumping up Wyoming EOR Grieve Field Project

(5/14/2013) Noble's Cat J jackup contracted for North Sea Mariner Project

(5/13/2013) BG Norge to drill Norway's Knarr Field next month

(5/13/2013) Total drilling Barents Sea well with Leiv Eiriksson semi

(5/12/2013) CSSC-HPS building 2 jackups for Alliance Offshore Drilling

(5/10/2013) US working rotary rig fleet goes up 5 rigs this week

(5/10/2013) Mubadala to drill up to 4 more Vietnam wells with Songa Venus

(5/10/2013) Vantage's newbuild drillship Tungsten Explorer wins 2nd contract

(5/9/2013) Norway's PSA passing out permissions to drill

(5/9/2013) Pemex set to take delivery of Mexico's 1st homebuilt jackup

(5/9/2013) Ophir & BG extend East Africa Deepsea Metro I rig share

(5/8/2013) Buccaneer's Endeavour jackup certified to drill in Alaska waters

(5/7/2013) Triyards touting its original design for HTHP jackup

(5/7/2013) Aban's Deep Driller 7 contracted by Pemex

(5/7/2013) Sound set to drill Nervesa well in Italy this month

(5/7/2013) April international rig count 123 higher than year ago

(5/6/2013) Eni lines up Ensco 107 to drill Cua Lo Prospect off Vietnam

(5/3/2013) Two jackups return to duty in Alaska's Cook Inlet

(5/3/2013) US working rotary rig fleet gains 10 rigs this week

(5/2/2013) Scarabeo 5 to drill for Statoil on Visund Sor

(5/2/2013) Varel adds new Katana series steel body PDC drillbits

(5/1/2013) Genel lines up Noble semisubmersible for Africa offshore program

(5/1/2013) Rialto cancels jackup contract for offshore Cote d'Ivoire

(4/30/2013) Samson wells progressing in North Dakota North Stockyard Field

(4/29/2013) Talisman gets permit for wildcat in southern North Sea

(4/28/2013) Half of US working rigs drilling in Texas

(4/26/2013) US working rotary rig fleet drops 4 rigs this week

(4/25/2013) Synergy contracts Ensign for 4 horizontal wells in Wattenberg Field

(4/25/2013) Hurricane picks up GSF Arctic III for single North Sea well

(4/23/2013) Halliburton develops multi-zone completion technology

(4/22/2013) Ulterra's latest PDC bit lowers torque & vibration

(4/22/2013) Statoil gets go-ahead for wildcat drilling with Songa Trym

(4/21/2013) Sevan Drilling foregoing options for rigs 5 & 6

(4/19/2013) US working rotary rig fleet loses 13 rigs this week

(4/19/2013) San Leon set to stim & test Poland's Czaslaw-1 well

(4/18/2013) Vaalco taps down Avouma Field producer off Gabon

(4/18/2013) Keppel delivers jackup AOD II to Asia Offshore Drilling

(4/18/2013) PXP orders 2 Noble ultra-deepwater drillships

(4/17/2013) US working rotary rig count jumps 33 rigs last week

(4/17/2013) LLOG Bluewater charters new Seadrill drillship West Neptune

(4/17/2013) Statoil granted permit to drill Barents Sea well

(4/11/2013) Gulf Drilling takes delivery of Al Jassra jackup

(4/11/2013) Petronas contracts UMW jackup Naga 4 to drill off Malaysia

(4/11/2013) Leni adds another workover rig on Trinidad's Goudron Field

(4/10/2013) Ensco orders another premium jackup rig from Keppel FELS

(4/10/2013) Statoil selects Odfjell Drilling for Mariner platform drilling services

(4/10/2013) Drillship Pacific Scirocco staying with Total to 2015

(4/8/2013) Accra JV off Ghana charters drillship to drill Starfish-1

(4/8/2013) Stone lines up rig for US Gulf Mississippi Canyon drilling

(4/8/2013) ADTI contracted for UK Greater Stella Area turnkey drilling

(4/7/2013) COSL Promoter goes to work off Norway for Statoil

(4/7/2013) Songa Venus being modified for Mubadala drilling off Vietnam

(4/7/2013) 1st landrig powered only by natural gas

(4/5/2013) US working rotary rig count down 10 this week

(4/5/2013) Archer contracts new Streicher platform rig

(4/5/2013) March international rig count 76 higher than year ago

(4/4/2013) Wintershall Norge gets go-ahead for Transocean Arctic drilling

(4/4/2013) BOP malfunction halts Zarubezhneft Cuba deepwater drilling

(4/3/2013) Fred.Olsen wins extension for Borgland Dolphin

(4/2/2013) Eurasia scores 3-year Lukoil onshore drilling contract

(4/2/2013) LLOG Bluewater charters Sevan Louisiana newbuild

(4/2/2013) Maersk exercises option on jackup Energy Enhancer

(4/1/2013) Noble Homer Ferrington exits Israeli drilling for maintenance

(4/1/2013) MAC Offshore launches compact semisubmersible in China

(3/31/2013) Cobalt receives delivery of SSV Catarina for Angola wildcat

(3/31/2013) Norway's PSA finds nonconformities on Island Innovator

(3/29/2013) US working rotary rig count up 2 this week

(3/28/2013) Keppel FELS building 4 new jackups for Mexico's Grupo R

(3/26/2013) Schramm tailors new land rig to Marcellus & Utica Shale

(3/26/2013) Wintershall gets go-ahead to drill Haltenbank wildcat

(3/26/2013) Jasper Explorer sailing to Congo for CNOOC assignment

(3/25/2013) ADMA-OPCO contracts GMS jackup barge Keloa

(3/25/2013) BassDrill contracted by Total Congo for new semi tender assist unit

(3/25/2013) Rongsheng building 2 CJ46-X100-D jackups

(3/25/2013) Statoil gets go-ahead to drill from Grane platform

(3/24/2013) Drillmec JV going international with drilling rigs

(3/22/2013) Hilcorp adding 2 large land rigs to Alaska Cook Inlet fleet

(3/22/2013) US working rotary rig count falls 30 this week

(3/21/2013) Patterson & Halliburton lined up for Dejour's Colorado Kokopelli Project

(3/21/2013) Deepsea Atlantic returning to drill Gullfaks satellites again

(3/20/2013) Ezion liftboat bound for Persian Gulf 3-year charter

(3/15/2013) US working rotary rig count jumps 25 this week

(3/15/2013) Nanhai VII on its way to drill for CNOOC in South China Sea

(3/15/2013) Statoil charters 2 drillships for East & West Africa drilling

(3/14/2013) Petromanas drilling sidetrack in onshore Albania Shpirag-2 well

(3/14/2013) Saudi Aramco charters 2 newbuild jackups from Asia Offshore Drilling

(3/12/2013) Keppel FELS terminates semisubmersibles construction for Naftogaz

(3/12/2013) GSP Jupiter to drill Pechora Sea Dolginskoye wells for Gazprom Neft

(3/10/2013) Magnolia to frac stim Mississippi Lime well in Oklahoma

(3/8/2013) Five fewer rotary rigs at work in US last week

(3/8/2013) Rocksource gets go-ahead for Norwegian North Sea wildcat

(3/8/2013) CNOOC's Hai Yang Shi You 981 back on the job

(3/7/2013) NPD gives Statoil permit to drill east of Sverdrup discovery

(3/7/2013) International rig count up 71 from February 2012

(3/6/2013) Transocean's Sedco 712 redevelopment drilling UK Montrose Field

(3/5/2013) Seadrill orders optional jackup rigs from Dalian Shipbuilding

(3/5/2013) Pemex takes delivery of latest semisubmersible La Muralla IV

(3/4/2013) High build rate rotary steerable slimhole drilling system released

(3/3/2013) Parker puts 2nd Arctic Alaska rig to work on North Slope

(3/3/2013) Four fewer rotary rigs at work in US last week

(3/3/2013) Tundra testing earthquake-resistant rigs in China

(2/28/2013) Statoil gets go-ahead to drill Lupin Prospect with Songa Trym

(2/28/2013) KrisEnergy charters Randolph Yost jackup for Java Sea work

(2/28/2013) Another Pacific Class 400 jackup ordered by Perisai Petroleum

(2/27/2013) Hercules acquiring Titan 2 liftboat from KS Energy

(2/27/2013) Senex fraccing Kingston Rule-1 in South Australia

(2/27/2013) Sound Oil sets revised drilling program at Italian assets

(2/24/2013) ONGC accepts Aban offer - the last remaining bid for a drillship charter

(2/22/2013) One less rotary rig at work in US this week

(2/22/2013) Lundin gets PSA consent for Maersk Guardian to drill Carlsberg well

(2/21/2013) Hercules buys KCA Deutag's Ben Avon jackup

(2/21/2013) COSCO constructing EDrill-3 semisubmersible for Energy Drilling

(2/21/2013) Rowan picks up 3 new contracts for jackups

(2/21/2013) Williams running 4 rigs in Texas' Wolfbone, Wolfberry & Eagle Ford

(2/21/2013) Statoil gets go-ahead to drill Johan Sverdrup appraisal

(2/20/2013) Energy Endeavour set to drill a UK North Sea well for ADTI

(2/19/2013) Norwest flows shale gas well in Western Australia

(2/18/2013) Inocean develops specialized Arctic drillship In-Ice

(2/18/2013) ONGC claims world record for drilling greatest water depth well

(2/18/2013) Maintenance & testing of Songa Trym semisubmersible concluded

(2/17/2013) Keppel FELS delivers UMW Naga 4 jackup

(2/17/2013) Americas Petrogas completes frac of Los Toldos I well in Argentina

(2/14/2013) US rotary rig fleet up 3 rigs this week

(2/14/2013) Blake rig bound for US Gulf Vermilion platform drilling

(2/14/2013) Sound signs LP hydraulic Driling rig for Nervesa appraisal in Italy

(2/13/2013) Energi Tata Persada rig to drill AED's Brunei Block L wells

(2/12/2013) Shell sending Kulluk & Noble Discoverer for repairs & upgrades

(2/11/2013) Agility to design a 2nd semisubmersible for COSL

(2/10/2013) GMX completes frac stim of North Dakota Middle Bakken well

(2/8/2013) New Standard terminates Century Energy drilling services agreement

(2/8/2013) US rotary rig fleet down 5 rigs this week

(2/8/2013) Newbuild Noble jackups contracted by ConocoPhillips & Maersk

(2/7/2013) GSP Jupiter jackup on the way from Black Sea to Tunisia

(2/7/2013) YGE starts 3-well treatment in Russia's Koshekhablskoye Field

(2/7/2013) Eni extends charters for Saipem 10000 & Scarabeo 4

(2/7/2013) January international rig count up 26 from last year

(2/6/2013) Senex launching major frac stim program in South Australia

(2/6/2013) Lamprell to build jackup for Jindal Group

(2/5/2013) Hess contracts WilHunter for abandonment work

(2/5/2013) BP links with Maersk to design advance tech offshore rigs

(2/5/2013) Ocean Rig's Eirik Raude bound for year in West Africa

(2/4/2013) Newbuild Nezalezhnist jackup starts Black Sea drilling

(2/3/2013) Keppel FELS turns out 3 jackups this weekend

(2/3/2013) Global Petro Tech Kish wins Iranian contract for 4 new rigs

(2/1/2013) US rotary rig fleet grows by 11 rigs this week

(2/1/2013) OMV New Zealand confirms Ensco 107 to drill at Maari

(2/1/2013) Seadrill to build 2 high-spec jackup rigs at Dalian Shipyard

(1/31/2013) H&P orders 3 more FlexRigs

(1/31/2013) Terra Nova signs with Hunt to drill South Australia wells

(1/31/2013) Saudi Aramco's custom jackup set to start drilling

(1/31/2013) McMoRan gearing up to frac US Gulf Davy Jones-1

(1/31/2013) Ocean General semi to drill 2 wells offshore Vietnam

(1/30/2013) Pemex building 12 jackups & 9 modular rigs

(1/29/2013) Boart Longyear launches multipurpose drilling rig

(1/29/2013) AWE to drill 2 new wells in New Zealand in 2013

(1/28/2013) Saipem issued order following Scarabeo 8 ballast incident

(1/27/2013) Transocean John Shaw arrives to drill UK Timon Prospect

(1/27/2013) ONGC contracts newbuild jackup Dynamic Vision

(1/25/2013) US rotary rig fleet grows by 4 rigs this week

(1/25/2013) Gas2Grid workover of Philippines Malolos-1 underway

(1/24/2013) Marathon gets go-ahead to drill Vilje Sor producer

(1/23/2013) CNOOC charters Jasper Explorer drillship for Congo wells

(1/23/2013) TAG sets 13-well program for New Zealand Taranaki Basin

(1/22/2013) Saudi Aramco set to deploy 170 rigs in 2013

(1/22/2013) Atwood newbuild jackup awarded drilling services contract

(1/22/2013) Pacific Drilling to build an 8th ultra-deepwater drillship

(1/22/2013) Vantage wins 2-year charter for newbuild drillship

(1/21/2013) BG contracts Prosafe's Safe Bristolia for Everest project

(1/20/2013) Greatship receives newbuild jackup Greatdrill Chaaya

(1/18/2013) Sedco 714 semi set for another 18 months in UK North Sea

(1/18/2013) US rotary rig fleet down 12 rigs this week

(1/18/2013) Tullow extends contract for West Leo semisubmersible

(1/16/2013) CP Latina buys Standard newbuild on option exercise

(1/16/2013) Lundin & Repsol granted Norwegian drilling permits

(1/15/2013) Mexico JV Diavaz CanElson adds 2 telescoping drilling rigs

(1/15/2013) HRT takes delivery of Transocean Marianas for Namibia drilling

(1/15/2013) Jurong rights tilted jackup at Singapore shipyard

(1/15/2013) Newbuild Ezion liftboat wins 4-year charter

(1/14/2013) Gas2Grid to resume Malolos-1 workover this week

(1/14/2013) WesternZagros lines up 2 rigs for Kurd Iraq drilling

(1/14/2013) Eirik Raude heading for offshore Ireland gig

(1/13/2013) KCA Deutag to drill PTTEP's Zawtika Project off Myanmar

(1/11/2013) Another week with 1 less rotary rig in US working fleet

(1/11/2013) Frigstad orders 2 new semis from CIMC Raffles

(1/10/2013) Norway's PSA approves rigs for Statoil & ConocoPhillips projects

(1/8/2013) Sedneth 701 chartered to drill Nigeria's Oyo Field

(1/8/2013) December international rig count up 73 from last year

(1/8/2013) Grounded Kulluk refloated & now in safe harbor (update)

(1/2/2013) One rig fewer in US working rotary rig fleet

(1/2/2013) Shell-operated Kulluk rig runs aground offshore Alaska

(12/14/2012) One rig fewer in US working rotary rig fleet

(12/13/2012) Shell to drill Draugen Field with drillship West Navigator

(12/12/2012) 3Legs Resources concludes Lebien & Strzeszewo tests in Poland

(12/12/2012) Abu Dhabi's National Drilling takes delivery of Muhaiyimat jackup

(12/12/2012) IDE contracted for 4 new modular offshore platform rigs

(12/11/2012) Statoil to drill west of Stavanger with Ocean Vanguard

(12/11/2012) Maersk get go-ahead to drill wildcat with Transocean Barents

(12/11/2012) OMV New Zealand secures Kan Tan IV to drill Matuku

(12/10/2012) Golden Gate taps down Texas Permian Basin horizontal

(12/10/2012) Noble sells jackup rigs to Goimar & Axxis

(12/9/2012) Dalian halts rig jacking systems construction at F&G request

(12/9/2012) Drillship Titanium Explorer goes to work in US Gulf

(12/7/2012) Sembcorp's PPL Shipyard scores 2 jackup builds for Oro Negro

(12/7/2012) US working rotary rig fleet down 11 this week

(12/7/2012) Marubeni in line for Noble Driller in US Gulf after Shell

(12/7/2012) Split-design conductor-cementing support system at Ekofisk FIeld

(12/7/2012) November international rig count up 82 from last year

(12/5/2012) NPD grants permits to drill with West Alpha & Bredford Dolphin

(12/5/2012) Lundin gets PSA okay to drill prospect near Edvard Grieg Field

(12/4/2012) Naftogaz contracts 2 semisubmersible rigs at Keppel FELS

(12/3/2012) Formation damage forces McMoRan to frac Davy Jones-1

(11/30/2012) Shelf Drilling closes $1.05 billion buy of Transocean rigs

(11/30/2012) US working rotary rig fleet down 6 this week

(11/29/2012) Statoil to drill Stjerne Field with Songa Delta

(11/29/2012) Sete orders another ultra-deepwater drillship from Jurong

(11/29/2012) D'Emerald taking 3rd newbuild CP-300 jackup

(11/29/2012) Hemisphere prepping to drill producers at Jenner, Alberta

(11/26/2012) McMoRan drilling ahead in 4 ultra-deep E&P wells

(11/25/2012) Dragon contracts rigs for new Caspian drilling platforms

(11/25/2012) Statoil to drill Tyrihans with Transocean Leader

(11/25/2012) Saipem scores multiple land rig deal with Saudi Aramco

(11/23/2012) Lundin gets permit to drill Sverdrup appraisal

(11/23/2012) US working rotary rig fleet up 8 in short week

(11/21/2012) Naftogaz orders 2 semisubmersibles from Keppel

(11/20/2012) Rig count in US Utica Shale doubles from year ago

(11/20/2012) New Vantage-Skeie JV orders high-end drillship from STX

(11/19/2012) Statoil extends drillship contract for US Gulf operations

(11/19/2012) Shell charters GDI's Al-Khor jackup for Qatar North Field drilling

(11/16/2012) Three more rigs join US working rotary rig fleet

(11/16/2012) Seadrill buying semisubmersible Songa Eclipse for $590 million

(11/16/2012) Scarabeo 9 leaves Cuba bound for West Africa

(11/16/2012) Essential sells its hybrid drilling rigs to Superior Coring

(11/15/2012) Chevron contracts Pacific Khamsin drillship

(11/15/2012) QGOG exercises option for ultra-deepwater drillship

(11/14/2012) Maersk Inspirer to drill for Statoil on Volve Field

(11/14/2012) Ocean Rig's semisubmersible Leiv Eiriksson fails PSA tests

(11/14/2012) Statoil taps down 1st multilateral well off Brazil

(11/13/2012) Statoil to drill Johan Sverdrup appraisal off Norway

(11/12/2012) Husky contracts Seadrill's newbuild West Mira semisubmersible

(11/12/2012) Lundin gets NPD go-ahead for another Sverdrup appraisal

(11/11/2012) Titanium Explorer going to work for Petrobras in US Gulf

(11/11/2012) Newbuild drillship Pacific Khamsin charter set

(11/9/2012) US working rotary rigs increase by six

(11/9/2012) Petroceltic charters GSP jackup for Black Sea campaign

(11/8/2012) QGOG takes delivery of new ultra-deepwater drillship

(11/8/2012) D'Emerald agrees terms for newbuild Chinese jackup

(11/8/2012) Two Maersk jackups approved for Norwegian North Sea drilling

(11/7/2012) ONGC grants mobilization extension for 2 rigs

(11/7/2012) International rig count up from last month

(11/6/2012) Ezion & Kim Seng score 7-year Mexico service rig contract

(11/5/2012) Noble wins 2 contracts for jackup deployments to Persian Gulf

(11/5/2012) Arabian Drilling orders new jackup from Keppel FELS

(11/5/2012) Statoil gets go-ahead to drill with West Alpha

(11/4/2012) Endeavour suspends UK North Sea Rochelle drilling for subsea hookup

(11/2/2012) US working rotary rigs take a 26-rig dive

(11/2/2012) Robotic drilling rig pilot project wins funding & majors' support

(11/1/2012) Wintershall wins approval to employ Transocean semi

(10/31/2012) Drilling rig contracted for 3 test wells in Kazakh BNG block

(10/29/2012) Beach kicks off South Australia Cooper Basin frac stim program

(10/29/2012) Dolphin scores 5-year contract on semisubmersible newbuild

(10/29/2012) Statoil to use COSL Pioneer almost a year on Visund North

(10/28/2012) Paradigm secures rotary traction horizontal drilling system grant

(10/28/2012) Safin receives rebuilt jackup from Keppel FELS

(10/28/2012) Seneca switching from diesel-powered rigs to gas

(10/26/2012) Asia Offshore charters its newbuild jackup AOR-1

(10/26/2012) US working rotary rigs down 13 this week

(10/26/2012) FOGL's Scotia well off Falklands stymied by BOP malfunction

(10/25/2012) Maersk launches advanced drilling simulator complex

(10/24/2012) JBL & partners set Texas Woodbine horizontal drilling program

(10/24/2012) RWE Dea signs up to share Bredford Dolphin

(10/23/2012) Sevan's cylindrical Sevan Brasil drilling again off Brazil

(10/23/2012) Two platform rigs contracted for Dragon Oil Caspian operations

(10/23/2012) STX wins $700 million drillship order

(10/23/2012) Maersk newbuild drillship contracted for US Gulf

(10/22/2012) Sound Oil lines up LP Drilling rig for Italy appraisal

(10/21/2012) Ocean Ambassador semisubmersible sailing from Brazil to US Gulf

(10/19/2012) US working rotary rigs rise by 4 this week

(10/18/2012) Eni charters Transocean Sedco Express for 20 months

(10/18/2012) West Elara jackup to drill 13 wells for Statoil

(10/18/2012) Statoil gets okay to drill with Deepsea Atlantic

(10/16/2012) Cummins producing Dual Fuel engines for landrigs

(10/15/2012) Lundin gets go-ahead for Barents wildcat

(10/15/2012) Ocean Rig orders another ultra-deepwater drillship

(10/14/2012) Petroecuador bringing rig to drill Ecuador's Amistad Field

(10/12/2012) PetroFrontier conducts frac stim on Georgina Basin wells

(10/12/2012) US working rotary rigs down by 2 this week

(10/11/2012) Occidental Qatar extends jackup contract 2 years

(10/11/2012) Buccaneer jackup to skip Tyonek well, drill at Cosmopolitan

(10/10/2012) Eni Norge to drill Marulk field with Transocean Spitsbergen

(10/9/2012) Aban jackup rig contracted by Petronas for offshore Malaysia

(10/8/2012) Varel introducing new Voyager PDC bits for directional drilling

(10/7/2012) US sees 11 rotary rigs depart fleet this week

(10/5/2012) International rig count up 80 from September 2011

(10/4/2012) Coastal adds 2nd rig to Thai Gulf operations

(10/3/2012) Naftogaz to buy 2 semisubmersibles worth $1.4 billion

(10/3/2012) Statoil gets OK for Borgland Dolphin & Scarabeo 5

(10/3/2012) Norwest achieves improved flowtest after frac of Senecio-2

(10/3/2012) Statoil secures 3 rigs for additional drilling capacity

(10/1/2012) Transocean wins 10-year Shell contract for 4 new drillships

(10/1/2012) Eleven fewer rotary rigs at work in US last week

(9/27/2012) Newbuild Island Innovator delivered for North Sea assignment

(9/27/2012) Noble signs for 36-month stint with new Atwood drillship

(9/26/2012) Eni gets go-ahead to drill in Barents Sea with Scarabeo 8

(9/26/2012) CNPC's first jackup launched for China's Bohai Bay drilling

(9/25/2012) Dolphin picks up AGR drilling aggregate award off Norway

(9/24/2012) Seadrill contracts another ultra-deepwater drillship from Samsung

(9/24/2012) Rowan Gorilla III drilling for Bayfield pushed back 6 months

(9/24/2012) Sevan Brasil BOP problems halt Petrobras operation

(9/24/2012) VGP cutting drilling program & releasing Energy Searcher

(9/23/2012) Cypress set to fracture stimulate Texas Eagle Ford Shale well

(9/23/2012) Quebec resources minister opposes fracking

(9/23/2012) Five fewer rotary rig at work in US last week

(9/21/2012) Petronas extends Eurasia Drilling's Saturn jackup contract

(9/21/2012) Beach's 10-well South Australia drilling program moving apace

(9/21/2012) Maersk Endurer takes $100 million contract in Cameroon

(9/20/2012) US BSEE okays Shell prep work for Beaufort Sea drilling

(9/20/2012) Atwood Mako jackup starting Thai Gulf work for Salamander

(9/20/2012) Max swaps shares for drilling services in Kazakhstan

(9/19/2012) Samsung okay's Pacific delay of 8th drillship option

(9/19/2012) Jackup Beynouna converted & upgraded at Drydocks World

(9/17/2012) Borgland Dolphin wins 15-well drilling contract

(9/14/2012) No change in US rotary rig count this week

(9/14/2012) Vaalco looking to stim well below Bakken/Three Forks

(9/13/2012) Cobalt expecting Angola drilling delay due to rig malfunction

(9/11/2012) Ocean Rig semi Eirik Raude set for offshore Ireland jig

(9/10/2012) Rowan exercises option for 4th deepwater drillship

(9/10/2012) Transocean sells shallow water fleet to Shelf Drilling

(9/10/2012) International rig count up over last year

(9/7/2012) US sees 30 rotary rigs depart fleet this week

(9/7/2012) South Africa lifts ban on fraccing

(9/6/2012) YPF contracts 14 rigs for Argentine shale program

(9/5/2012) Repsol Sinopec Brasil charters Ocean Rig Mylos drillship

(9/5/2012) Success hits oil & gas in Texas workover

(9/5/2012) Eurasia orders 4th offshore rig from Lamprell

(9/4/2012) GVA contracts construction of Cat D rig from Daewoo

(9/4/2012) Dejour set to drill 1st Kokopelli Project well in Colorado

(9/4/2012) Noble semi & 2 drillships delayed in Brazil

(9/4/2012) LG boosts Kazakhstan's Galaz output with NK-8 well

(9/4/2012) Statoil to drill Troll Field well with Stena Don semisubmersible

(9/3/2012) Frac stim successful in Perth Basin's Arrowsmith well

(9/2/2012) Cimarex finishes frac stim of New Mexico Bone Spring well

(8/31/2012) Statoil to drill an 8th exploration well in Norway's PL265

(8/31/2012) AGR & Statoil link for floating rig managed pressure drilling

(8/31/2012) Four less working rotary rig in US fleet this week

(8/31/2012) Scarabeo 3 in Cape Town for upgrade & repairs

(8/31/2012) Samson's Hawk Springs well back on pump

(8/30/2012) Det Norske gets go-ahead to drill with Maersk Guardian

(8/29/2012) Northern selling jackup Energy Exerter

(8/27/2012) Drillship Amaralina Star arrives in Brazilian waters

(8/26/2012) Noble Discoverer on the way to Shell's Chukchi drillsite

(8/26/2012) KS Java Star bound for Indonesia's West Madura Field

(8/24/2012) BassDrill orders 3rd tender assist rig from Dalian

(8/24/2012) US working rotary rig fleet down 16 this week

(8/24/2012) Hercules 208 lined up to drill Seruway well off Sumatra

(8/24/2012) Lamprell delivers Makasib jackup set for Zakum Field

(8/23/2012) Nabors 456 rig to drill horizontal leg in Texas Heintschel well

(8/23/2012) AWE stim program in Perth Basin successful

(8/23/2012) Maersk lines up 2 drilling gigs in Norwegian waters

(8/22/2012) Buccaneer sets bottomhole for Alaska Kenai Loop-4

(8/21/2012) Miller Rig 35 set for Alaska Osprey Platform operation

(8/20/2012) Hercules sells Mexican operations assets

(8/20/2012) Aquamarine Driller gets year's contract extension

(8/20/2012) Daewoo scores $1.95 billion rig building contract

(8/19/2012) Arrow contracts 4 new high-tech CSG rigs

(8/17/2012) US working rotary rig fleet loses 17 rigs this week

(8/16/2012) Transocean scores 4 rig contract extensions

(8/16/2012) CITIC sidetrack of Lofin-1 underway on Indonesia's Seram Island

(8/14/2012) Diamond contracts new semi from Jurong

(8/13/2012) Cosco scores contract to build jackup for Talland

(8/12/2012) Scorpion Rig 1 onsite for Texas' NW Premont well

(8/12/2012) HRT cutting back Amazon exploratory drilling

(8/12/2012) Petrobras contracts 9 new drillships

(8/10/2012) Working US rotary rig fleet adds a rig this week

(8/10/2012) Songa Venus staying in Malaysia another year

(8/10/2012) Synergy drills 100th operated well in D-J Basin

(8/9/2012) Pemex commits to non-hydraulic shale oil production

(8/8/2012) Petrobras charter of Sertao drillship starts on Roncador Field

(8/8/2012) Samson drilling pushed back by delayed rig delivery

(8/8/2012) Max swaps shares for Zhanros drilling services

(8/7/2012) Worldwide rig count higher 119 rigs than year ago

(8/7/2012) Queiroz Galvao charters 3 newbuild semisubmersibles

(8/5/2012) Santos opts for RMR in coming NW Australia well

(8/5/2012) Petrobras contracts 12 more drilling rigs

(8/3/2012) US rotary rig fleet adds 6 working rigs this week

(8/3/2012) Rowan receives Repsol LoI for new drillship Renaissance

(8/2/2012) Rig problem delays Nicolay-1 drilling to mid-month

(7/31/2012) McMoRan's US Gulf Davy Jones flowtest delayed

(7/31/2012) Leiv Eiriksson set to drill Falkland Basin Loligo prospect

(7/31/2012) Ensco 8506 delivered for US Gulf contract

(7/31/2012) Norwest's Arrowsmith-2 proves successful

(7/29/2012) Iran buying 10 onshore, 4 offshore drilling rigs

(7/29/2012) Grupo R's La Muralla IV semi set for Mexico's deepwater

(7/29/2012) Maersk Gallant to pre-drill producers on Ekofisk Sor

(7/29/2012) Statoil gets go-ahead for West Alpha drilling

(7/27/2012) US rotary rig fleet loses 11 working rigs this week

(7/26/2012) Seven rigs at work for Clayton Williams

(7/25/2012) Seadrill scores $4 billion drillship & semi deal

(7/25/2012) Statoil gets go-ahead for Valemon drilling with West Elara

(7/24/2012) Eurasia buys Iraqi onshore drilling rigs

(7/24/2012) Total charters newbuild Prospector 1 rig for North Sea

(7/24/2012) Africa Petroleum contracts rig to drill Liberia well

(7/23/2012) Transocean Arctic & Rowan Stavanger okayed for Norway drilling

(7/20/2012) US rotary rig fleet loses 18 working rigs this week

(7/19/2012) Blake lets workover rigs to Apache & McMoRan

(7/19/2012) Modified & repaired Endeavour set to sail for Cook Inlet

(7/18/2012) LG perfs Kazakh Galaz well, oil flow increasing

(7/17/2012) Halliburton frac spread arriving at Arrowsmith-2 site

(7/15/2012) Cook Inlet Energy restoring Osprey Field production

(7/15/2012) Petrobras' Sete Brasil building 6 new semis

(7/13/2012) US working rotary rig fleet count falls by 12 this week

(7/13/2012) Newbuild self-elevating Petrobras-59 jackup christened

(7/12/2012) Samson prepping to frac Spirit of America well

(7/12/2012) Anadarko in multi-year contracts for Dolphin rigs

(7/12/2012) Anadarko contracts newbuild Noble Bob Douglas drillship

(7/11/2012) Devon taps down 4th Tuscaloosa Marine Shale horizontal well

(7/11/2012) Keppel & Ersai contracted to build new jackup

(7/10/2012) Atwood Vicksburg wins contract extension

(7/10/2012) KCA Deutag tender barge off to Cote d'Ivoire

(7/10/2012) Songa Mercur sailing for Trinidad, then Cuba

(7/9/2012) Atwood Aurora contracted off Cameroon for 200 days

(7/9/2012) June rig count up 60 from previous month at 1,285

(7/6/2012) Six more rigs join US working rotary rig fleet this week

(7/6/2012) CPTDC contracts 2 more DSJ300 jackup rigs

(7/5/2012) Passport taps down Saskatchewan Bakken well

(7/5/2012) Four of six well stimulations completed at Chicontepec

(7/4/2012) GMX drilling North Dakota well with H&P FlexRig

(7/3/2012) KS Energy buys F&G jackup

(7/3/2012) Zion lines up Lapidoth rig for suspended well

(7/3/2012) CIMC Raffles building 4th COSL deepwater semi

(7/3/2012) Det Norske's Ulvetanna wildcat gets go-ahead

(7/2/2012) PSA permits Transocean Searcher to drill for Statoil

(7/2/2012) Mexico's Chicontepec fields respond to new technologies

(7/2/2012) Gupco signs Shiv-Vani for rig to drill Gulf of Suez

(7/2/2012) Vaalco extends FPSO Petroleo Nautipa lease

(7/1/2012) Ukrburservice Rig 1 lined up for KUB-Gas wells

(6/29/2012) US working rotary rigs down 7 this week

(6/29/2012) Passage of Italian ban modification frees Cygam to drill

(6/28/2012) ExxonMobil extends semi contract for 2-year stint

(6/27/2012) Oilex set to frac & stimulate Cambay tight reservoir

(6/27/2012) Italy to allow pre-2010 offshore drilling ban projects

(6/27/2012) Ensco orders another ultra-deepwater drillship

(6/27/2012) Shell's Arctic exploration rigs sail for Alaska

(6/26/2012) Queiroz Galvao names 2 new drillships in fleet

(6/26/2012) Saipem receives $500 million in new drilling contracts

(6/25/2012) Statoil gets go-ahead for Ocean Vanguard wildcat

(6/24/2012) AGR to provide US Gulf dual gradient drilling for Chevron

(6/24/2012) Pacific Sharav ultra-deep drillship signed by Chevron

(6/23/2012) US working rotary rig fleet down 5 from last week

(6/22/2012) Vantage's Sapphire Driller scores 2 new contracts

(6/22/2012) Songa Mercur set to drill off Cuba for Zarubezhneft

(6/20/2012) Petrolia lines up driller for Quebec 3-well project

(6/20/2012) Global lines up pump for Torcaz Field in Colombia

(6/20/2012) Keppel newbuild Chernomonaftogaz jackup named

(6/20/2012) Lundin to drill appraisal with Transocean Arctic

(6/18/2012) Sourceless LWD formation evaluation launched

(6/18/2012) Keppel Fels delivering newbuilt Ensco 8506 semi

(6/17/2012) LLOG orders semisubmersible from HHI

(6/17/2012) Geodynamics sells new landrig to Pangaea

(6/15/2012) US working rotary rigs lose 13 from fleet total

(6/15/2012) Lamprell delivers jackup to Mexican Gulf

(6/14/2012) Bulgaria relaxes ban on fraccing

(6/14/2012) Salamander joins Ocean General rig share off Indonesia

(6/14/2012) COSLInnovator to drill Norway's Troll Field

(6/13/2012) Statoil prepping to drill Brugdan II off Faroe Islands

(6/12/2012) Adira gets delay for drilling offshore Israel

(6/12/2012) Sonoro & partners buy rig for Iraq heavy oil project

(6/11/2012) PSA critical of jackup Maersk Inspirer safety

(6/10/2012) Gas2Grid lines up rig for onshore Cebu, Philippines drilling

(6/10/2012) GSP Saturn goes to work in Netherlands North Sea

(6/8/2012) Four more working rotary rigs take US total to 1,984

(6/8/2012) BP lines up Byford Dolphin for 3 years in North Sea

(6/7/2012) May international rig count up 47 from April count

(6/6/2012) ConocoPhillips get go-ahead for Maersk Gallant

(6/5/2012) Damaged Hercules 185 deemed unfit for drilling service

(6/4/2012) Seadrill talking 5-year, $1.16 billion West Polaris deal

(6/4/2012) Maersk lines up newbuild drillship for US Gulf

(6/3/2012) Caspian testing Kyrgyz Mailisu III-6 well

(6/1/2012) Statoil to drill Odden Prospect with Scarabeo 8

(6/1/2012) US working rotary rigs down another 3 this week

(6/1/2012) ATP resumes work on US Gulf Telemark Hub well

(5/31/2012) Pemex charters Noble jackups in multi-year contracts

(5/31/2012) ADX set to restart Sidi Dhaher-1 well in Tunisia

(5/31/2012) Newbuild Maersk CJ-70 jackup for Dagny drilling

(5/31/2012) Lundin gets go-ahead to drill with Transocean Arctic

(5/30/2012) Rig lined up for PetroFrontier's Georgina Basin drilling

(5/30/2012) South Australia unconventional gas well frac stim completed

(5/29/2012) Canada drilling limited by tight rig market & rig worker shortage

(5/29/2012) Buccaneer secures Glacier Rig 1 for Alaska drilling

(5/29/2012) Schlumberger gearing up to frac Ukraine's Karlavskoye wells

(5/27/2012) GSP Prometeu chartered for Black Sea workovers

(5/27/2012) Green Field kicks off Shell hydraulic frac project

(5/25/2012) US working rotary rigs down by 3 this week

(5/25/2012) Total extends Pacific Scirocco contract off Nigeria

(5/25/2012) Fred.Olsen scores $700 million ultra-deep semi order

(5/23/2012) Transocean Marianas going to Namibia for HRT

(5/22/2012) Seadrill West Callisto drilling off Myanmar

(5/22/2012) Statoil awards $5.05 billion in drilling contracts

(5/21/2012) Songa Eclipse repaired, tested & now drilling off Angola

(5/21/2012) Chariot charters Ocean Rig drillship for Namibia well

(5/20/2012) NIOC launches 4th land rig at North Azadegan Field

(5/19/2012) 12 more rotary rigs go to work in US this week

(5/19/2012) ABG to deliver 1st of 2 jackups to Essar before yearend

(5/18/2012) ABS to class Ensco advanced capability deepwater drillship

(5/18/2012) Transocean adds $726 million in new drilling contracts

(5/17/2012) AnTech taps down 2 final horizontal Kansas Niobrara wells

(5/17/2012) Lundin lines up semi Island Innovator for 12-well program

(5/15/2012) Petrolia awarded 2 drilling permits for Gaspesia wells

(5/15/2012) Senex fraccing Sasanof South Australia gaswell

(5/15/2012) BP gets OK to drill Snadd Outer Prospect with Polar Pioneer

(5/14/2012) Rig set for Texas Vaughn-MEI test well

(5/14/2012) West Aquarius to drill offshore Newfoundland for Statoil

(5/10/2012) Ocean Rig Olympia delivered to Total E&P Angola

(5/8/2012) Diamond Offshore orders another ultra-deep drillship

(5/8/2012) Perisai prepping to enter rig market with new jackup

(5/8/2012) Transocean takes full ownership of JV drillships

(5/8/2012) Workovers set to start on Mississippi's Belmont Lake Field

(5/7/2012) Total charters 1st of Prospector Offshore's new jackups

(5/7/2012) Statoil gets okay to drill wildcat in Norwegian North Sea

(5/7/2012) Pacific Santa Ana deepwater drillship arrives in US Gulf

(5/7/2012) April international rig count down from March count

(5/6/2012) Chevron takes 5-year contract on Seadrill tender assist rig

(5/4/2012) 20 rotary rigs enter US working fleet this week

(5/4/2012) Seadrill orders new harsh environment semi

(5/4/2012) ONGC lining up rigs for next 3 years

(5/3/2012) Two workover rigs arrive in Georgia enroute to Caspian

(5/3/2012) CNOOC's deepwater semi to drill Liwan 6-1-1 well

(5/3/2012) Awilco extends Suncor contract for WilHunter

(5/3/2012) GE pump system enables dual gradient & deeper drilling

(5/2/2012) Transocean Searcher to recomplete Tyrihans well

(5/1/2012) Lamprell to build new Super 116F jackup

(4/30/2012) Seadrill orders a 6th newbuild drillship from Samsung

(4/30/2012) 27 fewer rotary rigs working in US last week

(4/30/2012) Transocean GSF Arctic 1 evacuated in Guanabara Bay

(4/27/2012) EnerGulf lines up rig for DRC drilling program

(4/27/2012) Noble charters Atwood Hunter for Cameroon work

(4/26/2012) Petrobangla contracts Gazprom to drill 10 wells

(4/26/2012) PSA okays Wintershall use of Borgland Dolphin

(4/26/2012) Aztec set to drill another 100 wells on Texas field

(4/25/2012) Lamprell to build 2 more jackups for Abu Dhabi

(4/25/2012) COSL takes delivery of newbuild deepwater semi

(4/23/2012) Vantage takes delivery of drillship Titanium Explorer

(4/23/2012) Atwood Osprey wins 3 more years offshore Australia

(4/23/2012) Maersk sells out Norway capacity till 2014 with Centrica contract

(4/20/2012) 22 rigs join US working fleet this week

(4/19/2012) Energy Searcher & Energy Driller go to work

(4/19/2012) Buccaneer buying Glacier Drilling's Rig 1

(4/17/2012) Aker Solutions to provide Cat-B services to Statoil

(4/16/2012) Dragon Oil's Caspian Driller jackup not expected till yearend

(4/15/2012) NIDC brings in 3rd drilling rig on North Azadegan Field

(4/13/2012) 29 fewer working rigs in US this week

(4/12/2012) Sete Brasil lines up FELS for 5 new semisubmersibles

(4/12/2012) Walking jackup barge under development

(4/12/2012) Seadrill options a new tender rig from Cosco

(4/10/2012) Apache charters drillship for Kenya deepwater well

(4/10/2012) ConocoPhillips gets go-ahead for Ekofisk water wells

(4/9/2012) International rig count down 12 in March

(4/9/2012) McMoRan completes US Gulf Davy Jones-1, now testing

(4/9/2012) Ocean Rig's Olympia scored 3-year charter

(4/6/2012) Bengal buys rig for summer Australia drilling

(4/6/2012) No change in US working rigs number at 1,979

(4/6/2012) Drillship Stena Carron set to drill West of Shetlands prospect

(4/5/2012) GDI contracts a new jackup from PPL Shipyard

(4/5/2012) Ensco orders another DP3 ultra-deep drillship

(4/4/2012) Drillpipe stuck in Rialto's Cote d'Ivoire production well

(4/4/2012) Ezion wins service rig contract for Mexico work

(4/4/2012) US Interior to cut onshore drilling permit review time

(4/4/2012) North Atlantic orders further ultra-deepwater rig

(4/4/2012) Keppel AmFELS signed to build jackup for Perforadora Central

(4/2/2012) Ocean Rig Mykonos goes to work for Petrobras

(4/2/2012) BP charters Ensco ultra-deepwater drillship for 5 years

(3/30/2012) US working rigs grow by 11 to a total of 1,979

(3/30/2012) Samson completes Montana Roosevelt Project frac program

(3/30/2012) Dedlar-160 rig to flowtest discovery in Tunisia

(3/28/2012) Hercules Rig 258 plagued by problems off India

(3/27/2012) Faroe gets permit to drill southern North Sea wildcat

(3/27/2012) Det Norske gets okay to drill Jette Field producers

(3/26/2012) Saipem totes up new drilling contracts at $300 million

(3/26/2012) Statoil gets okay to drill Stjerne with Ocean Vanguard

(3/25/2012) Vantage Drilling buys newbuild drillship Dragonquest

(3/23/2012) US loses 16 working rigs to leave 1,968 on job

(3/22/2012) Essar Wildcat starts work off Indonesia for ConocoPhillips

(3/22/2012) Shell contracts Stena IceMax for 5 years

(3/22/2012) Semi Eirik Raude contracted for 2 Liberia deepwater wells

(3/22/2012) Salamander sets Thai Gulf drilling program

(3/22/2012) New Atwood Mako lined up for Salamander Thai drilling

(3/20/2012) Frac stim program set for Western Australia Arrowsmith well

(3/20/2012) Hercules buys Ocean Columbia jackup from Diamond

(3/20/2012) Acadian prepping to drill New Albany Shale

(3/16/2012) Pacific Drilling goes for 7th ultra-deep drillship

(3/16/2012) Statoil options 2 more years with Maersk Developer

(3/16/2012) US working rigs up by 11 to a total of 1,984

(3/15/2012) Transocean selling stacked jackups in Malaysia

(3/15/2012) Norway's NPD calls for support of Statoil subsea rig

(3/13/2012) Crown Point hires Estrella to drill El Valle wells

(3/12/2012) Ulterra bit drills entire intermediate section of well

(3/12/2012) Amerisur lines up Serinco rig for Platanillo drilling

(3/12/2012) Seadrill sending West Callisto jackup to Saudi Arabia

(3/9/2012) GSP Saturn set for Netherlands North Sea drilling

(3/9/2012) US working rigs drop 16 to leave 1,973

(3/9/2012) BOP leak delaying Songa Eclipse turnover to Total

(3/8/2012) Noreco gets permit for Eik test well in Barents Sea

(3/8/2012) Dayrates to go above $600,000 - Seadrill

(3/7/2012) MPX to resume drilling on Orlando producer

(3/7/2012) February international rig count up from January

(3/7/2012) PSA approves Centrica & Total drilling plans

(3/6/2012) Sevan Brasil starts voyage to Brazil

(3/6/2012) High resolution resistivity & imaging while drilling

(3/6/2012) Synergy completes 23 Denver-Julesburg wells

(3/5/2012) Oilex frees Cambay well in run-up to production testing

(3/5/2012) AWE gets go-ahead for Perth Basin shale gas testing

(3/2/2012) US working rigs count rises by eight

(3/2/2012) Semi Noble Max Smith set for 3-year Brazil stint

(3/2/2012) New rig concept to improve mature field recovery

(3/1/2012) Colombia workover puts Platanillo-2 on flow

(3/1/2012) Rocksource shelves exploration for rest of year

(3/1/2012) Xcite bringing Rowan jackup to test UK's Bentley Field

(3/1/2012) PDC suspending Marcellus Shale drilling

(2/29/2012) Odebrecht takes delivery of new Delba III semi

(2/29/2012) New Standard contracts Century rig for Australia program

(2/29/2012) Lundin adds a well to Bredford Dolphin schedule

(2/29/2012) Ausdrill awarded Exoma Energy coal seam gas contract

(2/28/2012) YPF Argentina Mata Mora discovery tests 50,640 cf/d

(2/27/2012) Seadrill orders 2 new ultra-deepwater drillships from Samsung

(2/27/2012) Exco cutting Haynesville & Marcellus drilling

(2/27/2012) One-run drilling of vertical, curve & horizontal holes

(2/27/2012) Jackup GSF Monitor moving from Nigeria to Cote d'Ivoire

(2/26/2012) Harris Pye surveys & upgrades Diamond drillship

(2/24/2012) Thirteen rigs dropped from US working rigs total

(2/24/2012) Statoil to drill & complete North Sea Glitne well

(2/24/2012) Statoil charters 2 more purpose-built Category D rigs

(2/23/2012) Pacific Drilling pushes back drillship option again

(2/21/2012) Escondido taps down 17 South Texas gaswells

(2/20/2012) Statoil to use Aker Barents to plug Barents Sea well

(2/17/2012) PPL Shipyard building jackup for Safin Gulf

(2/17/2012) US working rigs reverse trend, rise in number

(2/17/2012) Wind River contracts Capstar to drill 2nd Phat City well

(2/16/2012) EnerJex drills 69 Kansas wells with 100% success

(2/15/2012) Savanna increasing its rigs' North America depth capability

(2/15/2012) Amerisur to workover Colombia Platanillo well

(2/15/2012) Marathon to drill producer with Transocean Winner

(2/13/2012) Iona contracts Ocean Nomad for North Sea well

(2/12/2012) Five-well Kom Ombo program to start in March

(2/10/2012) US working rigs down by 8 this week

(2/10/2012) Petrobras approves contracts for 26 drilling rigs

(2/10/2012) Lundin to drill Norwegian Sea with Bredford Dolphin

(2/9/2012) Keppel & ConocoPhillips team to design Arctic jackup

(2/9/2012) Buccaneer lines up 4 exploration wells in Alaska Cook Inlet

(2/8/2012) Severe winter weather halts Roxi well in Kazakhstan

(2/8/2012) January international rig count down from December

(2/8/2012) Wintershall gets go-ahead to drill with Songa Delta

(2/7/2012) Shell Nigeria contracts Oando swamp rig for 2 years

(2/7/2012) Stuck Ocean Columbia jackup delaying US Gulf well

(2/7/2012) Rig secured to drill 5 Zaca Field wells in California

(2/7/2012) Atwood Beacon contracted for work off Israel

(2/6/2012) Pacific Mistral begins 3-year stint off Brazil

(2/6/2012) Seadrill scores $311 in contracts for 3 jackups

(2/6/2012) Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz contracted to build drillship

(2/6/2012) Semi Leiv Eiriksson back to Norway at yearend

(2/5/2012) Xcite amends drilling rig contract with Rowan

(2/5/2012) US working rigs down by 11 this week

(2/2/2012) Murphy lines up Ocean Confidence for Congo drilling

(2/1/2012) Texas producers to disclose frac fluids as of tomorrow

(2/1/2012) Drillship Pacific Scirocco spuds Nigeria ultra-deep well

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