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Drilling & Completion

(5/25/2020) ConocoPhillips to P&A wells on Norway's Ekofisk Field

(5/23/2020) Semisub Polar Pioneer lined up as offshore salmon fish farm

(5/23/2020) Baker Hughes international rig count among lowest in decades

(5/22/2020) US rotary rig count falls by another 21 rigs this week

(5/19/2020) Repsol to employ Maersk Inspirer on Norway's Yme Field

(5/14/2020) US rotary rig count falls by another 35 rigs this week

(5/13/2020) Neptune Energy conducts world's first for dual drilling subsea

(5/12/2020) Simmons Edeco taps down 2nd series of wells on Mexico's Panuco Field

(5/12/2020) Serica pegs semisub WilPhoenix for UK Rhum Field work

(5/12/2020) Lundin gets permit for Barents Sea Bask wildcat

(5/11/2020) Equinor granted drilling permit for Norwegian North Sea wildcat

(5/11/2020) OMV given go-ahead to drill Norwegian Sea Hades Prospect

(5/8/2020) US rotary rig count falls by another 34 rigs this week

(5/3/2020) Borr sells 2 standard jackups from its drilling rig fleet

(5/3/2020) Spirit Energy given approval to drill Norwegian Barents Sea well

(5/1/2020) US rotary rig count falls by another 56 rigs this week

(4/30/2020) Equinor hires jackup Maersk Intrepid for work on Martin Linge Field

(4/26/2020) Maersk stacking North Sea rigs due to oil price & pandemic

(4/24/2020) US rotary rig count falls by another 64 rigs this week

(4/21/2020) Beach cancels semisub Ocean Onyx contract

(4/17/2020) US rotary rig count drops another 73 rigs this week

(4/14/2020) Borr jackups pick up drilling projects in Asia-Pacific

(4/10/2020) US rotary rig count falls a further 62 rigs this week

(4/1/2020) Silver Eagle building 2 self-elevating rigs in Vietnam

(3/27/2020) US rotary rig count plunges 44 rigs this week

(3/20/2020) i3 in semisubmersible drilling deal with Dolphin Drilling

(3/20/2020) Drillship Kanuni delivered to TPAO

(3/20/2020) US rotary rig count down 20 rigs this week

(3/16/2020) Capricorn Norge receives permit to drill wildcat off Norway

(3/15/2020) Equinor awarded permit to drill North Sea wildcat

(3/13/2020) US rotary rig count down 1 rig this week

(3/10/2020) Equinor gets go-ahead to drill Gabriel wildcat off Norway

(3/9/2020) Shelf Drilling extends Trident 16 jackup contract a year

(3/6/2020) US rotary rig count up 3 rigs this week

(3/6/2020) Northern Lights completes Eos well in North Sea as test for CO2 storage

(3/3/2020) Maersk Discoverer kept in Egypt for additional well

(2/28/2020) US rotary rig count down 1 rig last week

(2/28/2020) Angola to build platforms in Cabinda Province

(2/24/2020) Zenith lining up rig to drill Tilapia Field off Republic of Congo

(2/21/2020) US rotary rig count rose by 1 rig last week

(2/20/2020) Australia's Northern Territory Beetaloo Kyalla appraisal well completed

(2/20/2020) Rathlin resuming Newton A-2 extended well test onshore England

(2/18/2020) Lundin given go-ahead to drill Barents Sea wildcat

(2/16/2020) Valaris picks up 6 key drillship & floater contracts

(2/14/2020) US rotary rig count same for last two weeks at 790

(2/9/2020) Noble wins new contracts for semisub & jackup

(2/7/2020) US rotary rig count same this week as last week

(2/4/2020) Shell leases La Muralla IV rig from Mexico's Grupo R

(2/2/2020) Borr Mist jackup contracted offshore Malaysia

(1/31/2020) US rotary rig count down 4 rigs last week at 790

(1/30/2020) Awilco lines up semisub WilPhoenix for North Sea 3-well P&A

(1/28/2020) Inpex issues 7 Ichthys Project drilling contracts to Halliburton

(1/26/2020) Doyon & ConocoPhillips to "The Beast", Doyon's giant drilling rig

(1/24/2020) US rotary rig count down last week 2 rigs at 794

(1/22/2020) ARO orders 2 new jackups from International Maritime Industries

(1/21/2020) Lamprell to build 2 jackups for International Maritime Industries

(1/20/2020) Aker BP extends Maersk Integrator contract by 2 more wells

(1/15/2020) US rotary rig count last week up 15 rigs at 796

(1/15/2020) Keppel delivers first rig of 2020

(1/14/2020) Maersk Voyager to drill in record water depth offshore Angola

(1/14/2020) Chevron Thailand contracts Shelf Drilling Enterprise jackup

(1/10/2020) Simmons Edeco to drill series of directional wells onshore Mexico

(1/10/2020) Maersk Valiant to drill offshore Colombia for Noble Energy

(1/9/2020) Columbus completes drilling Saffron well onshore Trinidad

(1/6/2020) US rotary rig count last week down 9 rigs at 796

(1/6/2020) Wintershall Dea gets okay to drill Balderbra Prospect appraisal

(12/13/2019) US rotary rig count down 1 rig this week at 799

(12/12/2019) Island Innovator signed to drill Norwegian North Sea well for OMV

(12/11/2019) Archer Topaz bound for 2+ years operations in North Sea

(12/11/2019) JDC receives new drilling contract for Hakuryu-11 jackup rig

(12/10/2019) ADES wins onshore Kuwait deep drilling contracts

(12/9/2019) Trident XIV wins another contract extension off Nigeria

(12/9/2019) Predator prepping for Guercif drilling program onshore Morocco

(12/9/2019) Equinor given go-ahead to drill Helleneset exploration well off Norway

(12/6/2019) US rotary rig count down 3 rigs this week at 799

(12/6/2019) Wintershall Dea drills its longest offshore well in Norwegian North Sea

(12/6/2019) Ansila to frac & test Siciny-2 well in Poland's Gora Block

(12/2/2019) KCA Deutag contracted to drill on 3 UK North Sea CNR platforms

(11/29/2019) US rotary rig count down 1 rig this week at 802

(11/25/2019) ConocoPhillips given PSA permission to drill Norway's Hasselbaink Prospect

(11/22/2019) US rotary rig count down 3 rigs this week at 803

(11/22/2019) Edina contracts Crosco jackup drilling rig for work off Croatia

(11/21/2019) JDC's Hakuryu-11 starts drilling campaign for PetroVietnam

(11/18/2019) KCA Deutag secures $460 million in land drilling contracts

(11/15/2019) Karoon contracts Stena Forth drillship for Peru's Marina-1 exploration well

(11/15/2019) US rotary rig count down 11 rigs this week at 806

(11/15/2019) Shelf Drilling secures rig contracts in Egypt, India, & Nigeria

(11/13/2019) Maersk Developer awarded 2-well contract offshore Trinidad

(11/13/2019) Tambak-1 exploration well off Indonesia reached intermediate depth

(11/13/2019) AAOG lines up Societe de Forage Peroliers for rig to drill Tilapia well off Congo

(11/12/2019) Wintershall Dea to drill 2 deepwater exploration wells in Norwegian Sea

(11/10/2019) Drilling rigs depart Russian Arctic waters

(11/8/2019) US rotary rig count down 5 rigs this week at 817

(11/7/2019) Island Innovator signed to drill in North Sea for Capricorn Norge

(11/7/2019) October international rig count down 1 from September

(11/5/2019) Velesto wins Carigali Hess drilling contract for 2020

(11/5/2019) Equinor given consent for Gabriel exploration well off Norway

(11/5/2019) Armour's Horseshoe-4 in Queensland now safely drilling ahead

(11/4/2019) Seadrill's drillship West Tellus contracted for offshore Brazil

(11/1/2019) US rotary rig count down 8 rigs this week at 822

(11/1/2019) Archer wins 5-year drilling contract from Argentina's YPF

(10/31/2019) Petrobras sells ultra-deep drillship Vitoria 10,000

(10/30/2019) i3 Energy extends Borgland Dolphin contract 2 months

(10/28/2019) Two Valaris drillships pick up 2020 drilling contracts

(10/25/2019) Vantage's Emerald Driller wins year extension by Total

(10/25/2019) US rotary rig count down 21 rigs this week at 830

(10/25/2019) Conrad DSTs in Indonesia's Duyung Tambak-2 well fail

(10/22/2019) Parker Drilling hired to drill Qara Dagh well in Kurdistan Iraq

(10/18/2019) Maersk Viking to drill 3 wells offshore Myanmar for Posco

(10/18/2019) US rotary rig count down 5 rigs this week at 851

(10/16/2019) Keppel delivers Borr Drilling's new jackup rig Hermod

(10/15/2019) OKEA kicks off Draugen drilling in Norwegian North Sea

(10/15/2019) ADES drilling 2nd deepwater exploration well offshore Egypt

(10/11/2019) US rotary rig count up 1 rig this week at 856

(10/9/2019) Shelf's Trident II contracted by ONGC for 3 years

(10/9/2019) Simmons Edeco concludes onshore Mexico drilling campaign

(10/9/2019) DNO Norge given permit to drill Norwegian Sea Canela Prospect

(10/7/2019) September international rig count down 7 from August

(10/4/2019) US rotary rig count down 5 rigs this week at 855

(10/3/2019) Shell contracts Borgland Dolphin for well on Knarr Field

(10/2/2019) Valaris logs $245 million in new contracts & extensions

(10/2/2019) Bentec contracted for seven 320-ton cluster slider drilling rigs

(10/1/2019) Vintage lines up Schlumberger rig for Vali-1 well in Queensland

(9/30/2019) Cuadrilla testing 2nd Preston New Road shale gas well

(9/27/2019) US rotary rig count down 8 rigs this week at 860

(9/26/2019) Transocean relinquishing interest in 2 drillships at Samsung

(9/26/2019) China deploys deepwater oil rig in the South China Sea

(9/24/2019) Adnoc unit completes first offshore drilling services well

(9/24/2019) Matador given go-ahead for 6 wells in New Mexico's Antelope Ridge

(9/22/2019) Equinor extends Maersk Intrepid jackup charter 4 more months

(9/22/2019) ConocoPhillips lines up 7 exploration wells for NPR-Alaska

(9/20/2019) US rotary rig count down 18 rigs this week at 868

(9/13/2019) US rotary rig count down 12 rigs this week at 886

(9/13/2019) Equinor given consent to drill Barents Sea Mist exploration well

(9/11/2019) AAOG re-entering well on Congo's Tilapia Field

(9/9/2019) Schlumberger introduces hi-def dual imaging while drilling

(9/9/2019) August international rig count down 24 from July

(9/6/2019) Four Velesto jackup rigs contracted by Petronas

(9/6/2019) US rotary rig count down 6 rigs this week at 898

(9/5/2019) Northern Offshore adds Energy Emerger to Mideast fleet

(9/2/2019) Pemex contracts 2 newbuild jackups from CIMC Raffles

(9/2/2019) Seadrill's drillship West Neptune staying with LLOG in US Gulf

(9/2/2019) Maersk Drilling contracted by Petrogas for UK North Sea well

(8/30/2019) US rotary rig count down 12 rigs this week at 904

(8/29/2019) Vaalco lines up Topaz jackup for Gabon drilling program

(8/27/2019) UK OGA suspends Cuadrilla fracturing in Lancashire, England

(8/25/2019) North America's largest land rig en route to Alaska North Slope

(8/23/2019) US rotary rig count down 19 rigs this week at 916

(8/22/2019) Equinor given go-ahead for Gladsheim wildcat off Norway

(8/20/2019) Cuadrilla resumes fracking at UK Lancashire wellsite

(8/18/2019) Drillship Maersk Voyager going to work for Kosmos off Equatorial Guinea

(8/16/2019) PGNiG granted permit to drill wildcat wells in the Norwegian Sea

(8/16/2019) US rotary rig count up 1 rig this week at 935

(8/15/2019) Seadrill-Gulf Drilling JV to manage 5 jackups off Qatar

(8/14/2019) Total contracts Pacific Drilling drillships for work in US Gulf and Mauritania

(8/14/2019) Capricorn Norge hires Island Drilling rig for exploration well off Norway

(8/12/2019) US rotary rig count down 8 this week at 934

(8/7/2019) Socar sub drilling producer on Azerbaijan's West Absheron Field

(8/7/2019) July international rig count up 24 from June

(8/7/2019) Borr secures 3-rig contract under Pemex Custer 2 agreement

(8/6/2019) AAOG to sidetrack Congo Tilapia Field well for production

(8/5/2019) Helix receives contract for newbuild semisub well intervention vessel

(8/4/2019) $20 million contract for semisub West Vencedor terminated

(8/2/2019) New Wellhead Fatigue Mitigation System being deployed off New Zealand

(8/2/2019) Two Shelf Drilling jackup rigs contracted by ONGC

(7/31/2019) ConocoPhillips given permit to drill Busta wildcat off Norway

(7/30/2019) Petrobras contracts Ocyan's Norbe VI semisub for 2-year stint

(7/29/2019) Maersk Resolute wins 3-well Perenco contract

(7/26/2019) US rotary rig count down 8 this week at 946

(7/25/2019) PetroChina drills Asia's deepest land oilwell at 8,882 meters depth

(7/23/2019) Dea Norge to drill Toutatis exploration well in Norwegian Sea

(7/23/2019) Three Constellation deepwater semis contracted by Petrobras

(7/21/2019) Noble jackups win contract extensions in UK and Saudi Arabia

(7/19/2019) US rotary rig count down 4 this week at 954

(7/18/2019) KS Java Star 2 jackup continuing stay in Vietnam with Vietsopetro

(7/18/2019) Seadrill's West Polaris drillship to drill offshore Gabon

(7/18/2019) Seadrill's West Gemini drillship to drill 9 wells off West Africa

(7/18/2019) Equinor & Repsol given consent for Norwegian exploration drilling

(7/16/2019) Surge sub Moss Creek drills longest lateral in Permian Basin

(7/16/2019) President fracking Argentina's Puesto Flores Field

(7/16/2019) Eland reports completion of remedial work on Nigeria's Gbetiokun-3

(7/12/2019) US rotary rig count down 5 this week at 958

(7/12/2019) Block set for new drilling & workover West Rustavi wells onshore Georgia

(7/11/2019) Cuadrilla to frack & flowtest southern England Lancashire well

(7/11/2019) Total E&P Congo deploys world's first cementless completion

(7/10/2019) Constellation's drillship Laguna Star contracted by Petrobras

(7/10/2019) Nigeria's OML40 Gbetiokun-3 on temporary production

(7/10/2019) Aker BP to drill Kark Prospect in southern North Sea

(7/9/2019) OMV Taranaki contracts Archer Emerald modular drilling rig

(7/7/2019) Shelf Drilling jackup Scepter contracted by Chevron for Thai Gulf

(7/7/2019) OMV lines up COSL Prospector to drill New Zealand's Great South Basin

(7/5/2019) US rotary rig count down 4 this week at 963

(7/4/2019) Aker BP given permission to drill Norwegian Sea exploration well

(7/3/2019) June international rig count up 12 from May

(7/2/2019) Maersk Discoverer lined up to drill Edison well offshore Egypt

(7/2/2019) Baker Hughes contracted to drill UK Liberator & Serenity Fields

(7/1/2019) Kuwait Oil contracts Halliburton for integrated offshore drilling services

(6/28/2019) US rotary rig count unchanged this week at 967

(6/25/2019) Maersk Valiant wins Repsol contract to drill offshore Mexico

(6/24/2019) ADES International's Admarine IV jackup contracted in Egypt

(6/24/2019) Petrobras pays Vantage Drilling $700.9 million for rig termination

(6/21/2019) US rotary rig count down 2 rigs this week to 967

(6/20/2019) GulfSlope contracts EnscoRowan jackup E-102

(6/20/2019) Capricorn Norge gets permit to drill Norwegian Sea wildcat

(6/20/2019) Socar hires Kazakh jackup for work in Azerbaijan Caspian

(6/19/2019) ONGC moves 35 offshore drilling rigs to safe locations before monsoon

(6/17/2019) Semisub West Capricorn to drill in US Gulf for Kosmos

(6/16/2019) Maersk Innovator optioned for additional well by CNOOC

(6/14/2019) US rotary rig count down 6 rigs this week to 969

(6/10/2019) Jadestone starts Montara riserless light well intervention off Australia

(6/9/2019) Eni charters semisubmersible rig Catarina for Indonesia drilling

(6/7/2019) US rotary rig count down 9 rigs this week to 975

(6/7/2019) May international rig count up 64 from April

(6/4/2019) Subsea tiebacks derisking US Gulf of Mexico deepwater

(6/1/2019) US rotary rig count up 1 rig this week to 984

(6/1/2019) Hilcorp hires Spartan 151 jackup for offshore Alaska

(5/31/2019) Hess signs Maersk Resilient jackup to drill Danish North Sea Jill Prospect

(5/30/2019) Pemex charters Perforadora Central's Uxpanapa jackup

(5/28/2019) Petro Matad priming for this year's Mongolia drilling program

(5/24/2019) US rotary rig count down 4 rig this week to 983

(5/22/2019) Fracking underway in Frost-1H well in Yoakum County, Texas

(5/20/2019) Shelf Drilling Achiever set for 3-year stint in Persian Gulf

(5/17/2019) US rotary rig count down 2 rigs this week to 988

(5/15/2019) Aker BP gets Norway's PSA go-ahead for Hornet Main exploration well

(5/14/2019) NPD grants Lundin permit to drill wildcat near Edvard Grieg in North Sea

(5/13/2019) Jadestone concludes infill drilling at Western Australia's Stag Field

(5/10/2019) CNOOC signs 2-year contract for ultra-deepwater semi Bluewhale I

(5/10/2019) Aker BP authorized to drill Freke-Garm well offshore Norway

(5/10/2019) US rotary rig count down 2 rigs this week to 988

(5/8/2019) EIA reports increase in US drilled but uncompleted wells

(5/7/2019) April international rig count up 23 from March

(5/7/2019) Schlumberger introduces 1st look-ahead-while-drilling service

(5/6/2019) BSEE finalizes improved BOP and well control regulations

(5/3/2019) US rotary rig count down 1 rig this week to 1011

(5/1/2019) Oceaneering to digitally transform Pacific Drilling's global fleet

(4/29/2019) Arabian Drilling buying Schlumberger's Mideast rigs

(4/29/2019) OKEA lines up Deepsea Nordkapp to drill Draugen Field

(4/29/2019) Empyrean & partners agree to Duyung drilling program off Indonesia

(4/26/2019) US rotary rig count down 21 rigs this week to 1012

(4/26/2019) Keppel FELS delivers 4th KFELS Super A Class jackup to EnscoRowan

(4/25/2019) COPL books jackup for offshore Nigeria drilling program

(4/25/2019) Equinor granted permit for Barents Sea Korpfjell Deep wildcat

(4/24/2019) Archer wins Chevron platform drilling contracts in UK North Sea

(4/24/2019) KCA Deutag contract extended for Scott platform drilling

(4/22/2019) BP terminates West Capricorn semisub 3 months early

(4/22/2019) Petronas Carigali contracts 4 Velesto jackups for Malaysian work

(4/19/2019) Socar completes drilling 1st of 2 planned Bangladesh wells

(4/19/2019) US rotary rig count down 10 more rigs this week to 1012

(4/18/2019) Easternwell contracted to drill Surat Basin gaswells for Senex

(4/16/2019) BP signs Azerbaijan drilling extension contract with Turan Drilling

(4/12/2019) US rotary rig count down 3 more rigs this week to 1003

(4/10/2019) Tender drillers Atlantica & Energy Drilling to merge

(4/9/2019) Aquaterra charged with 3 more wells in Edvard Grieg Field

(4/7/2019) Sonangol JV with Seadrill launches 1st of 2 jointly owned drillships

(4/7/2019) Wintershall selects Saipem to drill 2 new wells off Norway

(4/4/2019) March international rig count up 12 from February

(4/3/2019) Inpex Australia contracts Maersk Deliverer to drill Ichthys Field

(4/3/2019) Ensign scores 8 new landrig contracts in Canada, Texas & Bahrain

(4/2/2019) Jadestone resumes Stag Field drilling after Cyclone Veronica

(3/31/2019) Adnoc and Baker Hughes complete first combined integrated well drilling

(3/31/2019) JDC contracts its jackup Hakuryu-11 to drill offshore Vietnam

(3/29/2019) US rotary rig count drops another 10 rigs this week to 1006

(3/29/2019) PGNiG to lease semisub Deepsea Nordkapp for Norwegian Sea well

(3/285/2019) CNOOC contracts Island Drilling for UK North Sea exploration well

(3/25/2019) KCA Deutag scores $54 million in Mideast & North Africa

(3/22/2019) US rotary rig count drops 10 rigs this week to 1016

(3/22/2019) Awilco signs Keppel FELS for another harsh enviro semisubmersible

(3/19/2019) Neptune lines up 6 wells to be drilled by Beacon Atlantic semisubmersible

(3/17/2019) US rotary rig count drops 1 rig this week to 1026

(3/17/2019) Vantage's Topaz Driller lines up work off Gabon and Cameroon

(3/17/2019) Stena Don to drill UK North Sea Laggan Field well

(3/15/2019) Pemex signs Borr Drilling to drill 9 wells offshore Mexico

(3/14/2019) Rowan EXL II Super Jackup bound for Guyana

(3/13/2019) Exceed to drill 1st deepwater exploration well off Guinea Bissau

(3/10/2019) Global jackup rig fleet at 78% usage at end of 2018

(3/10/2019) ADES & Vantage to drill offshore Egypt for Dana Gas

(3/10/2019) Borr Drilling building fleet with eight newbuild jackups by 2020

(3/8/2019) US rotary rig count drops 11 rigs this week to 1027

(3/7/2019) February international rig count up 3 from January

(3/1/2019) US rotary rig count drops 9 rigs this week to 1038

(3/1/2019) Northern Drilling's West Bollsta wins 10-well contract from Lundin Norway

(3/1/2019) ADES pays $40 million for 4 Weatherford onshore drilling rigs

(2/20/2019) Drillship Stena Forth to drill Guyana Orinduik Block prospect

(2/19/2019) Transocean adds automated drilling control in Norwegian operations

(2/18/2019) New Sonadrill JV to operate 4 drillships offshore Angola

(2/18/2019) KCA Deutag adds new Mideast, Russia, & Africa drilling contracts

(2/17/2019) Velesto HTHP jackup to drill off Malaysia for Hess

(2/15/2019) US rotary rig count rises 2 rigs this week to 1051

(2/15/2019) Noble buys 2nd newbuild jackup from PaxOcean Group

(2/13/2019) Drillship Rowan Renaissance contracted by Petronas for Mexican well

(2/13/2019) Echo competes stimulation & test of Fraccion C well in Argentina

(2/12/2019) Aker BP to drill producers on Volund Field off Norway

(2/11/2019) Jadestone hires Ensco jackup for Stag Field infill drilling

(2/8/2019) US rotary rig count rises 4 rigs this week to 1049

(2/7/2019) January international rig count down 2 from December

(2/7/2019) Talisman Sinopec cancels Archer modular rig contract

(2/5/2019) Nordic Rig 3 winding way to Winx-1 wellsite on Alaska North Slope

(2/4/2018) Newbuild Vivekanand 3 jackup delivered to Adnoc

(2/4/2018) Odfjell receives extended platform drilling contract from BP

(2/2/2018) Providence Resources to use COSLInnovator for Barryroe appraisal well

(2/2/2018) US drilling & completions to exceed 20,000 wells this year - Westwood analysts

(1/31/2018) Matador keeps drilling in Texas' Delaware Basin

(1/31/2018) Rowan Viking follows MOL wells off Norway with 7-well Lundin program

(1/25/2018) US rotary rig count rises 9 rigs this week to 1059

(1/21/2018) Origin ready to drill Beetaloo Project in northern Territory, Australia

(1/18/2018) US rotary rig count down 25 rigs this week at 1050

(1/15/2018) Rig contracted to drill Strike's West Erregulla-2 well in Australia's Perth Basin

(1/14/2018) Equinor given consent to drill Norwegian Sea wildcat

(1/13/2018) Ocean GreatWhite prepping to drill North Sea wells for Siccar Point

(1/11/2018) US rotary rig count remains the same this week at 1075

(1/10/2018) Jackup Rowan Norway contracted by ConocoPhillips Skandinavia

(1/8/2018) New semisub Deepsea Nordkapp bound for Norwegian waters

(1/8/2018) December international rig count up 34 from November

(1/6/2018) Rowan Gorilla VI staying in Trinidad to November

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