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(4/17/2014) DMNG set to start shoot seismic off Seychelles

(4/17/2014) Gardline CGG picks up 3 seismic & geochem contracts

(4/16/2014) North Sumatra South Block 2D seismic survey wrapped up

(4/14/2014) Dolphin set to start offshore Senegal Djiffere 2D survey

(4/14/2014) DMT completes Waschberg 3D shoot in Czech Republic

(4/14/2014) Tullow completes 3,000 sq km 3D survey off Namibia

(4/10/2014) BGP shooting 2D over Iraq Block 10 for Lukoil

(4/9/2014) Rosneft & ExxonMobil launch 55-day Russian Arctic ice survey

(4/9/2014) Dolphin shooting 3D MC Gotha surveys in Norwegian Barents Sea

(4/9/2014) Spectrum kicks off 2nd phase broadband 2D in Barents Sea

(4/9/2014) GGS readies 2D MC survey off Iran for reopening to foreign E&P

(4/9/2014) Gardline to shoot 2D MC survey in Norwegian Barents Sea

(4/8/2014) WHL's La Bella 3D survey off Victoria, Australia said promisin

(4/8/2014) CGG shooting northern Norwegian North Sea 3D MC survey

(4/8/2014) NEOS launches integrated Austin Chalk G&G program

(4/7/2014) ION to shoot 2D MC seismic survey offshore Peru

(4/7/2014) North Energy selects EMGS for North Sea 3D EM shoot

(4/6/2014) Rosneft shooting grav-mag survey in Russia's eastern Arctic

(4/6/2014) ION & Polarcus in 4,000 sq km 3D MC shoot off Ireland

(4/3/2014) Westbridge & Black Pearl reprocess Texas Lavaca Project 3D

(4/3/2014) Dolphin begins 3D seismic shoot for Chariot off Morocco

(4/3/2014) Quartet of operators to undertake major FTG survey in Trinidad

(4/2/2014) Tullow selects BMT Argoss for metocean projects

(4/2/2014) Fugro contracted for next Mareano Project phase survey

(4/2/2014) TGS to charter SeaBird 2D vessels for Mexico surveys

(4/1/2014) COSL shooting 3D over East China Sea block for Primeline Energy

(4/1/2014) BGP wraps up 2D coastal shoot in Kenya for Lamu JV

(3/31/2014) Dolphin shooting 2D data off northern Malta

(3/31/2014) Oilex shooting aerial grav-mag survey in Western Australia

(3/27/2014) ONGC orders 12-streamer seismic vessel from Cochin Shipyard

(3/27/2014) Polarcus Nadia shooting 3D over Nigeria nearshore block

(3/26/2014) Baker Hughes adds RoqSCAN to reservoir evaluation services

(3/25/2014) Dolphin adds another 3D seismic shoot off South America

(3/25/2014) PGS' 13,000-km MC 2D survey off eastern South Africa at 70%

(3/24/2014) KrisEnergy shooting 3D off Kalimantan in Tanjung Aru Block

(3/23/2014) Gazprom Neft starting geophysical studies at South Priobskoye Field

(3/21/2014) Dolphin picks up South America & NW Europe 3D seismic shoots

(3/20/2014) 3D seismic shoot set for Nigeria's offshore Block OML113

(3/19/2014) First PGS Orion full azimuth GeoStreamer underway in US Gulf

(3/14/2014) SeaBird's Harrier Explorer wins 2 added months in North Sea

(3/13/2014) Guinea Bissau 2D MC survey set to get underway

(3/11/2014) Sercel shows its new Nomad 65 Neo broadband vibrator

(3/11/2014) FAR finds big potential prospects in Western Australia offshore seismic

(3/11/2014) Statoil picks Western Geco & PGS for SE Barents Sea 3D shoot

(3/10/2014) Geomarine set to shoot OBC 3D off Nigeria for SacOil

(3/10/2014) Sercel seismic sensor achieves lowest noise performance on test

(3/6/2014) BGP finalizes Kenya Block 2B 2D shoot for Taipan

(3/6/2014) SAE Exploration wraps up Alaska North Slope shoot for Royale

(3/6/2014) SeaBird wins South America contract for Osprey Explorer

(3/5/2014) TGS & WGP to shoot Barents Sea 3D MC survey

(3/3/2014) CGG wraps up Benin countrywide airborne survey

(2/27/2014) BOEM sets measures to mitigate G&G impact off US Atlantic coast

(2/27/2014) PGS shooting 2nd new MC 3D survey offshore Cote d'Ivoire

(2/26/2014) OMV Norge signs Rock Solid Images for G&G integration project

(2/26/2014) Terraseis seismic shoot in Kurd Iraq awaiting mine clearance

(2/25/2014) Bluesky Gething 3D shoot point to 5 prospects to drill

(2/25/2014) Industry unites for joint 3D seismic acquisition in SE Barents Sea

(2/25/2014) TGS set to shoot 2 Appalachian Basin 3D MC surveys

(2/24/2014) Polarcus to shoot 3D MC seismic of SW Ireland

(2/24/2014) PGS taps down Falklands 3D acquisition for FOGL

(2/24/2014) Taipan to shoot 2D in Simba's Kenya Block 2A

(2/23/2014) Tullow kicks off seismic shoot in SW Kenya

(2/21/2014) Airborne gravmag survey in Western Australia wins approval

(2/20/2014) CGG & TAQA strengthen seismic cooperation across Middle East

(2/17/2014) EMGS wins contract for 3D EM survey off NW Africa

(2/13/2014) OptaSense wins Oman 4D DAS VSP contract

(2/13/2014) KrisEnergy shooting 2D survey off Indonesia at East Muriah

(2/12/2014) Eucla-Gawler seismic survey completed in 2 Australia states

(2/12/2014) Holloman Energy's Wingman 3D survey interpreted

(2/11/2014) TGS charters 2 seismic acquisition vessels

(2/10/2014) EMGS shooting 3D EM survey in US Gulf Alaminos Canyon

(2/6/2014) Seabed scores OBC contract offshore Malaysia

(2/6/2014) New CGG HR software for unconventional reservoir characterization

(2/5/2014) SeaBird & Acorn set to shoot extension to Sao Tome 3D survey

(2/4/2014) IAGC issues Towed Passive Acoustic Monitoring guidance

(2/4/2014) Schlumberger launches microseismic surface acquisition system

(2/3/2014) RSI releases Rock Solid Attributes for Petrel

(2/3/2014) EMGS ready for Norway's Fingerdjupet & Hoop Fault licensing

(2/3/2014) CGG completes large airborne survey in Western Australia

(2/3/2014) SeaBird to shoot 2D seismic survey off East Africa

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